they were the Japanese ruler.

A Japanese ruler who could comfort and point the way.

And now his granddaughter was kidnapped.

That is why Japan asked for help not only from its Players, but also from other countries.
They must not let the situation get worse.

If we say that thanks to this girl, Japan still exists, it will not be an exaggeration.

After all, every person in the country adores her.

The girl is so loved, that there were even strikes on the streets asking her to take the place of the Japanese ruler, given his age.

That’s what Yongju meant by her high position in society.

– Hmm… Is that why she was called the “Heavenly Warrior”?

– Ah, no, that’s because of her talent.
I heard that even though the girl is not on the World Ranker list like Fuzimoto Ryoma, she is quite strong.

– What kind of talent?

– They say she can summon spirits into her body, which are described in legends.

Kang Yu squint.

Her talent sounds as crazy as Kang Yu’s ability to use Man Ma Jung.

Yeong-ju continued:

– I don’t really know.
But it seems that the power given to her by the gods is limited.

Of course it is.

If she had the ability to use it in its entirety, she would not just be on the World Ranker list, but would become the strongest Player in the world.

– Oh, and about Susanoo Eyes, which is owned by Fuzimoto Rema.
It is said that they were also created by the forces of the gods by the calling of Kurosaki Yuri.

– Hmm… – Kang Yu sighed.

He turned to Jang Hyeong-jae and said:

– Do you know anything about the reason for the kidnapping?

– No.
I don’t know the reason either.
No one can understand why they put themselves in such great danger by kidnapping a girl… We can only guess that it has something to do with their upcoming calling.

Kang Yu closed his eyes by pressing his lips tightly.

There were so many opportunities.

Based on the data they now have, the Devil’s Teachers could do anything.

– There must be a reason.

They would not have kidnapped her for nothing.
She was in too high a position.

“Just to use her as a victim during a call?”

He immediately shaken his head and swung away from this thought.
If they were going to use her as a victim, they could choose someone easier.

“The ability to attract the souls of Gods?”

Kang Yu focused on the power it had.
If Guru had a reason to kidnap Kurosaki Yuri, then it was certainly her skills.

– The gods of legends… The guy mumbled quietly.

There was a thought in his head, but he could not cling to it.
But suddenly the names of Satan and Lucifer appeared in his head.
His eyes shone.

– So that’s it!

He finally understood.

Kang Yu remembered one thing he had been thinking about since his stay in Hell.

When he first went to Hell, he heard about the Great Demons, he was shocked.

Because their names were well known from the Seven Deadly Sins.

Lucifer, Satan, Baal, Leviathan, Belfegor, Mamona, Asmodeus.

Names that he knew very well.

Although, if you think about it, it is strange.
If the Nine Thousand Circle of Hell and Earth are two unique worlds with no points of contact, it could not be.

“But what if they are something extraterrestrial?”

In this case, it is possible to construct an assumption that all those creatures described in the legends also exist in another world and are extraterrestrial.
Consequently, the creatures from Japanese legends can indeed exist in other worlds.

Then, the power of the Celestial Warrior Kurosaki Yuri can be described as: “The ability to summon the forces that possess creatures of other worlds.

A jigsaw puzzle has finally formed in his head.
In this case, the reason for Lilith’s vocation, which at the beginning seemed incomprehensible, to some extent began to make sense.

“So it was not the Gaia System that weakened so much that it failed.”

Not so much that it would allow one of the strongest demons of the Nine Thousand Circle of Hell to be called.

The devilish teachers, learning about Kurosaki Yuri’s ability, decided to use it for calling.

– Let’s go straight to Japan,” Kang Yu immediately got up.

Since he understood the reason for kidnapping, the distillation began over time: it is necessary to save her as soon as possible and stop her calling.

– As always, no answers… Okay, I’ll tell the guild to get ready.

– Well, it will be enough with just you – Kang Yu said and translated the look at Jang Hyun-jae.
– Isn’t that right?

– Oh… You’re a lot smarter than I’ve ever heard of you.

– Oh… what?

– The Japanese government will definitely try to hide the fact that the Heavenly Warrior has been kidnapped.
Or she will report it after she is released.

If in this situation people find out that the girl has been kidnapped, the whole country will collapse.

– We can not act too visibly.
If everything was so simple, I would not secretly gather people in this room.

The more ears I have, the more likely it is that rumors will appear.

– How many people will we be able to take?

– Seven people.

– So, there are two more places left, because there are five of us.

In that case, he had excellent candidates.

– Let’s leave in half an hour.
Do you have a plane?

– It’s waiting at the airport.

– It is too far.
I will ask Echidna.

– Echidna…?

When the dragon is mentioned, Hwa Yeon and Young Ju’s faces turned pale.
Jang-Hyun-jae tilted his head on his side in surprise and Yeong-ju told him about Ehidna briefly.

– What? He called the dragon…? – Chang Hyun-jae asked in a bewilderment.

Ignoring that question, Kang Yu got the phone.
There wasn’t enough time.

– I’ll call you right now, so I’ll meet you at the main entrance in half an hour.

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– Po… Wait.
Do you have any idea where we should go? – shockingly, a man asked.

The plan created by the Devil’s teachers, according to which they are going to summon the demon of the Nine thousandth circle of Hell.
It is not difficult to guess where the action will take place.

– In Hokkaido.
I heard that the center of the gate is Sapporo, so we need to go there.

– Oh-ho-ho… – Chang Hyun-jae gave a big smile.


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