Chapter 467: Don’t buy it

Madam Yang was scolding happily when a huge, fluffy behemoth ran towards her, causing her to scream and tremble in fear.
“You, what are you trying to do! Are you trying to kill me?”

Lian Fang Zhou gave Lian Fang Qing a stern look, holding back a smile.
Helping Madam Yang and her daughter-in-law, she said: “You’ve misunderstood! How could we be so ignorant? This is just a wolf we’ve been raisin at home since it was a puppy, he won’t bite.”

Then she glared at Lian Fang Qing again: “Messing around!”

Lian Fang Qing pouted and said, aggrieved: “How did I know someone was hanging around and would be scared? Xiao Hui has always been well behaved at our house and wouldn’t bite!”

Madam Yang’s face turned even paler and she gave Lian Fang Zhou a hateful look.
Being good at their house didn’t mean being good outside the house.
In case this dead girl decided to hold a grudge—

She shivered and no longer had the courage to curse.

Of course, it was just a mouthful.

But Lian Fang Zhou didn’t really care.
Anyways, Madam Yang only had this virtue as long as her ears were clean.

“You should take the cotton seeds back first.
If you want anything else, let Yang Huai Shan come.”

“Don’t you just want to see my son?” Madam Yang said sourly, “He doesn’t look down on you!”

Lian Fang Zhou’s eyes narrowed, staring at her coldly.

Madam Yang shivered so hard that she almost fell to the ground, weak kneed.
Her eldest daughter-in-law also felt a chill in her heart.
She hurriedly took the bag containing the seeds and rushed away with one hand supporting Madam Yang.

Lian Fang Zhou was looking forward to Yang Huai Shan coming so that both sides could completely end the matter and not worry about what was owed.

But Yang Huai Shan did not come.

It wasn’t that Madam Yang did not try to force him to go.
Even his father, his brothers, sisters, and in-laws all went to battle using hard and soft means.
The good words made their lips dry but Yang Huai Shan refused to go.

His family was furious but there was nothing they could do about it.

How could he go? He didn’t want Lian Fang Zhou to look down on him and he didn’t feel like he was her savior.

Was he really the one who saved her?

Yang Huai Shan felt a lot of pain in his heart.
Why did his family members insist? In the end, it was because Lian Fang Zhou was rich and they were jealous.


Soon the day the construction of the new house was finished arrived.
The sound of firecrackers was deafening and almost the entire village came out to watch the excitement.
There was an endless stream of congratulations.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and thanked them, setting out two long cases of candy and melon seeds for everyone to enjoy.
The children put a lot of them in their coat pockets but even the adults enjoyed them, endlessly laughing and chatting.

Lian Fang Zhou had already told Zhang Li Zheng and the village elders that when her house was completed, she would begin repairing the ancestral hall, the meeting center, and then build a school.

Zhang Li Zheng was so full of joy and was naturally the most interested in when Lian Fang Zhou’s house would be finished.

Li Da and Li Er were the ones responsible for supervising the construction, with some supervision from Steward Qin.

At the same time, Li San He and Wang Wu went to research the oil mill after Steward Qin asked them to look into the market situation.
Lian Fang Zhou had already bought a property near the suburbs of Yuhe county.

The land was more than two acres, big enough for an oil-pressing workshop, a warehouse for soybeans, peanuts, and oil, as well as a house and yard for the workers.

For a long time, Lian Fang Zhou wanted to repay Aunt Zhang’s family and this was a good opportunity.
She asked Aunt Zhang for their opinion.
After the oil mill was completed and in operation, it would be handed oer to Li San He and Wang Wu.

Who wouldn’t be exited? Li San He was so happy, he agreed immediately and Aunt Zhang and Uncle Li would naturally not refuse.
There was no such thing as awkwardness.

In the past, they took care of Lian Fang Zhou’s family because of affection but now Lian Fang Zhou’s family was doing even better and now it was their turn to take care of them.
They only felt grateful and would never have bitter thoughts.

When Madam Zhao heard that she would be paid at least three taels of silver a month and there would be bonuses during the holidays, she was overjoyed.
How could she be unhappy?

The various tools of the oil mill were designed by Su Zi Ji and would be made by the same two carpenter who had made the tools for the cotton mill.

The two carpentry shop owners were very generous to the Lian family.
Both of them agreed to only charge for the materials and not for manual labor.
Naturally, Lian Fang Zhou would not take advantage of them.

There was a reason for this.

By now, Lian Fang Zhou knew that Boss Wang and Boss Xiao had no doubt run into a wall over tools.
Sooner or later, they would think of looking for the shops that made them.

Lian Fang Zhou greeted the two owners and expressed her willingness to send a fortune to them.
The plan was if Boss Wang and Boss Xiao really came to their doors, they would pretend to decline twice and then they could agree.
She only had one request, that was, that each of them would make less of the same parts for them.

There were rules and unspoken regulations.
If they secretly went behind her back to sell her exclusive tools to others and she came to find trouble with them, their reputation would be completely ruined! But with her consent, it was a different story.

This money could be earned with peace of mind!

Wasn’t it just making less of something? They were old and they didn’t have the drawings, how could they remember it so clearly from memory? It was normal to miss a thing or two!

Before they agree, they would mention this to Boss Wang and Boss Xiao.
As for whether they will go through with it, they could decide for themselves.

However, even if they didn’t want to, what else could they do?


On the other side of Luozi mountain, Lian Fang Zhou, Lian Ze, and Ah Jian were all very busy.

Before the construction started, it had to be well planned.

Today, the three of them had come to the mountain to wander around.
It was late autumn and most of the trees had begun to lose their leaves.
There were also many wild fruit trees and shrubs full of fruit, which were brightly colored.
The waist high weeds stood in yellow, withered clusters, which looked quite messy.

“It’s not easy to clean up this mountain!” Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t help but sigh.

“It doesn’t seem to be too much trouble, right?” Lian Ze said.
“Set the fire, then chop down what needs to be cut down, dig what needs to be dug, and then hire more people.”

She laughed: “Some trees are so tall they will need to be chopped first.
It will be better to burn after, otherwise it will be useless.
The trunk of the tree will be smoke and black, so it will be hard to cut.”

Before they finished walking and looking around, Lian Fang Zhou had found a lot of trees that were as tall as several floors.
The tall trees, from a distance, were lush and dense, and the trunk would no doubt be thick.

Lian Ze smiled and said: “Let’s do as my sister says!”

After a long walk through the valley, Lian Fang Zhou already had a plan in mind.

A duck house would be built in the middle of the most spacious and flat area.
The ducks would be used as a boundary and rotated every two weeks at either end of the valley.

The original valley stream had been widened and a shallow, wide pond added.
Reeds and water plants were planted around the pond to improve the livelihood of the ducks.

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