Chapter 494: Lian Che works hard

After Lian Ze and Lian Fang Qing came back in the afternoon, Lian Fang Zhou told them about going to Xiuyuan to enjoy the plum blossoms and the Lantern Festival in two days.
They were both very excited!

Lian Fang Qing immediately pestered her to buy her beautiful lanterns while Lian Ze asked if he could ride horses.
After getting her promise, they were both satisfied.

And neither of them forgot Lian Che.

“Che’er didn’t go last time and school still hasn’t started, so he should go too!” Lian Ze said.

“That’s right!” Lian Fang Qing agreed.
“I haven’t see Third Brother for so many days! It’s better for him to go and relax a little bit.
He just reads books all day, isn’t he afraid of becoming stupid?”

Lian Fang Zhou let out a puff of laughter.
Their words were funny but Lian Ze and Lian Fang Qing were right.

Smiling, she said: “In that case, you two go to Xiaohuaguo mountain and ask him to come back and prepare.
We should head out tomorrow! Let’s go to Xiuyuan and play for two days, there is nothing at home that we need to deal with.”

The two happily agreed and put on thick clothes and shoes, going out to bring back Lian Che.

Who would have guessed that not even a few hours later, the two came back alone and frustrated, complaining that Lian Che refused to come back! He told them that time was running out and he needed to stay and study.

“Third Brother is really crazy! He doesn’t want to see the lively lanterns at the festival and he said that the plum blossoms bloom every year, so it won’t be too late for him to see them in the future!”

Lian Fang Qing sighed heavily, thinking that her brother was incredible.
So many amusing things, why didn’t Third Brother care about them at all?

Lian Ze frowned: “Eldest Sister, is it really good for Che’er to be like this? I feel bad for him! In fact, h eis still young and it would be normal for him to fail the Tongsheng exam this year.
Why does he work so hard? What will happen if he ruins his body?”

Lian Ze didn’t have any experience with this.

Lian Fang Zhou sighed softly.
“I didn’t expect Che’er to be so ruthless.
If it goes on like this, he’ll become very dull.
You wait, I will personally go and bring him back.”

“Yes, yes! I’ll go too!” Lian Fang Qing cried, clapping her hands.
If their elder sister went, there was no way that Third Brother would refuse!

Hearing this, Ah Jian raised an eyebrow and said: “It’s windy on the mountain, I will go with you.”

Lian Fang Zhou rolled her eyes secretly.
What did this have to do with anything? Would anyone believe this excuse?

He was clearly worried about Sun Ming… what could possibly happen!

“Alright, let’s go now.” Lian Fang Zhou said, unable to refuse.

Lian Ze grabbed Lian Fang Qing, who wanted to go, and said with a smile: “Sister said that we will leave tomorrow morning, why don’t you pack your things? You won’t be able to help convince Third Brother if you go!”

Lian Fang Qing thought about this for a moment and then realized: Oh yes!

Smiling, she said: “Eldest Sister, be sure to bring Third Brother back!”

“Don’t worry,” Lian Fang Zhou smiled, putting on her cape and walking about with Ah Jian.
She didn’t dare to look at Lian Ze.

Otherwise, she would feel guilty.

Ah Jian chuckled quietly and went outside, whispering: “Ah Ze agrees that I protect you very well.
You don’t need to hide in front of him, he won’t make fun of us.”

Lian Fang Zhou glared at him and smiled: “He’s really your good apprentice!”

He smiled complacently, “This is just his talent and temperament.
Besides, he likes me so you can rest assured!”

Helpless, Lian Fang Zhou smiled at him, her expression full of warmth.

No matter how small or insignificant, he always considered her thoughts and feelings.

Indeed, Lian Ze was older than Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing.
If he was unwilling to accept Ah Jian, even if she insisted on being with him, this would always be a knot in her heart.

Lian Ze’s blessing basically represented the attitude of the three siblings.

The two went up the mountain and knocked on the door of the wood house.
Sun Chang Xing and Madam Sun were not at home, only Sun Ming and Lian Che.

When Sun Ming’s eyes fell on Ah Jian, he paused unconsciously and their gazes met.
Stunned, Sun Ming immediately understood.

Men were sensitive, especially to rivals in love.
They only needed a look and they could understand each other tacitly.

Sun Ming smiled at Ah Jian and turned to look at Lian Fang Zhou without a change in expression.
He finally understood why she had rejected him.

It turned out to be because of Ah Jian.

Before, there was still a tiny sliver, one thousandth of a hope, but now there was nothing.

He knew he couldn’t complete with Ah Jian, just by instinct.

But that was fine.
She had good taste and if he had to entrust her to someone, he could feel at ease this way.

He was an open-minded person and his blessings were sincere.
He was a little jealous but he was unwilling to be angry, so he wouldn’t do anything.

Lian Fang Zhou treated him as calmly and politely as always, greeting him with a smile.
She was about to ask were Lian Che was when her brother heard the noise and came out of his room.

“Eldest Sister! Brother Ah Jian!” Lian Che’s eyes lit up and he rushed straight to Lian Fan Zhou, rubbing his eyes.
“Why are you here? Did you come to tell me to come back? I don’t want to go! Eldest Sister, it’s going to be the fourth month soon!”

He blinked innocently: “Eldest Sister, I will work very hard! I will never disappoint my sister!”

Sun Ming didn’t understand but Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian knew the meaning behind this.

Feeling sour in her heart, Lian Fang Zhou silently cried: This kid is so sensible!

“Little idiot,” Lian Fang Zhou said affectionately, “your eldest sister knows that you are the best! I would never be disappointed! You can’t study all day, you need time to relax and adjust your mental state at the right times.  It’s still early and we will only be gone for four or five days, it won’t delay you!”

But Lian Che still stubbornly shook his head: “But I don’t want to go! Eldest Sister, when I’m tired of reading, I go for walks on the mountain side to relax.
It’s good to refresh your mind without distractions.”

Then he smiled at Lian Fang Zhou: “Eldest Sister, go have fun! I will go with you next year, okay?”

“…” Lian Fang Zhou silently moved her lips, speechless.

This little guy really was too stubborn!

Wasn’t he putting too much pressure on himself? Otherwise, how could a child be so stubborn? Studying was not an easy task, not many children liked it!

Lian Fang Zhou felt that she should reflect on this after she went back.

But what she didn’t know was that, in the end, Lian Che was still a child.
After she told him the exciting news about Master Ding, she had warned him to keep it a secret.

However, after spending so much time with Sun Ming, he felt that Brother Sun was a good person who could be trusted.
Finally, one day, he couldn’t hold himself back and told him.

Hearing this, Sun Ming was both surprised and happy for him and greatly encouraged him.
This was a rare and glorious opportunity, so he must seize it!

Sun Ming was in the same boat as Lian Che, so his opinion was more professional than Lian Fang Zhou!

Thus, Lian Che was greatly stimulated and secretly made up his mind: Only success, never failure!

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