Up in the sky, swinging its huge wings, flew a dragon, which could not exist in the present time.
It was Echidna, who, having received a call from Kang Yu, flew to it on all pairs.

“When did you manage to prepare it?” Young Ju asked, sitting in the chairs attached to the dragon’s back.

“I don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past.” Kang Yu answered.

He immediately remembered the day they were riding Echidna, flying to Phohan.
Memories of how he grabbed her scales and tried not to fall immediately appeared in his mind once again.
This was something that he didn’t want to experience again.

“Did you think about it yourself?” Young Ju asked, knocking on the black wall that was surrounding the chairs to protect them against the wind.

Kang Yu nodded.

“This time it’s better.”

To be more precise, it wasn’t a wall, but Magi..

He used Projection Power, which would not take much Magic and could protect them from the wind, and hide them from the human eye.

“Pure energy also played its part.”

It is thanks to this that Kang Yu could use Magi with even less effort.

He felt that by focusing on the use of Power, the process was easier.

Thanks to that, even if Echidna was flying at full speed, they could quickly get to Japan without any difficulty.
However, the shaking could not be avoided anyway.

So as soon as they started flying, Ku Hyun Mo, who was sitting in a chair, began to throw up a little, and tears flowed from under his eyes hidden under the glasses.

“Pl… please, slow down…”

“No time, endure it.”

When he heard Chang Hyun-jae’s vicious answer, he began to feel even more desperate.
They were in the worst situation for a man who was suffering from seasickness.

“Kang Yu, are we fighting again?” Echidna’s worried voice was heard in the guy’s head.
“We can’t let the previous experience repeat itself.”

“Okay.”  Kang Yu answered with a bitter smile and nodded his head.

Releasing Man Ma Jung.

Kang Yu was well aware of how dangerous it was, and did not want to play with fire, risking his life.

“But if there is a need, he will be in need of doing it.”

In addition, he now had a pure power that he did not have before.
And he really hoped that this power would be enough for him not to resort again to the release of Man Ma Jung.

“Mm-hmm… Kang Yu” he heard a muffled voice.

The guy turned his head and looked at Han Sol sitting surrounded by top-ranked Players of the country.

“Ah… is it okay that I’m going with you?”

She looked like a kitten mixed in a pack of lions.
Probably that’s why her face was expressing anxiety.

You’re just gonna have to buff us while staying behind us.”

“Wasn’t… wasn’t it better to take Si Hoon or Dae Su? I’m not sure I can help you…”

“In this situation, we will need your help.”

The people who took the remaining two places were Echidna and Han Sol.

Like she said, if they needed physical strength, he would definitely take Si Hoon.
However, there was one elementary reason why he chose her instead of that guy.

“That Buff.”

Considering that they had been growing quite rapidly lately, this girl had certainly learned to apply the “favor of light” even more effectively.
If you direct her power to raise the statue of Magi, which has already reached a three-digit number, the effect should be incredible.
Moreover, it could buff not only him, but also the rest of the team.

“She has a very useful ability.”

Buff, which allows you to increase any stat numerically.
Only now did Kang Yu realize that it can at least temporarily raise stats that have almost stopped rising due to reaching a high level.
And the reason most Players wanted the legendary outfit was because the stats could be increased in numbers.

“Kang Yu, we’re here.”

A guy raised his head and saw a huge island, or rather a vast land, in front of him.
Since Hokkaido was located on a fairly large territory, it was difficult to call it just an island.

When he saw the whole island from the height, he clenched his lips firmly.
The first thing that came to his mind was the word “awful”.
Sapporo, which was an SS-level gate education center, was in such a bad state, it was painful to look at.
It looked as if it was a production site for a post-apocalyptic film.

“Do all the cities that can’t cope with the monsters look like this?”

In fact, Kang Yu had heard that there are several such places in Korea too.
However, they did not cover such a vast territory.

Suddenly, a monster rose from the destroyed buildings to the sky.
It was not an ordinary monster to which they were used to.
It was 10 times larger than usual in size, and looked like a real dragon.

Its skin was covered with a thick layer of stone, and its sharp claws were covered with steel.


The brightest representative of the SS level Gate.

“Kang Yu.”

“Fly over it.
We do not have time for it.”

“Okay.” Echidna made a maneuver with these words.

“That way.”  pointed Chang Hyun-jae towards the sea, which had a bunker associated with the structure in one very famous game.

The support base, built for the restoration of Sapporo, had become a real monster paradise.
But, of course, it did not have much effect so far.

Having landed on the base, Echidna immediately turned into a human.

Because Kang Yu stopped using the Force of Projection, there was an impression that their group came out of nowhere.

“Who are you?!”

“From… where did you come from?”

The Japanese Players, who were guarding the base, pointed weapons at them.
At that moment, Chang Hyun-jae approached them and started a dialogue with them in pure Japanese.

“Echidna, you can use that force to make us all understand, can’t you?”


As soon as the girl used magic, the dialogue immediately reached them.

“Report on the situation.”

“Inside, Prime Minister Yamada and Fuzimoto Ryoma are meeting.
Wait a moment, I will call them.”

Jang Hyun-jae nodded his head.

Soon the bunker door opened and a wrinkled old man and an attractive young man came out.

“Uh-oh, thank you for coming so quickly, Commander Chan.”

“It’s okay, the neighboring nations should help each other in times of danger.”

“And from behind…” Yamada quickly turned his eyes.

Of all those present, he knew three.

Red Rose Guild Commander Cha Young Ju, and Baek Hwa Yoen and Ku Hyun Mo from Hwaran.
But this was the first time he had seen the other three people.

“They are the Players who helped rescue civilians and capture the Hell Teachers.
I bet my head on their skills,” Chang Hyun-jae said as he stepped forward.

Although he didn’t know what Kang Yu and his team were capable of, that was the only thing he could say to the Japanese prime minister so he wouldn’t lose his trust.

“Huh, I get it.
If you say that, you, Commander, I will believe it.”

In fact, he was in no position to be picky.

After Yamada finished greeting, Fuzimoto Ryoma came out and politely bowed to the people behind Chang Hyun-jae.

“It is a pleasure to meet you.
Fuzimoto Ryoma.”

He had an attractive appearance and was tall.

Even though he was not as handsome as Kim Si Hoon, when he looked at this guy, it was quite difficult to look away.

His eyes were especially attractive.
To be more precise, the fact that one of them was shimmering with pure blue, while the other was quite ordinary black.
Although, in fact, it was an ordinary heterochromia.

“First of all, I want to thank you for agreeing to help.
I am very happy that you did not turn away from our country’s problem and decided to help.
Moreover, you arrived so quickly, as if it were about your…”

“That’s enough,” Kang Yu urged him.

At the same moment, Ryoma’s face changed.

“We would like to hear more about the actual location of the Teachers and the summoned creature.”

“Mm-hmm…” Again, the young man smiled kindly and nodded.

“Well, then I’ll tell you a little about the situation,” he said as he walked inside the bunker with Kang Yu’s team.

As they walked into the meeting room, they saw a Sapporo map with markings on it.

“We believe the Hell Teachers are preparing for the ritual at this location.” He pointed to the map with a pointer.
“Sapporo Station, where the SS level gate first appeared.
They are preparing for the ritual on the third floor of the station building.
However, the adjacent territory is guarded by both followers of the Teachers and various monsters.
Unfortunately, our forces are not enough to break through such defense.
That is why we asked for your help.”

“What tactics do you follow?” Chang Hyun-jae asked.

Fuzimoto Ryoma pointed to two points on the map.

“We are going to distract their attention.
First, as bait, we will attack from this side and then suddenly attack from the opposite side.
We would like to assign the unexpected attack to you.
Most likely, they don’t know about you, so such an action may be effective.”

“Hmm.” commander Chang exhaled.

Kang Yu’s face, who was looking at the map, also did not agree with such a plan.

Distraction maneuver.

Attract their attention on the one hand and attack on the other.

Excellent strategy.

In fact, such actions left their traces in history.

“But here’s the problem.”

Excellent strategy is a major problem.
After all, it can be predicted and prevented.

Hell Teachers did not guard some huge building like a castle.
They only had to guard the place of the summoning circle and the place where Kurosaki Yuri was kept.

“I know what you are thinking,” Ryoma said with a smile and pointed to a completely different place on the map.

“In fact, this strategy has another stage.
During all this chaos, one person will have to sneak in here and release the Heavenly Warrior.”

The final third stage of the plan.

If you did it right, the plan was not so bad.
No, in fact, such a plan, which had a point of distraction originally could not be considered bad.

Since Hell Teachers were not aware of the arrival of Korean players in Japan, this could be a huge trump card that would allow them to stick a knife in their back.

“I will take over this role.
Since this role should be taken on by one person, I think it would be the most suitable for me.”

The courage inherent to the World Ranker Players.

“No, you can’t call it courage,” Kang Yu squinted, feeling the greed that comes from him.
– Well, he wants to be a hero.

The kidnapped Heavenly Warrior and Player, one of the eight World Rankers!

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Sounds like a headline or a story for the series.
Most likely, Fuzimoto Ryoma himself is well aware of this.

“It doesn’t matter”.

Kang Yu didn’t care if he wanted to be a hero or not.
There was something more important.

What’s important was that the proposed strategy could really win, and if everything goes according to plan, they could stop the calling and the appearance of Lilith.

“Let’s start right away,” Kang Yu said and got up.

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