It was true that all they had to do was sit still and wait.
After some scuffle, she sat with Ann in a small room that looked like a study.

“It’s like a bachelor’s mansion.”

Ann, who had calmed down and stopped crying, whispered to her.
She didn’t think that’s necessary.
She glanced at the man wandering around the couch they were sitting on, and said.

“It seems there are no servants.”

It’s been quite a while since they arrived, but the car still didn’t seem to want to go, let alone come out.
The landlord was not very good at treating guests.
Even if this house belongs to Otis.

The man snorted at the word servant.
Judging from that reaction, it’s highly likely that this house doesn’t belong to Otis either.

What was Otis’ purpose? Why did he kidnap her?

He left her there, so it was clear she wasn’t the target.
He even told the mercenary watching her clearly that there would be no reward if they touched her.
So she stood up and asked the man.

“Who is Sir German waiting for?”

The man who had been spinning around the sofa distractedly stopped.
He gave her a rude look, then he smiled and sat across from her.

“Why should I tell the lady that?”

He didn’t look like an idiot.
She tilted her head and said.

“I am not a young lady, but Lady Biscon.
You better not be cocky.”

The man must have thought she would be intimidated.
He hesitated at the reaction that was different from his own expectations, and then spoke in a broken voice.

“Why should I tell you that?”

Honorifics seem awkward.
The man who said that added hurriedly.

“Lady Biscon.”

Did that man know what it means to be Lady Biscon? She looked straight at the man as if she was having a snowball fight with him.
Then, to her surprise, the man avoided her gaze.

“Sir German has no intention of harming me.
It must be because my father is the Earl of Biscon.
No matter how this ends, I don’t want to take the wrath of my family.”

Was it not like that? At her explanation, the man made a dumbfounded expression.

What if it was found out at her house that Otis kidnapped her? She would try to solve it quietly first.
Unfortunately, her family was not very wealthy.
No, not being rich was a bit generous to define them.
The Earl of Biscon, to put it simply, was poor enough to save face.
That’s why she didn’t think Otis was after her for no reason.

All she could say about her family was that it’s old and that she was betrothed to the heir of Viscount Rencid.
Mother and Oliver would ask the Rencid family for help, and German would have to take the blame from the Biscons and Rencids.

She didn’t know what Otis was aiming for, but she hoped it’s worth it.
That kind of matter was sure to come out in the palace.

She confirmed that the man understood what she was saying and continued.

“When I get home, I will tell my father everything that happened here today.
Sir German, since his father is a Viscount and a nobleman, he must be a little scolded.
But you, an unnamed mercenary…”

At her words, the man said with a dumbfounded expression.


“Okay, Mercenary Tetto.
Can you handle the wrath of a nobleman?”

Only then did Tetto seem to understand the situation.
He looked at her with a puzzled expression and jumped up from his seat.
Then he sat down again and asked politely this time.

“What, what do you want? No, are you scared”

“I wonder who the one Sir German is waiting for.”

“Well, I don’t know either.
Sir German said that he owed a debt to him.”

“A man? Is he a noble?”

Tetto nodded at the first question, but shook his head at the second.
But she couldn’t say if the man was not a noble or if Tetto didn’t know.

Was he trying to collect gambling debt? She shut her mouth for a moment while she was lost in thought.
Wait, that’s not what’s important.
The important thing was why had to be her?

If Lord German didn’t hurt her, that means she was a hostage.
Could it be that Lord German was trying to collect a debt from Oliver? It was a pretty plausible idea.
Since Oliver wasn’t engaged yet and his only close family in the capital were their mother and her.
It would have been better to kidnap her rather than her mother.

The question was, what debt did Oliver owe? Was it a gambling debt? It was polite in the social world to pay off gambling debts by the next day, but many people failed to do so.

“What does this have to do with me?”

Tetto, who was slightly stunned, looked up at her question and he said confidently.

“Lord German said that Eug… no, Lady Biscon was very important to him.”

It had to be Oliver.

She gnashed her teeth inside.
He was the most useless older brother in the whole world.
What the hell was he doing? She jumped up from her seat to cool off.
Then, just like Tetto did, she began spinning around the sofa.

“Ah, lady… ”

Ann spoke to her with a look on her face asking if she was okay, but she didn’t stop.
After about five turns around the sofa, she stopped and spoke to Tetto.

“When will the tea be served?”

“What? No, yes?”

“I mean tea, tea.
Isn’t it polite to serve tea to guests?”

At her prompting, Tetto stood up in embarrassment.
She pointed to Ann and said.

“If you don’t even know how to serve tea, you can have my maid serve you.”

It couldn’t be.
Naturally, Tetto mumbled no, then scratched the back of his head and asked.

“Can I bring any tea?”

“No one would expect a great tea in a situation like this.”

“Then stay here for a while.”

Having said that, Tetto went out of the study and there was a rattling sound as to what was being done outside.
Could this library be locked from the outside?

She tried turning the doorknob just in case, but it wouldn’t budge, so she quickly gave up and turned to Ann.

“My lady, you are so wonderful.
How can you drink tea in this situation?”, said Anne in admiration. 

‘What are you talking about?’ She was dumbfounded and said with a smile.

“I don’t get over anything in this situation.”

“Then why… ”

Ann, who was about to ask why she had the mercenary bring her tea, widened her eyes as she realized the reason for her quickness.
She passed her and started checking the window inside her study.

“Ann, come here.”

The window was slightly open.
She quickly helped Ann get out of the window.
The window was a bit small, so it caught on her butt, but she managed to get it out when she pushed it.

“That’s Okay! Miss, come out.”

Outside the window, Ann held out her hand.
But she shook my head and said.

“I’m not going, go home now.”

“Me alone?”

“You heard me.
I’m the only one Sir German is aiming for.
If we’re lucky, Oliver will come with the money.”

But after that, it’s a problem.
Lord German called six mercenaries.
It’s good if Oliver brings someone along, but what if he comes alone? What if Lord German wants to hurt Oliver even for the money?

She quickly explained to Ann and added.

“Then go home and call someone.
Contact Sir Escalee.”

“But… ”

“If we both run away, those guys will try to catch us.
All Sir German wants is me, so as long as I remain, you can escape.”

Since there are six mercenaries, maybe one of them can go to catch Anne.
So she had to make them waste time.
Ann reluctantly ran away at her persuasion, her tears welling up.

“I don’t know if it will suit your taste… ”

Fortunately, Tetto returned some time after Ann left.
Now she needed to pretend she didn’t know where Anne went.
She let go of her pretension and sat down on the sofa, accepting the glass Tetto offered her.

My God, he didn’t bring any sugar or milk, only the glass tea alone that was not a cup but a glass.

“Wait a moment.”

It wasn’t until after handing her the glass that Tetto opened his eyes as if he realized something strange.
He sniffed her surroundings and then started wandering around the little study.

“Where is the maid?”

When he realized that Anne had run away, my overbearing aristocratic acting no longer worked.
But even if she was scared, she didn’t need to be caught frightened.

She took a sip of the tea and took a sip.
Then she looked straight at Tetto and said.

“All Sir German needs is me.”

“Wait, then you asked me to get her car to make her maid run away?”

It’s amazing he realized that just then.
She frowned and looked down at the car.
What kind of tea was that? Judging from the dark color, it must have used too much tea leaves.
There were even a couple of tea leaves floating in the glass.

“You’d better learn how to make tea, Tetto.”

“This person… ”

Tetto’s fist went up, but he didn’t hit her or anything.
Fortunately, it seems that the question of whether he could handle the wrath of a nobleman she put into his head was still there.

“Answer me!”

It was when Tetto shouted out loud.
There was a loud noise outside. 

Cudang-tang, bang! Tight!

It was the sound of something breaking.
Or collapsing? She stared at the study door in terror.
The sound disappeared as if it had been cut off.
What’s going on? Tetto’s and her thoughts collided.
And an idea seemed to come to his eyes.

It was in a moment.

An ominous stroke hit the back of her head.
She instinctively sat down.


There was a loud noise.
The sound of something breaking.
Then, Tetto said, “Ouch” in surprise.

The knocking on the door made no sound at all.
She prayed with her head bowed that it would be Oliver or Sir Escalee who came in.

“For a moment…”

A man’s boots were visible under the table.
It was black and rough.
Not Oliver’s.
Was it Sir Escalee? She didn’t know.
But the next moment the boots moved without making a sound.


Again, there was the sound of something breaking, followed by the sound of something pouring rain behind her.

Was it Sir Escalee? Or could it be that Ann had already called someone?

She felt her heartbeat all over her body because she was squatting and hugging herself tightly.
She forgot to breathe and waited for the man in the black boots to do the next movement.

And soon there was a surprisingly friendly voice.

“Are you okay?”

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