“What is going on here?” Kang Yu asked abruptly.

After squinting, he looked up at Alex from bottom to top.

“Apparently, he really lives up to his name.”

Even if he just stood there, an aura of nobility and powerful Maryok came from him.
Of course, Kang Yu didn’t know whether it was all his strength or not.
However, he was sure of one thing for sure.

“He is stronger than Fujimoto Ryoma.”

He was very different from Fujimoto, who made it to the World Ranker list thanks to his Susanoo’s Eye.
After all, even if you looked at the sword on his belt, you could understand that it was not very good.
Therefore, there was no doubt that Alex got into the World Ranker thanks to his skills.

“You…” Alex translated his view on Kang Yu.

Si Hoon stepped forward and explained:

“The man who is closer to me than blood brother.”

“Then, should I call you brothers?”

“It is a little wrong, but I respect him more than anybody else.”

I did not know that you have such a close person.
It is nice to meet you, my name is Alex.”

“Oh Kang Yu,” he answered and shook the hand that was extended to him.

The man frowned when he answered Kang Yu’s handshake.
But only for a moment, and then he smiled and nodded a little.

“So that’s who the Dragon follows.”

“I try to be the one who someone will not be ashamed to imitate.”

“Ha-ha-ha! Well said.” Alex looked around.
“And you seem to be in the same party as the Dragon.
Would you mind if I asked you to introduce yourself?”

“Ah, of course…” Si Hoon said, going to introduce everyone in order.

But Kang Yu put his hand forward.

“First, tell us why you came from far away.”

Kang Yu didn’t want to waste time on empty conversations or make dubious acquaintances.
He sat down and stared at Alex.
Alex smiled awkwardly and sat down across the street.

“I really wanted to meet the people who work with the Dragon.
It is a pity.
But you are right.
It’s hard not to raise suspicions without telling you about myself” said Alex.
“ About a month ago I opposed the Hellenic teachers who started to show themselves in Europe.”

That’s what Kang Yu had already read on the Internet.

“They were strong, so strong that the Players in the World Ranker should be ashamed of themselves.
When I fought with them, I realized I couldn’t cope, so I just ran away.”

“But it was written on the Internet that you successfully repelled their attack.”

“It is true I destroyed their plan.
However, this is only one plan; I was not able to eradicate the Gurus themselves” For a fraction of a second, his lips curved in a sad smile.
“And even vice versa, now I am hunted by the Gurus mercenaries.”

“Hmm.” Kang Yu thought about it.

He understood the situation very well.
But that alone could not be the reason why he came to the Dragon.

“But you didn’t come to Si Hoon to ask for protection, did you?”

In fact, Si Hoon was weak so far.
Although he received a lot of attention because of what happened at Isu Station, he didn’t just solve the incident on his own.
Take Young Ju at least “She could easily beat him.”

“Ha-ha, no, of course.
I haven’t told you everything yet.” Alex continued his story: “After saving my life, I met a group called the Guardians, they helped me.”


No one had ever heard such a name before.

“They are not known to anybody yet.
But one thing I can tell you for sure: Guardians are the hope of mankind”, He spoke with warmth in his voice.


Kang Yu squinting, thought about their nickname.

Alex translated his gaze at Si Hoon.

“Si Hoon, I would like to ask you a few questions.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Did you happen to hear about the Guardian?”

His eyes opened wide and his pupils dilated.


Those who received messages from the System asking them to save the world.

“Alex, you too?” excitedly asked Si Hoon, and his companion nodded.

“That’s right, I am also one of the Defenders.”

There was silence.

Kang Yu thought about what was happening and bowed his head.

“So from the very beginning, the Defender was not alone?

In fact, Kang Yu was already thinking about it.

The Defender was a person who was able to protect the Earth from “foreign bodies”.
Kang Yu thought that the System had created a “vaccine” in the form of the Defender, which would help cure the planet from them.

“If the Defenders are really something like a vaccine…”

Then one Defender would certainly not be enough.
No, not even so.
If Si Hoon was the only defender, it would be very strange.

“Alex, when did you become a Defender?”

“Hmm… About a year ago.
Right after I entered the World Ranker list.”

Kang Yu had a strange shine in his eyes.

A year ago.

At that time, he hadn’t returned to Earth yet.

“This means that the Defenders appeared before I even arrived on Earth.”

In this case, there were several assumptions:

“Either the System knew that it would be violated, or it was a precaution.”

So far, Kang Yu was not sure.
He lifted a cup of coffee and finished it with one sip.
Sweet taste spread down his throat.

“How did you know that Si Hoon was a defender?”

This is not my merit.
The Guardians told me that there were other Guardians.
They also found me themselves.”

“I see…” Kang Yu now understood the purpose of his arrival.


Alex mentioned them for a reason.

“I would like to involve Si Hoon in the Guardians.”

“As I thought”.

Kang Yu squinted.
A lot of thoughts immediately appeared in his head.

“Me… to the Guardians”.

We saw the video recording of the incident in Isa.
You have all the data to become a Guardian.” Alex said with passion.
“If you join us, we will help you to become stronger.
And in this case… You won’t feel helpless any more.”

“Feeling helpless?”

“Yes” Alex nodded.

He spoke so surely, as if he knew everything in the world.

“I saw the look on your face during the struggle with those infernal creatures.
A face filled with pain and agony.
I understand you very well.
After all, before you were monsters that used to be ordinary citizens.”

“Ah…” Si Hoon took a sigh and his face was darkened.

He remembered the events of that day.

Those memories were very hard.
He knew very well that he had to do it, but it was very difficult to swing a sword then.

Alex took his hand.

“If you become stronger, you can save them all.”

“How can you save all of them…”

So far, no one knows how to get a person back to normal, but one day there will be a solution.
And then everyone can be saved.
Si Hoon, we need you”, the eyes of the Sword of Justice were burning.

The phrase “to save all people” touched Si Hoon’s heart.

“We need a Protector who can help the desperate.”

He pursed his lips tightly.
He read consent in his eyes, and his heart was beating faster.

“Save all the people.”

Before that, the guy thought these words were completely unfounded, but now he was facing Alex, the Sword of Justice, saying that these words could become the truth.

He clenched his fists.

Alex’s words touched his soul.



The chance to stand next to the Sword of Justice, which he could only dream about.
The chance to follow his beliefs and help the weak!

“I will have to apologize to the Lord of the Sword.”

After all, at this point, Si Hoon was training with Zheng Mu-jin, learning celestial techniques.

He absorbed knowledge like a sponge and could have learned a lot.

“But…” he translated the look at Alex.

His heart was beating faster.
A couple of sincere eyes were looking at him.

Thanks to Jong-Moo Jin, he could learn combat techniques, but he would not be able to acquire such things as “faith” and “belief”.


There were no reasons to hesitate.

Even though he thought that Kang Yu might disagree, he was convinced that he was doing the right thing.

“He agreed…” he stopped at the half-word.

His pupils dilated and his body shuddered.
He was shrouded in a force that he could not resist.

“What is it?”

He could not understand what it was.
His consciousness was confused and somebody’s voice reached him.
He never understood to whom he belonged.
But he was sure of one thing.
He could not cross this voice.

“Excuse me.
I cannot join the Guardians.”

“A…” Alex was disappointed.
“May I know the reason?”

“I’m sorry…” he could not answer.

More precisely, he just had nothing to say.
He could not understand himself why he refused his proposal.
He only knew that “it was necessary to refuse”.

Alex took a breath.

“It is a pity.
In fact, I did not think that you would agree at once.
I’m going to stay in Korea for a while, so call me if you change your mind,” he gave him a business card and got up from his seat

Si Hoon was only foolishly watching the man move away.

Kang Yu placed a coffee cup on the table and a system notice immediately appeared before his eyes.

[You used the Power of Subordination].

[You have successfully managed your subordinate]

“Thank God”.

The insurance, which he took care of long ago, finally came in handy.
Kang Yu looked at receding Alex with a calm look.
He finally understood the strange feeling that enveloped him during the conversation between Si Hoon and Alex.

“Sword of Justice.”

Honest and sincere.

Kang Yu didn’t know who gave him that nickname, but it suited him perfectly.
And knowing Si Hoon, he would definitely reach out to that person.

“You can’t ignore it.”

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The strange feeling Kang Yu had was nothing more than Si Hoon’s doubts.
It’s okay if Si-hun was jealous of him, and it was not bad if you respect him.
But if he became the same, it would become a problem.

“Alex is too honest.”

If you compare him to a sword, he was perfectly clean.
A sword that was not stained with blood.
He wanted to save everyone and everyone.
We couldn’t let Si Hoon become the same.

“Si Hoon,” Kang Yu looked at him.
“You will have to dirty your sword.”

If he didn’t do it, he couldn’t stay alive.

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