ined?” Lian Fang Qing glanced at Yang Wen Zhong and Yang Wen Xiao contemptuously and snorted with disdain.

Lian Ze and Lian Che had not planned on telling Lian Fang Qing about this but the little girl had overheard them.
According to her she had ‘accidentally’ heard it and when she was so angry she wanted to follow them, they had no choice but to agree.

When Yang Wen Zhong saw that this little girl dared talk to him like that, his fear cleared away.
He looked at Lin Jin, Lin Fei, and his brother and felt that of course, they were not afraid.
Feeling that this was unfair, he shouted angrily: “What are you talking about, you little bitch! Not only the two of us, but them too! Hmph, so what if we bullied him? What are you going to do if we bullied him today?”

Lin Jin and Lin Fei looked dark when they saw that Yang Wen Zhong didn’t forget to pull them into the water.

Different from Yang Wen Zhong’s ignorance, Yang Wen Xiao quickly understood and stopped Yang Wen Zhong.
He glared at the other party and hummed: “So you are here for what happened that day? Haha, just because you want to take revenge?”

While speaking, Yang Wen Zhong screamed again.
Startled, Yang Wen Xiao was taken aback and looked over to see that Lian Fang Qing had used a slingshot to hit Yang Wen Zhong with another stone, hitting him in the chest.

Lian Fang Qing giggled and clapped her hands, mocking: “Idiot!”

Lin Jin and Lin Fei were so happy to see him deflate, their eyes flickering and stealing glances aside as they gloated.

“Bitch! You’re looking for death!” Yang Wen Zhong howled with embarrassment.
Both he and Yang Wen Xiao were furious.
Seeing Yang Wen Zhong rush to fight Lian Fang Qing, he said to Lin Jin and Lin Fei: “This kid, Lian Che, is too insidious, you guys! Come and help if you want to play with us in the future!”

Lin Fei was startled and hesitated.
The four of them got along the best in the school.
Other than the Yang brothers, none of the other students would play with them.
Yang Wen Xiao’s words were quite effective.

Lin Jin rolled his eyes but he smiled and said: “Isn’t it just these kids? Where are your opponents? You go first, we will prevent them from running away!”

Lin Fei also hurried to nodded and smile: “Yes, yes! Are you afraid of them? Can’t even beat these few people?”

Yang Wen Xiao was very annoyed and snorted before going forward.

Who knew that even before he could reach them, there was a scream and Yang Wen Zhong was laying on the ground, beaten, while Lian Che’s brother stepped on his back with an air of elegance.
Yang Wen Zhong, who was stepped on, was unable to move and extremely embarrassed.

At this moment, all three of the other boys were shocked, their expressions changing rapidly.

Although Yang Wen Zhong was a but stupid and had a bit of a temper, reacting two times slower than others and often unable to back down, he was not weak.
It was impossible for him to end up so badly after just one round in a fight.

Especially since the other party was about the same size as him.

Lian Fang Qing clapped her hands and laughed again, easily breaking off a branch from the side and slapping Yang Wen Zhong, who was being pressed into the ground.
She heedlessly beat him while cursing: “Who told you to bully my third brother! Don’t you dare bully him! Don’t you dare run rampant! Don’t dare want money!”

While cursing, she did not stop at all, so Yang Wen Zhong was screaming like a pig.

Yang Wen Xiao and the two Lins were all stunned, their eyes wide open and motionless.

In fact, this situation was… too weird!

The little girl looked so sweet, they wouldn’t have expected that in her hands, she was relentless, completely ruthless!

TN: I’m having so much fun picturing this…

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