Chapter 193: Shopping in the city

Then, the installation started.

Ah Jian, Lian Fang Zhou, Qin Feng, and Su Zi Ji were all helping so that the work could be finished as soon as possible.

The doors and windows of the living areas were made of ordinary wood and had basic workmanship, so Lian Fang Zhou had hired a carpenter from the village.

As for the warehouse and workshop where the workers would work in the future, they were all ordered from the city.
Whether it was the choice of wood or the meticulous workmanship, Lian Fang Zhou had specifically requested it.
And when it came to the delivery and installation, she and Ah Jian personally inspected each item.

As a result, those items were not ready so quickly.
The first batch had to be delivered after the end of the year and the second batch would have to wait until the end of the first month.

The living quarters were all small pieces.
With the help of Ah Jian, Lian Fang Zhou and the others, Carpenter Zhang and his two sons were able to work very quickly.

In addition to the doors and windows, there were also long bunks in the maid’s room.
There were a total of two bunks installed, one of which could accommodate twelve people.

There rooms were designed by Lian Fang Zhou herself and were modeled a bit after university dorms.
The bed was more than one meter high off the ground and there was a ladder to go up and down.
The bed was vertical and could hold six people and beneath the bed was a large wardrobe.
There was one of these bunks on each side.

The room also had a set of wooden shelves and tables for daily necessities, such as barrels and basins, and the other wall had a bench for temporary sitting.

The entire room was perfectly planned, neat and tidy, and clear at a glance.

The doors and windows had been easy to install but it took a long time to assemble the bunks.
When they finally finished, it was already twilight.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and thanked them for their hard work.
Seeing that it was getting dark, she gave them an extra sixty or so coins.
The carpenter and his sons were very happy and thanked them, smiling as they said that Miss Lian was very generous!

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and said nothing.

“The furniture for you two was not anticipated before, so we hadn’t prepared anything.
When we go to the city tomorrow, let’s buy a few ready-made ones.
They won’t cost as much!” Lian Fang Zhou smiled and said to Qin Feng and Su Zi Ji

The two agreed.

The next day, the five of them drove the donkey cart to the city.

They went to the furniture how and paid the deposit before going out to find lunch.
Afterwards, they would look for people to buy.

Lian Fang Zhou did not go to Liu Jia of Zhao Liu for help.

Buying a person was much different than hiring someone.
If Liu Jia or Zhao Liu introduced someone undesirable, it would be hard to resell them in the future.

For the first group of people, Lian Fang Zhou wanted to adhered to the principle of it was better to have nothing than something poor quality.
The workers needed to withstand hardship and work hard, but also must be loyal and not too stupid.
After all, her plans for the future were very important to her.

While they were eating lunch, a few people came into the noodle restaurant.
The cook saw them and asked with a smile, “I haven’t seen Miss Lian, Young Master Jian, and Young Master Lian for a while.
It’s been some time since you entered the city, right?”

Ah Juan nodded, smiling: “It’s been very busy.”

The man said, “Oh course, it’s almost New Year! Still want broth noodles?”

“Yes, five bowls, please.” Ah Jian nodded.

“Alright!” The man sang loudly, “Five bowls of broth noodles!” And then he started working.

Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian waited while chatting about gossip when a girl’s charming voice called out ‘Brother Ah Jian’ again and again in an unlikable manner.

Ah Jian stiffened and his first reaction was to look at Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou also happened to be looking at him, her eyes gleaming as her long lashes blinked, seemingly smiling.

Ah Jian suddenly blushed, a little embarrassed.

Qin Feng and Su Zi Ji did not know what was going on at all, they looked between Lian Fang Zhou, Ah Jian, and Lian Ze, their eyes flicking in puzzlement.

The three of them would never dream that Qin Feng and Su Zi Ji had come to a misunderstanding.
Seeing Master Jian’s steady and decent manner, who would have guessed he was a messy person! Listening to this voice, it was clearly not a good person! Tsk tsk, it’s really— people can’t look good!

Lian Ze didn’t conceal his disgust and couldn’t help but curse in a low voice: Really shameless! No shame or embarrassment!”

Qin Feng and Su Zi Ji couldn’t help but admire this: The second young master was still loyal and respectful to Master Jian, he wanted to say something but didn’t dare say it in front of him.

The crowd parted and a young lady dressed in a red embroidered narrow-sleeved quilt top and a white silk skirt, twisting and smiling like a water snake, came towards Ah Jian and the others.

Her eyes were so soft that water dripped out and she looked at Ah Jian without shyness.

She swished her gaze at Ah Jian.

“Brother Ah Jian, you’ve come to the city!” Xi Que laughed softly, indescribably close.

Ah Jian was so angry, his chest was rising and falling but the other party was a girl.
Otherwise, his fist would have already been flying.

“Fang Zhou, could you help…” Ah Jian sighed, looking at Lian Fang Zhou imploringly as he whispered.

Originally this was nothing but somehow, seeing Ah Jian’s pleading, Lian Fang Zhou felt slightly annoyed in her heart.
She groaned and stared at Ah Jian, “What, I should be the villain so you can be a good person? You don’t want to destroy your good image in people’s minds, eh?”

Ah Jian was at a loss for words.
He said in a daze, “I didn’t mean that…” his tone was a bit wronged and a little guilty.

While talking, the magpie had already come over to stand beside Ah Jian.
She smiled and said, “Brother Ah Jian, when did you arrive in the city? I knew you would definitely appear here!”

Her tone was quite triumphant and every mouthful of ‘you’ clearly disregarded Lian Fang Zhou and the others as nothing.

Ah Jian’s back was straight, and his face was stiff.
He stood without moving the joints of the arm she was holding, obviously extremely patient.

He was about to speak, only to hear Lian Fang Zhou chuckle and say: “Miss Xi Que is here again, don’t know what you’ve come for?”

Xi Que thought to herself that she was born in a big family and was the right arm of a lady.
Where would she look at a country girl like Lian Fang Zhou?

Hearing Lian Fang Zhou’s question, she raised her pointed chin subconsciously and snorted proudly, not looking at Lian Fang Zhou.

However, when she glanced out of the corner of her eye, she found that Lian Fang Zhou’s eyes were to the side, not even looking at her at all! She was suddenly furious: Just a country girl, how rude!

She didn’t want to answer Lian Fang Zhou but seeing her act so indifferently after asking, as if she did not care if Xi Que answered or not, and that Ah Jian and the others weren’t paying attention to her at all, her heart felt stagnant.
She couldn’t help but say, “My lady is at the Fuyi restaurant opposite the street.
Please go and talk with her, Brother Ah Jian!”

Xi Que’s voice was stiff and after saying this, she added: “Come with me!”

TN: Girl was laying in wait, haha!

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