ing, there was no way for him.

That night, Cui Shao Xi did not show up for dinner.

Everyone at the table knew why but no one mentioned it.
After they finished eating, the couples said good night and the men and women went back to their own yards

Ah Jian couldn’t help but look at Lian Fang Zhou a few more times as she walked away.
He knew that he wouldn’t sleep much tonight.
He really wanted to take her out for a walk and talk more!

This place was so clean and charming, it was a great opportunity.
What a pity!

Lian Fang Zhou pretended not to see and quickly walked away with Fang Qing.

That person, in just the blink of an eye, seemed to have changed his core!


In just a day, they had visited more than half of Xiuyuan.
However, the plants in the remaining areas were not fully grown and there was nothing else to see.
Like this, Ah Jian and Lian Fang Zhou planned to go back first.

With a bumper cotton harvest in sight, Lian Fang Zhou was feeling very nervous.

Fang Qing and Su Jing He didn’t keep them and eagerly sent them out.
This time, they did not use the Su carriage but hired one from the market to go straight back to Yuhe county.

After getting into the carriage, Ah Jian was not proper.
After all, he was sitting next to the love of his heart and there was no one to disturb them in the enclosed compartment.
If he sat in a serious manner, he would be a fool.

However, having said that, he still didn’t have an excuse to be too affectionate.
You couldn’t just hug someone and refuse to let them go like a mountain bandit!

After thinking for a moment, he smiled: “Fang Zhou, are you tired? Lean on me to rest for a while!”

Before she had a chance to refuse, he reached out and hugged her from behind.
When he looked down at her, his deep eyes were full of smiles.

 “…” In the end, Lian Fang Zhou was forced to lean against his chest, biting her lips as her pretty face blushed.

What kind of reasoning was this? This was not the first time she had ridden in a carriage, so why hadn’t she seen him be so diligent before? Oh, he used to be so serious!

Seeing her raise her eyes to look at him, Ah Jian couldn’t help grinning as he gently stroked her face with a finely callused hand.
In a low voice, he said: “Fang Zhou, I am so happy! What about you? Are you also happy?”

His eyes were bright and the sharp features of his face were incredibly soft.
With such an expression, Lian Fang Zhou’s heart softened in an instant.
How could she deny it?

“Yes.” She nodded lightly, smiling.
Her lips were like a flower and her eyes were shiny.

“That’s great, it’s really great! Fang Zhou! Fang Zhou!” Ah Jian didn’t seem to be able to contain his joy.
He held her tightly with a large smile on his face.

Lian Fang Zhou’s heart was sweet and she couldn’t help but laugh.
She relaxed against his chest and even nuzzled him lightly.

Encouraged by the rubbing, he hugged her firmly on his lap.
“You must be tired,” he said softly, “take a rest!”

Lian Fang Zhou wanted to say that she wasn’t tired but seeing that he was refusing to let go of her, she was too lazy to argue and leaned in his arms obediently.

She had to say, being held by him was much more comfortable than riding in the carriage on her own…

Lian Fang Zhou closed her eyes, but it was a pity that this sweet moment was only her wishful thinking.

How could a man whose heart was full of joy and no way to vent it, hold her in a proper and honest way?

TN: Uh oh, looks like Ah Jian is going to have to learn some restraint! That or Fang Zhou is going to need to beat it into him, haha.

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