Chapter 122- The Red Mask (Part 1)

-Where is Gaia?

-I don’t know…

-Hmm,” Kang Woo nodded his head.

Yes, it would be strange if the Hell Teachers knew the location of the Guardians.

“I guess it will be necessary to check everything out.”

It was extremely important to know more about both Gaia and the Guardians themselves.

-What else do you know about Gaia?

-She is a woman who has special powers that help her to find the Guardians.

-Ho-oh!!,” Kang WOo nodded his head.

“SO she found Si Hoon on her own too huh”

This simplifies things a bit.

And considering that the number of Guardians can be counted on fingers, Gaia won’t really give up trying to get close to SI Hoon.
Even if it’s not Alex who does it.

“If I wait a bit, she will come for Si Hoon herself.”

There is no need to run ahead in front of the train.
Since Si Hoon wasn’t going away from Kang Woo himself, Gaia’s arrival was inevitable.

“Not bad,” said Kang Woo, smiling with content.

Of course, it would be nice to get more detailed information, but this much was enough for him.

-Then can you leave me….

-Last question.
You answer this, and I will let you go,” Kang Woo said calmly.
“Tell me everything you know about the Hell teachers.
Numbers, their strength, where are they, what is their purpose.
Give me something atleast.”

The mercenary’s face changed immediately.
There was a heavy silence, interrupted only by their breathing.

Kang WOo laughed.
Everything turned out exactly as he expected.

-You will die if you tell me this, right?

Which means, you have lost your value.

-“I’ll tell you anything but that,” the mercenary said, his face changing again.

He was grasping at straws just to stay alive.

-“You know you are in no position to bargain, right? Alright, I can spare your life, but what can you give me in return?”

The mercenary immediately started telling Kang Woo whatever he could, all the information about the Guardians.

-All right, that’s enough.


Kang WOo concentrated the Power of Storm in his hand.
He swung his arm backwards and swung it at the mercenary, or rather inside him.
The mercenary’s mouth gushed blood and he fell to the ground, blood everywhere.

-“Well…” Kang Woo said, stretching his arm forward to take the red mask off of the mercenary.

Kang Woo picked up the mask and held it to his face, the mask swiftly slipped into place, as if it was made for Kang Woo.

-“Shall we begin then,” Kang Woo said, laughing, he flashed his gaze from beneath the mask.

Lang WOo, without taking the mask off, walked out of the closed factory.
It was time to put his plan into action.

-“Hah, I’m exhausted.” Alex said as he returned to the hotel, collapsing on his bed.

After his ten-hour flight, he went to meet up with SI Hoon immediately, and then he had to fight the damn mercenary as well.
Unsurprisingly, tiredness swept over him.

-“I’ll have to meet with Si Hoon again tomorrow.”

The guardians were important in this world.
So he wasn’t going to give up just because of one rejected.
Alex remembered the look which Si Hoon gave him.
It was a look filled with envy and passion.

-But him….

Kang Woo

Alex remembered the young man with Si Hoon, the man Si Hoon called brother.

-What was that feeling..?

When ALex first shook Kang Woo’s hand, his expression immediately changed.
All because he felt extremely uncomfortable.

-Hmm… -Alex thought about it, but immediately shook his head.
-It was just probably because he was imagining things.

After all, it wouldn’t be nice of him to judge a man just because of their attitude towards him.

“Why didn’t you kill him?” -Alex remembered the words of Kang-Woo, when they had met in the alley right after the fight with the mecenary.

It would be probably extremely difficult for him to understand.

Saving every life.

It is probably hard for people whoa re not the Guardians to accept and understand such a concept.

“But eventually Kang Woo will understand it as well”

He realized how sacred their faith was, how valuable, and the sheer number of lives it can save.

[TL NOTE: Is this guy serious? wtf….
Someone bring me my ban hammer.
I will yeet him out of this world.

-A-ah-ah! Why?!

He felt his head starting to ache again.
Alex saw the body of a dead girl lying in an alley, and her voice came to him, filled with pain.

-Again? Alex took a breath and laid back on the bed.

Almost about a year ago, along with the headaches, these visions started to come to him.

-“Erina…” He murmured the girl’s name.

His sad voice echoed though the room.


The name of the girl who had sworn allegiance to him.
A girl whose faith was stronger than anyone else, and faith that no one else can understand.

-“I miss…” Alex slowly closed his eyes.

The image of the girl he loved resurfaced in his mind.
It had been a year since she had gone missing.
He’d tried desperately to find her, to find a single clue to her whereabouts, but he was only met with failure, it was like if she vanished.

“Definitely!” Alex was sure she was still alive.

And finding her, was one of his main goals.

-Only for this reason alone, it was necessary to get Si Hoon involved with the Guardians as soon as possible.

It was about a year ago, when he began to learn more about the Hell Teachers.
It is quite likely her disappearance is connected to them.
The Guardians need to make themselves stronger to learn more about the Hell Teachers.

“I need to rest now.”

But the headache did subside.
He remembered Kang Woo’s gaze, who was looking at him in disgust.
Alex took a deep breath and tried to recover a bit.

And at this moment…


There was the cry of the girl again, but this time it was no longer inside his head.
It was a scream filled with horror and fear.

Alex immediately rose from his bed, and drew his sword, walking towards the voice.


The scream certainly came from the roof of the hotel.
Even though it was quite far away, he could clearly distinguish where the sound was coming from.

“I wish nothing has happened!” – He thought earnestly, and quickly went towards the roof.

-“You…” Alex frowned.

There was a man in a red mask in front of him, squatting on the roof.

-Oh, you came? -The masked man waved at Alex.

-“You didn’t get tired of me huh-” Alex took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

The man in the red mask look rather familiar to him.
The same mercenary he’d run into this afternoon.

-Where was the woman though? – Alex looked around, to which the masked man simply grinned.


The man pulled his clenched fist towards himself and opened it.
From there, a woman’s scream rang out again.

ALex was serious.

-So it was a trick.

-Usually people who are deceived behave very differently.

Alex sensed that something was wrong.
Unlike the previous encounter of his with the masked man, the Hell teacher acted quite differen .He certainly had some hidden intention, otherwise he wound not have been able to behave in this way in front of the one to whom he lost.

“But I don’t sense other Hell teachers in the area.”

He strained his senses, examining his surroundings, but he felt nothing.

-You just experienced that crushing defeat and still don’t realize it? There is no way you could beat me.
Alex said

-I’m not so sure about that, we’ll see what happens.

The masked man who had been sitting up until then stood up, and directed his gaze at Alex.

“Ah?” -Alex’s pupils dilated and goosebumps ran down his skin.

The moment his gaze collided with the masked man’s, he felt they were deeper than the ocean, trying to drown him slowly.

-Ahh..” he gulped and shook his head.
His breathing halted for a second.

“What is it?”

He undoubtedly looked the same the mercenary he faced today.
Moreover, he felt the same amount of Magi from this man as the mercenary he faced today.

But still…

“They are different.”

Something was clearly not right.

Alex grabbed the handle of the sword, and taking a deep breath, was ready to swing it.

Just as this, the masked man said:

“I want to ask you something.”

“What is it…?” Alex replied

In the afternoon, when I was running away, I killed a woman.
It was her voice you heard just now.

what?! -All thoughts disappeared from Alex’s head.

He felt like he’d been hit in the back of his head with a hammer.

-ANd you didn’t even kill me?

ALex was silent.
Chaos reigned in his mind.
Alex, biting his lip raised his sword.
His sword which was now dyed white, which was what his faith was.

Alex didn’t hesitate:

-Of course.
But I’ll make you live your whole life, remembering what you did.

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Ha ha ha.
Are you sure about that? The masked man laughed.

-Belief in the salvation of everyone- this is the meaning of life, this is my faith.

-Aish… talking about faith again….” The masked man held up his hand, and a dark red spear appeared in his palm.
-Don’t talk and start moving, you moron.


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