“Count Burns may come with you.”

At the words of the Marquis of Henderson, Elliot nodded his head.
They started walking after her.
It seemed that the time to go home would be delayed.

“The Iron Palace is the palace where Her Highness, the Queen Mother, is staying.”

Oh no, Elliot didn’t know where they were going.
She quickly leaned over to him and whispered.
Come to think of it, he followed without even knowing who was calling.
He was really fearless

Elliot nodded his head as if he understood what she was saying, and asked.

“Why is it called the Iron Palace?”

Usually, the palace was accompanied by fancy or pleasant words such as the crystal palace or the palace of spring.
However, the palace of Her Highness, the Queen Mother, has been called the Iron Palace since about a hundred years ago.

She spoke in a low voice so that the Marquis could not hear.

“About a hundred years ago there was a war and the palace was invaded.”

“Ah, I know.”

She guessed so.
Because it’s such a famous story.
She heard that the academy has a history class.
His history teacher must have told him.

“At the time, His Highness the King was at his family’s house.
All that was left was the young princess and Her Highness the Queen Mother.”

Fortunately, the queen at the time was pregnant, so she was said to have evacuated to the province.
All she has left in the palace is the queen mother and the little princess.
She was said to have endured for forty days until the king led soldiers and returned to the queen, who fled to the iron palace with the princess to escape the enemy who attacked the palace.

“After that, the palace is called the Iron Palace.
It has been the palace of Her Highness the Queen Mother for generations.”


Elliot spoke politely, and she gave him the same look.
It lasted forty days.
When she first heard the story from her history teacher, she was amazed that a princess in her teens and a queen in her fifties managed to hold out for forty days with a handful of soldiers.
And now, leaving only the young daughter and mother in the palace, she was amazed at what the king would have thought after leading soldiers to his parents’ house.

“How did they stop them?”

Elliot asked as they stood in front of the Iron Palace.
That’s the most amazing thing.
Contrary to its name, the Iron Palace, Her Majesty’s Palace is not a building for defense.
This castle was a detached palace on one side of the royal palace.
The moment the royal palace was invaded, the lives of the queen and the princess could not have been guaranteed.
The palace was occupied by the enemy and the road to the outside was blocked.
Nevertheless, the queen and princess endured for forty days.

“There are several hypotheses.”

She said, recalling a story she had heard from her history teacher.
Didn’t the academy not tell him about this? Come to think of it, since she learned one-on-one, she had time to talk about various things.

“There is a theory that there was a secret passage and supplies were supplied there…”

“But that doesn’t answer how they defended the castle.”

Elliot looked back at the door, which looked like it would break with one hit from the battering ram, she said.
So it was still a question among those who study history and tactics.

“There are rumors that he was careless because there were only two women.”


At her words, Elliot laughed with an expression that made no sense.
As she raised her head, he looked down at her and asked.

“Did the person who told you the story really believe it?”

She didn’t think so.
The teacher also said that some idiot claimed so.
Well, that’s what she thought.
They were the king’s mother and daughter.
If she were the enemy, she would try to catch them somehow.
The best thing would be to capture him alive, but he wouldn’t have cared if he died.

“What Mr.
Kenneth believed in was the power of fairies, if you had to.”

She smiled as he said that.
Kenneth said that the fact that the queen mother and the princess were alive during a blind battle for 40 days was amazing.
It meant they had faith that they would survive.
That belief, Mr.
Kenneth, considered it to be the power of a fairy.


Elliot nodded quietly.
Meanwhile, they entered the building and went through a long hallway.
It seemed to lead them to the tea room.
Following the Marquis, she realized where they were going.
She had been to this palace several times.
To be precise, she get invited once or twice a year.

“Masha, you rest.”

As she entered the tea room guided by the Marquise, Her Highness, the Queen Mother, was sitting there as she expected.
At her words, the Marquise’s eyes turned to Elliot.
Why? She wished she had something to say, but the Marquise, who looked at Elliot for a moment, quickly lowered her head and withdrew.

“Sit down.”

There were only three left in the room.
The Queen Mother sat across from her and Elliot and began to stare at Elliot.
Did she call Elliot, not her? Just when she was thinking about that, Her Highness the Queen Mother said.

“You look good.”

“Thank you.”

Elliot greeted her without a hint of embarrassment.
If it were Eugene, she would have been embarrassed and said thank you for being a parent, but he took a very natural attitude.
She asked with a slightly disapproving expression, wondering if Her Highness, the Queen Mother, felt the same way as she did.

“Does he know that he is good-looking?”

But it seemed to be a compliment.
He just said thank you.”

Uh, well, that’s right.
Because it’s usually a good-looking compliment.
She squinted her eyes and started looking at Elliot.
Did he really not know that he was good-looking? Was he that good looking? On their way here today, men as well as women who had passed us stopped and looked at Elliot.
In particular, the old men were even impressed.


Elliot, the queen’s highness, didn’t seem to like her.
She looked at him, still disapproving, then turned her head to her and asked.

“You made a fuss at the ball.”

Ugh, that was it.
She tried to shrug her shoulders and stopped.
Turning her head slightly, Elliot was making a face that asked if it was like this.
She quickly turned her head toward Her Highness, the Queen Mother.

And she said it as calmly as possible.

It was Lord Masterson who made the fuss.”

Her Majesty the Queen looked like she knew Eugene would.
She laughed and said.

“All I heard was that you were giving Count Serado a lot of trouble.”

“I don’t know who it is, but I’ve sent a message to Her Highness.
It was Sir Masterson, not me, who troubled Count Serado.”

It seemed that Her Highness the Queen Mother knew about it.

“I hear you quarreled with Lord Masterson and troubled Count Serado.”


She had often met Her Highness the Queen Mother since she was young.
In this way, she called and scolded her when she got involved in a riot, and after a few experiences, she learned how to behave.
At her call, the Queen Mother put on an expression asking for an explanation.
She straightened her up and stretched out her chest.

“Anyway, the person who told me the story seems to have some prejudice against me.
Those two things happened independently of me.”

“Separate? Didn’t Count Serado get in trouble because of your quarrel with Lord Masterson?”

That’s how it seemed.
She was thinking about who would have said that to Her Highness the Queen Mother.

“I can’t say we quarreled.
I just told Lord Masterson not to bully a child younger than himself in public.”

“Young kid?”

“A girl named Lauren Leeds, sponsored by Lord Masterson.
She was holding his arm until she bruised her.
Couldn’t that be called discipline?”

She would rather be whipped in the calf or slapped in the palm of her hand in a place where there were no people, but catching her with a bruise on her arm couldn’t be called discipline or punishment.
When punished, the emotional part must be excluded.
You should get scolded because you did something wrong, and you shouldn’t get scolded for hurting someone’s feelings.
The Queen Mother was impressed by her words.
It seemed she didn’t like what she was saying, but she couldn’t help it.
She kept talking

“When you point it out to someone, you don’t know whether the person who pointed it out will accept the point or attack others for being unfair.
It is unfortunate that Lord Masterson chose the latter, but it is not my fault.”

Then, a smile appeared on Her Highness’s face, the Queen Mother.
She was always like this.
After throwing some accusations at her, she would feel better if she passed them off a little shamelessly.

“How is it, Count Burns? Do you think Eugene is right too?”

Elliot, who had been watching what was going on, quickly replied to Her Highness’ words.


“You must have been in trouble because of this child?”


Elliot put on a look that he didn’t know what she was talking about.
And when Her Highness the Queen Mother opened her mouth as if to explain, he spoke quickly.

“I have never had any trouble.
Lady Biscon is always right.”

Why was it her share of embarrassment? She clenched her fists with her hands resting on her lap to deal with the awkwardness.
As soon as they get out of there, she needed to give this guy some attention.
And ask him to not say such strange things in front of people.

The Queen Mother was staring at Elliot with a disapproving expression.
She looked at Eugene for a moment, then looked back at Elliot.

“You seem to be very close with Eugenie.”

Then Elliot looked at her this time.
He smiled at her and turned to the Queen Mother.

“We are getting closer.”

Again, a disapproving look appeared on Her Highness’s face.
Maybe that expression was the default expression.
She remembered that she had that expression from when she was very young and kept her mouth shut.

“I’m asking out of old age…”

The queen, who was so fortunate, immediately shut her mouth.
And she asked Elliot again.

“Where are you from?”

“It is the northern side.
It’s close to Izu.”

Elliot named the largest city in the North.
It’s a bit cold and rough there, so there weren’t many territories as big as the south.
The land was large, but there were few territories.
Thanks to this, there were no territories in the north that could be called cities other than Izu.
That meant that the only territory that people could know was Izu.

“Is it Izu?”

The Queen Mother seemed to think for a moment, then she asked again.

“Who are your parents? Are you originally from Izu?”

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