The view in front of him is the land like a spot of baldness, the weeds cannot be connected together, the trees are tall, but the skins have been peeled off, revealing the yellowish trunks.
Only the high treetops still have a trace of greens, but the trees without bark can be conceivable that it will not live long.

This place looks like a virgin forest—or a virgin forest skinned by refugees from famine years.

Ye Zhou slapped himself.

And well… louder than he expected.

And more painful.

It’s been the third day since Ye Zhou came here and getting up in the morning to slap himself has become Ye Zhou’s daily routine.
It seems that as long as he does this, he can wake up from this bizarre dream and return to the normal world.

But he failed again today.

The scenery in front of him remained unchanged.

Ye Zhou made a lot of assumptions.
At first he thought he was crazy, he must have a mental problem and had hallucinations.

Later, he felt that there was only one possibility that was most likely to cause the current situation; he was captured by alien creatures for experiments.

Because not only did he came here, but also his entire supermarket was also moved intact.

The most ridiculous thing is that the supermarket still has electricity, water, and even the internet although it cannot receive or send messages, and cannot contact anyone.

This is no longer explained as usual time travelling phenomenon, it can only be explained as some mysterious power from aliens.

After making sure that he couldn’t “wake up” today, Ye Zhou returned to the supermarket.

If it comes, it will be safe.
Ye Zhou has given up resistance and chose to lie flat.

Anyway, it is estimated that he will not starve to death when he dies.

As for food expiration? If he is not poisoned to death, he is considered powerful, but if he is poisoned to death, then he is considered unlucky.

After eating two pieces of bread and fill his stomach with a bottle of milk, Ye Zhou took the tablet and sat at the entrance of the supermarket to play game— well, he can still play some stand-alone games, and he can also top-up the games’ currency in the supermarket.

Ye Zhou felt that if he always all alone, his language function might be declined after a long time, and his spirit might also have problems.

Robinson met Friday, and Chuck also had Wilson.¹

But Friday is a person, and Wilson is a volleyball.

Ye Zhou felt that the chances of him meeting people should be low, but he didn’t want to talk to a ball, so he took an intermediate value to see if he could catch wild birds and wild cats, and gave them a bite to eat, so they could talk to him.
It can be regarded as fair trade, mutual benefit and reciprocity.

But in the past few days, Ye Zhou has never seen any bird’s poop dropping from the sky, not to mention seeing birds.

He kind of knows what the real place is like.

At noon, Ye Zhou went into the supermarket again and ate a self-heating rice bowl.

Not to mention, these convenience foods are really well-made now, no worse than some takeaway rice bowls.
Ye Zhou was still thinking when eating, maybe some takeaways are just cooking bags for direct use.

Cheap and convenient, tastes good and not poisonous.

Nutrition may not necessarily be there, but it is certainly won’t cause any death.

After eating, Ye Zhou cleaned up the garbage.
He has been sealing the garbage and putting it in the large trash can behind the supermarket.
Although he doesn’t know how long it will be full, at least he doesn’t want to dig a hole and bury it for the time being.
If it depends on natural degradation , These garbage may not be completely degraded in a hundred years.

Let’s do this until we can’t think of a solution.

In the afternoon, Ye Zhou will carry a machete and a backpack to survey the terrain nearby.
Although he didn’t know how to draw a map before, he can only bite the bullet and draw now.
Carve a mark on the trunk.

Ye Zhou soon found a river, but now it was dry and only the bare river bed was left, and the corpses of animals could still be seen on the river bed.

The white bones were covered in yellow sand.
He only glanced twice.
When he found a dry bone that looked like a human skull, Ye Zhou quickly looked away.

Almost all the barked trees in this forest are nearly dead.

The small trees that hadn’t been barked also withered, and only some towering trees with lush branches and leaves survived.

It has not been peeled, and the root system is deep enough to maintain a little greenness.

The sun that scorched the earth gradually dimmed.
Ye Zhou sat under the tree.
He took out a bottle of water from his backpack and prepared to drink it before rushing back.
But at least he knew he was safe for the time being.

There were no large beasts nearby—nor were there small ones.

Because of the destruction of the forest, the birds that live here are almost migrating.

He dug up worms and centipedes under rotting trees, and found wild mushrooms in caves.

At least these can prove that there is no life here.

When it was completely dark, Ye Zhou was still in the woods.
With a flashlight on, he walked back along the marks he had made along the way.

Just as he was about to reach the entrance of the supermarket, Ye Zhou stopped suddenly.

Two figures stood in front of the supermarket.

Compared with the surprise of meeting a living person, Ye Zhou is more vigilant at this time.

He took two steps back cautiously, hiding himself behind the dry bushes, even squatting down and curling himself into a ball in order not to be discovered.

Ye Zhou’s eyesight is very good, even from such a long distance, he can still see the clothes of the two people clearly.

The tattered linen clothes were so torn that they couldn’t see their original appearance.
The bones seemed to be breaking out of the skin, and the skeletons that seemed to move with their panting were covered with a few pieces of rags.
Their faces were covered by their disheveled hair, and they stood barefoot on the ground full of sand and stones.

These two hold each other up, using each other as their crutches.

Ye Zhou could hear their door calls, but not loudly.
If he was in the supermarket now, he would definitely not be able to hear them.

The voice was rough and hoarse, making it difficult to distinguish between men, women and children.

After observing for another half an hour, Ye Zhou made sure that these two people were harmless and they were definitely not his opponents, before he stood up again and walked towards them.

Cao’er felt that she was about to die.
She had heard people say that if she couldn’t urinate, then the person was about to die.

She counted on her fingers, and she only peed five times in the past ten days.

She and her family tugged at each other, rushed towards the porridge stall when they saw it, and wanted to rush in when they saw the city gate, but there was no rice in the porridge, and the officials guarding the city would not let them in.
Her father was arrested by the officials at that time and they stabbed him to death.

Her brother was also killed for robbing food.

Later, her little sister was thrown away by her mother and her youngest sister was sold by her mother for a handful of unhulled wheat.

She and her mother didn’t know where to go, they didn’t know the way, and they had no energy, so they gradually couldn’t keep up with other people.

When her mother said that she was going into the forest, Cao’er didn’t stop her, but followed her into the forest.

After all, she was going to die, and it was right for her mother to find a place that is her hometown to die.

When her mother is dead, she can’t live anymore, so let’s just die together.

They peel off bark when they are hungry, and chew grass roots when they are thirsty.
They no longer know what hunger is like, because the word satiation is too far away from them.

They walk forward aimlessly, and when they are too tired to walk, they can close their eyes.

When she was about to fall down, her mother suddenly burst out with a huge force, she pulled her, pulled her, stretched her neck forward, and the mother shouted hoarsely: “Cao’er! There is someone ahead! There is a house!”

Cao’er scrambled and ran forward with her mother.

She doesn’t want to die!

She wants to live!

Then she and her mother came to the big house in front of her.

Cao’er didn’t know how to describe the house in front of her.
It was so big and square, even bigger than the landlord’s house in her hometown, but she didn’t see tiles or bricks.
In one whole piece, it seems like there is no place for the brick’s connection.

There is still a plaque on the eaves, but Cao’er can’t read the words on it.

Neither she nor mother could read, only father could read at home, but he could only read his own name.

They kept knocking on the door from day to night, exhausting all their energy, and the original ecstasy turned into greater despair.

But they dare not sit down, as if they do, they will die.

“Mother…I’m hungry…” Cao’er leaned on Mother, and Mother leaned on her, she whispered with the last of her strength, “Mother…go home…go home…”

Cao’er remembered in her hometown, there is a big banyan tree in front, and their house is behind that big banyan tree.
Their parents plant the land of the landlord.
The landlord is a good man, and he only charges them 60% of the rent.

She can also take her younger brother to herd cattle for the landlord.

Her econd sister will cook at home and take care of the youngest sister.

Her younger brother said that he wanted to go to the town, learn a craft, and become a carpenter in the future.
His dark face was full of youth spirit yearning for the future.
He shyly said to her: “When jiejie gets married, I will give jiejie a dowry.”

She remembered her younger brother telling her, “I’ll go! I’ll go! Tell mother not to not throw away my little sister! I’ll bring food back!”

He didn’t come back.

Her younger brother was smashed in the head by a stone, his clenched hands were torn apart, and there were cake crumbs between his fingers.

It’s just a piece of cake! Her brother’s life is not even worth a piece of cake!

“Go home…” Cao’er muttered and repeated; “Go home…”

There was no pain, no hunger, no death, no disputes and no blood at home.

At home, she is the strict eldest sister.
She has honest and hardworking parents, a well-behaved and obedient younger sister, a younger brother who wants to work in the town to give her a dowry, and a nursing youngest sister.

What a wonderful time it was, what a wonderful day…

Cao’er felt that she couldn’t hold on anymore, she wanted to close her eyes.

At this moment, a strong light suddenly shone from behind!

Cao’er was blinded for a moment, she raised her arm to cover her eyes, and it took a while before she lowered her arm.

She twisted her neck and looked at the person behind the light in a distorted posture.

A huge beam of light was projected from the opponent’s palm, she couldn’t see his appearance or his facial features clearly, she could only see his figure vaguely.

It was a man, and he was tall.

Behind him is the pitch-black forest, and the dry branches with fangs and claws set off him.

Light is illuminating from the palm of his hand.

Cao’er looked at him in confusion, her mother’s crying sounded in her ears.

She numbly watched her mother knelt down beside her, and heard her shouting—

“Immortal! Immortal! Immortal, help me!”

She heard the sound of her mother kowtowing, so hard and hard that she could smell blood.

Cao’er knelt down stiffly.


If they break their heads, the immortals will save them!

Ye Zhou was stunned by the appearance of the two people in front of him.
He had seen beggars who deliberately dressed themselves up in an extremely embarrassing situation, and refugees fleeing famine in film and television dramas, but after all, they were played by modern people.
Work hard on makeup.

Although the refugees in the film and television dramas are dressed in rags, they will not be naked, nor will they be really skinny.

But when the two people in front of him looked up, he was horrified by their faces.

The sunken cheeks and eye sockets, and the tight skin on the skull make them look like living people.

More like the living dead or mummies in a horror movie.

Before Ye Zhou could get away from the horrifying emotion, the two of them knelt down one after another, kowtowing to him with the determination to kowtow to death.

Ye Zhou was so frightened that he hurried towards them.

Now he wasn’t worried that these two were bad guys.

He was worried that the two would die in front of him.

“Stop!” Ye Zhou subconsciously raised his voice.

The two kowtowing people stopped.

They knelt on the ground, looked up at him, and looked at him with two pairs of exaggerated eyes that were too thin to blink.

Goosebumps appeared all over Ye Zhou’s body.

Ye Zhou swallowed, suppressed the horror and slight fear in his heart, and slowly squatted down in front of them.

Let them no longer have to look up to him.

Ye Zhou tried his best to squeeze out an approachable smile, and asked with the most gentle voice he ever said in his life: “Do you want to eat something? Go in and sit down.”

He had never been so gentle in his life.

Being gentle, he himself felt contrived.

But this tone comforted the two people who are kneeling on the ground very well.

Ye Zhou saw the older person’s lips opening and closing, and managed to force out a sentence: “Immortal… I beg The Immortal…”

They couldn’t finish what they’re trying to say, and just halfway through speaking, their head tilted and fell straight on the ground.

Ye Zhou: “…”

He was stunned.

Did they died?!


Namida’s Note:
1) The reference for this sentence are two movies called Robinson Crusoe and Cast Away
2) Jiejie means older sister

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