Because of Kurosaki Yuri’s abduction, the whole of Japan was terrified.
However, it did not last long.
As soon as people learned about how the heroic Fuzimoto Ryoma saved her, the Japanese people immediately sighed in relief.

People were delighted.

The strongest Player of Japan saved the Heavenly Warrior!

All the news channels did what they were told by Fuzimoto Ryoma and guessed about how their future life would be.
The news was so loud that it even spread outside the country.

Kang Yu, on the contrary, was not widely consecrated.
Almost no one knew about him.

Because Fuzimoto made sure that there was no news about Kang Yu until the end of the trial.

Thus, three days had passed.

Fuzimoto Ryoma, the national hero, was heading towards the main court.
Today was the day that the case of Kang Yu, the Korean player who participated in the rescue operation, would be heard.

“The case was handed over to Judge Wakabe, right?”


“Okay,”  Fuzimoto smiled widely.

Wakabe Nobuhito.

The judge who had quickly resolved several complicated cases.
He was greedy and witty.
And that means that Kang Yu’s case would also end quickly.

“The witness will be Prime Minister Yamada.”

“Ha-ha-ha! That’s great.”

Prime Minister’s testimony as a witness?

Even if Wakabe hadn’t been able to call him as a witness, it wouldn’t have ended one way or another in Kang Yu’s direction.
It felt like Fuzimoto was selecting people to serve him in the future.

“Soon I will take the dominant position.”

Even though Kang Yu had intervened in his plans by delaying this moment, there was no going back now.

In a witch hunt, there were always many victims, because in such a situation, the suspects simply didn’t have any evidence on their side.
There was no way for them to prove that they were not witches.

This time, the same thing would happen.

There was no evidence to prove that he was not a hell follower.

“It would be nice to find some stones of pure power.”

A stone of pure power.

This was a stone that contained concentrated power used by Hell’s teachers.
If he had been able to find such a stone, it would have been undeniable proof against Kang Yu.
But unfortunately, he failed.

“I shouldn’t do that at all, or else people will think I’m of the Hell Teachers and things will get complicated.”

In any case, since Yamada would witness against Kang Yu, he would not be able to get out of the pit dug for him.

Fuzimoto Ryoma entered the court building and immediately saw Young Ju and the other Korean Players looking at him unsatisfactorily.

“They seem very angry,” he smiled.

Of course, it wasn’t strange at all that they looked at the man who dragged their guy into dirt, accusing him of being a henchman of the Hell Teachers.

“But the fact that they have not taken any action in the last three days means that they have surrendered and are ready to accept the verdict.”

But that was not how the world worked and anger would not change anything.

“Fuzimoto Ryoma! There is absolutely no information about this case.
Can you tell us something?”

“For what reason will the Korean Player be judged today?”

When they saw him, the journalists inside started asking questions.
For the last three days he had been hiding all the information, but now there was no need for it.
After all, they would learn that Korean Player Kang Yu will be judged for helping Hell’s teachers.

He smiled nicely and answered:

“Before the verdict is passed, it will be difficult to say anything.”

“At least tell us about the reason…”

“Today they will judge the person who participated in the kidnapping of the Celestial Warrior.
About the more detailed information … it would be better if you see everything yourself.”

“The person who kidnapped the Heavenly Warrior.”

“Are we talking about the Teachers of Hell? A Korean associated with Hellenic Teachers?”

Reporters made a noise.

Since they had absolutely no information, they started making their own assumptions.
Fuzimoto rather smiled and looked at them and went on.

Kang Yu entered the court lazily.
Even though he was no longer under the Maryok cage, his hands were handcuffed.

As soon as Kang Yu entered the room, Fuzimoto looked at him with hatred.

Soon, Judge Wakabe came and sat down in his place.
His condition seemed to leave much to be desired.
His face was pale, and his body shuddered.
He looked as if someone had scared him a lot.

The hammer rang out.

“… the court hearing begins,” the judge turned his gaze to Fuzimoto.
“Prosecutor, tell us about the defendant Oh Kang Yu.”

“Yes,” the prosecutor rose from his seat.
“Oh Kang Yu is a Korean player, accused of kidnapping Kurosaki Yuri.
According to the plan, he was supposed to be at the northern gate, but suddenly retreated from the plan and joined the tunnel calling ceremony.
After Fuzimoto Ryoma interfered with the rite of call and defeated the Hellish followers, the previously hiding Player Oh Kang Yu came out of hiding and tried to kidnap Kurosaki Yuri, who was lying unconscious on the altar.”

“What kind of jerks are you talking about?!” Being unable to listen to this nonsense from the prosecution anymore, Young Ju has moved up.

Jang Hyeong-jae and Baek Hwa Yeong immediately forced her to sit down.
The girl, although unhappy with the situation, nevertheless sat down.

After a short pause, the judge turned his gaze to Kang Yu.
Kang Yu was lazily sitting in the defendant’s seat and Wakabe began his speech:

“Th… the defendant…”

The hammer, which he held in his hand, fell to the floor.
He cried out quickly when he turned white:

“S… sorry!” his yell was not addressed to someone specific.

He picked the fallen hammer and took a breath.
He was not able to look Kang Yu in the eyes and continued with a shaking voice:

Let’s continue the meeting.
Hell… the defendant’s lawyer.”


“Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“I have nothing to do with Hell Teachers.”

There was complete silence in the hall

“Do you have anything to add?”

“No.” Kang Yu smiled and shook his head.

“Kha,” Fuzimota covered his mouth with his palm and held back the laughter.

“Does he think this will do for protection?”

If it kept going like that, Fuzimota would even be a little disappointed in his mental abilities.
But thanks to this, the rest of his anxiety had been dispelled.

The trial had already been won.
There was simply no chance of losing.

A game in which the winner is known in advance.
The trial is just a formality.

“Prime Minister Yamada is called as a witness.”

“Witness, go to the podium.”

Yamada rises from his seat and approaches the podium.

“Huh?” Fuzimoto leaned his head questioningly.

The man’s appearance was a little strange: his face was unnaturally pale, and his body shook.

“What happened to him and the judge?”

Now he looked almost the same as the Wakabe judge.

“Well, apparently, old age makes sense.”

Since both of them were not even Players, it would not be strange if the age began to ruin them.

Fuzimoto quietly began to wait for the man to speak.
The journalists who were in the hall were also waiting.

“I…” Yamada started talking and continued with a trembling voice: “Today, I was going to hide one truth in this place.”

“Mm-hmm…?” Fuzimoto frowned.

The man said something he did not expect to hear.

“I… received threats from Fuzimota Ryoma.”


“Wha… what?”

“What’s going on? What’s he talking about?”

There was a lot of noise in the courtroom.
Yamada looked at Kang Yu and continued:

“Fuzimoto Ryota deliberately accused a Korean Player of aiding and abetting Hell’s Teachers to hide his plan.
Player Oh Kang Yu is just a victim of his cunning plan.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Fuzimoto pulled his chair back sharply and moved up from his seat.

Everyone around him looked at him.
He looked at the journalists and took a breath.

“Ugh, Prime Minister, what are you talking about? What are you talking about?”

“Fuzimota Ryoma…” Prime Minister swallowed, gathered his composure and continued: “…was the Hell Teacher.
In fact, he was the man who kidnapped Kurosaki Yuri.”

“Wha… What are you talking about? What are you talking about, you dog…?”

“Pr…premier! What are you talking about?”

“Tell us more about it!”

Reporters immediately got up from their seats.
It turned out that the man who had kidnapped Kurosaki Yuri was Fuzimota Ryoma.

This explosion was similar to the one that caused an avalanche in the mountains.

“In fact, I knew about everything quite long ago.
But he… Fuzimoto Ryoma said if I made it public, he would take my entire family as victims.”

“Ha, no, look at that old lunatic…” Fuzimoto smiled silly.

The fact that he and the Prime Minister were in a relationship, the subordinate and leader was right.
But he never threatened to take his family hostage and certainly did not kidnap Kurosaki Yuri.
The girl was definitely kidnapped by the Hellenic teachers.

“What is going on?”

He could not understand why Prime Minister Yamada suddenly joined him to the Teachers of Hell.
Not a single logical assumption could have occurred to him.
The guy was completely discouraged by what was happening.

“The Prime Minister! Is what you are talking about really true?”

“In this case, how can you explain the fact that Fuzimota called himself the savior of the Heavenly Warrior?”

“I have something to say about that too.
During the rescue operation, the person who saved the girl was not Fuzimoto Ryoma, but the Korean Player Oh Kang Yu.
Fuzimoto, who was sitting in front of him, told the squad false information that the rite will be held on the top floor, so that no one could interfere with the calling.”

The hall was once again in chaos.
Several reporters raised their hands to ask questions, while delivering the dictaphones.

“Do not talk nonsense! This is a mistake! The Prime Minister is now out of his mind!”

The noise had become even louder.

Kang Yu leaning on the back of the chair, watched with pleasure.
It seemed like a little more and he was about to laugh.

“This is your second mistake.”

Kang Yu had a Power that allowed him to subjugate people’s minds.

With that kind of Power and a witness who had to blame Kang Yu for all the sins, he would have to do nothing to destroy Fuzimota’s plan.

“You should not have made Prime Minister Yamada a witness.”

Yamada was not even a Player, he was an ordinary man.
Therefore, he could not resist Kang Yu’s forces in any way.
If he needed any witnesses, he should have made a witness from one of those Players who accompanied Yamada.

“What a psycho…! Do you have any proof? Do you have any proof, I ask?!” screamed Fuzimoto as if he had lost his mind.

Yamada nodded his head.

“I have proof.
Several people saw it in your house”, Yamada revealed a black stone from his inner pocket.
– It was a stone of pure power that contained concentrated Magi.
“This was found in Fuzimoto Ryoma’s house.”

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“What…?” his face reflected a sincere misunderstanding.

Kang Yu ended up laughing and couldn’t help himself.
Pure power was created and used by Hell teachers.

“I can create it too.”

The third mistake.

Fuzimoto didn’t know that Kang Yu could create pure power.

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