Chapter 1.
Lord of the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell.
Return to Earth (Part 1)

The Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell is known as the strongest.
It is the place where the strongest demons gather, battling each other endlessly for eternity.
The sky glows blood red and flames scorch the burnt soil.

The battles raging on are not for the title of the strongest.
No, that title has been taken for ten millennia.

Hell, which had been divided forever under the rule of the Seven Great Demons, was united by one man.
The reason that all demons are united, the true lord — the Great King.


A dark-haired young man sat on a magnificent throne built from the bleached bones of the Seven Great Demons.
Though he sat on the throne with his eyes closed, the aura he emanated could blow anyone away.
Kneeling in rows in front of him were thousands of demons who were shaking in fear of his massive power.

One of these demons slowly began to inch towards the Great King.
With the body of a hulking beast covered head to toe in crimson fur, it stood five meters tall on four legs.
His body was solid, almost as if carved from stone, with a single horn atop his head.
Numerous sharp teeth protruded from the bottom of his mouth, and massive bat wings loomed on either side.
This was a typical appearance of the demonic forces.

A representative of the demonic forces bent down on one knee before the King.

“Oh, my King.”

The Pallock.

It was once said that no one could rule the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell but him, yet now he knelt down in terror in front of a young man.

Anyone would be frightened looking at the ‘uncommon’ obedient stance the Pallock was in.

However, all the demons present here understood the fear of the Great.

The Lord.

Ten thousand years ago, a man with the Power of the Devourer descended into Hell.
This man had immediately begun exterminating demons one by one.

He’d started with the First Thousandth Circle of Hell and eventually reached the Nine Thousandth Circle.
Devouring demons along the way, he became stronger and stronger, becoming, in the end, the most powerful lord.

Thousands, no, tens of thousands of demons had been absorbed by his Power of the Devourer, and even the Seven Great Demons who’d never overcome one another in strength, fell to their knees before him.

The reason for the unification of all demons – a terrible monster, devouring them one after another.

Even Pallock, who didn’t know fear, couldn’t help shaking in terror.

— Why would you go back? Don’t you already have everything there is in Hell? — Pallock mumbled with fear, barely opening his mouth.

The man’s closed eyes opened a little and more energy began to flow from him:

— I have everything? What do I have?

The Pallock didn’t say anything.

The young King’s face was distorted as he spoke:

— To have something, there must be something in the first place.
Tell me, what have we got? — There was accusation in his voice that was slowly turning into anger.
— There’s no food, no entertainment.
What in this damn place is there that I can possibly have?

The wasteland, the bloody sky, and the unquenchable tongues of flame – there’s nothing in the Nine Thousandth Circle of Hell but that.

When he heard that, Pallock rounded his eyes.

— So you’re hungry? I’ve prepared something special for you.
Hey, guys! Bring it in!

— Yes, sir!

The demons, following orders, brought in a giant plate.

On it, covered in dark, almost black blood, laid the head of a demon.

— He is the last demon of their kind.
Your Majesty, though it is a modest gift, it expresses our loyalty, please do not refuse, — said Pallock.

The spectacle presented to Kang Yu looked disgus

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