Chapter 99 – Lord of the Sword Zheng Mu Jin (Part 3)

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Silence hung in the atmosphere.

Si Hoon and the party, not knowing Chinese, stood at a loss, and Kang Yu, who understood everything, kept silent to digest what had just happened.

While the guy was thinking about it, Ehidna came up to him and yanked his T-shirt.

– Kang Yu, what is “Musin”?

– — О? You speak Chinese? – Kang Yu was unusually surprised.

It wasn’t until a moment later that he realized he had forgotten one tiny detail.

– If you think about it like that, she shouldn’t even know Korean.

That’s exactly what he had never thought about.
After all, from the moment they met, she always spoke perfect Korean, which made him not suspect anything.

That’s how he assumed that Ehidna, having become his subordinate, had automatically taken over the power of the Common Language.

– No, I don’t know.
I use magic to communicate with people.

– Oh…

So she did have something like his Power of Common Language.

– And your magic can spread to other people?

– Yes.

– Then make sure that Si Hoon and the others understand us.

– Okay – Ehidna raised her hands.

After a little preparation, a magical charge appeared from her hand, directed at Si Hoon.

– It was…

– Oh, so the Dragon understands Chinese too?

– N… no, it’s like…

– Magic.

The guy looked surprised at Ehidna.

How can magic accurately convey all thoughts to the interlocutor?

He has never heard of such magic from other Players before.

– Yes! It is not complicated at all.
At RNO, it is often used.

Ehidna, who thought she had helped Kang Yu a lot, exhaled her nose loudly.

– In the end, my interpreter is of no use! – Zheng Mu-Jin laughed.

The scared guy standing next to me moved.

– Don’t worry, I will pay as I promised.

– Sp… thank you!

– I’m glad that our dialogue will go faster.
Dragon, how did you know about Musin’s techniques? – asked the man.

Si Hoon’s eyes have widened.

– From… where did you…

– I am also interested.
How do you know that Si Hoon uses these techniques?

– Heh heh.
All members of our family are Musin’s blood descendants.

– Uh-oh, Kang Yu looked at them.

If you believe his words, the great Musin Jeong Tae Hwan used to really live on Earth, and his direct relative is Zheng Mu-Jin..

– So such techniques existed even before the Players appeared?

– That’s right.
But of course, now, with the appearance of the Players, they have become even more effective.

Kang Yu nodded his head understandably.

– That’s not surprising.
They say that the Devil’s Teachers also existed before the appearance of the Players.

Now Kang Yu is convinced that even before the appearance of the Gate, there were people on Earth who were able to use magic and use special fighting techniques associated with the sword.

– I mastered the techniques of Musin.

– Stop,” Kang Yu put his hand on Si Hoon’s shoulder and silenced him.
– What are you going to do when you know? To preserve the image of the family, you’re going to kill him, right?

– Ha-ha-ha! I think you reread the comics.

“Sounds like it’s pronounced by a painted character.”

Jung Mu Jin laughed cheerfully and continued:

– I want to make a deal.

– A deal?

– That’s right.
Passing from generation to generation, not all techniques are passed on without spaces.
But the Dragon Sword technique that I saw on the video is one of those that is left only in the old records.

– Is that why you want to restore it?

– Of course it is.

Kang Yu glanced at it.

He recognized the intention and purpose of the other side.
That makes it easier.

That guy sprayed a wide smile.

– If it’s a deal, you have to offer something in return.

– Before I answer, I want to hear the answer to my first question.
Where and from whom did he learn this?

– I think it will be better to hear it from the person who owns this technique.

Kang Yu, as if saying, “Now you can,” gently patted Si Hoon on the back.

The guy told us how unusual it was for him to learn the fighting techniques of the great Musin Jong Tae Hwan.

as Si Hoon continued to to tell him the man’s mouth opened more and more in surprise

– Oh-ho-ho.
It is unbelievable that Musin’s spirit has moved into your body.

– But I cannot have a dialogue with him or something like that.
His words just find themselves in my head, just like the knowledge of techniques.

– Uh-oh.
Is that why you are so good at Dragon Sword techniques when no one else could master them?

– — А…

– Simply put Si Hoon is bloody talented.

– It’s interesting.

Zheng Mu-Jin’s eyes glistened, and he began to look at Si Hoon’s body.
At some point, his eyes expanded.

-Heavenly gift.

The talent given by heaven.

He could not have imagined that the day would come when he would see a man who could understand at one glance the essence of combat techniques and learn the essence of concentration.

– Ha-ha-ha! In the end, you didn’t guess about talent.

– Anyway, you learned what you wanted to know, and it’s time to propose a deal,” Kang Yu said in a smooth tone.

The dialogue was so simple that he wouldn’t have thought that the Lord of the Sword was standing in front of him.

Zheng Mu-Jin translated the guy’s point of view.

Of course, he was impressed by Si Hoon’s story about the Dragon Sword, but the Player named Oh Kang Yu was no less surprised.

-Was anyone so sure of what they said before standing in front of me?

I don’t think that was the case after he got into the World Ranker.
Although, it wasn’t before that either.

Since he was born in a large influential Chyom Kom Mun Guild, everybody bowed their head in front of him since he was a child.

– Heh heh heh.
He heard a lot about you… but still I was surprised.
Do you behave like this even after knowing who is standing in front of you?

– Why, do I have to pay my respects in a bow?

– Ha-ha-ha! No, you don’t.
About the offer… How about this? If the Dragon can help us restore the gaps in our skills, I will personally teach him other techniques.

– You say you’ll teach the techniques?

– As far as I know, the Dragon now has only two techniques: the Dragon Quick Strike technique and the Dragon Cloud Strike technique.
In fact, there are two more, more complex and effective.

– Oh-ho-ho.

– Even though one of them was lost, the other is effectively used.
This is the one I used for destruction of orcs.

– Didn’t you say that the techniques were transmitted to you with spaces?

– That’s right, but we still have a technique that is more powerful than the Dragon’s Cloud Strike.

Kang Yu thought about it.

The technique was inherited by Musin’s direct descendant, who is a World Ranker

-Tempting suggestion.

After all, this way, Si Hoon will be able to add to his treasure trove of technology.

Whichever way you look at it, the offer is good, even very good.

“However…” he translated the look at Si Hoon.

He is not the central person in this matter.

The person who fills in the gaps in their skills, and the person who receives knowledge from the Lord of the Sword, will be Si Hoon.

– Kang Yu.

– The choice is yours.
What do you think?

Si Hoon was hesitant, but not for long.

– I want to learn.

Lord of the Sword teachings.
It’s hard to find a warrior who didn’t want to learn from him.

“And more importantly…” – Si Hoon looked at Kang Yu.

This is a confident image that did not hesitate even in front of the Lord of the Sword.

He wanted to be the same.
He did not want to just accept help from Kang Yu.

Si Hoon grabbed the handle of the sword and raised it up.

-I want to become stronger.

He remembered what had happened in Isu District: people crying, smoke filling the streets and dead bodies.

If he had been stronger then he could have saved more people.

Kang Yu nodded his head.

– Then, it was agreed.
Oh, and there is one condition.

– A condition?

– The restoration of gaps and the training of military equipment should take place in Korea.

We shouldn’t have to let Si Hoon go far.

If they find themselves far away from each other, in which case he can’t help the guy.

“You can’t trust Zheng Mu-Jin completely”.

He did not give the impression of someone he could trust.

– Hmm… Korea… Seo Yeon, what do you think?

– It’s okay with me.
I wanted to be here anyway, she laughed and everyone felt the strange atmosphere hanging in the air.

She looked at Kang Yu and the lights danced in her eyes.

– Then, first, we’ll stay here for a month.

– Okay, Kang Yu smiled quite a bit and nodded his head.

Previously, Kang Yu had been thinking about having a single training session for Si Hoon, but now, apparently, there was no need.

– Let’s get out of the gate.
Oh, I heard you live near Seoul Station.
Isn’t that right?

– Yes, I do.

– So we’ll buy a building nearby.

– A building…?

– We’ll need both a training hall and accommodation for a whole month.

Anyway, Kang Yu was shocked that a man would want to buy a whole building to stay here for a month.

Zheng Mu-Jin approached Si Hoon.

– Let’s have a little chat while we go to the exit.
There is a lot I would like to learn from you.

– Ah, yes! I am honored!

So Zheng Mu-Jin and Si Hoon went a little ahead and Kang Yu followed them.
Suddenly, a charming girl walking next to them approached Kang Yu.

– Hello.

– You are…

– My name is Jeon Seo Yeon,” the girl said and smiled widely.
– Your name is Kang Yu, right? It’s the first time I’ve seen someone who can behave so confidently in front of my father.

She looked at him with interest.

The girl has been around her father since she was born, but she has never seen someone who dared to behave that way before him.

“I wonder what kind of person he is,” she awoke curiosity.

Before that, she could not even think that someone would be able to stand confidently in front of the Sword Master.
She had no idea how strong a person should be, both spiritually and physically, to behave like that.

“They say he defeated the commander of the 3rd unit in one second.”

She was full of expectations, because her ideal type was a strong man.

And not just a strong man, but one who would be even stronger than Jong Mu Jin’s Sword Master.

On a subconscious level, she was attracted to strong men.
However, everyone she met was weaker than her father.
Therefore, she immediately developed an interest in Kang Yu, who did not show weakness before Zheng Mu-Jin.

– I have no reason to be afraid of him.

– Hm.
Are you sure you can defeat the Lord of the Sword?

– Who knows, Kang Yu laughed.

The girl immediately saw the power in his short laugh.

Her gaze was similar to that of a predator who had seen his prey.

“Even though he says so simply because he doesn’t know my father’s full power.”

However, she could not deny the overwhelming feeling of interest towards this guy.

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Seo Yeon looked at the guy again and licked her red lips, looking at him with interest.


At that moment, the girl felt like someone had pulled her clothes from behind and she turned around.

A puppet-looking girl was looking at her from the bottom up and quietly, so that only Seo Yeon could hear it and say it:

– Kang Yu is mine.
Don’t look at him.

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