Fujimoto extended his hand forward.
His whole body was shaking as he waved his hands in the air, hoping to grab onto something, but there was nothing.
After shaking, he began to retreat back.

His Maryok was at zero.

Using the Legacy of the Gods, Susanoo took all his Maryok and eventually he began to fall on the ground.
But he was caught by Kang Yu.


He put him on the roof.
But Kang Yu couldn’t do anything, Fujimoto was dying.

“Ah! Ah, ah! He..h-help…” you could barely hear him mumbling.

A transparent tear rolled down his cheek.
Susanoo died and this was his payback for his calling.
Fujimoto’s body, as if in a state of seizure, quaked and began to dry.

He looked so dry that it would seem as if he had been sucked out by a vampire.
If he had just run out of Maryok, he wouldn’t have looked like that.

“Apparently, the price of calling a God is too high,” Kang Yu said with an indifferent expression on his face as he looked down on Fujimoto who was dying.

Susanoo was a God with a completely different power: neither Magi nor Maryok.

“He really was strong.”

Their fight was too short.
He probably didn’t show everything he was capable of.
Even thinking about the power he was able to show, Kang Yu was sure that the term “God” suited him perfectly.
If he had the opportunity to use all his power, he wouldn’t be sure of his victory anymore.

“Did such guys really get a chance to appear on the ground because of the Gaia System’s weakening?” Kang Yu said with a frown.

If the Gods had gotten to Earth with their powers, it would have been difficult to imagine the scale of the disaster.

“Hell teachers may not be our only problem.”

After all, there was a possibility that other creatures could appear on Earth that could cause even more problems.

The best solution to this problem would be to restore the System.
However, he still could not find any clues on how to do it.

“If we talk about what can be done now…”  Kang Yu opened the status window.

“Devil ruler.”

He looked at the proposal, which stated that in order to become the Devil’s Ruler, two* conditions must be met.
Perhaps the steps were in fact much more and they would just appear later.
But he understood from the name that he would be almost weaker than God if he fulfilled all the conditions.

(T/N: in the last chapter it was wrongly translated, not to the second step, but two steps are available for becoming)

“Before that, the System had never been wrong.”

Kang Yu did not know what the System was or how it worked, but he was sure that it could be trusted.

“Even though it would be difficult to become a God to defeat other Gods…”

It would be foolish to deny the fact that in order to confront God’s creatures he must have the appropriate forces.

Kang Yu clicked his tongue to indicate that he didn’t like it at all.
Of course, he wasn’t overwhelmed by the fact that there were no clues to recovery, but the lack of conditions for the second step to get the devilish essence was a burden.

“If you think about what I can do now…”

He approached Fujimoto’s body.
Although his body had dried up to such an extent that it resembled a mummy, his left eye was in perfect condition.
Kang Yu reached for his body and plucked out his eye.

Susanoo’s eye.

The name matched the legendary high-end equipment.

“How did he put it in himself? Did he really get it out and insert it himself?”

If it was really so, Kang Yu was ready to recognize Fujimoto as his opponent.
After all, it wasn’t so easy to pull out your own eye.

While Kang Yu was wondering about it, the eye was shattered in his hand and a blue ball matched the size of a ping-pong ball.

“Ah, here it is.”

Apparently, he still did not take out his eye.
Kang Yu brought the ball to his eye.

[This object already has an owner.]

“As I thought, it will not work.”

It was quite predictable.
Kang Yu just put the ball in his pocket.
All he needed were the legendary materials from which the eye was created.

Using the special ability of “demon’s equipment”, he wanted to try to create his own equipment.

“But this is a little later.”

Kang Yu turned around and slightly pushed himself off the ground with his legs and went up in the air.

“It’s time to go back.”

He hadn’t seen either Han Sol or Echidna in the last three days.
He was very sad that he could not meet the people he had seen everyday before.
So much so that he even remembered the loneliness he felt while in Hell.


During their stay in Japan, they stayed at a three-star hotel in Tokyo.
But if you take into account the level of Young Ju or Jang Hyeong-jae, it was not an option.
Probably, they booked it because Kang Yu was in prison the whole time.
Thinking about Kang Yu’s confinement in a tight cell, they simply couldn’t live in a luxury apartment.

“They are not soulless,” Kang Yu smiled bitterly and entered the hotel.

His team immediately approached him and was waiting for him in the lobby.

“Hey! Where did you go?”

“It was necessary to finish the case.”


“Yes, I had to pay for everything I took.” Kang Yu briefly explained while sitting in the lobby chair.

There was no need to tell them about everything.
Kang Yu told them as much as Jeon Song Yeon knew, mentioning that Fujimoto was a Hell follower.

“So he knew the Hell Teacher’s plan from the very beginning?”

“No, he knew for the first time when he went down the tunnel.
He just talked Yamada into attributing me to these creatures.”

“Why didn’t you tell us that?”

“There was no time?”

“Still!” Young Ju hit the table in anger.

Kang Yu smiled unnoticeably.

“Calm down.”

“How can you calm down here? If something went wrong, you could really be stuck with the Hell Teachers!”

“But in the end, the problem was resolved successfully.”

“The result is not…”

Suddenly, Han Sol put her hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down, Young Ju.
After all, everything really ended well.”


“I think as long as Kang Yu has a plan, he can follow it boldly.”

Young Ju’s sober speech made her calm down, and she exhaled a deep breath.
She sat down in a chair and threw one leg on the other with force.

“Kang Yu,” Han Sol sat down in the chair next to him and put her hands on his legs with a sad expression.
“I’m sorry… that I couldn’t help him this time either.”

“I did not need any help.”

“Still…”, the girl smiled bitterly.
“Will I ever be able to… help you?”

Han Sol’s voice sounded so timid that any wrong move could scare her away.

Kang Yu looked into her eyes.

“Don’t you think you helped me?”

It was just not fair to think that way.

If you compare her to Si Hoon, Young Ju, Seo Yeon or Echidna, she was really useless in direct combat, but…

“Do you think this is the only way to make a difference?”


“I do not live with you because I have something to gain.”

In fact, he was a calculating man.
And he never did anything that couldn’t bring any benefit.

But things were different with Han Seol.

He didn’t think of it as a way to eat every day or to satisfy animal desires.

If he really thought that way, he wouldn’t have taken her with him when he moved to the center.

Kang Yu was not with her for her benefit.
It was just that the time he spent with her was valuable to him.

“Even though I can’t say it out loud…”

But for the first time he had a place that he could call his home, and the people living in it – his family.

In ten thousand years of Hell, he had never experienced anything like it.
The same was true for the time before Hell.

This feeling was unfamiliar and alien to him.
That’s why Kang Yu wasn’t able to express his feelings correctly.

“If someone finds out about this, it seems like I will burn from the inside.”

And there was nothing he could do about it.

He was not God.
So he could not be perfect in every way.

“Ah, neither was I!” Han Sol shouted out quite… loudly.

Her face immediately blushed and she tilted her head.
When she put her head down, the corners of the girl’s lips went up and she smiled.

“Are you filming a series here?” Young Ju was sharp.

She obviously did not like what was going on between the two and she started shaking her leg.

“You said you wanted sushi, didn’t you?”

“I did.”

“Come on, I know a great restaurant.”

Young Ju got up and looked at the guys who hadn’t moved and said:

“Why are you guys sitting there?”

It’s the first time I’ve seen you like this.”

“Quiet!” she answered Hwa Yeong and turned around and went to the exit.

Kang Yu smiled bitterly and came up from his seat.

“Oh, by the way, what was Kurosaki Yuri doing later?”

“She talked to the journalists for a while and left.
How lucky it was.
If she did not remember anything, everything would not have been resolved so easily.”

“Yes… I agree,” he squinted.

Kurosaki Yuri.

Kang Yu still couldn’t understand why she decided to help him.

“Maybe she dislikes Fujimoto personally.”

He couldn’t have known that.

After Young Ju, the others left the hotel.


Traditional Japanese house.

In a small room, where there was nothing special, only the necessary furniture, there was a girl sitting.

Kurosaki Yuri.

Granddaughter of the Japanese ruler, who was popularly called the Heavenly Warrior.
She looked in a mirror, which stood on top of a small table.

“Haa,” she exhaled heavily.

The girl, who was reflected in the mirror, began to speak:

“Are you happy now?”

“No, this just can’t happen.”

She was exchanging a dialogue with her reflection.
Probably, if someone saw her now, they would consider her crazy.

“Oh, because even if I met her, I can’t get closer.
It is too painful for me,” she desperately sighed and touched her cheek.

“What do you think we should do?”

– Hm.
Shouldn’t I do everything possible to help him? – she asked in front of the mirror, laughing.

Now her image was incredibly different from that humble and diligent girl she was exhibiting herself.
Now, she could surpass even Jeon Seo Yeon.

If there was a man nearby, if he had been influenced by her charms, and he would have immediately turned into her slave.

Her dark hair, ignoring the gravity, began to rise upwards.
They began to curl, forming curls that resemble tentacles.

“If you are so devoted then why don’t you go and meet,” asked the girl from the mirror.

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“For God’s sake.”

In response, she frowned, as if to say: “What is this nonsense?

The girl put her hands to her cheeks and waved her head as if she didn’t even want to represent it.

“How can I do this with such a scary face?”

Her reflection was silent.

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