Suddenly the mountains began shaking as if an earthquake had begun.
The strongest charge of energy had spread around the area.

“Ka… Kang Yu?”

“Kang Yu!”

After that, the excited scream of two girls was heard.
But Kang Yu did not hear them.
He was wrapped up in the hurricane of Magi.


His mind was weakening.
As he wandered across the boundless ocean, he felt the centuries-old darkness enveloping his consciousness.

Even in Hell, using six forces at once was not as quite a difficult task as in this case.
There was more than just a problem of using the Magi.
After all, it was close to the limit in the number of forces used.

“Did I overdo it?”

There was no need to answer this question.
In fact, in order to use five forces, it took extraordinary courage.

But six…

Moreover, among all the variety of his forces, he chose such a powerful force as the Power of the Eater.
Given this, he simply could not be in his consciousness.

“It is dangerous.”

Even at the moment when he had all his strength, he could not even think about such a reckless act.
It would not be strange if his consciousness split into parts.


He did not regret it in the slightest.
No, he did not even worry about it.
His consciousness said it was dangerous and needed to stop immediately, but for some reason he was sure that everything would be fine, even if he continued.

Suddenly, on the palm, immersed in the Transposition furnace, there was a cut from which the black blood was spurting.
And this blood began to tighten into the depth of the Transposition furnace.
The power that was in it before, and the power that comes with the blood mixed.

Kang Yu was pulled further and further, and the consciousness was becoming weaker and weaker.

He was no longer able to cope with the Six Forces.

In the end, he gave up.
But at that moment something unusual happened.

His whole body took over the control of the Powers.
It happened for the first time.
Only now he realized why this special ability became available only after reaching the highest degree of demonic appearance.

Control of the Powers.

He did not control them with the mind as he did before, but with his whole body.
This is what helped him achieve the highest degree of demonicity.

Perhaps, being in such a situation, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was only for this reason that it was worth achieving.

The energy that was in the Transposition Furnace was absorbed back into his veins and went straight to his heart.
At the moment Kang Yu felt some kind of “fusion” and the system notification came up.

[The key to the demon ocean (class: excellent) was successfully created].

At the same time, the energy stored in the Transposition furnace was concentrated in one place.

[Demon equipment has reached its limit].

[Magi increased by 2 units]

[You can no longer use the special “Demon Equipment” ability].

“Ho-oh” Kang Yu’s eyes are shining.

The Magi characteristic increased by 2 units and even without the buff, it reached 110.

“So that’s what this special ability was for.”

He picked up a black ball created from the Transposition Furnace.
Externally, it looked like the eye of Susanoo, which used Fuzimoto.

Black sphere, the size of a tennis ball.

Kang Yu discovered the key to the demon ocean.


Name of equipment: The key to the demon ocean;

Class: Excellent (unity completed);

Type: development *The characteristics will increase with each new condition;

Basic effect: unique characteristic +3, durability, variability, ???? *not available yet;

Special effect: ????, ????? *not available yet.


Strength: it cannot be destroyed by physical or magical attacks or by exposure from the inside;

Variability: can be transformed into an installed weapon.
Possesses 34% of the Forces invested in the creation].

“Hmm…” Kang Yu made an uncertain sound after reading the information.

This time, there were also a lot of question marks.


This point had both positive and negative sides.

First, given the class of equipment, you could breathe a calm sigh – in the future it will be useful, but for now he could not get much out of it.

Although, for a moment, Kang Yu once again carefully examined the information window.

Before that, he had focused on the basic effect, but there was also a point such as variability.

“Installed weapon….”

When creating this equipment, he put all the desired weapons into it.
And the double tooth, and the spear of death, and created by the last Gunnir.

“34% of the original Powers.”

Compared to the spear of death, which contained only 20%, this is not bad at all.
If you think about it, this equipment was better in one and a half times.

“Not bad at all.”

Even if we take only this figure, Kang Yu was happy with the effect.
No, he wasn’t just happy, you can say he was completely satisfied.

Roughly speaking, by investing six Powers in this outfit at once, he ensured an immediate effect.

“Spear of Death”.

Kang Yu immediately wanted to test the weapon he had created.

The tennis ball started to emit black energy and turned into a dark red spear.
When he embraced it, Kang Yu immediately felt a more powerful energy than when he created the training ball.

“It’s not bad.”

He was surprised.

Even if he used the baseline, the effect would be great.
After all, the spear of death and Gungnir themselves are very different and 34% of the latter’s strength will feel even better.


A weapon created by the merger of as many as 4 Forces.

[At the moment, it is impossible to change the weapon created by using 4 Forces.]

“Well, this is understandable.”

Kang Yu had hoped that the ball could immediately become a weapon created by the 4 Powers, but apparently it is impossible so far.

However, there was nothing to be sorry about.

“It’s just that so far I haven’t opened all the possibilities.”

All the forces imprisoned in the key to the demon ocean had to “grow”.
Even though the conditions of this “growth” were unknown, he was not upset, because one way or another he would become stronger.
Even if now one could use the spear of death and become so strong, he could not even imagine what would happen in the future.

“This is what “excellent” means.”

Kang Yu was happy and a smile immediately appeared on his face.
He looked at the Key to the Demon Ocean from all sides and checked its capabilities once again.
This helped him to learn a few things.

“Since it has a neutral image in its original state, it easily takes on another form.”

Of course, the power contained in it also changes with the appearance.

“Only weapons with physical reductions can be used.”

Using the Powers, he also used several types of skills.

Thanks to his physical skills, he could use a double tooth, Graham and a spear of death.
And thanks to magic, he could use the celestial rift, the land of bayonets and other similar Powers.

And among this number of Powers, applying the Key to the demon Ocean, he could use only physical ones.

“But this is enough as well.”

Kang Yu made a ring from the Key to the Demon Ocean and put it on the right middle finger.

“I have 113 units of Magi”.

If he would now apply Wrath of Kraken and Han Sol’s buff, it would reach 120 units.


Having done the important thing and becoming stronger, certainly, the mood has improved.
If now the demon of the Nine Thousand Circle of Hell came to Earth, he would be able to resist it.

“Kang Yu, are you okay?” Han Seol carefully asked.

“Yes, I’m okay.”

“Ugh, I was worried if something went wrong.”

“No, it’s okay.
Let’s go back in a little bit.”

“Has the development of this weapon gone well?”

Kang Yu raised his hand.
The ring that was on his middle finger took the form of a sword.

“As you can see, yes.”

“— А…”

Surprised by what happened, the girl first twitched, and then, coughing, continued:

“Thank God.”

“It all ended successfully, so we can go.”

“Oh, by the way, while you were busy making weapons, Young Ju called.”

“Young Ju?”

She said she had to give something back and asked me to stop by the office.”

“Um… I see” Kang Yu nodded and gave Han Sol a little hug.

Using the Power of Heaven, they went up into the sky.
And the girl’s face immediately blushed.

“Then let’s stop by Red Rose first.”


“Oh, it’s you.”

As soon as the door to the office opened, Young Ju immediately raised her head.
He sat down on his chair.

“What did you want to give?”

“A few things came to you from Kurosaki Yuri.”


“Yes, she said she felt guilty because her savior was made a criminal.”

“It’s not her fault, so what kind of guilt can there be?” Kang Yu grinned.

After all, Fuzimoto Ryoma wanted to make him a Hell Teacher, not her.

“I have no idea.
So you want this thing?”

“Mm-hmm… Well, come on.”

He opened the box that he got from Yeon-ju.
And the first thing he saw was a letter.

“I feel guilty about what happened in Japan.
Three million won has been transferred to your account.
And just below are my contacts.
If you feel that you can’t help yourself, please call me.
I will do my best to help you no matter what the problem is.


Three million.
Even though she was the daughter of a Japanese ruler, it was too much money to throw away.

This is not something the person replacing the Japanese ruler should do while he is sick.

“Why is she doing this?”

It is certainly true that he saved her, but usually people don’t treat their savior that way.

It is comparable to how a passerby saved a drowned person and gave him all the documents on his property.

For the savior, of course, this is good, but he would also be perplexed.

“It seems that she liked you very much.
Ha, it’s good to be the princess’s favorite,” Yeong-ju said with a smile, showing that she didn’t like it.

Kang Yu hummed and swallowed, looking at the contents of the box.

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“What the hell is that?”

There was something cold wrapped in wrapping paper that was put into the box.
Kang Yu turned it around.

“An octopus…?”

The package contained a frozen octopus the size of a human head.
Despite the fact that his body was frozen, eight tentacles were alive.
Kang Yu even suggested that some kind of magic had been put on him.

“Who sends an octopus, anyway?” Kang Yu asked in a bewilderment as he looked at the contents of the box.

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