After all, he is the boss.
When Ye Zhou was decorating, he never thought of wronging himself.
It’s said that it was the lounge, but it was actually his office with area that was larger than the usual office.
The whole room was divided into two halves.
Half of it was the office area and the rest is the rest area.

There are bookcases, desks and chairs in the office area, microwave, lazy sofas and single beds in the rest area, and a shower room that is slightly more perfectly equipped than the security room.

Ye Zhou sat in front of the computer desk, and the computer that was turned off suddenly turned on.

He moved the mouse a little, and the computer screen automatically lit up.

There are a few lines of light gray words on the black page — an absolute hell:

“Supermarket employees: 2/10”

“Supermarket security: 0/8”

“Supermarket profit: 0”

“Supermarket points: 0”

At the bottom is a row of red words , darker than the gray letter, but still bright red—

“Please hire enough people to start the business as soon as possible.”

There are two lines of small words under the red letter.

“One hundred turnover can be exchanged for one point, and one hundred points can be used for a single plane jump.”

“The cash register can automatically exchange the currency.”

Ye Zhou was silent for a few seconds, and he said to the computer: “How can I start a business if this bird doesn’t even shit here? And how come there are two employees? Did people agree to it and you just counted them?”

But the computer is obviously not artificial intelligence, no matter what Ye Zhou said, the computer is still that computer.

Not a single echo.

Ye Zhou couldn’t ask anything, so he could only fold his arms and stare at the screen.
He didn’t say hello to anything else.
What he cared about most was the two lines of small characters at the bottom.
One hundred points can make a single plane jump

…It means that he can go back and return to his original world.

Ye Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.
This is a good news.
It’s better to have a way to go than to be a headless chicken.

And the two mothers and daughters would be counted as employees, probably because he arranged them into the staff lounge.

The key problem is not with the employees, but with the security guards.

Employees can be old, weak, sick, and disabled, and there is no great threat to him, but the security guards obviously cannot be old, weak, sick, or disabled, otherwise it will be useless if they encounter robbers.

But guarding a supermarket, how come the security guard resist temptation?

At that time, let alone protecting the supermarket, it would be good luck if they didn’t beat Ye Zhou to death.

Ye Zhou pushed away the chair and stood up.
He felt that he was bored in the lounge and couldn’t think of anything.
Why don’t he go to the security room to kill insects and disinfect, and think while working.

After taking care of the security room, Ye Zhou ran to the back door of the supermarket again.
He threw away the shower cap and raincoat, and mixed insecticide with water.
After dilution, he washed his hair again.
Although he didn’t know if it would work, would it It would hurt his hair, but at least he felt relieved.

Lice are small things that infect and multiply quickly.

When he was a child, Ye Zhou went back to his hometown and rolled in the mud pond with a few cousins in his hometown.
After returning home, not only did he suffered a spanking, but also got lice.
Don’t know if it was infected from one of the cousin sisters who were still in the mud, anyway, they left a great psychological shadow on Ye Zhou.

He is not even afraid of snakes and spiders, only lice.

Back at the supermarket again, Ye Zhou finally came up with a solution.

He has to recruit people, he can’t stay here all his life, he has to earn money to go home.

If you want to recruit people and ensure your own safety, then there is only one more reliable way: playing tricks.

He walked around the supermarket several times and put all the magic props into the cabinet in the office.

This was the inspiration given to him after the mother and daughter called him “immortal”.

They were afraid of him, yearning for and fearing him at the same time.

Fear is not a bad thing, and those who fear him will not betray him.

But you can’t be a villain who makes people gnash their teeth.

Ye Zhou wanted to recruit people to open a supermarket here, so he couldn’t treat himself as the boss and thought it was enough to negotiate the wages and rules and regulations with the employees.

Instead, he should regard himself as a manager with a big stick in his left hand and honey in his right hand.

But no matter how much he thought about it, it seemed useless.
He had been here for many days before he met the mother and daughter.

Still want to recruit? You can’t even recruit a bird, even if you have enough people, where can you find guests?

That night, Ye Zhou stared at the ceiling with his eyes open, and didn’t fall asleep until the middle of the night.


Cao’er slept soundly.
She and her mother had never slept on such a soft bed.
When they were at home, they slept on the ground, and they could sleep on a layer of straw mats.
Take it out and beat it, otherwise it will be covered with bugs.

At night, they can also hear the sound of rats looking for food.

She still remembered that her nails were bitten off by a mouse, and a piece of flesh was bitten off.
If it hadn’t woke her up from the pain, that finger would probably be gone.

But there are no rats here, and the small, boxy house is protected from wind and rain, and it is much cooler than outside, and you need to cover it with a thin quilt to keep you from feeling cold.

This quilt is clean, fragrant and light.

Cao’er closed her eyes, and asked her mother in a low voice, “Mother, the ladies in the palace didn’t sleep as well as us, did they?”

Cao’er’s Niang was next to her daughter, although there were two beds, they did not sleep separately.

She patted her daughter on the back, just like she did to her daughter did when she was a child: “I don’t know, I heard that women’s beds are made of gold.”

In their imagination, the life of the emperor’s house should be the empress of Western Palace throw flatbread, the Empress of the Eastern Palace eats scallions.

Cao’er shrunk herself into a ball and put her head into her mother’s arms.
She whispered, “The bed made of gold is not as good as the bed we sleep in.”

Cao’er Niang touched her daughter’s bald head: “Go to sleep.”

Cao’er actually didn’t want to sleep, and didn’t dare to sleep, because she was afraid that this was a dream.

But she was too tired, she was also drank water and ate food, she obviously wanted to talk, but before she opened her mouth, she fell asleep in a daze.

Seeing her daughter asleep, Cao’er Niang closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The sky is bright, but unfortunately there are neither chickens nor birds.

Very quiet, lifelessly quiet.

When Cao’er woke up, she didn’t open her eyes immediately.
She stretched out her hands to touch her mother’s body like every morning in the past.
If there is still heat, she is still alive.
As long as she is alive, she can breathe a sigh of relief.

Cao’er thought in a daze, today she has to go deep into the woods and maybe she can find a source of water.

It’s fine if she can’t find it.
The fortune teller said that everyone has their own destiny.
Even if the two of them die today, it is also predestined.

“Cao’er?” Cao’er Niang sat up, she grabbed her daughter’s hand, a little blush appeared on her dark face, she looked out the window excitedly, the sun came in, the hot, hateful sun has become gentle at this moment.

Only then did Cao’er wake up, her eyes widened, the snow-white roof came into view, and the round lamp was still embedded in the wall.

“Mother! Mother!” Cao’er reached out to touch her head, it was bare!

“It’s not a dream, it’s not a dream! Mother!”

Cao’er Niang nodded desperately: “It’s not a dream!”

Just as the two mothers hugged each other and cried—howling dryly, Ye Zhou who was standing at the door didn’t know whether he should knock or not.

He stood at the door for a while, and decided to wait until they had finished crying.

After the crying sound from the door disappeared, Ye Zhou cleared his throat and knocked on the door.

After breakfast, it took Ye Zhou two hours to dig out what they knew.

In fact, nothing was dug up.

Compared to him, the true time-traveller, the two of them are more like time-traveller.

They only know that it is the Liang Dynasty now, and nothing else.
They don’t know who the emperor is or who the empress is.

Mentioning the emperor as Master Emperor, and mention the landlord is the Master Landlord.

Ye Zhou felt that one day he would become a “Master Immortal”

They don’t even know which continent, which county, or which county their hometown is in.

They just remember that there is a river in their hometown, and there is a mountain behind the river.

“The water and soil are not good these years.” Cao’er Niang said with her head down.
“At the beginning of the year, the head of the family² said that this year would be dry.

” If there is no water in the river, we usually go to the mountains to carry it.”

“As a result, it’s only summer, and locust plagues come, and the uncooked and uncooked ones in the field are all gone.
We can’t live on that little grain.”

“We saw that the landlords and officials had all run away, so we packed up our things and set off on the road, saying to go to the south, where the water and soil are good, and there is no shortage of land.”

“Later… there were more people who fled, more robbers, and more bandits.
The villages with the walls were robbed by those bandits, and we were not allowed to enter the towns and cities with the walls.”

“People starved to death on the roads…”

Her voice was hoarse, and she finally couldn’t continue.

Cao’er went on to say: “There are a lot of people around here, and many old, weak, sick and disabled people who can’t walk are outside, but they dare not come in for fear of big beasts!”

Ye Zhou: “…”

I think they didn’t come in because knowing that this place has been stripped naked, it is better to stay on the road and see if someone can ask for or grab something to eat when passing by.

Cao’er carefully peeked at Ye Zhou, and quickly lowered her head after only one glance.

She has never seen such a man, she has never read a book, but she is willing to use all the beautiful words she knows to describe him.

He has eyes that are more beautiful than the night sky, and people have to look away immediately, otherwise they will be sucked in by those eyes.

His eyebrows, his lips, and his exposed arms and fingers are all beautiful.

Just like someone who was carved out of jade.

Cao’er saw her hand.

Short and stubby, her skin was like dry land, her eyes were red for a moment, and then she put her hands behind her back.

Then she thought of her own head again.

She can hide her hands, but can’t hide her head.

She shrank, never felt so ugly in her life.

Ye Zhou didn’t know what Cao’er was thinking, he didn’t even pay attention to her.

After thinking for two seconds, he said: “I still need some people here, can you come with me in two days?”

He is not really possible to go out, because he is really out of tune with the refugees who is almost as thin as a skeleton with their dark and chapped skin.
He himself is strong and sturdy, even if his skin is actually not white in terms of modern times’ standard, but compared with the refugees, it is almost radiant white.

No matter how to look at it, it is impossible for him to pull someone down without anyone paying attention.

He may even be robbed as soon as he go out.

Although the opponent is old, weak, sick, and disabled, he is alone, and his two fists are no match for four.

In particular, he is also very self-aware, knowing that he is not a person who can harden his heart.

Maybe if he is soft-hearted, and the supermarket will be directly contributed to them.

Cao’er Niang immediately said: “Please give us order, immortal.”

“Whatever the immortal tells us to do, we will do it!”

Ye Zhou told her his request in detail: “I want eight people, it doesn’t matter if they are thinner, it’s not possible to find someone strong right now, but they must have a family behind them, and the family should not be many, and there should be no more than three besides him.”

When there is a family, there are scruples.

Those who have not abandoned their families on the way to flee famine should still have a conscience and be less courageous.

They will want a stable life more than killing people for money.

Ye Zhou wanted to add layers of insurance to himself right now.

He has to go home alive!

He has not earned money, and he has not fulfilling the filial piety towards his parents, so he cannot die here.

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