“Fang Zhou! Fang Zhou!” Ah Jian was so happy he hugged her, spinning them around in a circle.
His chest was bursting with joy, boundless joy!

Startled by his childish behavior, she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and hurriedly called: “Quickly, put me down! Put me down!”

Ah Jian spun them around another few times and then put her down, content.
He did not let go of her hand, unable to bear to release her.
His eyes were open wide with happiness: “Fang Zhou, I am so happy, I am really happy!”

Lian Fang Zhou’s heart felt sweet and she smiled subconsciously.
Looking into each other’s eyes, their souls communicated.
It felt like the whole world was blooming.

“Let’s go out, we’ve stayed too long in here!” Lian Fang Zhou laughed softly.
“I’ll tell the others later, it’s not good to…”

She didn’t want to provoke Cui Shao Xi too much.
If she hurt him too much, she would feel sad.
Now that she could openly love Ah Jian, she didn’t want to continue the drama.

The real thing was better than acting, there was no need to rush at this time.

The two walked out of the maze together.
Su Jing He and Fang Qing were already waiting outside.
Cui Shao Xi was nowhere to be seen.

“You finally figured it out!” Fang Qing smiled at Lian Fang Zhou while Su Jing He’s gaze jumped between the two of them, as if he had noticed something.

On a normal day, Lian Fang Zhou would have meet their gazes with an open and frank look.
Today, however, she felt a little embarrassed and was too self-conscious to meet Su Jing He’s eyes.

“We’ve let Cousin and Cousin-in-law wait a long time!” Lian Fang Zhou smiled.
Ah Jian also smiled but his gaze stayed on her, as if reluctant to move away.

Fang Qing nodded: “Let’s keep going, the viewing platform is just in front.
We should go up and take a look! Min Zhi said he had something to do, so he won’t join us.”

Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian shared a look.
Smiling, they agreed and the group continued to move forward.

While they walked, Lian Fang Zhou sighed silently.
Had Cui Shao Xi said something? As soon as she thought this, she told herself: why are you worrying about a young master like him? Even if he’s unhappy right now, something new will attract his attention and it will be fine!

She really didn’t need to feel so guilty.

The quickly reached the observation deck where Steward Wei was waiting to point out the different areas and give them a detailed summary of where and what they were.

The viewing platform was surrounded by chrysanthemums, all of which were the ordinary, small wild varieties in yellow and white.

Although wild chrysanthemums were commonplace, these were like an ocean of flowers and the visual effect they created was extremely pleasing to the eye.

On the Double Ninth, out of all the places in the park, this viewing platform would definitely get the most visits.
Not only would you have the best of both worlds when you climb high, you could also appreciate the scenery on the way up.

Past the viewing platform, the sun gradually sank below the western horizon, covering everything between heaven and earth with a soft, golden light.

Everyone was tired after playing all day and agreed to go down to look at the racecourse before returning to their residences to rest.
Someone would bring food from the Mansion, so they didn’t need to worry about this.

The racecourse was enormous and divided into inner and outer courts.

The infield was as big as a football field.
In addition to horse riding and games, it could also be used by guests who wanted to practice their riding skills or ass a place for official competitions.

The outfield was a full circle running around the foot of the viewing platform.
The ground was flat and lightly sparsed with hillsides and trees, making it seem more exciting.

TN: Woo, finally got a confirmation on our romance!

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