“How did you get here…?!” the teacher was dumbfounded .

Kang Yu did not answer.
Using the Power of Blade, he sat down as if he was preparing to throw a blade with force.


The Hell Teacher raised his hand to create a barricade of Magi into which the blade stuck with a characteristic metal sound.

“Ho-o,” Kang Yu’s eyes shone.

As Kang Yu thought, they became stronger.
But he had no way of knowing that.

“You’re not Fuzimoto… Who are you?”

Kang Yu noticed the shine of his eyes from under the mask and pulled out his hand.
By using two Powers, he made a long spear.
When he grabbed the handle, he said with a low voice:

“Go away.”

“What? Aren’t you going to answer?” The teacher squeezed both fists, accumulating a strong Magi.

“It was said that the Japanese School was many times stronger than the Korean School.
Apparently, it was indeed so”.

A person who was here, and not at the place of the calling, could not be a cardinal like Baek Kang Hyun.
And this meant that an ordinary follower hads such a powerful power.
This was a situation that was not comparable to what happened in Korea.


Kang Yu channelled even more power into the spear.
Even if they were stronger than the ones he met in Korea, they were still not something Kang Yu couldn’t handle.

So there was no reason to back down.

The Teacher stretched out both of his hands, creating an even more powerful barrier.

“You will not get through!” He cried out with a loud voice.

Kang Yu grinned, the image of a man who was confident in his strength because of only one successful repulse of an attack was amusing.
He focused on his stomach, transporting the pure power created from Magi in a sharp double pick spear.

Kang Yu sat down preparing for the attack.
Making the lunge with his whole body, he threw the spear.

“Oh, oh-oh?”

The gaze of the Hell’s follower shuddered and in a moment, the spear broke through the wall made of Magi and flew into a man.

The man twitched aside and fell to the ground.
Even though it looked dirty, it was the best solution.
As it flew over his head, the double tooth exploded heavily.

“— А!..”

With his pale face, he crawled back.
At that moment, a ferocious Kang Yu came up to him.
He reached out and ripped off the mask, under which he saw a complete, approximately 25-year-old boy.

“Where is the ritual taking place?”

“Aah! How… you…! Aaaah!”

“I do not want to repeat myself twice.”

The guy’s face was filled with terror.
He somehow bent out his own fingers and bit his lip.

“No… no way!”

He was determined.
Faith was reflected in his look.
He was ready to give his life for his Teacher.

“What the hell is this?” Kang Yu was surprised.

He had never once met a disciple with such a strong devotion.
Their pseudo religion was organized very differently.

By attracting people to it, Hell Teachers offered only 2 criteria that could attract people: immortality caused by the Magi and the increase of strength.
Although Baek Kang Hyun wanted more power, it was usually immortality that attracted people’s attention.

And this was clear.
After all, even after paying millions, death cannot be avoided.
With hundreds and thousands, no one would be able to slow down the aging process.
This was exactly what the Hell teachers played on, creating Schools all over the world.

After all, in this matter, race, nation and values played absolutely no role.
After all, every living being dreamt of immortality.

Credo? Faith? All this collapsed before such absolute magnitude as immortality.

Of course, such religion also had a negative side.
After all, pseudo-religions usually establish their own rules, in particular, devotion, observing which people can get to Paradise.
But since there was no Paradise in this case, there should be no loyalty as such.

“This is exactly how it should be.”

“I’d rather die!”

A guy with a grudge looked at Kang Yu chewing his own tongue.
In the end, he bit off his tongue and bled out of his mouth.

Suicide by biting his tongue? Kang Yu wouldn’t do that even as torture.

“What kind of devotion…”

That kind of behavior had no relation to the Teachers he had encountered before.

“Oh, shit.”

Kang Yu dumped his body.
With the Power of Surveillance, Kang Yu started looking for a place to perform the rite.
However, because the tunnel was filled with Magi, it wasn’t so easy to do.
It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Nevertheless, the guy continued his journey.
If the Power was useless, all he had to do was move forward.

“Who is it?”

“Hold him!”

In Kang Yu’s direction, the Teachers started running one by one.
Immediately, an intense battle began.

Even though their strength did not threaten Kang Yu’s life, his arms and legs were tied up, making him unable to move on.
In the end, he became angry about this meaningless battle.

“— О?”

When Kang Yu went even further down the tunnel, he cried out and moved in his direction.

“I found it.”

In the distance, the altar appeared.
And there was a beautiful long-haired girl lying on it.
A blue energy flowed from her body which was flowing into the split.

It was possible to assume that she was the Heavenly warrior Kurosaki Yuri.

Kang Yu redesigned the ice axe and moved toward the altar, in front of which stood their masked leader conducting the ritual.

In front of him was the ritual he had already seen several times.

“What the hell is this…?” Kang Yu opened his mouth.

They were definitely doing the ritual, but something was wrong.
In front of him were not the kind of hellish followers he was used to.

“Guys! Wait a little longer, it will be over soon!”

“Ooh! As expected from our cardinal! We will follow your words!”

“Hold on, Cardinal Akiyama!”

“We will do our best too!”

Tension that could drive you crazy.

He saw before him people, who were crazy about the Magi, worshipping a demon who had not even appeared yet.

This atmosphere was more in line with the resemblance of sectarians than the rite of calling.

The one who was called Cardinal Akiyama stood with firmly clenched fists.
And thanks to the magic coming from him, the split turned bigger and bigger.

“Let’s go! Our goal is Lilith! Succubus Queen.”

“Ahhh, finally! Finally our cherished desire…!”

“Even if I die, we will not regret a single drop!”

At the cry of Akiyama, the Teachers were even more “caught” by desire.

What was going on perfectly described the word “chaos”.

Kang Yu was stunned to see them.

“What’s wrong with these lunatics?”

He even had the impression that he had gone back to Hell.
He could not even imagine what made them behave like that.
The situation is beyond reasonable.

“It would be strange if I thought about it beforehand.”

There was even a sense of injustice in him.

Meanwhile, the rift was becoming more and more divisive due to the power coming from Kurosaki Yuri.

Akima raised both hands high.

“At last it is time to meet our great God!”


“No more online games! No more life behind the screen! Now! Our Goddess is ready to pass through space and time!”

“Oh, Cardinal!”

“We follow you!”

There were passionate eulogies from all sides.

“Oh, oh? Ca… cardinal! Stranger!”

At that moment, they finally noticed Kang Yu.
All of them immediately rose from their seats and took out their weapons.

Kang Yu held out one hand to them.

“You go on, but I need to think,” Kang Yu.
sincerely said.

It really took time for him to think about this whole mess.
He even wondered if he was dreaming about all this.
The guy rubbed his eyes with his hands, but nothing changed.

“Are you saying that they are Hell teachers?”

They were radically different from the cold and greedy image that Kang Yu was used to.

“No, of course, they look a bit gloomy too.”

But still, something was not right.

Something was definitely wrong.

“Hmm, we assumed Fuzimoto would come, but you’re from a different region.”

Going forward, Akiyama came out carrying a red leather whip.

“Even though we prepared it for her… there’s nothing we can do.”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

“Ha-ha-ha! Obviously.”

“I don’t want to listen to you,” Kang Yu shook his head.

The guy standing in front of him became serious.

“You asked him yourself, and now you don’t want to listen?”

Kang Yu didn’t know how to describe the strange feelings he was feeling right now.
He didn’t say anything.

“Cardinal! Trust us on this!”

“Continue with your calling!”

“You…”, He said, barely holding back tears, shook his head and stepped forward.
“No! I can’t let it go like this! Love is learned through difficulties! Guys, I will not let you suffer!”



Love began to flow from the people behind him.

Kang Yu felt that all of this was starting to drive him crazy.
He rubbed his forehead with his hand.

“You… accidentally… called the Succubus Queen… accidentally… not because of the reason…”

Kang Yu couldn’t gather his thoughts in a pile.
He was so shocked by his guess that he used “accidentally” several times in one sentence.

“What was the reason for his calling?! It can only be one! That there was strength shouted by a masked man.
What do you think is the reason why we joined the School?!”

“I have no idea.
I really… I really don’t know.
Because of what?”

“Of course, in order to summon our Queen to the modern world!”

“Of course”? What are you talking about, assholes?!

“There’s no point in talking to someone about her to you who has no hope” he swung a whip with his tongue and hit the floor.

Soaked in hatred, he continued:

“Succubus is the last hope for a man! No more or less!”

The same ‘accident’ that Kang Yu didn’t want to believe so much, came out of Akiyama’s mouth.

The reason why the Hell teachers in Japan decided to summon Lilith out of a huge, huge number of demons was so damn stupid.

It would have been better for them to crave immortality.

It would have been better if they had wanted strength.

If they had named it as a reason, it wouldn’t have been so lousy.

“You say the Succubus is the last hope…?” Kang Yu has shaken up.

Fascination, anger and irritation merged.


To be honest, Kang Yu had high hopes for her in the past, too.

Before meeting her, he hoped to see at least a succubus in Hell, full of demons alone.

“Ha-ha! That’s right! Our Goddess!”

“Come to your senses, you idiots” Kang Yu shouted with a shivering voice.

Memories of the past and the trauma caused by the meeting with her have resurfaced in his mind.

When he first met Lilith, he was, frankly speaking, shocked.
She did not look at all as he had imagined.
It was quite different.
Even Pallok looked more beautiful in comparison to her.

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The tentacles, he remembered the tentacles reaching out to him.
And not only their … but also 9 pairs of eyes.

“Do not treat Hell with such simplicity.”

The tentacle dissolved and Kang Yu created a powerful spear of death whose power was impossible to feel.

“There is no room for hope in Hell.”


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