character, it was rough to assume if there was a connection or not.

“And even now it is not so important.”

More important was the fact that he had finally reached the highest degree of demonic appearance and was able to improve the characteristics of the Magi.

And, as it turned out, the special ability of rank 6 was even more effective than it was thought to be.
He closed the messages and touched the wound on his right shoulder.

“Time to get out.”

After healing, Kang Yu turned around with a light soul.
He stopped Lilith’s calling and reached the highest degree of demonic appearance.
Considering that the level had not increased, we could guess that the problem of level 59 was not solved, but even so, he did a lot for today.

Everything ended so well that he even wanted to dance.
Kang Yu, murmuring under his nose at the song, came to the altar.

“Apparently, she is the Heavenly Warrior.”

Even in this situation, she looked beautiful.
Kang Yu came up and picked her up.
The girl was unconscious.

When Kang Yu was about to use the Power of Heaven to get to the surface, there appeared a hole in the ceiling and a guy with heterochromia came down the tunnel.


“You are a little late.”

“Are you saying that the rite was held here, not on the top floor?” Fuzimoto Ryota looked sharply at Kang Yu.

The guy pointed at the altar that was standing next to him.

“As you can see.”

“How did you know that this was the place where the ritual would take place?”

“On the way to the top floor, we didn’t meet a single Hell follower.”

“And so you arbitrarily retreated from the plan?” asked Fuzimoto irritably.

Kang Yu grinned.

“Wasn’t it my role to make a fuss from the beginning? There was no order to go upstairs, so I couldn’t disobey an order that wasn’t there.”

“In that case…”

“It was just a guess and nothing more.
How can I report unverified information to the squad?”

When he heard that answer, Fuzimoto Ryota clenched his lips tightly, clearly not knowing what to say.
His body was shaking in anger.

“He wanted to take advantage of it alone”.

A fact that Kang Yu knew from the moment they met.

Kang Yu passed the guy who was looking at him with a hateful look.
He didn’t care at all that Fuzimota was going to take all the glory for himself.

“Ahem.” Fuzimota winced.

When he bit his lip, he looked at Kang Yu who had walked ahead of him.
He was going to say something to Kang Yu, but eventually he thought about it and looked around and picked up his radio.

“It was an emergency! I need some backup! The place is a subway tunnel!”

“Ha, here it is…”

“One of the Korean Players turned out to be a spy! I demand reinforcements as soon as possible!”

Kang Yu, who had gone ahead, turned to Fuzimoto with surprise on his face.
It wasn’t hard to guess why he acted like that so suddenly.

“Is he crazy?”

Kang Yu’s good spirits fell to nothing at that moment.
He frowned and said:

“I understand why you’re doing this, but you’d better stop.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, you ugly Hell follower! Quickly let go of the Heavenly Warrior!”

“You’re not feeling well at all.
If you so want to get glory, take it away.
I don’t want it at all,” Kang Yu gave it to Kurosaki Yuri, who was thrown on his shoulder.

Fuzimoto Ryota took a step back, concentrating the strong wind in his hands.

“Ha! I don’t need anything from you!” The hatred gradually turned into a nervous laugh.

“Haa…” Kang Yu took a deep breath.

The voice of people coming down the tunnel was heard.
It turned out to be a detachment that had played the role of bait from the very beginning of the mission.
But for some reason, the Prime Minister Yamada himself was among them.
He immediately asked:

“What is going on?”

“Exactly what you thought about.
At the moment when I had already dealt with the Hellen Teacher, this man appeared and kidnapped the Heavenly Warrior again.” Fuzimoto Ryota shouted without giving Kang Yu a chance to open his mouth.

Yamada turned his gaze on Kang Yu.


Silence prevailed for a short time.
The phrase “exactly what you thought about” did not coincide with reality a bit.

First, Fuzimoto looked too good, for a man who had just defeated the Hellish Teacher.
And the situation itself did not look as “extraordinary” as the guy on the radio said.

Second, the situation in which the Korean Player was holding Kurosaki Yuri.
Her appearance was too decent for a secondary abductee.
Moreover, her hair was not even ripped.

“Premier! Why aren’t you doing anything?”

“Ah… Pr… sorry.” Yamada shuddered and gave the order to the detachment.
“Surround the traitor!”

They went around Kang Yu from all sides.

Kang Yu looked at Prime Minister Yamada and smiled.

“So you are with him.”

The guy felt something wrong.
As soon as Yamada went down the tunnel, he behaved adequately, but as soon as he heard Fuzimoto, his behavior and expression changed.

“Probably, he could have assumed such a course of events?”

He probably knew from the very beginning that if the Korean Players found the hostages earlier, things could turn out this way.

Otherwise, the Prime Minister would have no reason to wander around in the middle of the operation.

“The Prime Minister is under his heel.”

No video recordings were made at this location or during the operation.
In this case, the only source of evidence was a witness.
And in the case when the witness said that the suspect was a traitor, it really became true.

This was the most common witch hunt.

Kang Yu laughed.
This kind of trap cheered him up.

“‘And he is said to be using legendary equipment.”

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Susanoo’s eyes.

There were rumors about it even abroad.

“If it is a legendary equipment, it should have been made of the right materials,” Kang Yu smiled widely.

“I give up.”

Kang Yu put the girl on the ground and raised both his hands.

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