be the strongest King”, the girl’s eyes shined and she licked her lips.
“It is the first time for me.
I have seen many men, but there was nobody like you among them.
Not even my father can compare with you.
I know it very well.
One day there will come a moment when the whole world will lean towards your feet.”

Her breath was lost, and blood was pouring down to her lips.

“I am by nature greedy.
Therefore, I want a man with absolute power.
I want to stand next to you when the whole world falls at your feet,” she looked at Kang Yu with her burning eyes.

The guy smiled.

“You say you know what kind of person I am?”

Her words sounded ridiculous.
She didn’t know anything about him.
She couldn’t know about him.

Kang Yu wouldn’t be the Great King, because he was already a gentleman and an eater.

He took Seo Yeon’s palm out of his face.

She pulled her hand away and stood up.

Don’t pretend you know me.
I’m not interested in any of this.
Who cares about such nonsense these days?”

“What… nonsense?”

“Yes, don’t you agree?”

“Then… then what do you want?”

Kang Yu leaned back on his chair.

“It’s good to eat, to stick to your phone and sometimes go out for fun.”

“And… that’s it?”

“Yes, it is.”

“And that’s all because of that…”


The girl was silent.
Kang Yu, unable to hold back anymore, laughed.

“It’s nothing”… He gave her the same look.

She saw his look and had goosebumps on her back.

His eyes were so distant that the girl immediately experienced a whole range of mixed feelings.

They had a special gravity and depth, and most importantly, there was nothing in them.
Under his eyes, she felt completely tiny.
Even looking at her father, she never felt anything like this.

“You can’t just use the word ‘nothing’.”

He laughed surly.

The girl clenched her lips tightly, and her body seemed to have grown numb.
She had the feeling as if she was climbing a huge mountain.

“As it was expected…”

And she damn well liked it.

His words even had the opposite effect.
After he said that he wasn’t interested in greatness, there was a certain awe that grew within her.
She liked the image of a man who did not mark the place he could easily reach.

Once again, Seo Yeon licked her lips and felt the tip of her tongue starting to dry.
It was unrealistically difficult to hold back.

“Not now,” she calmed her excited soul.

It’s still early.
You have to get to it slowly and discreetly.

“By the way, you said that I helped, right?”

“Yes,” he nodded his head.

If she wasn’t there, the situation would have been much more complicated.
Of course, it wouldn’t have been a desperate situation, but in that case it would have taken some time to solve the problem.

Seo Yeon smiled and clarified without a drop of doubt:

“You weren’t going to thank me just in words, were you?”

“Hmm… What do you want?”

He owes her.

It was a fact that he couldn’t help but admit.
So it would be right to listen to her preferences, and then decide how to return the debt.

“Well… Would you like to have some fun tomorrow?”


He remembered Ehidna’s proposal.

“And if not tomorrow?”

“Because of problems with the government, I only have tomorrow.”

“Hmm…” He sighed and nodded his head for a moment.

“I can go with them the day after tomorrow.”

Thanks to Young Ju’s care, he had one more day to spare, so nothing terrible would happen if they reschedule the walk.

“I’ll say that there are urgent things to do and I can’t go.”

Though he felt like a family man cheating on his wife, there was no other way.
They will certainly not be able to accept the information that he and Seo Yeon went to have fun together.

Where do you want to go?”

One date in exchange for freedom wasn’t such a high price.

With this question, the girl’s face was brightened up.
Though she tried to hide her reaction, she could not hide the shiver in her body.
Her image seemed pretty cute in this way.

“Well… Is this your first time here?”

“Yes, it is”

“Well, in that case, there is a great place for couples.”

“The part about couples can be omitted… Where is it?”

“There’s one place they pay attention to in terms of authorship.
For the Chinese, it may look like a real rival place.”

Kang Yu had no idea what she was talking about.
The girl gave a big smile and continued:


“Ah,” he understood what she was talking about and smiled tiredly.

“Amusement park.”

What he certainly couldn’t predict was that Seo Yeon would offer to go to the amusement park.

“It really isn’t far away,” Kang Yu smiled.

The parks themselves were places for children, and Disneyland was a great place to be.

“I think it was discussed several times in an orphanage.”

He had an incredible memory, since he could remember what had happened more than ten thousand years ago.

If you think about it this way, it was the memories that were his key to coming back to life.

Hell was filled with heartlessness and terror.
It was in those moments that he remembered the Earth.
If he had no memories of the Earth, he would have lost all hope to return and could not stay in his mind for so long.

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“Okay,” Kang Yu nodded quite a bit.

He had never been to an amusement park before.
So in the end, he even liked the idea and wanted to try something new.

“An amusement park… and you, it turns out, are much nicer than the image you show to everyone.”

“Hey, is there a problem?”  her face is blushing.

Kang Yu laughed easily.

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