Chapter 123 – The Red Mask (Part 2)

[The Demonic Ocean Key is converted to the Death Spear]

[The ability has 34% of the original power]

A blue notification appeared before the eyes of Kang Woo.

He wrapped his hand around the spear.
He could immediately feel that he was beggining to spend less Magi and procceeded to apply the Power of a Thousand.

“As expected.”

Even though the spear possessed only 34% of the Force, due to the fact that almost no Magi was spent on it, Kang Woo was able to spend other Powers in parallel.
And that was what made the spear so appealing.

Picking up the spear, Kang Woo checked the time.
The phone showed it was 8:43

“He’ll be here at about nine o’clock.”

Kang Woo smiled broadly and crouched down.
He had about fifteen minutes left.
Of course, confronting a World Ranker wasn’t easy, but Kang Woo wasn’t worried much about it.

“After all, it’s just him as the opponent.” He said looking towards Alex.

Alex saw this and took a deep breath and began to raise his sword.

-It couldn’t be helped.

A white light erupted from the sword, the color of his faith, and with this Alex stepped forward.

The white shroud of the sword remained hanging in the air, and he lunged forward.
His sword, overwhelmed by Maryok, was aimed at Kang Woo.
The attack aimed at Kang Woo’s right shoulder.
Although the technique was quite simple, the sharp blade made that it was quite dangerous.

-So what are you going to do? – Kan Woo said with a cold smirk on his face.

Kang Woo pulled back his shoulder a big and moved in the direction where the sword was coming from.
But he didn’t do it in order to dodge the attack, on the contrary, he made it so that the sword would strike at a fatal point of his.
Now Alex’s sword wasn’t aiming for his right shoulder, but was aiming straight at Kang Woo’s throat.

-“Huh?” Alex reacted immediately, surprised by what Kang Woo did, and stopped his attack.

But to stop the attack “halfway” was not an easy thing to do.
It required even more effort compared to doing the attack itself.

There was a sound resembling of a huge truck braking sharply.

-Look at that! Just as I thought..” Kang Wu said as he swung his Death Spear with almost what seemed as filled with pity.

The dark red spear aimed at Alex’s stomach.
Alex arched his back and flew backwards.
Kang Woo expected this though, and pushed himself off the ground and followed Alex closely.
The swear was coming at a swing taking aim at Alex’s whole body.
Alex quickened up and hurriedly tried to block the attack, but it wasn’t so easy to do in midair.


Black fire began to emerge from the tip of the Death Spear.
Alex was burned slightly due to it and he slowly landed on the roof.
Kang Woo immediately headed after him.
Alex jumped again and swung his sword with full force.
Kang Woo didn’t try avoiding the attack.
On the contrary, he put his head under the blow.

The direct of the sword immediately changed and just grazed Kang Woo’s cheek, cutting through the red mask, underneath which black blood immediately flowed.
But Kang Woo didn’t care about this and he raised his fist and concentrated his strength into it.

-gurh! – Blood spurted out from Alex’s mouth.

The man in front of him was many times stronger than the mercenary he had faced that afternoon.

Kang Woo clicked his tongue grudgingly.

“Tsk, he’s stubborn.”

Watching as how Alex wasn’t going to kill his opponent even in an emergency situation, Kang Woo had no choice but to admit that Alex was indeed true to his beliefs.
To be honest, that couldn’t even be called a belief anymore, it was more like a psychosis of something.

“At least with that mercenary the fight was much more interesting.”

Kang Woo didn’t feel an ounce of excitement fighting with Alex.
Alex’s strategy, for the most part, was to apply the least amount of force so his opponent wouldn’t die.
And for Kang Woo, who could compete with a World Ranker player in terms of strength, this kind of a fight was extremely boring.

“Welp, it’s not that big of a deal.”

In the plan he had created, the fight with Alex was not that important at all.
Kang Woo checked the time once more.

-Ha!” While Kang WOo was distracted checking for the time, Alex seized the moment and rushed towards him, swinging his sword filled with Maryok.

Kang Woo deliberately chose not to avoid the attack this time either, causing the attack to stop mid-distant.

-That’s it, that’s enough.
This is too pathetic.
It’s starting to get annoying now.

For Kang Woo, who fought for his life in hell day after day, this kind of action brought no excitement or any other feelings, except great annoyance.

“I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

He didn’t like this at all, and Kang-Woo squinted his eyes.

There was only one way to get rid of that annoyance.

who are you?” Alex asked in a hoarse voice.

“This is definitely not the man you rain into this afternoon.” Alex thought.

Not only the mask, but even his clothes and voice were similar to the man Alex had fought this afternoon.
However, Alex was sure that someone else was in front of him.
After all, the skills of the two men were drastically different.

-Don’t tell me the Guardians can’t even understand that? – Kang Woo’s taunts continued.
– Hell teachers can only become stronger though one thing.

-You…” Alex’s pupils dilated, and he bit at his lip.

Just as the masked had said, there could only be one reason to the sudden strengthening of the Hell teachers.


A black staff appeared in Alex’s hands, and he rose into the air leaning onto it, radiating intense anger.
Alex had never radiated such intense hatred before.
Kang Woo nodded his head and smiled broadly.

-That’s it!” Kang Woo replied, hoping that the real fight would now finally begin.

Alex raised his sword and the fight between them resumed.

There was a huge explosion, and the hotel shook as if it experienced an earthquake.
Even though not much time had passed since their fight had started again, Kang Woo’s fact twisted into a weird shape again.

“He’s at it again.”

Even though Kang Woo admitted to being a demon, there was no particular deadly reaction from Alex.
He was trying to restrain Kang Woo.

It seemed as if Alex would not back down from his principles about saving everyone and anyone, even if it was a demon.

“Could it be due to my appearance?”

Kang Woo’s appearance resembled that of an ordinary man, and not a demon.
Therefore, there was a high probability that it was because of Kang Woo’s appearance that Alex was not attacking him with his full power.
Kang Woo thought of this as the logical thing, which he believed in as well.
A demon in human form would be much harder to kill for a morally psychotic man.

“You can’t be a Guardian.” Kang Woo looked at Alex calmly.

Of course, he didn’t know what exactly a Guardian was supposed to do, but a guardian was definitely forced to protect the world from all foreign creatures.
And such creatures didn’t only inhabit hell.
Kang Woo already had the opportunity to meet with one such being, Ronald with the Susanoo and RNO, who came from the world of Gods.

But if Alex can’t kill him just because of his human form, what kind of a guardian is he?

Kang Woo grabbed Alex by the scruff of the neck.
Lifting Alex high into the air, he began kicking him again and again.

-Aah!! Aah! Let go of me!

-You’re a psycho, a real psycho,” Kang Woo put even more force into the arm he was using to lift up Alex, clutching his neck even harder.

Alex found it hard to breathe.
Kang Woo immediately thought of Fujimoto, but Alex was even more disappointing.

“So what good are World Ranker Players?”

Kang Woo was only confident in Jung Moo-jin.

He checked the time again, which was going a lot faster than he would have liked.
This was the first time Kang Woo fought an idiot who couldn’t kill anyone.

“There’s not much left.”

Kang Woo leisurely began to speak.
He wanted to spend the time he had left to calm himself down.

-You must have your reasons for this.

People don’t break down that easily.
Alex probably had some personal reason that him too.

-If we were in the movie, the audience would surely be moved to tears.

But we aren’t in a movie, and Alex looked really stupid.

-How are you going to live? You think you’re going to close your eyes and the world will just change for you? Shake your head and your problems just go away?


-Come on, say something,” Kang Woo’s corners of his lips twitched -You know that too, don’t you?

-What are you….

-The dead woman in the alley.
You saw her, too, didn’t you?

Alex pressed his lips together tightly.
He couldn’t understand what the demon was talking about.

-Aaaah!!!” an image appeared before his eyes.

Alex saw himself screaming as he sat over the dead woman.
He hadn’t experienced this in real life, but somehow he was seeing it now.

-Shut up!

-Ha ha, now you look more like a human,” Kang WOo laughed.
-Pull yourself together you jerk! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! I’m trying to help you.

The mocking voice came back to Alex.
And the memory continued to resurface fragments that he had never experienced.
As a result of this, Alex’s pupils dilated.


Alex saw the image of the girl.
He saw himself sobbing loudly over her dead body.
Alex twitched and screamed:

-What do you even know!

-What, you think everyone around here should be sad with you? Sure, something bad happened to you, but do you want to drive absolutely everyone under your faith? – Kang Woo spat out.
-You can droll all you want or go crazy in your head, but no one else cares.
So come to your damn senses!

Grief-stricken people really think the world should be sad with them, sad for them! “If it’s sad for me, it’s sad for everyone else, too” is exactly the logic they hold.
But in reality, it’s not like that.

-Aaaah!” Alex screamed and start twitching as if as having a seizure.

Kang Woo squeezed Alex’s throat even harder and his screams became even more stifled.

Kang Woo grinned then.

-I am feeling better now.

Kang WOo was pretty stuffy before, but now it felt like he drank cold soda.
He wasn’t saying all the to Alex with the idea of taking care of him.
He was just wildly annoyed by everything Alex had said before, and he wanted to relax a little.

-When is he going to here? – Kang Woo frowned.

Even though the chitchat with Alex had gone on long enough, the protagonist of the evening never showed up.

And at that moment…

“Speak of the devil.”

The door to the roof swung open and out came a young man.
So handsome that they were in reality and not in a movie.
Breathing heavily, he shouted:

-Alex! – Si Hoon’s hurried voice rushed through the air.

Kang WOo disappeared behind Magi and vanished into the darkness.

“Ah, I must change my voice.”

Adjusting himself, he slowly said:

-Who is it that has interrupted us?

-Who are you! – Si Hoon immediately drew his sword.

His role mode, Alex, was right before him, his throat crushed.
His body was shaking and his breathing seemed laboured.

Though Si Hoon couldn’t believe what was happening, him and his whole body was filled with anger.

-You ask me who I am?” The image hidden in the darkness shifted.

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-“I am death.
I am the end.
I am the one overwhelms everything with hatred.” The voice slowly said.

In the darkness, only a red mask appeared.



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