, and our title was the same.

A ‘noble lady’ was a title used for a princess or a duke’s daughter, so her older brother’s words earlier were kind of sarcastic.

“By the way, by Lady Devon, you mean Millie, right? Eugenie, weren’t you at the same meeting as her?”


Millie and she belong to the White Rose Society.
It was a service meeting of aristocratic ladies.
Of course, they didn’t just do volunteer work, they also met irregularly and drank tea.

But since she wasn’t very close with Milly, she had a bit of trouble remembering the last time she saw her.
Did they do anything special at that time?

“I don’t think there has been much change.”

The last meeting of the White Rose Society was two weeks ago.
It was not a regular meeting, but as always most of them attended to drink tea at the chairman’s house.
The thing was, she didn’t remember what Millie said or if she did anything particularly strange.
In fact, she had forgotten about Millie until she remembered it at that moment.

She was the quiet type and lived a normal life like the other noble ladies.
The reason why her name has risen the most in social circles was because of the news of her engagement.

It’s not that she was particularly engaged or that she was engaged to a weird partner.
Millie’s fiance was Lord Baltigor, whom she remembered as a quiet person like Millie.
It’s just that socialites were passionate about someone’s love, engagement, and marriage.

“It’s a pity that the poor girl has lost her mind.”

Her mother gave her a pitiful look, as she said so.
She lost her mind, what did she do? She always thought of the quiet Millie and imagined her doing something that would make her say she was crazy.
But she couldn’t imagine it.

“How will the Viscounts of Baltigor react?”

Oliver’s question brought her to my senses.
She knew.
Sir Baltigor, who was pushing aside their marriage, was still engaged with Millie.

“They will break off the marriage.”

At her mother’s sighed words, she sighed as well.
She felt sorry for Millie and Lord Voltigor, who only knew her face.

“Rather than that, Oliver.
This is not the time to talk about engagements.”

It wasn’t long before she sighed over the sad story of Milly and Lord Baltigor that her mother slapped Oliver on the shoulder with her fan, and cast her gaze to one side while continuing her words.

“Let’s go over there.”

Seeing where her mother’s gaze was directed, she saw several unmarried young ladies gathered together with their companions.
The purpose of those proms was definitely to find a mate.

And unlike her, who got engaged a few months ago, Oliver wasn’t even engaged yet, and he didn’t even have a marriage rumor.

She waved at Oliver, who was being led to her mother like a cow to the slaughterhouse.
Normally, Oliver’s engagement should have been earlier than hers but it wasn’t probably due to Oliver’s delay.

“Could you be alone for a while?”

Taking Oliver away, their mother asked with a worried expression.
She was not a child, but sometimes she felt like a five-year-old when listening to her mother.


She said, holding back a laugh at her mother’s concern.

“There is an awning over there.
I’ll go there if necessary.”

Only after her mother looked back at the awning where her best friend was she nodded her head.
And then, along with Oliver, they headed towards a gathering of unmarried women.

“Eugenie, did you come alone?”

As soon as her mother left, a familiar voice spoke to her.
When she found her mother’s distant relatives, Sir Escalee and his daughter, Julia, she greeted them with a smile.

“Hello, Sir Escalee.
And Julia.”

Now that she had just turned eighteen, Julia was wearing a lovely dress like a young girl who had just made her social debut.
She complimented her dress and explained to Sir Escalee that her mother and brother had gone over there for a while.

Then Sir Escalee stroked his chin and said.

“I guess Oliver still hasn’t found a woman he likes?”


She sighed with an excessively sorry attitude and said so.
Sir Escalee grinned at her attitude and then looked at Julia and said:

“In my heart, I want to ask him what he thinks about taking Julia as his wife, but… ”


At the same time as her eyes widened, Julia shouted.
‘My’ Just like that she started pretending not to see her face turning red.

Fortunately, it seemed that Sir Escalee was just talking without a proper objective.
He chuckled at his daughter, who was blushing in her face.

“Because I’m too weak to stand near Oliver.”

She smiled as she saw Julia twisting her body, as if she was quite embarrassed.
Sir Escalee said so because he heard that Julia was rejecting all her marriage talks.

It’s an excuse.
Of course, Julia hasn’t graduated from her academy yet, but everyone knew that Lord Escalee, who lost her wife and raised her daughter alone, wants to spend more time with her daughter before marring her out.

“Julia is perfect.
It’s because Oliver is too old.”

As she thought, Sir Escalee smiled happily at her words.
The Countess of Biscon may be a coveted position, but Oliver is a bit older for Julia.

For a father who cherishes his daughter, having a son-in-law 10 years older than her daughter was a big drawback.

“By the way, why isn’t His Highness coming yet?”

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