for the elderly and the weak at any time.
After the incident at the station, Isu received information that he had long been fighting on his own against the teachers of Hell.
A month ago he prevented an attack by the Hellenic Teachers in Europe].


If you rely on what you read, he is a man of pure soul.
Kind, kind and nice to everyone.

“He even looks something like Si Hoon.”

If you didn’t take into account his appearance and rely only on his character, he looked like Si Hoon.
Kang Yu needed to know why Alex was meeting with Si Hoon.

“And our Si Hoon is popular.”

Not only did Jung Moo-jin personally visit him, but now Alex also came to see him.

As the main character, he received attention from the whole world.

“Kang Yu, where are you going?”

“I have to meet Si Hoon.”

Kang Yu had heard before that he was not training with Jung Moo-jin today, but is going to the gate with Dae Su, Han Sol and Eun Bi.

“I want to go too.”

“I thought you were going to watch TV.”

“I’d rather stay with you,” the girl clung on to his shirt.

Kang Yu grinned and nodded.

“Let’s go.”

They went down to the parking lot, and got into the car.

“I think they were going to the Level A Gate near Incheon.”

He had heard about it from Han Sol in the morning.
That’s where they went.


“Kang Yu, we’re here.”

There was a nice cafe near the entrance to the gate where the guys were waiting for him.
They went there as soon as they got a call from Kang Yu.
The guy pulled out his chair and sat down.

“You could keep hunting.”

“Ha-ha-ha! How is it possible, knowing that you will come? Yes, and we were going to stop here today anyway.”

“Because of Alex?”

“Oh, you heard about that too?”

“That’s why I came.
And how did you know about this? Inside the gate, there is no connection.”

“When we were already at the gate, when we got to Si Hoon, we waited for the other Players to tell us about it.”

Kang Yu nodded and looked at Si Hoon.

“What’s wrong with him?”

He sat with his legs crossed as if he really wanted to use the toilet.
And the smile on his face looked weird.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Oh, no!” the guy answered quickly and waved his head.
“It’s just… I can’t believe it.
The Sword of Justice personally came to Korea to meet with me.”

“Is he that happy?”

“Co… of course! After all, it is no one else, but the Sword of Justice.
A man who defends the weak! How cool is he!”

“And what is so cool about it?”

If Kang Yu received such a nickname, it would be so clever that he would want to swallow his own language.

“Well, that’s Si Hoon’s will.”

It was impossible not to admit that this was the type of person he would definitely like.


Kang Yu swallowed.
Something was wrong.
But he couldn’t figure out what it was.

“I also wondered if you were doing well with the promotion.”

“Ah, yes! I just recently reached the 60th level!”


Just now, Kang Yu realized that Xi Hun was able to rise far above it.

“And level 59…?”

“Ah, about that…” Si-hun smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head.

Instead, he explained the beginning to Han Seol:

“Si Hoon says he didn’t have that problem.”

Kang Yu felt injustice when he realized that he had been suffering from the problem for a long time and that Sih Hoon didn’t have it at all.

“What a crook.”

Does it make sense, even if you consider that he is the main character?

“And the others…?”

“Dae Su and I are stuck at 59 and Eun Bi is still at 55.”

“This is all because I only use magic! Why isn’t he the only one with this problem?” Eun Bi shouted out with resentment.

“It hurts me too.”

Because he didn’t initially have this problem, Kang Yu couldn’t find out how he managed to get to level 60.
When he realized it, he threw his head back.

“Damn genius.”

Even though he didn’t say it out loud, the fact that Si Hoon didn’t have a problem with it was suffocating.
The guy involuntarily took a breath.

“And… what should I do? Should I personally go to the airport and…”

“No, this is not necessary,” Kang Yu said after drinking coffee.

Si Hoon looked at the guy in surprise.

“He will come to you himself.”

Since he was a member of the World Ranker, there shouldn’t have been any problems with that.
And they were in the 21st century, where it was not so difficult to find a person.

“Huh?” Before Kang Yu finished his thought, the door to the cafe opened.

A beautiful young man with gold hair tucked into a ponytail entered the room.

“It is Alex Osborne,” Si Hoon’s voice shuddered.

The man who had just entered found Si Hoon’s look and smiled widely.
He took out some device from behind his pocket and put it to his throat.

“It is nice to meet you.
You are the Dragon, right?” He asked in pure Korean.

Si Hoon nodded his head excitedly.

“Yes, yes! That’s right, it’s me!”

Nice to meet you.
My name is Alex Osborne.”

“Oh… Yes.”

“It is an honor for me to meet the Korean hero.” Alex extended his hand.

Si Hoon shook his hand and shouted with a dumbfounded voice:

“It… it is, on the contrary, honor for me!”

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He had an excited look and pink cheeks.
He looked as if he had met his idol.

Kang Yu clenched his lips tightly.
He did not understand what it was, but something irritated him.

“He never looked like that when he talked to me.”

He didn’t like it at all.


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