Episode 86: Showdown, The Ultimate Prototype Chimera

“Ah, ah… my proud chimera… before fighting again…”

Gan-ei-san is truly disappointed.
Hmm, maybe it would have been better to fight a little? But it’s best to quickly defeat unfamiliar opponents.
If they use a powerful trump card while we’re still observing, it’ll be troublesome.

Well, in any case, we’ve already defeated the enemy.
Let’s quickly collect them and return to subjugating the remaining child chimeras.

That’s what I thought at that moment.


Suddenly, I noticed something strange.

The corpses of the chimera children that were floating in the underground lake were gone.
Did they sink to the bottom of the lake? No, what can be seen at the bottom of the lake are only the bones of monsters and chimeras.

So where did the corpses of the chimera children go? At that moment, the surface of the underground lake suddenly burst open and something appeared.

“Huh!? This guy!?”

What appeared there were two chimeras.

“No, that’s not it!”

No, it was different.
It was the right and left bodies of the giant prototype chimera that had been split in half by me.

“Could it be, they’re alive!?”

Yes, the chimera that was supposed to be split in half rapidly restored its body by incorporating the corpses of its own children that were floating around it.

The torn body connected at an incredible speed, and finally, even the head was restored, returning to its original form.
What an incredible regenerative ability…

“Ah! Hahaha, yes! That’s right! In consideration of a long battle with White Calamity, I incorporated powerful regenerative ability and vitality like that of a hydra into the prototype chimera! Just splitting it in half won’t kill it!!”

With the revival of the chimera, Gan-ei-san excitedly shouted, which I wish he had told us earlier.

“Speaking of hydra, it’s a monster with multiple heads that can regenerate no matter how many times it’s cut.
The way to deal with it is to cut off the heads and burn them so that they won’t regenerate anymore.”

While defeating the chimera children, Ramise-san spoke about hydras.

“Yes, that’s right! However, even if we enhance the regenerative ability of the prototype chimera and burn the wounds, we can’t nullify its regenerative ability!”

Gan-ei-san countered Ramise-san with a triumphant expression.

“To defeat White Calamity, which once pushed us to the depths of despair, that chimera has been given the abilities of many monsters! Now, how will you fight, young one!?”

Wait, wait, why are you acting like an enemy, Gan-ei-san? Aren’t you supposed to be on our side?

“Or rather, since you created it, couldn’t you just order that chimera to behave?”

Liliera-san asked Gan-ei-san.
Oh, nice idea, Liliera-san! Opponents with regenerative abilities are troublesome!

“Hmmm, I thought it would be interesting to let that young one fight seriously.
Well, there’s no helping it… Prototype chimera! It’s me! Gan-ei! Your creator! Behave!”

Gan-ei-san spoke to the chimera.


The chimera turned its face towards Gan-ei-san, and the two stared at each other.
And then…


The chimera shouted, and the chimera children who were fighting Risou-san and the others became excited and started shouting.
And the chimera children who were fighting Risou-san and the others rushed towards Gan-ei-san.


Why!? Why are they attacking Gan-ei-san, their own creator!?

“Well, if you think about it, it’s natural for them to resent a parent who abandoned them, right?”


That’s right, Ramise-san’s calm words made us realize that.

“Is this the time to understand!? Hurry up and help!”

Gan-ei-san shouted while protecting himself with defensive magic, and everyone hurriedly went to support him.

“But with this, the chimeras are fixated on that old man.
We’ll attack the chimeras from behind!”

“Yeah! If we don’t have to worry about defense, it’s even easier to fight than before!”

Following Risou-san’s instructions, Rodi-san informed everyone of the advantage of the chimeras focusing on Gan-ei-san.

“I see, it’s a decoy.”

“Yes, and it’s a good decoy that won’t be a burden no matter what happens.”

“After all, he’s the cause of all this.”

The adventurers nodded, understanding that they could now act as decoys without hesitation, and began attacking the chimeras.

“You all! Remember this!”

Well, Gan-ei-san can protect himself with defensive magic, so let’s leave it to Risou-san and the others.

“Then I’ll take care of this one!”

And so, the battle between me and the prototype chimera began.


The prototype chimera let out a roar, and its body’s surface began to peel off.
No, that’s not it, those are wings.
Wings that were attached to the sides of its long body are spreading.
What is it planning to do!?


At that moment, a strange sound echoed in the air.
Undoubtedly, it was caused by the wings of the prototype chimera.

And in the next moment, a large amount of foam burst out from the wings of the prototype chimera with tremendous force.
No, that’s not it, something can be seen inside the foam.
That’s the main body!

I evade the barrage of foam with flight magic.
When the foam hits the ground or the walls, it bursts violently and blows everything away.
Hey, what a dangerous attack! If we’re not careful, this cave will collapse!


At that moment, a scream came from behind me.
Oh no, did the stray bullets hit Liliera-san and the others!?


I quickly look towards Liliera-san and see that the ground near her has been blown away, and the chimeras who were caught in the blast are lying on the ground.

“Are you okay!?”

“Y-yes, we’re fine.
We weren’t hit, so don’t worry!”

Liliera-san says that and resumes fighting the chimeras.
I’m glad there were no casualties.

But that was careless.
Even though it’s spacious, this is a closed space.
There’s a danger that the stray bullets from the prototype chimera’s attacks will reach everyone.

While drawing the attention of the prototype chimera, I move in a direction where the stray bullets won’t hit anyone.
With this, everyone should be able to fight safely.

However, in this battle, it’s better to focus on defense rather than evasion, to ensure that stray bullets don’t hit our allies.

“High Protect Shield!”

I create several large transparent shields made of magic to protect myself from the prototype chimera’s attacks.

Once again, the precursor sound of the foam attack from the prototype chimera’s wings resounds.


In response to my words, the foam attack comes at me again.
But the transparent magical shields protect me from the prototype chimera’s attacks.

Now it’s my turn! However, the opponent is a powerful monster with regenerative abilities.
The only effective method is to use large-scale attack magic to completely eliminate the enemy without leaving a trace, but since we’re underground, there’s a danger of collapsing the cave with a reckless large-scale magic.

In this case, I guess that’s the one.

Among the magic I know, I choose a magic that causes minimal damage to the surroundings.
And I cast the magic at the moment the prototype chimera’s foam attack ends.

“Take this, Prison Ice Pillars!”

With the activation of the magic, numerous giant ice pillars grow from the water, ceiling, and walls, extending towards the prototype chimera.

“That kind of magic won’t stop that chimera! As you can see, it has a long and slender body.
It can move freely in narrow spaces!”

Despite being surrounded by the chimera children, Gan-ei-san boasts about the performance of the prototype chimera he created.
Well, let’s defeat it without hesitation.

As Gan-ei-san said, the chimera easily evades the attacking ice pillars.

“Huh? What’s this?”

Gan-ei-san notices something unusual.

At first, the chimera easily evaded the ice pillars coming from various angles, but as more and more ice pillars grew from above, below, and the sides, its movements gradually slowed down.

Yes, this magic wasn’t chosen just for the sake of attack.
I created it as a cage to prevent the prototype chimera from escaping.

And as the escape routes for the prototype chimera were gradually blocked by the ice pillars, an ice prison was formed around it.

“Well, even if the prototype chimera’s large body can break through a slightly thicker ice prison!”

Seriously, whose side are you on? And perhaps understanding the feelings of its creator, the prototype chimera launches another foam attack and attacks the ice prison.

However, even if the surface of the ice prison bursts from the foam attack, it immediately regenerates.
After all, it’s made of ice, and there’s water in the surroundings, so regeneration is easy.

And this is another reason why I chose this magic.
To minimize the damage to the cave caused by the prototype chimera’s foam attack.


The frustrated prototype chimera lets out a roar and charges at the ice prison, creating a tremendous roar that echoes through the cave.

“Did it work!?”,The giant body of the prototype chimera collides, and Guney-san is convinced that the ice cage has shattered.
But how naive.


Yes, the answer was the opposite.
When the prototype chimera collided with the ice cage, instead of shattering it, the part that collided with the cage froze.

“A freezing cage that freezes and kills those who try to escape, that’s the magic of Prison Ice Pillars!”

“Once again, a perfectly nonsensical magic…”

Liliera-san’s exasperated voice can be heard from the land.

“Oh no, it’s just a normal magic for hunting magical beasts in enclosed environments, you know?”

“Normal people can’t use magic that conveniently hunts giant monsters in such pinpoint locations.”

Huh? I don’t think that’s true.

“Oh, I see.
Liliera-san was originally a warrior.
I think Ramise-san, the magic specialist, could probably use it.”

“Well, I’m not so sure about that…”

“Teach me that magic later too!”

“Focus on the enemy in front of you, you magic idiot!!”

It seems like they didn’t know.
Well, Ramise-san specializes in wind magic, after all.

“Anyway, that’s why you can’t escape from that ice cage!”

While we were talking, the ice cage became narrower as more pillars were added inside, and the prototype chimera became more and more immobilized.
The prototype chimera opens its wings again and tries to attack through the gaps in the cage, but its wings touch the narrowed cage and freeze.

So the prototype chimera breathes fire from its mouth, and the ice cage melts away.

“Guhahahaha! Did you see that, kid! This is my chimera’s strongest attack, Magma Breath! Inside the body of the chimera, a heat-resistant organ is created that produces lava, and its power is literally equivalent to the eruption of a natural wonder like a volcano! No matter how strong you are, you can’t match my chimera, which reproduces the natural threat!”

Um, is he explaining that? Or is he just boasting? Technicians like him are always on the edge, aren’t they?

Anyway, I return my gaze to Guney-san’s proud prototype chimera.
But there is no sight of the chimera melting the ice with its magma breath.
Instead, the liquid from the melted ice sticks to its body and freezes again.

“W-What is this!?”

The prototype chimera tries its best to melt the ice, but the speed at which the surrounding ice replenishes from the pillars is overwhelmingly faster than the speed at which it melts, and it can’t keep up with it.
As a result, the melted water becomes restraints that bind the prototype chimera, and the breath attack becomes counterproductive.

While that was happening, the prototype chimera’s body was gradually crushed by the ice pillars and eventually became completely frozen and unable to move.

“A binding by ice that even freezes magma.
If the opponent regenerates, it’s best to immobilize them by freezing them in ice.”

Actually, there was a magic that could safely and completely incinerate a giant chimera in a closed space, but if we used it, there would be no evidence of defeating the prototype chimera.
It would be a shame if we worked so hard to fight it and then had our rewards reduced.

In the adventure of the great swordsman Lighard, we lured a huge and terrifying magical beast to the Great Abyss of Shifon, which is said to lead to the depths of hell, and successfully defeated it.
However, because the evidence of defeating the magical beast was lost, we couldn’t receive the reward.
That’s why it became a story where the achievement couldn’t be proven, and it was said that the credit was given to the Great Abyss.

“So, the prototype chimera has been defeated!”

“M-My proud chimera…”

Guney-san kneels down and hangs his head when he sees the prototype chimera frozen in ice.

“It was supposed to be perfect, I had the confidence that I couldn’t create a chimera stronger than that…”

Hmm, maybe I went a little too far? But if we didn’t do something about that chimera, it would have kept reproducing and multiplying.
If it somehow got out into the outside world, it would cause a huge commotion.

“Well, we were lucky that our opponent was something we could defeat.”


After all, our opponent was the White Calamity, a chimera created to defeat the ancient civilization along with the forces of the demons.
It must have been for a reason that we were able to defeat it on our own.


Oh? Guney-san is looking at me with wide eyes.
Oh, I see.
Is he trying to say that if his chimera was in its complete form, he wouldn’t have lost?

“Um, well, I think for us, it’s actually fortunate that the chimera couldn’t unleash its true power.
After all, it’s the strongest chimera, and if it had been able to unleash its true power, we probably wouldn’t have won…”

Yes, for example, if its growth was incomplete due to the environment, or if it had exhausted its stamina by giving birth to offspring.
Yeah, that seems like the right answer.


For some reason, Guney-san’s forehead is twitching, and he lets out a voiceless scream.
Um, is he trying to say that I’m right?

“Also, I’m sure that in this place, the only food that comes in is monsters and fish, and it didn’t have enough nutrients.
If it had been in a more nutritious place, the battle would have been different!”

“!” “!!”

Guney-san’s forehead twitches even more, and he opens his mouth wide, trembling.
He looks like a farmed fish sticking its head out of the water, looking for food.



“Don’t get carried away just because you defeated a mere prototype chimera! My chimera is the strongest!”

Guney-san’s roar echoes through the underground lake.

“Wow, that was an impressive provocation.”

“Yeah, those were remarks that seemed intentionally aimed at us.”

“He has no pride at all.”

“It would be less painful if he just went crazy…”

“The technology of chimera research seems interesting, but considering how badly he lost, isn’t it a waste of time?”

Everyone was saying whatever they wanted, and they looked at me and spoke.

“Well, in any case, it’s the other person’s fault.”

“W-What do you mean?”

Seriously, what do you mean?

I didn’t understand, so I looked at everyone.
They were all nodding and crossing their arms, as if they were in deep agreement.

“Well, that was an impressive way to provoke him.”

“Yeah, those were remarks that seemed intentionally aimed at us.”

“He has no pride at all.”

“It would be less painful if he just went crazy…”

“The technology of chimera research seems interesting, but considering how badly he lost, isn’t it a waste of time?”

They were saying things like that to each other.

“Well, in any case, it’s the other person’s fault.”

“W-What do you mean?”

Seriously, what do you mean?

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