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After leaving the gate, Kang Yu went to the parking lot where his car was parked.
He was followed by Echidna and Han Sol.

– I will personally contact the Dragon tomorrow.
Heh heh heh.
Heavy training will start tomorrow.

– I will be waiting.

– Who knew that I would have to teach the Heavenly Gift.
Let’s see how it feels – Zheng Mu-jin looked at Si Hoon with a waiting look.

Heavenly Gift.

It is the highest degree of talent that warriors can possess.

And the man had a chance to personally teach one of these people!

-If I teach him correctly, he can be an ideal couple for Seo Yeon.

After all, his daughter never said that she would not meet someone weaker than him.

And okay, if it was a joke, but not as a confirmation of her words, he never saw that she was not dating someone, she did not even talk to weak guys.

And if men confessed their feelings to her, she sharply refused them.
Even if they were young men with great prospects, everything was useless.

-But my life will not be lived in vain if I see her getting married.

At first he approved of her behavior and choice, but now she is not young, she’s 27, and the man began to worry.

After all, she really did not show a single drop of interest in men weaker than her.

“If there is no worthy guy in the world, I will raise him myself,” Jong Mu Jin, full of determination, clenched his fists.

A warrior with a Heavenly gift.
Moreover, he lives in the spirit of Musin himself, and he has the technique of the Dragon Sword, which will certainly help him become the strongest.

– Well, we will go.
Oh, and I also want to see how your training is going, so tell me the place.

– Okay.

A man looked at Kang Yu’s receding appearance.

“What is he like?”

Before coming to Korea, he tried to gather information about Kang Yu, who was able to defeat Nam Gun Jin and his men in an instant.

But in the end, all he could find out was that Kang Yu received support from Red Rose, not as a member, but as a regular newcomer who had only become a Player three months ago.

-It’s simply not possible.

There’s nothing to even think about.

There’s no way that a newcomer could lay Nam Gong Jin on his shoulder blades in an instant.
After all, for this, it is necessary to have at least the strength of the Players from Top.
Otherwise, such a thing is impossible.

– I wonder, the man smiled widely.

Even having the power of his legion, he could not find any information about this mysterious Player.
Moreover, this guy was not afraid and did not worry, standing in front of him.

It was for this reason that Zheng Mu-jin wanted to know more about him.

But anyway, of course, he did not see such a strong opponent in Kang Yu who could defeat him.

He, Zheng Mu-jin, was the Lord of the Sword.

A man who was one of the eight strongest Players of the whole world.

This meant that he was not a weak man capable of losing to an unknown Player from nowhere.

– Father, what do you think about this guy, Oh Kang Yu? – asked Seo Yeon in a soft voice when she approached the man.

Interest and anticipation were expressed on her face.

– I don’t know about that.
But he sure is intriguing.

– Ha, isn’t he? It’s the first time I’ve seen a man acting like that before you.

– Ha-ha-ha.
Probably, he just doesn’t know much about me, laughed Zheng Mu-jin.

He does not know.

A young man named Oh Kang Yu just doesn’t know who Zheng Mu-jin is or what he is capable of.
If he did, he certainly could not afford this kind of behavior.

– And what is the result? – A girl seducer licked her red lips.

The man’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

– What do you mean?

– Recently I talked to him… He is sure that he can win you in battle.

– Oh!

There was even more interest in the eyes of men.
The girl, obviously cute, pulled her father’s hand to her, hugging her.

– What do you think? Shouldn’t we test his confidence in the strength?

– Hmm… You seem to be a little bit interested in this young man – it’s the first time he’s seen his daughter take an interest in one of the guys.

“This is a little out of line with the plan…”

The man was determined to raise the Dragon and connect it with his daughter.
He waved his head with a little doubt.

“However, it doesn’t make much difference,” he knew Seo Yeon’s character very well.

Even though she was interested in Oh Kang Yu, the moment a guy loses to him, the girl loses her interest.

Even though he guessed that he would feel guilty before that daring guy, but the Dragon is much more suitable for his daughter.

The man was more than in anticipation.

In front of his eyes stood the image of a young man with an outstanding talent, a heavenly gift, someone who is a follower of Musin.

Now, Oh Kang Yu is probably stronger than him, but soon everything will change.

Thinking about his legion, it will be much more reasonable to choose the Heavenly Gift than an unknown young man.

-Besides, he is handsome.

Another reason to choose the Dragon is its beauty.

In the end, no matter how much a man thought, the Dragon remained the best option for his daughter.

– Hmm, of course I am interested.
It’s rare to meet someone who can behave like that in front of you.

– Well, this is true.

– So what? Don’t you want to test him once?

– Um… the man swallowed.

He thought it would be a good idea to make an effort once to calm down a girl’s interest in this guy.

Besides, it was the first time she was so excited, and her father hoped that the guy would be strong to meet the expectations.

The man remembered how she had just pulled the sleeve when persuading him.
This is definitely an indicator of who her soul lies to.
His lip corners twitched, and he sprayed in a wide smile.

-Might be interesting.

The girl licked her lips, anticipating the taste of battle.

As you know, the food in someone else’s bowl is always more delicious.






When he arrived home, Kang Yu had a light snack and went to his room.

“Lord of the Sword, say…..

In his memory, the image of a skinny man resurfaced.
Such appearance was not combined with the title of Lord of the Sword in any way.

But the incredible power coming from him confirmed the fact that he is one of the eight best Players.

“I wonder if I will be able to oppose him?”

Just by looking at him once you will not know it.

He was sure he wouldn’t lose for sure, but there was no one hundred percent certainty in winning.


Kang Yu raised his hand, forming pure energy in it, created from concentrated Magic.

After he learned how to create it, nothing happened that would allow him to experience it.
After all, even before that, there was no rival in the country who was not sorry to waste his pure energy.
Of course, he tested it on his own, but he had never encountered anyone strong.

-I want to try it on somebody once.

Now his feeling can be compared to the player playing a computer game, who has accumulated funds for new equipment, but cannot test it.

Pure energy is a force which he did not own even being the lord of the Nine Thousand Circle of Hell.

It is new in every way, as are the abilities that are discovered when one is promoted to a rank.

That is why he cannot experience anything but interest in it.

Kang Yu focused on the pure energy concentrated in his hand.

As he continued to concentrate, he felt the power coming out.

– — О?

A small black stone appeared in his palm, the size of a fingernail.

-So I can create this too.

He used the Power of the Eater and absorbed the stone again.

– I will think about it tomorrow.

It was already late, and Kang Yu went to bed.

At that moment, the door to the room opened and Echidna walked in with a pillow.

– What is it?

– I want to sleep with you today.

– Mm-hmm…

An offer that could create difficulties.

But before Kang Yu could answer anything, she climbed into his bed.
He was slightly shocked by Ehidna’s spoiling.

– Did something happen?

– No, nothing…

The girl put her head on his arm and curled up like a shrimp.
She squeezed the edge of his T-shirt as usual, but it felt like something was wrong with it.

– It’s okay, you can tell me.

– You will not be mad?

– No.

Echidna continued gently:

– I liked the time when we first met.

Kang Yu was silent, waiting for the continuation.

– You pulled me out of a dark cave and loneliness, which made me very happy.

Echidna squeezed the edge of the T-shirt even harder.

– And today you were glued to by some strange woman.

– You mean Jong-seo-young?

– Yes.
When she saw you, she licked herself.

Apparently, since Kang Yu doesn’t really care about that, he didn’t even notice.

– I saw it and it made me feel uncomfortable.
I really liked being around you… And now I feel like something is missing.

Echidna climbed into his arms.

– It seems that I became greedy – she pulled a T-shirt on me.

The girl’s breath fell off, she licked her lips and stretched her head to him so that their lips were very close.

There was a knock on the door.

– Kang Yu, did you see Ehidna?

Together with the knocking, the door opened and Han Sol saw two people lying close to each other.

– Huh? – She had lost her voice and froze in amazement.

The girl lying stuck to Kang Yu and got up from the bed and looked at Han Sol and hesitated.

There was silence in the room and only the sound of breathing could be heard.

Echidna raised her head and slowly approached Han Sol, grabbing her clothes.

– I am not against it with Han Sol.

– Wh-wh-what? You don’t mind what?

– Let’s do it together with Han Sol!

– Wha… what shall we do together?

It’s like playing with a spoiled phone, Han Sol couldn’t connect the words.
Echidna tilted her head on her side and continued:

– Well, the coitus…

– Aah! – the girl’s scream flew all over the room.

Han Sol closed Echidna’s mouth.
Heavily red, the girl leveled her breath and looked sharply at Kang Yu.

– E… Ehidna! Well, let’s go out.

She was reluctant to follow Han Sol and the door to the room closed.

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Kang Yu was left alone, as if she were in an exclusion zone.
He remembered the day they first met.
A sad dragon that looked like an abandoned shaking kitten.

A girl who was afraid to leave the place where her father once left her.
That’s why it’s fair to say that Kang Yu was her parent the whole time.

However, everything has changed.
More precisely, Echidna has changed.

-Our baby has changed.

Left in Kang Yu’s room, Kang Yu was sitting on the bed, unable to close his mouth.

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