“As I thought, this conversation can’t go anywhere.” the guy clicked his tongue.

“I don’t want to hear anything else from you.”

Kang Yu concentrated his pure power, moving the Magi to the edge of the Lethal Spear.

“Kraken’s Wrath.”

He used the special ability of his Black Pearl coat.
The Magician had increased by 5 units.
And together with Buff Han Sol, the total was 111 units.

“Ho-o,” Kang Yu’s eyes caught fire.

The difference between 100~109 and 110 units was huge.
Apparently, the number of units of characteristic, passing through the ten, as well as the level, changed greatly.

He could feel the Magi overwhelming him.

The guy squeezed the handle of the spear.
He even thought that if he met Zheng Mu-jin now, he could defeat him.

Power and excitement flew all over Kang Yu.
Even though he realized that this power was temporary, thanks to the buff that Han Sol gave him and the Black Pearl, he couldn’t help but feel intoxicated.

The whip, as if it were a snake, pounced on Kang Yu’s spear and wrapped it around him.
But the guy did not care.

He pulled back his hand along with the spear and pulled Akiyama, who simply couldn’t resist such a force.


He ridiculously fell forward and the spear flew in his direction.

“Cardinal!” one of the Disciples stood between him and the spear, which, after passing through the flesh, broke through the bone and flew further.

But this slowed down the spear and Akiyama managed to move aside.
As a result, the spear simply grazed his clothes.

“Idiot!” there was a scream filled with hatred.

Akiyama, having risen, once again swung with force a whip soaked in Magi, which immediately rushed forward.

“The Power of the Iron Curtain.”

The decision was made instantly.

Kang Yu let the spear of Death out of his hand and it immediately dissolved into the air.
He put all the pure power he had into creating the Iron Curtain, with which Kang Yu’s body was enveloped in darkness.

“You are the one!” Akiyama’s face began to redden with anger.

The Cardinal made every effort, but he could not break through the darkness.
He changed his strategy: by letting go of the whip in the air, he directed all the power in it to its end.

“There you go!”

A concentrated Magician managed to break through the curtain created by Kang Yu and inflict damage.

Because of this wound, flesh appeared on Kang Yu’s right shoulder.
However, this did not affect him.
No, even on the contrary, he smiled broadly.

Kang Yu escaped from the whip that surrounded him.
There was no time to use the Power of Regeneration.
That’s why he used the Power of Acceleration and went on the attack in a rush, quickly rotating around himself.


He did not use any weapons at all, but simply hit the enemy, while moving at a great speed.
However, the blows were comparable in sound to those of bombs, because of which Akiyama was thrown back.

The wall created by Kang Yu disappeared, filling the tunnel with whitish and muddy smoke.

The Cardinal was unable to launch an attack.
So Kang Yu, leaving him behind, moved toward a gradually growing split.

“Stop him!”

“Defend the rift!”

The Pupils that surrounded the altar ran towards Kang Yu, so he continued to fight with them.
Even though it wasn’t so hard to defeat each of them, they consumed quite a bit of time, so it took Kang Yu a while to deal with them.
As a result, it was quite difficult to hold back ten opponents at once.

“Oh, shit.”

Kang Yu held out his hand in their direction, using the Power of Hurricane, damaged the internal organs of the followers, and dark red blood was spurting out of their mouths.

However, this did not stop them at all.
They began to run towards Kang Yu even more, like moths flock to the light.

The time was running out.

The time of Kraken’s Wrath was gradually shortening.
And, as they say, trouble did not come alone.
Akiyama was getting better.

“Ah… ah…” he moaned desperately.

His subordinates were clearly heartbroken, and they got even angrier.

“If only I had been stronger.”

Akiyama thought that if he was not so weak, he would be able to save his subordinates and get rid of the unknown, who violated his plans.
His anger was spreading, but no longer on the stranger, but on himself, because he could not stand up for his subordinates.

“Run,” said Akiyama, whipping a whip then attracted other followers.
“I’m taking it on myself! Quick, get out!”


“We can’t do this!”

Excited screams filled with devotion were heard from all sides.

“Do not worry! Even if my body dies, I will still stay with you! I promise! I will stay with you for centuries!”


“Who knows when a person is destined to die?! Do you think he dies from a spear-broken heart?! Not at all! When he turns into a monster without being able to cope with the Magi?! No, no! Losing faith? Yes, exactly then!”

Having listened to all this, hot tears came out of the eyes of the Followers.
And after them, Akiyama himself cried.

Watching the heartbreaking speeches, Kang Yu said:

“You’re out of your mind.”

Hearing such harsh criticism of his address, Akiyama’s face immediately changed.

“Don’t you dare doubt our faith!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re not a comic book character.
You’re doing it, but I feel the shame.”

“Oh you!”

Akiyama, hearing the words about comics, immediately shaken.

“You now look like an antagonist who suffered a heavy defeat.”

Kang Yu put his hand forward and used three Powers at once to create a big sword.

These guys didn’t behave at all like the Hell Teachers in Korea.
However, that did not change the situation.

They were still part of the School.

They were the ones who, while continuing to build up their strength, called many Hell creatures to Earth.

Probably, they resembled some empty-headed people, but in fact, they were the ones who turned someone’s life into Hell, depriving a person of hope and future.

And it did not matter what hope and faith they were constantly talking about.

Kang Yu had a job to do and time was running out.

“If you are so confident in your faith, die for it.” Kang Yu swung the great sword.

And he threw it at the split almost to the ceiling.


Akiyama threw himself after the sword, having jumped right in front of it.
The sword broke through his chest and scarlet blood came out like a fountain.

“Ah… ah.”

“Cardinal!” All Hell’s followers in the tunnel wailed.

But Kang Yu had no time to be distracted by them.
He immediately headed for the split.


The followers shifted their view on Kang Yu.
However, they did not run in his direction.
They picked up the body of their Cardinal and rushed to flee away.

The guy turned around for a moment, looking at their fleeing images.
It would have been easy to catch up with them.

“Oh shit.” Kang Yu scolded.

There was no time to catch up with them.
The rift was so great that he had to hurry and stop calling Lilith.

He approached the split.

The time of Han Sol’s buff and Kraken’s Wrath was over.

Focusing in both hands, Magi, he touched the split.


He felt the pressure coming from the split acting on his hands.

Probably, if he had known more about the calling rite of the Teachers, he would have been able to act more effectively, but since he didn’t have such information, he had no choice but to try to close the split.

Although it was a bit stupid, the method was effective.
The size of the rift gradually began to shrink.

“Great,” Kang Yu had the hope that everything would end well.

At that moment, however, the tentacles appeared from the rift.
‘Those’ were the usual tentacles.
Kang Yu’s face turned pale.


The tentacles that appeared touched Kang Yu’s skin, moving all over his body.

The tentacles that suddenly touched him trembled and Kang Yu realized that it was a sweet excitement.
When the tentacles reacted joyfully to Kang Yu’s touch, there was no reason to guess who it was.

“I am coming to you, My King.”

“No, do not come!” Kang Yu shouted.

A creature that Kang Yu did not want to see was going to come to this world.
He turned to pure power and even for a moment doubted if it was time to release Man Ma Jung.

“Man Ma Jung…”

Echidna’s excited voice was heard in his head and his doubts disappeared.

“No need to risk his life.”

He really did not want to meet Lilith with all his heart, but if he asked himself what was more important for him: to avoid meeting with Lilith or to save his life, he would choose the second one.

“First, he should try to do his best”.

It would be extremely stupid to risk your life in this situation.

Kang Yu, while continuing to reduce the size of the rift with pure power, used the Eater’s Power to begin absorbing the Magic that made the rift possible in the first place.

Magi began to enter his body, blending in with his pure power.

“A little more.”

The size of the rift gradually decreased.
He reached such a size that now he could only pass through the most ordinary man.

“Aah!” Lilith shouted and the tentacles embracing the guy gradually began to tighten back into the split.

Kang Yu’s eyes shone.

Having gathered all his strength, he tried to speed up the process.

The Magi that came into his body from the split was getting bigger.

“But the pure power is already ending.”

Probably, this was because he was in a hurry.

He could feel that the pure power shimmering in his stomach was becoming less and less, but by using only Magi, it would be difficult to forcefully close the split.

Kang Yu closed his eyes and focused on himself, remembering what Si Hoon taught him.

If there is almost no pure power left, it would not be possible to create it instantly.
His strength was at its limit.

He tried to create a pure force absorbed from the split Magic.
He felt the energy being drilled into his stomach.


Kang Yu bit his lip.

No matter how good he was in controlling Magic, creating pure power on the move was not an easy task.
He felt his body start to weaken and his body started to overload.

“Just a little bit…!”

The knuckles of his hands hit each other and the split closed.

The energy glowing with blue light flew out of the rift that had just been closed and settled in the body of a girl lying on the altar.

It looked as if her ability to call upon creatures from other worlds had returned.

Kang Yu was confused as he descended to the ground afterwards.

It mixed together from the closure of the split and the creation of pure power by drawing in Magi from the split.


He leveled his breath.

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Though everything was not as smoothly as he wanted it to be, in the end it ended successfully.
Kang Yu was also the winner.

The familiar notification sound was heard and Kang Yu slowly opened his closed eyes.
A notice appeared before his eyes.

[You have created the pure power of the necessary magnitude, thus achieving the highest degree of demonic appearance.]

[All three conditions for achieving the highest degree of demon identity have been successfully fulfilled].

[Body Transformation begins.]

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