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– Training?

Kang Yu went the next day with Si Hoon and received an unexpected offer from Zheng Mu-jin.

– Why so suddenly?

– Personally, I want to see your strength.
I’m curious to know what your confidence is,- the man answered with a glimpse.

Kang Yu rubbed his chin.

-It’s a great chance.

After all, he himself wanted to experience the power of pure energy.

And if his opponent is the Lord of the Sword, there will be no fear of harm to his opponent.

Not even so.
He was more attracted by the opportunity to experience the power of the Player in the World Ranker list.

– Father, why are you behaving like a child? How can Kang Yu fight with you? He’s going to hurt himself, –  said Seo Yeon, who came up and looked at Kang Yu.
with concern.

She gently stroked the guy’s hands.

– Forget your father’s suggestion.
You can really get hurt a lot if you say yes.

Kang Yu clenched his lips tightly and then smiled.

– Mm-hmm, so-so.

– What?

– I’m saying that your acting is so-so.

– What the hell… She moved aside and looked at the guy.

However, her true intentions were too obvious.

“Acting like a child.”

“You’ll get hurt if you agree.”

She tried to hurt the pride of both men, thus prompting the action.


The girl knew very well what looked charming, and that was her main weapon.

She understood her feelings very well and the fact that she used them did not cause any discontent.
On the contrary, this inexperience and easy playfulness made her look cute.

– You show too openly what you really want.
You have to try to hide it.

The girl was silent.

– And you chose a bad time to show up.
It would be much more effective if you came to me before Zheng Mu-jin‘s training proposal.

– Oh, interesting words you say.

– These are all your emotions.
If you are going to continue doing that, then learn to control them.

It’s as if she put water in her mouth and shut up.

Kang Yu continued:

– And there’s no need for you to play your games.
I’m not going to say no.

Kang Yu began to prepare Magi for the creation of pure power and strong energy began to flow from him.

A girl bit her lip, and for some reason it looked damn cute.

– Ha-ha-ha! – The man laughed so much that tears flowed out of his eyes and he grabbed his stomach.
– This is the first time I see Seo Yeon in this condition.

– Enough… Enough, Father! – a girl with a red face shouted, while the man kept laughing.

– But, to be honest, I did not expect this.
I thought you would say no.

– Why would I do that?

– Ha-ha-ha! Okay, if you stay with the same opinion after training.

The man raised his hand up and one of the training swords lying in the corner flew right into his palm, and for the first time in a long time, his heart was beating faster.

For the first time it happened after the battle in front of World Ranker judges against Grace McCobin.

-Just don’t be an empty shell.

He thought about how much he would be disappointed if he easily won.
The man really hoped that Kang Yu would be strong enough to entertain him.

– Well, let’s cut to the chase –  Zheng Mu-jin began using the power of air.


– I am for you, Kang Yu! – shouted out Si Hoon.

In front of him was Kang Yu, to whom he swore allegiance, and the Sword Lord that he would teach him fighting techniques.

The guy was hesitant for a moment, but finally came to the conclusion that he would be happy if Kang Yu were victorious.

“Even though it will be difficult…”

The opponent was none other than the Lord of the Sword.

Even though he knew that Kang Yu was used to overcoming difficulties, he thought it would be almost impossible to defeat the World Ranker Player.

– You’re upsetting me.
You won’t be cheering for me?

– Ah, it’s…

– Ah-ha-ha! Forget it.
I don’t know your background, but it’s good to have a person closer to you than a blood relative,” Zheng Mu-jin said slowly.

The man had no idea that he could lose.
He climbed too high to lose to someone.


He prepared the strength of the air and translated a heavy look at Kang Yu..

The man felt that although he was not a warrior, he was able to concentrate power in his stomach.

-The kind of strength that gives him confidence.

Even though this energy was different from the power of air, he knew that it was not weaker.


At that moment, Zheng Mu-jin felt some unknown power and looked up.
A gaze that stopped in the area of his heart.

– — А?

A darkness through which nothing can be seen.
Something more than the power of air.

“What is it?”

Zheng Mu-jin felt the excitement, the goosebumps ran through his body, and the thought that something was wrong in his head.

There was depth in it.
The depth was so far away that you could not see the bottom.
it was without any boundary.

-This is the ocean.

He had the idea that he saw the ocean.

Something beyond the limit is huge and,  even if he wanted to, could not be measured.

– Uh-oh.

Everything is gone.

Zheng Mu-jin once again focused and looked into the heart area, but he no longer felt the enormous power he felt a moment ago.
At the same time, the stomach area continued to concentrate as it had been before.

– Did i imagine it?

Apparently, he was too excited that this was his first fight in a long time.

Zheng Mu-jin has shaken his head several times to get himself together.

“How could a person even have such power?”

He was definitely mistaken.
And if he wasn’t, it was just impossible.

– Shall we begin…?

– Oh, sorry.
Apparently, because of my old age, my eyes decided to make fun of me – said the man, grabbing his training sword.

This is not the time for visual hallucinations at all.

Along with the sound of the cracked floor, Kang Yu started the battle with Zheng Mu-jin.

Kang Yu was the first to attack.


At the same time, he used the Power of Metal Axe and the Power of Freezing, creating a weapon with a cold inside.

Grasping the handle, he directed pure energy into the axe.

-As expected, not bad at all.

Normally, the weapon created in this way would be a Magic, but this time it was a complex energy released from the pure force, with a more destructive effect.

But he used the purest energy for another.

Kang Yu concentrated the pure power generated by the Magic in his legs.
Even though he didn’t use the Acceleration Force, the pure power made him move at great speed.


This is the first positive quality of pure energy – the ability to replace the skills that aggravate physical strength.
Although, of course, they can’t completely replace them.

But the fact remains that pure energy can replace the Powers to at least some extent.
Given that Kang Yu could now use no more than three Powers at a time, this was a big plus.

– Ah!

The axe collided with the sword and the man’s eyes expanded immediately.
His hand trembled, and the training sword, unable to withstand such a blow, crumbled.

Zheng Mu-jin immediately pulled his hand forward and another sword was drawn to it.
He embraced the handle and immediately proceeded to the technique of the Celestial Hit of the Dragon.

The man went up into the air like a dragon and with his sword, he aimed at Kang Yu’s throat.

He curved and escaped the attack.
The end of the spear skillfully changed its trajectory and headed for the axe blade, thus bending it back.
However, before the axe fell to the ground, Kang Yu had a spear in his hand.


Weapon created using two skills: the Force of the Dark Spear and the Force of Hellfire.

– Oh! – The man quickly moved back, seeing a spear taken from nowhere between his eyes.

Kang Yu’s eyes were shining as he watched the spear move.

–  Speed.

He found the second plus of pure strength: speed.

He was able to create a spear many times faster than usual.

The preparations are complete.
He leaned back and flew forward, clutching the spear in his right hand.

– Celestial Dragon Hit!

The room was lit up.

Light that also appeared at the moment of the murder of three giant orcs.

Kang Yu’s spear cracked, and the pure power contained in it caught fire from hell and exploded, kicking Zheng Mu-jin back.

– Destroying force.

The third positive quality of pure energy is the destructive power created by mixing it with Magic.

– Not bad! – Kang Yu laughed.

Pure power has exceeded all his expectations.
As wide and deep as the Magi that spilled out of Man Ma Jung.

Although it was not Man Ma Jung at all, it was to some extent able to fulfill Man Ma Jung’s functions.

Kang Yu extended his right hand forward and used the Power of Blade and the Power of Blast.
But something was missing.

[Force of decapitation]

He combined three Powers into one, creating a huge sword that reaches two meters in length.

– A Gram – Kang Yu said out loud its name.

A sword that is mentioned in many legends.

Kang Yu, holding Gram in his hands, pushed off the ground and swung his sword horizontally, filled with great energy.

There was a loud scream and Zheng Mu-jin let the sword out of his hands and put his hands behind his back.
The sword, from which the powerful power of air was felt, wrapped his lower back like a belt.

The power of the spirit.

From him began to emanate a strong energy, embodying the essence of the warrior.

The two swords collided.

The training hall, made especially for such loads, was shaken by their blows: there was a crack on the floor and wall.

Kang Yu retreated a little and felt the blow reflected in his hand.

-So that’s what World Ranker means.

When Kang Yu felt his skills, he realized that he was really strong.

He even thought that if he didn’t have pure energy, he would definitely lose.

Kang Yu looked around.


-If we continue, the building will collapse.

He had experienced enough pure power.

And he was very satisfied with the result.
Of course, he wanted to know what else his opponent could do, but that would be greedy.

At the moment, it is enough that he learned that he is on par with the World Ranker Player.

– Let’s finish here.

There was a short silence.
Those standing in the hall of Si Hoon and Seo Yeon were unable to close their mouths.
They were not the only ones.

– You… who the hell are you? – Zheng Mu-jin first looked at his whining hands and then turned his gaze to Kang Yu.

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– Well, really, let’s stop with that question.
It’s the same thing every time.
If I tell you that I became a Player three months ago, like you did, would you believe it?

– There is no such thing.
How can you do it in three months…

– Well, you all don’t believe it, but you still keep asking –  Kang Yu said, “I am the person you found out about.
How lazy is it to explain… In general, I look like a gift from heaven, or whatever it is.
I thought you said that the Heavenly Gift comes down from heaven?

Kang Yu pointed at the floor with his finger.

– Well, then, you can think of me as a talent hitting, like a stream from the ground.

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