North entrance of Sapporo station.

Kang Yu’s team was hiding among the broken street.
They were lurking, almost breathless, watching what was happening.

As Fuzimoto Ryoma said, the streets were guarded by a large number of hellish creatures, but they had yet to see a single henchman of the School.

Nonetheless, although the monsters did not have a mind, they did not attack each other, and moved around as if they were following some rules.
From what Kang Yu could conclude, someone was controlling them.

“What should we do?” Young Ju barely heard her ask when she leaned over Kang Yu’s ear.

However, the guy thought about what they might hear and used the Force of Silence.

“No one can hear us, so you can talk normally.”

“— А?! Are you saying that I ruined your mood?” blushing, the girl jumped back.

Kang Yu laughed and turned to Jang Hyun Jae.

“It’s enough for us to break into the building when we get the signal, right?”

I think so.
Shall we start to act when the chaos starts?” For a moment he hesitated but then nodded his head.

Even though this method was the most risky, it was also the most effective.

“In that case, Han Sol, as soon as we move, buff all the members of the group behind us.
Focus exclusively on buffing.
Don’t become distracted by the treatment.”

“Okay, Kang Yu.”

“Okay, Young Ju and Echidna, cover Han Sol from the rear by supporting us.
The rest of us are on the attack.
Ah, commander, what kind of weapons do you use?”

“A saber.”

“In that case, considering that we are fighting in close combat, it will be better to go into the attack with us.”

The short briefing was finished.

Jang Hyeong-jae, who was supposed to be in charge of it, looked at Kang Yu with a strange look.

“I heard that he was brilliant, but still…”

Of course, the most amazing thing he heard about him was his victory over Young Ju in the training hall.
Equally surprising was that he was able to cope with El Quero and the problem that arose in the Isu district.
That’s why when he heard such rumors, he immediately thought he was good at fighting.

“But that’s not all.”

Even though it hadn’t been a day since they met, he easily realized that Kang Yu’s strength wasn’t just physical strength.

He is sensible and flexible.
He had charisma that can organize people and make them act.

“He’ll go far”.

What was there to talk about, even Special Forces Commander Hwaran himself was ready to follow him.

It was calming that such a person appeared right when Hell’s teachers with their pseudo religion also appeared in addition to the monsters.

Soon signals were heard from the radio, and a noise was heard in the distance, which the monsters began to run away.

“As it was supposed…” Kang Yu., an observer of the Hellen creatures, mumbled.

Hell Teachers had his own thoughts about what was happening.

Not many Hellen creatures followed the sounds coming from the north entrance.
They themselves might have assumed that this action was a diversionary maneuver.

“But they could not have guessed the help in the form of us”.

Among the Japanese, only Fuzimoto Ryoma had powerful powers.
Compared to Korea, there were more than a few strong Players among the Japanese.

That’s why, even if they could guess the diversion, they couldn’t assume that the strongest Korean Players would come to the aid.

Even if they did, it wouldn’t have changed anything.

“After all, there is me.”

Kang Yu raised his right hand and simultaneously used the Power of Ice and Power of the metal axe.

A chilling axe appeared in his hand.

Someone might have thought of the help, but it was not that their help would be stronger than the World Ranker Players.

What was more, Kang Yu’s strength was that almost no one knew his name.
After all, he himself wanted to keep his name a secret.
At the end of the day, it is known that a hidden sword is much more dangerous than the one that everyone sees.

Kang Yu spoke in a low voice, and nodded and prepared a weapon.

Han Sol prepared a buff, and Echidna, exhaling dark smoke with her nostrils, prepared to use magic.

“The light curtain.”

[Resistance to physical attacks +300, resistance to magic damage +300].

[Applies physical strength buffet]

Numerical Buff.

As expected, with the increased strength of Han Sol, her buff was also becoming better.
After all, 300 units of protection can be correlated with a unique object.

However, that’s not what Kang Yu expected at all.

“Apply that buff, the “favor of light,” which you used last time.”

“Oh, good! But I won’t be able to support it for a long time.”

– That’s okay.

Kang Yu didn’t think that the time of action of a buffalo capable of raising stats numerically could last a long time.

The girl concentrated and there was a clot of light in her hands.

“Favor of light!”

[You have accepted the favor of light].

[Resistance to physical attacks +300, resistance to magic damage +300, unique characteristic (Magi) +3].

“As expected, since last time the buff became better”.

Now Kang Yu had 106 Magic units.
Feeling a clear burst of energy, he smiled quite a bit.

If he had been an entry-level Player, he would have felt almost no increase of 3 units, but now his Magi attribute has exceeded 100, just like the World Ranker Players.
Therefore, the effect of the buff was obvious.

“Here we go.”

“Dark swarm”, A ringing voice of Echidna was heard and black smoke enveloped the district.

The skin of hellish creatures caught in the black smoke, began to melt and emit an unpleasant smell.

Red metal chains scattered around the district, ruthlessly cutting the bodies of monsters.

Kang Yu moved forward.

With his feet on the ground, he rushed toward the creatures of hell.
He swung an axe and fell to the ground.

Hwa Yeon, Jang Hyun-jae and Hyun-mo, too, started moving towards the northern entrance.

Although the creatures were stronger this time than at the time of the Isu incident, they were now the best players in Korea.

“Kiaaaaa!” was screamed by a huge monster, three meters high.

It was a monster that looked like Boer from the Two Thousand Circle of Hell – Golem.
In addition to him, the entrance was guarded by other Hell creatures from the Two Thousand and Three Thousand Circle of Hell.

However, no one knew how Hell’s teachers called them and how they kept them under their control.

The fact was that Kang Yu had learned about such methods precisely because of the Hell Teachers.

“But it doesn’t matter.”

It didn’t matter if they were called directly from Hell, or if they were created with clean energy from ordinary monsters, or if they absorbed the Magi.
After all, one way or another, he must concentrate and do only one thing.

– Kiyaya! – He was attacked by a skinny creature from hell, no different from the zombies in the movies.

Kang Yu threw an ice axe and he broke the head of a hell creature.

He raised both hands using the Force of Hellfire.
With his hands down, the Hellfire took the form of a fan, hiding half of his body.
Drawing one fist, he sat down and concentrated on his fist, the Force of Crushing.
The magi formed a wedge-shaped form.

A golem ran towards him.

Kang Yu unclenched his fist and a huge hole was created in the monster’s body, from which he fell to the ground.

– Quaaa!

“Aaaaah! Na… scared!” Koo Hyun Mo shouted and blood rushed to his cheeks.

He turned around and looked at the dog with three heads rushing in their direction.


Although he was a hellish creature of the Three Thousand Circle of Hell, he had the power of at least a creature from the Five Thousand Circle.

“They conquered even the Cerberus.”

This was exactly the hell creature that he wanted to call at first.

Of course, after Echidna’s appearance, Cerberus seemed to him to be nothing.

“Ha!” Chang Hyun-jae blocked the way for Cerberus.

He didn’t even need the help of Hwa Yeon or Hyun Mo.

Of course, he was a strong monster, but Chang Hyun-jae, being at the level of a high-class Player, was able to resist him.

However, the problem was that Cerberus was not alone, there were three of them.
So Hwa Yeon and Yeon Ju took over one at a time.
With so many opponents, they gradually began to get tired.

“I’ll keep them from this side!”

“Ka… Kang Yu!”

Kang Yu rushed forward.
Of course, it would have been much safer for the guys to break through, but the situation couldn’t wait.

“When is this jerk Fuzimoto going to show up?” Kang Yu looked around.
The battle was already in full swing: as planned, the monsters guarding the northern entrance were completely destroyed and only those who ran away from different sides were left.

Just at that moment, a loud explosion was heard and a hurricane wind rose, which could be compared with a real typhoon.


Kang Yu heard that he mostly used a magical technique called ‘Susanoo’s eyes’.
It was therefore highly probable that the typhoon was caused by him.

Kang Yu hurried to help Fuzimoto Ryoma.
As the hellish creatures continued to flee in their direction anyway.

He had a few more monsters to destroy and could have reached the stairs leading upstairs.

“It seems to be on the top floor.”

Since it was not a high-rise, the upper floor was understood to be the 3rd or 4th floor.
Therefore, he could get there even without using the Power of Heaven, but only by jumping.

Kang Yu concentrated his strength in his legs.

“— А?”

At that moment, he felt a strange sense of danger.

Kang Yu squinted and looked around and quickly understood the reason for his anxiety.

“There are no Hell teachers here.”

Neither on the way here, nor on the stairs, nor on the visible part of the upper floors were there any teachers from Hell.

It was strange.

If they were really going to hold a ritual here, they would have guarded this place for sure.
After all, only the Hellen creatures were not enough.

Even if they had guessed about an imminent attack, it was strange that they did not show themselves when it happened.

Kang Yu saw Fuzimoto Ryoma fighting against the Hellen creatures and making his way upstairs.
He kept thinking:

“What if they were not going to perform the ritual on the top floor?”

It’s a matter of chance.
His guess was just a guess.

Of course, they could not show up because everyone is involved in the ritual.

“Anyway, Fuzimoto Ryoma is almost upstairs.”

Fuzimoto Ryoma was his insurance policy.
Kang Yu looked around again.
Given that there were so many hellcats here, they guessed with a place.
Moreover, the whole station was shrouded in the smell of Magi.

“In that case…”

He quickly made a decision and took action.
Kang Yu clenched his fist and simultaneously applied the Power of the Thousand and the Power of the Hurricane Wave.

The Celestial Rift.

A huge destructive force was concentrated in his fist.

Kang Yu acted according to the exclusion method.

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“If not at the top…”

Only the basement was left.

He unclenched his fist and pointed his hand down.
Having broken the floor, he fell down, having got into a dark tunnel.

“Ah! W… who is it?!” shouted out a man wearing a red devil mask.

“Bingo,” Kang Yu thought and kicked the ground.

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