“I heard you had a problem with the Duke?”

Two days later, Awning, who visited after lunch, asked her as soon as he kissed her cheek.
She put on a look of ‘how did you know’, and he shrugged his shoulders.

“At the club.”

It must be the club Oliver goes to.
She heard that the name of the club should be changed to ‘Talk Club’ instead of ‘High Hat Club’.
She said with a snort.

“I guess Oliver already told you?”


Awning quickly sided with Oliver.
Sometimes she didn’t know if that guy was her fiancé or Oliver’s fiancée.
Of course, Oliver jumped up.
He held her hand as if to soothe her and spoke softly.

“Lord Grander said so.”

Ah, Count Grander.
Lord Grander’s father came to mind.
He was one of those who attended the banquet last night.
Count of Grander.
He was sitting some distance away from me.
Come to think of it, there was also a letter from Count Grander.
She sighed and sat down.
It seems there are rumors about what happened last night.
Two came this morning alone.
She got one after lunch.
Both were apologies for what happened yesterday.
It wasn’t from Duke Germalot or Viscount Patterson.
The nobles who were present, like the Count of Grander, sent a letter saying they were sorry that they were only watching.
Of course, there were more chatter mixed with surprise than sorry, saying that they didn’t know how Duke Germarot and Viscount Patterson could be so rude.
One was a letter asking if she was okay.
He wasn’t there yesterday, but it was a letter that made me angry after hearing about it.
Thanks to that, her anger has subsided a lot now.

My mother is writing a letter right now.”

“What letter?”

What letter could it be? She said as she lifted the teacup brought by the servant.

“I have to tell Her Highness the Queen about yesterday’s events.”

Neither the Duke of Germalot nor Viscount Patterson seemed willing to apologize first.
If they had, they wouldn’t have acted that way yesterday.
Her mother was very angry that the Duke had accused her of trying to harm Viscount Aston.
To the point that she said she had to work her heart out a bit to write the letter.

“Are you going to give the letter to Her Highness the Queen? Eugenie, isn’t that a bit excessive?”

What? She looked at him as if she were seeing him for the first time.
Awning said with a worried expression.

“Then what if the Duke has any regrets about the Viscons?”


“Duke Germarot is the uncle of His Highness the King.
I’m saying this because there’s nothing good about looking wrong with someone like that.”

He might think so.
She nodded.
Since Duke Germarot was the king’s uncle, everyone tried to be careful in front of him.
But that didn’t mean he’s better than the other nobles or that he could be rude to them.
If that was allowed, the nobles would be loyal to the Duke of Germarot, not to His Highness.
And there’s no way the king would be happy with that.
Because the Duke has the right to succeed to the throne.
Shesaid to comfort Awning’s worries.

“The one who was rude first was over there.
What would the country be like if the Duke was rude because he was the uncle of His Highness the King?”

No matter how Duke he was, he couldn’t treat his guest as a culprit after only hearing rumors about harming people.
But Awning didn’t seem to think so.
He said with a stern expression.

“Don’t be selfish, Eugenie.”

“What? What am I being selfish about?”

She asked, not knowing why Awning was angry.
Just then, the butler from outside knocked on the door.
It was slightly open, so he must have heard the quarrel between her and Awning.
Her face heated up when she thought he might have intervened to stop our quarrel.

She was so ashamed.
She closed her mouth and took a deep breath before speaking.


“My lady, a guest has arrived.”

“A guest?”

No one was scheduled to come today.
Was Julia there? As she tilted her head, the butler came in and said,

“This is Count Burns.”

Normally, she would have told him to return.
After all, they were not close enough to visit without contact.
But she was angry with Awning, and she thought it was better to be with Count Burns, who came without contact, than to talk with Awning alone.

“Take himme.”

At her words, the butler looked at Awning without a word.
And he asked me again.

“Where can I take him?”

I want to introduce you to Count Burns.”

“All right.”

Awning now had a disapproving expression.
She’s with him, but she didn’t seem to mind having other men in the room.
But she had no intention of fighting him over nonsense like this.

“Lady Biscon.”

Soon after, Count Burns entered the drawing room, guided by the butler.
He came up to her and kissed her hand, then he turned his head to look at Awning and said:

“I didn’t know your friend was with you.”

“Oh, no.”

She said in surprise.
Wasn’t it normal to think they were engaged if they were alone in a room? Plus he knew she was engaged.
She quickly introduced Awning to Count Burns.

“This is my fiancé, Sir Awning Rencid.
Awning, this is Count Burns.”

“Ah, Sir Rencid.”

A smile appeared on Count Burns’ face.
He said, holding out his hand toward the Awning.

“This is Elliot Burns.
Lady Biscon has been helping me a lot lately.”

Awning had a slightly surprised expression.
He stared blankly at Count Burns, but belatedly found his hand and held it.

“Oh, this is Awning Rencid.”

“If I had known you were with your fiancé, I would have come a little later.”

Count Burns said so and lightly shook Awning’s hand.


Suddenly Awning screamed.
She looked at the two in surprise, and Count Burns asked Awning with a strange expression.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh, no…”

Awning’s gaze turned to Count Burns’ hand.
The two of them had already separated their hands.
What? She made a face asking why, and Count Burns tilted his head while Aning said tremblingly.

“I must have misunderstood something.”

She offered a seat to the two of them and sat down on the sofa.
Soon a servant came in with tea for Count Burns.

“You said yesterday that you would send a letter to Her Highness, the Queen.”

Raising the teacup, Count Burns opened his mouth.
She glanced at Awning and said.

My mother is writing it now.”

“Could you please stop for a moment?”

What? While she was confused, Awning intervened.

“Are you worried about it as well, Count Burns?”


Count Burns’ gaze turned to Awning.
What did he mean? She said to his face again what Awning said to her.

“Duke Gemarot is the uncle of His Highness the King.
There’s nothing good about being seen as wrong by someone like that.
After all, I believed that Count Burns would be a wise man.”

Count Burns looked at her at the words of Awning.
Then he smiled and asked.

“Lady Biscon’s fiancé?”

My? She nodded her head and he asked again.

“Who did the introductions?”

Who did them? She pondered for a while.
She didn’t remember very well.
They met at a party and have been friends for years.
Then Awning courted here, and they had only been engaged for a few months.

“It was done by my mother.”

It was Awning who answered instead of her.
Count Burns looked at Awning and smiled.
And, to be sure, the smile was not well-intentioned.
She wanted to ask why he was laughing so hard, but Count Burns spoke first.

To know that your fiancé has been through something unpleasant, and still you think of your own comfort first.”

Awning’s face turned red.
She pondered for a moment whether she should be angry with Count Burns.

“No, I’m worried about Eugenie…”

“They treated your fiancé as a heinous criminal who harmed people, but since the other person is stronger, you have no self-respect as a nobleman or a saint, let alone as a man?”

Count Burns’ accusation was sharp.
Surprised by his cold demeanor, she sat there blankly, not thinking of stopping him.
Awning also had an expression as if he had been stabbed by his sword.
Seeing that, Count Burns spoke again with a look of contempt.

“The heir of Viscount Rencid is only at this level.”

“Count Burns.”

Until there.
She came to her senses and held out her hand toward Count Burns.
That was the first time this person has been this sharp.
If she hadn’t known that Awning and Count Burns were seeing each other for the first time, she would have thought that Awning had done something wrong to Count Burns.

“Stop it.”

Awning was trembling with shame.
Or he’s terrified.
He stared blankly at Count Burns with a white face and jumped up from his seat.
And just like that, he went out.


She called, but Awning didn’t stop.
She got up and tried to follow him.
But someone held her hand.

“Lady Biscon.”

It was Count Burns that said, shaking his head.

“Do not go.”


Awning was her fiancé.
He was attacked by an acquaintance of hers, and she should comfort him.
But Count Burns didn’t seem to think so.

“Sir Rencid ignored you.
If I had to pick a victim here, it would be you.”

That’s right.
She hesitated and sat down.
Still, she felt uncomfortable.

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