Silence hung.

Zheng Mu-jin, who shone with a sharp look, took a breath.

– Well, if you say so, then let it be so.

His gaze said that he still did not trust him.
In fact, this behavior was not at all about his arrogance and tactlessness.

If, let’s say, a professional high-class boxer comes together in a fight with a beginner who started boxing three months ago, and they were equal, what will he think?

Of course, there will be several options, but he certainly will not think that this is “just a gifted” person.
After all, boxing is not a sport where it is possible to rise so quickly simply due to talent.

– Actually, it is even expected.

After all, Kang Yu, thanks to his “talent”, became so strong in such a short period of time that he was able to compete with the high-class Player who is a world ranker.

Yes he had a lot of time to train in Hell.
However, he could not reveal his personality and say that he was the Devil who had lived in Hell for ten thousand years.
No, not like that.
After all, even if he mentions anything about it, he will be considered crazy and that will be the end of it.

–  It is better to call it talent.

After all, it is foolish to become crazy in front of everyone, giving information that is hard to believe.

– Ka… Kang Yu?

Si Hoon, standing with a shocked expression on his face, could not connect the words.

Lord of the Sword, Zheng Mu-jin.

He, a man in the Top 8, one of the strongest Players, fought Kang Yu on equal terms.

“I knew, of course, that Kang Yu was strong, but…”

And I could not imagine that to such an extent, she thought.
Si Hoon looked at the guy simultaneously with fear and respect.

His heart was beating.

When he found out that Kang Yu, the man he trusted and followed, had a power that could be compared to a Sword Lord, he became even more determined.

– Well, I will go.
Have a good workout.

– Thank you, Kang Yu! – Si Hoon loudly answered.

The guy smiled widely and turned away.
However, the guy’s gaze did not slip away from Jeon Seo Yeon who looked at her for a moment.

“What’s with him?”

He certainly did not arrive in a state of shock.

You could see the goosebumps running through his body, and he smiled.
He even slipped his foot and clenched his fists.

He looked as if he wasn’t trying to hide his joy at all.
That’s what people who had just won the lottery look like.

– Ehh.
It was… really unexpected.

The excited girl licked her lips.
As if she was a hunter who saw his prey.

Father, when he saw such an image of her, grabbed her head as if she was suddenly ill, and took a breath.

The girl came to Kang Yu and spoke in a sweet voice:

– I am really surprised.
You really have reasons to be so confident in front of my father.

– Because I know the difference between courage and foolishness.

– Ha.
You really do.
Do you, by any chance, have any time? Since this is my first time in Korea, I would like to see everything here…

– Sorry, but I am busy.

Today was the day that he and Young Ju were going to look for information about Devil’s teachers.

The girl, on the contrary, smiled even wider when she was refused.

– In that case, we can meet later.
Ah, here, take my contacts.
If you need anything – call me – the girl took out her business card from her purse and put it in her pocket, which is on Kang Yu’s chest.

At the same time, she put a sharp nail on his chest.

– Why is she so optimistic?

Of course, when he saw such open interest, he couldn’t help but guess.

The question was different: why is she showing interest in a person she had only recently met?

– Unusual tastes she has.

The guy couldn’t understand why she was ignoring Si Hoon and was interested in him.

Kang Yu took the business card out of his pocket and put it in his wallet.
One way or another, she is the daughter of the Sword Lord, a man of great influence.
That’s why it’s a good idea to get to know her.

– I will wait for the call – Seo Yeon smiled charmingly and turned around.

Kang Yu looked at her and clicked her tongue.

– It’ll burn out.

He didn’t know why she suddenly showed interest in him, but he knew for sure that the more feelings suddenly erupted, the faster they cooled down.
So he thought that her interest would soon fade.

Eventually, after saying goodbye to Zheng Mu-jin, who was standing in the distance, Kang Yu left the room.

– Father …” was the girl’s voice that broke the awkward silence hanging in the hall after the boy left.

She turned to the man with a bright smile.
And with the same smile, she continued:

– I found it.

Zheng Mu-jin held his mouth tight.
There was no time to ask what exactly she found.

– This is a failure.

His daughter followed in a completely different direction from his plan.
After all, he planned to bring her together with Si Hoon.
The main reason for choosing this guy was the fact that he was a gift from heaven.
He is the one to whom the talent was inherited.

If Seo Yeon and Si Hoon had gotten together, it was very likely that they could have had a child who inherited an incredible talent.

But with Kang Yu, that’s not the case.

The forces that a man just saw were not at all a talent, they were just skills acquired through effort and experience.

That’s why if Kang Yu and Seo Yeon come together, it’s likely that their child will not have any unique qualities.

– There is no other way.

His gaze shifted to Si Hoon.
The man raised his sword for training from the floor and shouted:

– Dragon, let’s begin.
Take the sword.

– Oh, yes, I got it.

Zheng Mu-jin’s eyes sparkled.

– I will raise my Dragon.

Even if it takes a lot of effort.


Just as Kang Yu left the building, he received a call.
It was Cha Young Ju.

– Come to the guild’s office.
We need to go to Hwaran.

– Why?

– Hwa Yeon said there was an urgent matter and asked me to come.

– What’s wrong?

– I don’t know myself yet.
Ah, commander Jan Hyun-jae said he went to Japan.
It might have something to do with that.

– Hmm…

Jang Hyun-jae.
One of Hwaran’s high-ranking officials in charge of the first squad.

A special unit, recognized by the public, established to suppress offenses committed by the Players and protect the peace of mind of citizens.
He was also active abroad.

– I’m coming – Kang Yu briefly answered and hung up.

When they met Young Ju by car, they immediately went to Suwon.

When they arrived at the building, they were met by Hwa Young and went inside, where the commander of the second squad was waiting for them and the people Kang Yu had seen for the first time.

One of them came up to Kang Yu and extended his hand.

– It is a pleasure to meet you.
–  He had heard a lot about you.

– Oh Kang Yu.

– The commander of the first squad, Jang Hyun-jae.

A man who made a cold, indifferent impression.

He looked thirty-something, had short stature and a strong body.
It seemed that even if he was poked, he would not bleed.
However, in contrast to his appearance, his voice was quite soft.

– It’s been a long time, Uncle Hyun-jae!

– A long time ago.
It seems that Korea was restless… Sorry I could not help.

– That’s okay.
Thanks to Kang Yu, everything went smoothly.
Even though we couldn’t avoid human sacrifice…

Remembering the people who died in the Isu incident, Young-ju was saddened and the man took a heavy breath.

– It was not your fault.
No one could have foreseen that the Devil’s teachers would start so suddenly and actively –  he said in a sad tone.

The girl shook her head several times and asked:

– So what happened?

– I have news about the Devil’s teachers.

When Teachers were mentioned, Young Ju’s look immediately changed, and the man looked around and continued with a low voice:

– There were signs that the Japanese Devil’s Teachers were going to summon the demon.

– Call a demon? Like that time with Orias?

– Exactly, but this time the scale will be larger.

– Do teachers in Japan have that much power?

Chang Hyun-jae nodded his head.

– Yes, the Devil’s Teachers in Japan are many times stronger and have more subordinates under them.

– Oh… – Young Ju could only breathe out.

In the last incident, there were many victims in Korea.
So it was scary to imagine how many victims would be in Japan if they were really more powerful.

– Is the Japanese government asking for help? – Hwa Yeon asked.

– Yes.
Even though it is not covered in the media, the situation is really serious.

– But there is Fuzimoto Ryo in Japan.
Why do they need our help?

It’s Fuzimoto Ryo.

Even though he was one point below Jeong Mu-jin, that didn’t change the fact that he’s in the World Ranker.

He is especially known worldwide for his legendary “Susanoo Eyes” outfit.

– Among the Japanese, only he has good skills.
Since the case is really serious, many experienced Players tighten up there.

– Hmm.

– Another reason is that we have already faced this problem and were able to solve it successfully.

Baek Kang Hyun started the terror associated with Devilish Teachers.
And given that Korea was able to suppress his rebellion, other countries had confidence in them.

– Anyway, it is amazing that Japan itself asked for help…” mumbled Yongju.

After that day, five years ago, the whole world has changed, but the relationship between the countries has not changed a single drop.
From the beginning, the relationship between Japanese and Korean Players was not very good.

– And this means that everything is really bad.

– That’s right…-  Yongju nodded her head and exhaled heavily.

– Who are they going to call this time…

The last time Orias appeared, they could defeat him only because he started acting strangely.
However, if it hadn’t happened, the fight definitely took longer and became more complicated.

You say, an even stronger demon?

It feels as if even before the fight, there was some heaviness on the soul.

– Hm.

Kang Yu thought about it.

“Demon, you say…”

He wondered if the Devil’s teachers were now ready to summon another demon.
But for him, it would be better if it were really so.
After all, demons have a precious magi for him.

-Recently, the Magi’s characteristic has not risen at all.

He suggested that by killing a demon, the Magi must necessarily rise.

After a successful vocation, it would be great to apply the Power of the Eater.

At this point, when the promotion has stalled, there is nothing better than to absorb the energy of the demon.
At the moment when he felt the sweetness of power at the tip of his tongue, Jang Hyeong-jae and Young Ju continued the dialogue.

– We know who they are going to summon.

– Do we? Who?

– We have information that they are going to summon the Succubus Queen.

– The Succubus? – Yeon Ju tilted her head sideways.

– Is that the… That demon that feeds on male energy?

– That’s right.
Its name is kind of… Lilith.
They’re going to summon a demon named Lilith.

– Ha, that’s all Japanese, they even call a demon according to their twisted fantasies…

The chair moved back.

It was the chair on which Kang Yu was sitting.
It was the chair that drew attention to himself.

– What are you doing? What’s the matter? – Young-ju asked.

Kang Yu’s face turned pale.

His memory was full of tentacles that he couldn’t get out of his mind.
He spoke in a trembling voice:

– He said: “I need…

– — А?

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– We need to stop her.

What? Were you waiting for a demon? Was you going to suck its energy? Raise a stagnant Magi?

He doesn’t need any of this.

There was only one thing that mattered:

– It is necessary to prevent the calling! – Kang Yu.
said with a strong tone.

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