Episode 90: Dragon Slayer and High-Ranking Dragon

When I suddenly woke up, the lower-ranked dragons were making a commotion.
Hm, it seems that someone has invaded our territory.
It’s a bit noisy, but it will quiet down soon.


Hm? It’s unusual for you to show interest.
Hm, do you feel an unpleasant sensation in your scales?

Indeed, I don’t feel very good either.
But anyone who would harm us would have to be as powerful as a demon… no, it’s nothing.

The black dragon seems to have moved as well.
If it’s moving, most intruders will be hunted down.


Yes, that’s right.
Leave it to the youngsters.


Hmph, you’re a worrier too.

However, the commotion of the lower-ranked dragons did not settle down no matter how much time passed.
Oh well, it seems that the quality of the lower-ranked dragons has declined quite a bit while I was away.

Hm? The mid-ranked dragons are also moving? It’s lamentable that they haven’t hunted down the intruders yet.


What? You’re going to move? Stop it, if you move, not only the intruders but even the shape of Dragon’s Peak will change.


…sigh, there’s no helping it.
I’ll go out.
It seems that this intruder is quite fast.
It’s a good practice target for my offspring.

Well then, I’m off.


Hm? What’s this? An unprecedented chill?


Gyro cut off the head of the green dragon.

“Yesss! I’ve become a dragon slayer all by myself!”

After an hour of practice, Gyro, who had finally defeated the green dragon on his own, raised a victorious shout.

“Congratulations, Gyro!”

“Thank you, big brother!”

Gyro, who had achieved the title of dragon slayer, looked extremely happy.
Ah, I remember having those kinds of days too.
It feels like you become stronger when you defeat a dragon.

Well, after that, you meet even stronger dragons, monsters, and humans, and you suddenly become calm, realizing that there are still stronger opponents.
Yeah, that’s what happened to me.

“Take this!”

Next, Meguri achieved the title of dragon slayer on her own.

Meguri used her speed to slash various parts of the dragon, and when she realized that her attacks enhanced with attribute reinforcement were effective, she stopped aiming for the legs and started targeting the neck, which was the weak spot.

“Hehe, high-quality dragon materials.
They’ll fetch a good price.”

Meguri, who was cutting off the dragon’s neck, looked very pleased.

“Taste this! Thunderstorm!!”

Mina attacked the nearby green dragons with a high-level lightning magic.
However, perhaps due to rushing, the spell formation was flawed, and she couldn’t defeat them in one hit.
Oh well, close but no cigar!

“One more shot!”

And with two more spells, Mina finally finished off the green dragons.

“Huff, huff… I can’t believe it, I really defeated the dragon all by myself…”

“Congratulations, Mina.
With your skills, you can defeat a large number of dragons more efficiently.”

“R-Really? I find it hard to believe.”

And then, turning my attention to Norbu, he was surrounded by multiple green dragons.


“Holy Wall!”

Norbu’s defensive magic completely blocked the attacks of the green dragons.

“Alright! Take this!”

Norbu relentlessly struck the legs of the green dragon with his enhanced mace, causing it to lose balance and fall to the ground.


Norbu swung his mace with all his might and smashed the skull of the green dragon.

“Y-Yes! I did it!”

Norbu’s fighting style seemed to be meticulously defeating opponents one by one with an impenetrable defense.
It must be a practice to protect those who can’t fight in range while focusing on fighting.

“Hahaha! Yes! We are the real Dragon Slayers now!”

Oh, by the way, Gyro and the others’ party name is Dragon Slayers.

“Stop using that embarrassing name! Besides, it’s thanks to Rex’s enhancement magic that we can defeat the dragons!”

Mina scolded the excited Gyro.
But well, if it’s Gyro and the others, I think they can do it even without my enhancement magic.
They must have gained confidence in their ability to defeat dragons through this battle.

“By the way, where is Liliera?”

Liliera, who defeated the green dragon in town, should be fine, but I wonder how she’s doing now?

I looked around the battlefield to find Liliera.


I witnessed Mofumofu being attacked by a group of green dragons.
However, Mofumofu didn’t seem desperate.
On the contrary, it was using its small body to toy with the green dragons.



And taking advantage of an opening, it jumped onto the backs of the green dragons and tore off their wings from the base.
Feasting on dragon wings, huh?

Well, Mofumofu doesn’t need to worry.
Liliera, yes… ah, there she is.

Liliera was fighting a group of blue dragons.
She gracefully avoided the attacks of the blue dragons with her ice sliding magic and jumped onto the backs of the giant dragons using body enhancement magic, freezing their wings with magic to prevent them from flying.

I see, that way she doesn’t have to cut off their wings during battle, so she doesn’t damage the materials.
It’s a good way to fight.

And then, she ran towards their heads, pierced them with her spear from above, and froze their insides with magic.
The blue dragons died without suffering, collapsing to the ground.

“Well done, Liliera! You’ve achieved the Blue Dragon Hunt too!”

Yeah, with this skill, she might be able to take on a black dragon too.

“Thanks to Rex’s enhancement magic.
I wouldn’t be able to defeat them smoothly on my own.”

Yes, Liliera is humble.

And at that moment, the dragons around us suddenly stopped moving and turned their heads towards the depths of Dragon’s Peak.

“W-What’s happening!?”

Gyro and the others were also puzzled by the dragons suddenly stopping their movements.

The dragons changed their postures as if bowing down, as if welcoming a king.
This reaction means…

“Everyone, an upper-ranked dragon is coming! Be careful!”

“An upper-ranked dragon!?”

It would be tough for everyone if they have to face an upper-ranked dragon.

“Rex, what kind of dragon is coming?”

Liliera also stopped fighting the dragons and returned, joining the dragons that had stopped moving.

“I don’t know.
This is the sacred land of dragons, so any kind of dragon could appear.
Maybe even a Mithril Dragon.”

“A Mithril Dragon!? The legendary dragon covered in mithril?”

Hm? It’s true that the body of a Mithril Dragon is covered in mithril, but I don’t think it’s so rare that it’s considered legendary… Ah, maybe in this era, they have been overhunted and their numbers have decreased.
They were called walking mines because they provided not only meat, bones, and organs but also a large amount of mithril.



“T-The dragons!?”

The dragons started roaring as if in an orchestra welcoming a king.

“They’re coming, everyone!”

And what appeared before us was a being that seemed to have taken the form of the sky itself.
It was the king of storms that rules the heavens.
The existence that governs the tyranny of the sky.




The upper-ranked dragon that appeared before us, Bahamut, let out a scream-like roar and flew straight towards tomorrow.
And it was carrying its child in its claws.



Not only us, but the dragons around us also watched as Bahamut flew away, tilting their heads as if to say, “What? What’s happening?”

“Well… um…”

I don’t really understand what’s going on, but for now…

“Let’s resume dragon hunting.”

Since the dragons around us were still frozen in shock, I decided to hunt them down.

Gyaahh!! A human! Why is that human here in my homeland!? Are you stalking me!?

Let’s run, my child! I don’t want to dieee!!

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