She had pointed that out to Awning, too.
But hearing it come out of Count Burns’ mouth sounded even stranger.
Was there a difference in the way he speaks?

“Ah, no, I made an appointment with a friend…”

Awning’s flustered attitude seemed more strange than before.
Count Burns tilted his head and said sarcastically:

“You chose a friend instead of your fiancé, you seem to be very close to that person?”

He was being sarcastic, right? She blinked her eyes, not knowing why Count Burns was saying that.
It was as if Awning was having an affair.
But she could say that it was not.
She had never seen or heard of Awning with another woman.
The closest women in his life were his mother and her.
They also played a major role in the success of this engagement.

“No, that…”

Awning was at a loss.
He felt sorry for that and pathetic at the same time.
If it were her, she would say that she would watch a performance with her fiancé even now.
However, it seemed that he had to watch the show only with his friends.
Now that she thought about it, she was starting to think that this was a bit strange.

“The time is up.
Shouldn’t you go to that dear friend soon?”

Awning’s face turned red at Count Burns’ sarcasm.
Looking at it this way, she thought it’s only natural that Awning hated the exchange between her and Count Burns.
He’s like, who didn’t like hanging out with his fiancé who he didn’t get along with.
She quickly spoke to Count Burns.

“Count, Erning is my fiancé.
Don’t be rude.”

The action of the two stopped.
This situation was inconvenient.
Both were close to her and one of them was getting married to her.
She spoke to Count Burns again.

“Please apologize.”

Count Burns stared at her, then turned to Awning.
And he said it in a very polite manner.

“I apologize for the rudeness, Lord Rencid.”

Awning seemed a little taken aback by Count Burns’ polite attitude, but he quickly came to his senses.
When she saw him leaving the tea-house in a hurry, she lashed out at Count Burns.

“Why do you hate Awnings so much?”

“What do you mean?”

Count Burns didn’t know what she was talking about.
This man was really good at acting.
She suddenly realized that.
If she didn’t know Count Burns well, she might have thought he was such a rude person.
But Count Burns was a kind and gentle man.
Although he’s kind of scary sometimes.

She asked, putting her hand on her hip.

“You were mean to Awning.
Why are you doing this? Did Awning even take your money?”

That was not possible.
She didn’t think there were many people who could take something away from Count Burns.
Besides, she couldn’t believe that Awning stole something from someone else.
She thought at least Awning was good.
But Count Burns didn’t seem to think like that.

He was looking at her with a strange expression.
Did it seem absurd to him that Awning took his money? While thinking so, Count Burns checked his watch and said,

“We’ll have to go in soon.”

Only then did she recall the performance she had forgotten about.
And that Awning went without paying for the tea.

“This is mine.”

Count Burns said so, taking some coins from his bosom and placing them on the table.
It’s okay.
Having said that, he shook his head.

“Because I was being rude.”

That said, she had no intention of asking him to pay for the tea.
She asked as she left the coffeehouse with him and crossed the road to the theater.

“Didn’t you come in to drink something?”

Before going in, I was hungry and thought I would eat something simple.”

He said he missed it because he met Awning and her.
She put on a pitiful expression as she looked at his much larger body than hers.
When one grew up like that, they needed to eat a lot.

“I need to order something to eat.”

She talked as she walked with her hand on the inside of his arm.
It’s amazing that even though he’s so tall, it’s not hard to walk with him.
When she was walking with Awning or Oliver, she had to walk fast.

There were times when she had to run often.

“I can come back during intermission.”

Count Burns said that and led her to her seat.
Not really.
But everyone prefers to bring food to their seats.

But did he know there was a break in between? She looked up at Count Burns in amazement.
It was only after watching the performance that she realized that there was a break in the middle of the performance.
Had this person ever seen this performance? Come to think of it, he said he knew a few famous performances before.
It wasn’t that he knew the plot, but that he knew it by actually seeing it? As she was about to ask, she heard her mother’s voice.

“How are you two coming together?”

Her mother and Oliver had already arrived and were waiting for them in the lobby.
Oliver, as well as her mother, seemed surprised to see her coming with Count Burns.
She briefly explained that she had met Count Burns while she was with Awning.

“Awning left you alone?”

Oliver looked bewildered.
Come to think of it, yes.
Didn’t he leave his fiancée alone with another man? He’s even the one he told her not to be too close with.
But he’s her fiancé, and regardless of how he left her, she had to be loyal.

She said to defend Awning.

“His friend was waiting for him.
We have to meet before the show starts.”

“Wait a moment.
So Awning is with his friends?”

At her mother’s point, she shut up.
Did she just talk? It was even more upsetting when her mother pointed it up.

“It is.

Then Count Burns opened his mouth.
Why was he here? Startled, she stabbed him in the side.
But it was so hard that only her elbow, which had been pricked, started to hurt.
Still, thanks to that, Count Burns kept his mouth shut.

She urged her mother and Oliver to wait.

“The show is about to start.
Come on in.”

The lobby was already empty because everyone had entered.
They followed the staff’s guidance and headed to Count Burns’ seat.


Oliver’s expression changed to surprise when he checked the seat.
He asked Count Burns as soon as the staff escorted them and left.

“I didn’t know you were close with Count Edouard.”

Box seats in theaters were usually sold when they were built.
Some people with a lot of money preoccupy a few.
It was not easy for an emerging aristocrat like Count Burns to occupy it because it was possible to maintain it by paying only the annual fee.
Naturally, they assumed that Count Burns had briefly borrowed it from an aristocrat with whom he was acquainted.
A lot of people did that.
Invite relatives and friends, or even lend them out once or twice.

“Oh, no.”

But Count Burns simply disappointed their expectations.
He said it with a natural expression, and then suggested her mother to sit in the front row.

“He didn’t seem to need it, so I asked him to hand it over to me.”

He thought he didn’t need it? Oliver’s and her eyer collided.
Of course, if you were asked to choose between necessary and unnecessary box seats in a theater like this, it was close to unnecessary.
To be honest, box seats were for show off.
Unless you’re a fan of the show.

Even on Biscon family, there were no box seats.
Although her mother liked performances, she didn’t go to the theater often, and her father has no interest in it.
Besides, the Biscon were poor.
She heard that the only time they were able to afford to go to the theater was after my mother and father got married.
Before that, they wouldn’t have been able to afford to watch a performance in regular seats, let alone own a box seat.

“Let’s sit down.”

Since the performance had begun, her mother turned to them and said, Count Burns gave her the front seat, so she sat next to her mother.
And Oliver and Count Burns sat behind them.

“I heard that Count Edouard’s economic situation has recently deteriorated.”

She was looking at the stage through her binoculars when she heard Oliver’s voice from behind.
Okay? She almost turned her head, but she succeeded in fixing her eyes on the stage.

“Is that so?”

Count Burns asked back as if he didn’t know.
Knowing his expression now, she smiled.
He must be brazenly blinking his eyes and making a face that he didn’t know.
It was good to see his blue eyes twinkling mischievously at such times.

“You didn’t know?”

To Oliver’s question, Count Burns said nothing.
Ugh, it’s frustrating because she couldn’t see his expression.
She was dying to see what face he’s making now.

Oliver’s voice came again.

“Because it’s between us, let’s talk.
How much did you pay Count Edouard for this?”

“I didn’t buy it.”

Despite his brother’s insistence, Count Burns stood firm.
Did Count Edouard really just hand it over?

Box seats did not appear on the market.
Like Count Edouard, it was common to hand over to someone close to you if you couldn’t maintain it due to a bad economic situation.
Rarely was it handed over to a stranger like Count Burns.
So it could be expected that Count Burns paid a considerable amount of money to get this box seat.
Of course, it would be embarrassing if it became known that the box seats were sold for a price, so it’s common to say that they just handed them over.

“Eugenie, would you like to call someone?”

Suddenly, the performance was running towards the middle.
At her mother’s request, she looked up to see the main character on stage listening to a woman with her hood pressed down.
Was it a curse? Or a prophecy?

She asked, trying to be interested in the performance even if it was late.

“What shall I order?”

They could call the staff and order a light snack.
Just tea or roasted peanuts.
Her mother said to order tea.She had to go to the bathroom while she went out and call the staff.
When she got up, Count Burns followed her and said,

“I’ll make you company.”

“It’s fine.
I want to get some fresh air.”

“I can’t let you go alone.”

She didn’t want to guide this guy to the bathroom.
But if she procrastinated for no reason and it’s time for a break, the hallway would be crowded.
So she nodded because she didn’t want to stand in line in front of the bathroom.

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