Seven out of ten, it was the girl who liked to call ‘Brother Ah Jian, Xi Que!

Lian Fang Zhou had only just finished muttering in her heart when the magpie noticed them, yelling “Brother Ah Jian!” softly and twisting as she walked like a snake.

Lian Fang Zhou felt goosebumps slowly climb over her body, gradually spreading, and Lian Ze felt the same.
Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che also felt very uncomfortable and they looked at Xi Que, unhappy.

“Brother Ah Jian, why are you just coming back?” Xi Que winked at Ah Jian, with a bright aura.

Ah Jian hummed light and her face drooped slightly.

Xi Que did not expect that Ah Jian would not give her face in front of others— she was a member of the Zhao family!

Jealousy on her face, she turned her head and greeted Lian Fang Zhou.
“It’s Miss Lian…”

Lian Fang Zhou smiled lightly and said, “Is there anything wrong for Miss Xi Que to come to my house?”

Not waiting for Xi Que’s unique ‘Brother Ah Jian’, she immediately added, “It’s cold outside, let’s talk in the yard!”

The yard was also outside and was just as cold as the street, but Lian Fang Zhou didn’t want her to be seen by too many people.

At this moment, Xi Que only had Ah Jian in her heart.
What else would she pay attention to? She barely registered what Lian Fang Zhou said, only hearing her say to go in.
She smiled and agreed, twisting and walking beside Ah Jian on purpose.

Ah Jian was extremely disgusted in his heart and frowned.
But what could he say? Thinking that it was fortunately not many steps, he accelerated slightly.

“Brother Ah Jian, what did you do today? Why are you coming back so late? Are you exhausted?” Asked Xi Que.

Ah Jian did not answer.

However, she was not discouraged in the slightest.
She smiled and said softly, “Brother Ah Jian should take care of his body, what would I do if you are tired?”

Having entered the yard while she spoke, Ah Jian let out a long sigh and said, “What are you talking about?”

The magpie looked at him with a smile, her face flushed before she spoke.
A pair of white, soft, slender hands were loosely draped in front of her with a handkerchief.
Her pink beck was bowed.
After a pause, Xi Que raised her eyes and looked up at Ah Jian with a smile.
She whispered softly, “Brother Ah Jian, the day after tomorrow is my birthday.
My lady has ordered a private room for me at Donglaifu Resturant and set up a table for me to invite from friends to gather.
I don’t know if Brother Ah Jian is free?

In the beginning, Xi Que had only wanted to complete the task assigned by Zhao Ru Jun but now the beauty could only blurt out that she wanted to marry Ah Jian.
Somehow, the more she looked at Ah Jian, the more pleasing he was, she really liked him!

As long as she thought of Ah Jian, her heart felt sweet, her eyes would start to go crazy, and the corners of her mouth would turn up!

She felt that Ah Jian must not feel the same yet, so she treated him like this.

She firmly believed that one day, he would like her too!

She had already decided so she stood behind him, staring silently at his back.

No matter how Ah Jian treated her, her heart was always hot!

Just like at this moment, after Ah Jian said without hesitation “I’m not free!”, she was not angry or sad.

“Not free? I don’t know what Brother Ah Jian is up to?” Xi Que resisted the first wave of disappointment and hurriedly smiled: “If its not urgent, I can go talk to Miss Lian? I can ask for someone to replace your work.
Brother Ah Jian, it’s too much! Why do you have to work so hard? Why—”

TN: She’s annoying but very funny.
I almost feel bad for her!

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