Huh? Did she say something wrong? Before she could finish her words, she hesitated when she saw Julia and Lauren exchanging curious glances.
She heard that there were people who lived as mistresses because of money and love.
Sometimes, there were people who became mistresses of high-ranking people out of a desire to get ahead.
But Julia didn’t want to live like that did she? Then, wasn’t there a small chance that her life would go according to her dreams?

“No one becomes a government because they want to.”

Lauren said firmly.
The look on her face made her look like she was about 38, not 18, so she was speechless this time.

“Lord Masterson spends a lot of money on my dress and my academy.
I am in debt.
Can I deny what he wants?”

She knew what she meant.
She opened her mouth to speak, but she didn’t know what to say, so she closed it again.
There were so many thoughts in her head, but not many that she could say.
She picked her thoughts and put one of them in her mouth.

“Do you think Lord Masterson wants you to get close to Lord Sekei?”

Lauren had a hard time answering, but she quickly nodded her head.
It was like that.

Her chest tightened, so she leaned against the back of the sofa.
She could see why Lauren wanted to quit the academy.
But at the same time, she had a feeling that it wouldn’t help much.
The Mastersons, she heard, were having a hard time with the Liz family’s business failures.
The House of Viscount Masterson had fallen, and only its collaborators would barely survive.
One of them should be Liz’s uncle, Rust Masterson.
Was it an investment? Or maybe they said to him to pay off the debt.
In any case, Lord Masterson must have been helped by Lord Sekei.
He’s giving up his nephew in return.

Feeling really bad, she jumped up and went to the window.
She heard that there were many bad people in the world.
But all those bad people only existed in newspapers and stories.
It was the first time that there was a victim in such close proximity.

But wait.

As she stood in front of the open window and took a deep breath, she realized one thing.
All of that was Lauren’s dream.
The only thing that actually happened was that she met Lord Sekei through Lord Masterson’s introduction.


Then, Count Burns passed through the window in her eyes.
What was it, why was that man passing by there?

Count Burns was walking across the garden, not across the road.
Maybe take a walk across someone else’s garden? While thinking nonsense, their eyes met.

Did Count Buns mention he was coming home today? But Oliver said he had an appointment and left early in the morning.
She took off her hat and nodded to Count Burns as he greeted her.
And quickly turned to look at Lauren and Julia.

She had a guest and that had priority.

“Liz, isn’t the possibility that your dream was a precognitive dream?”

Like her dream, it seems unlikely that Lauren had a precognitive dream.
There’s no way two prophets would suddenly appear.

No, there were three.

She remembered the prophet she heard at the palace ball not too long ago.
That man kidnapped her.
Everyone asked if she was okay, but she was surprisingly not shocked.
The kidnapping time was short, and to be honest, it was because Count Burns’ actions surprised her more than the shock of the kidnapping.
She heard that the person who suffered the least damage that day was Tetto.
He ended up with one of his legs and one of his arms broken.
More than that, she didn’t know.
No one told her what had happened to the excited Oliver since her mother stopped him.
Of course, she didn’t even bother to ask.
She didn’t want to find out how much they were hurt, so that her dream would not be disturbed.

“It is my life.”

After thinking for a moment, Lauren quietly opened her mouth.
She looked at her with unwavering eyes and continued her words.

“Can Lady Biscon dismiss it as just a nightmare in my situation?”

That’s it.
She walked over to the sofa across from Lauren and Julia and sat down.
She also acted similarly to her.
She tried to keep Count Burns and her family from meeting and tried to distance herself from him.

But she couldn’t.

She stared blankly at Lauren, frowning on her.
She also tried to act differently than the dream, but she couldn’t blame Lauren.
She sighed and asked.

“What are your plans?”


“For your dream to stop being a precognitive dream, you have to act differently.
You’re asking how you would act differently.”

As she spoke, she asked herself if her current situation was different from her dream.
Was it different? She didn’t know.
Soon after, the butler knocked on the door and came in and came over to her.

“If you are a guest…”

She met Count Burns’ eyes earlier.
Common sense made it more plausible that he was visiting someone else’s garden rather than taking a walk in his garden.
But she was meeting a customer right now and he came suddenly without contact first.
She was about to say that if Count Burns was looking for her, send him back.
But the butler shook his head and said.

“Count Burns left a message.”

A message? When she made a face asking what he was talking about, the butler spoke quickly in a small voice.

“He said that all the people recommended by the lady turned him down.”


What was he talking about? She was bewildered, but soon came to her senses.
Letter of recommendation! Count Burns said he needed an etiquette teacher, so she wrote a list.
And the next day, she thought that was not enough, so she wrote a letter of recommendation and sent it to him.
It was rumored that she was in charge of etiquette training for Count Burns.

She jumped up from my seat and spoke to the butler.

“Did he leave?”

“Yes, he left without leaving a message.”

“Hold me.”

It’s nonsense.
In other words, she deliberately listed five people in case one or two were busy.
And all five of them turned him down? That was incredibly disrespectful.
It was also her responsibility since she recommended them.

She asked the butler to hold on to Count Burns and bring him back, then sat back down.
Her heart was in a hurry.
She needed to talk to Count Burns.
First of all, she needed to apologize and find out why the people she recommended turned down, and then work things out.

“If you are busy…”

Lauren said so after seeing her urgent action.
But she couldn’t just skip that one either.
She shook her hand and said.

“Your life is at stake.
So what are your plans?”

“I’m thinking of quitting the academy.”

Lauren said firmly that she had already prepared her heart.
And she started talking nonsense about going into business.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to do a dressing room.”

‘Uh, well.’

Unknowingly, her gaze turned to Julia.
Did she know this? Fortunately or unfortunately, Julia seemed to know.
Seeing her uneasy gaze, she realized why Julia had come to see her.

So, asking her to find out what kind of person Lord Sekei was was just an excuse.
To convince Lauren.
Well, running a clothing store was not a bad idea in itself.
Clothes were necessary for people to live, and wages and sewing were still a means for many people to make a living.
But the problem was.

“Liz, do you know how to make clothes?”

This was it.

Surely they, girls from aristocratic families, learn to sew from an early age.
It’s not only a way to pass the time, but it’s also a basic skill of a noble lady to make beautiful items.
But embroidering and making clothes were completely different skills.
Lauren was still confident, but after thinking she said.


Then no.
How could she run a clothing store if she didn’t know how to make clothes? When she thought so, Lauren continued.

“But I know the designs that will be in fashion in the future.”


“If that is really a precognitive dream, then I know all the designs that will be popular in the future.
Let it go.
Plaid will be popular this fall.”

What? She gaped at her and looked at Lauren.
Regardless of her reaction, she started explaining how she was going to do the dressing room.
She said that she would find a seamstress with good skills but poor sense and work with her.
She would draw the fashionable clothing designs she saw in her dreams, and she makes and sells them as a seamstress.

She didn’t know how to close my mouth at a pretty plausible plan.
Looking up at Julia, she was nodding her head at Lauren’s plan.
It was a good plan.
If that goes as Lauren thought, that is.
However, even if things went as they were, it bothered her that she would quit the academy where she would be graduating next year and work.

The door opened slightly and she noticed the butler poking his head in, and told Lauren and Julia.

“Let’s do this.
First, let me find out what kind of person Lord Sekei is.
Let’s talk about quitting the academy later.”

“You don’t have to graduate from an academy to run a dressing room.”

That’s it, wasn’t it? She reflexively agreed with Lauren before hesitating.
She also didn’t go to the academy, so she didn’t know if graduating from the academy would help her with a costume shop.
But she did know one thing. 

She said emphatically.

“But the academy can create future customers who will come to your dressing room.”

The academy was attended by children of wealthy commoners and nobles.
They would need clothes too.
It’s not just the dressing room that needs customers, it’s the same no matter what.
That’s why nobles send their children to the academy.
Not only to get an education, but also to date people.

At her persuasion, Lauren nodded her head disapprovingly.
First of all, Lauren’s withdrawal from the academy was blocked.
She told Lauren and Julia to eat their cake and tea and leave the drawing room.
The butler, who was waiting at the door, quickly led her to a large drawing room.

“Count Burns.”

Count Burns was sitting in the large drawing-room.
One of the smaller parlors was just used by her to meet Lauren and Julia, so she guessed the butler took him to the larger parlor.

Even though Count Burns was alone in the drawing room, which was large enough for twenty people, she did not think it was large.
Was it because the Count was big?

“Lady Biscon.”

As soon as Count Burns saw her, he jumped up and took her hand.
As she watched him bend down and kiss the back of her hand, she wondered what the hell this man was looking at.

Greetings like that didn’t go well these days.
He didn’t know if it’s a royal family or a high-ranking priest.
He didn’t know much about aristocratic etiquette, but it was strange that he did such an old greeting skillfully.

“Do you like performances or something?”

Maybe he saw a play or something.
Talking about history or legend.
Count Burns, who had corrected his posture in response to her question, hesitated and then smiled.

“Just a few famous ones.
Are you inviting me to a performance?”

She made a mistake.
No matter who hears it, the question she asked just before was a question that would invite him to a performance.
She said softly.

“If there is a good performance, I will contact you.”

The smile on Count Burns’ face grew brighter.
Wait, she felt guilty if he liked it that much.

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