Episode 85: The Foolish Ones, Those Who Stand to Confront

We, who have advanced by expanding the underground water vein with my magic, have come out to the shore of an underground lake.
Since I am the one who created the chimera, I ended up accompanying them, but I don’t like the idea of being near the water because it feels like my body will rot.

“Light Ball”

When I expanded the light magic to illuminate the surroundings, I could see that water was flowing not only from the passage we came through, but also from other places such as the ceiling and walls of the underground lake.
It seems that the underground water flowing around this area is structured to gather in this underground lake.

“It’s quite spacious… and deep… whoa!?”

Foka, the woman who was called Foka, screamed as she looked around.

“What’s wrong, Sei… huh!?”

And the big man, Risou, who was about to ask Foka what was wrong, also exclaimed in surprise.

That’s to be expected, because there were a large number of chimeras swimming in the underground lake illuminated by the magic light.
Their appearance was long and snake-like, and they resembled both dragons and fish.
And above all, I had a very familiar feeling about the appearance of these chimeras.

“Are all of these… chimeras!?”

Rodi, a frivolous man, involuntarily stepped back.
Well, it’s no wonder he’s surprised if there are so many chimeras swimming in such a large underground lake.
They’re just plain creepy.

But all these chimeras have the same shape.
It doesn’t seem like multiple aquatic chimeras have been washed here.
In that case, the reason must be…

“Look! The bottom of the underground lake! It’s piled with the bones of monsters!”

When someone’s voice pointed it out, I noticed that the bottom of the underground lake was covered with bones.
The transparency of the water makes it difficult to determine the depth, but even so, there are a considerable number of bones covering the entire surface of this large lake.

And with all this commotion, of course the chimeras also noticed us.
The chimeras all turned towards us and surfaced.

“Everyone, get down! They’ll drag you in!”

As expected, he quickly recovered from his confusion and stepped back, attracting the attention of the chimeras and turning the surface into a battlefield.
Several mages and archers attacked the leading chimeras from a distance.
But their attacks were blocked by the chimeras’ scales and didn’t seem to cause much damage.
Well, if these chimeras are the same as I expected, it’s natural that they can’t be defeated with just that level of attack.

“Impulse Spear!”

“Freeze Geyser!!”

There are a few attacks that seem to work, but well, it’s clear that it’s not enough.
And so, the chimeras landed on the shore.

Some of them have small hands and feet compared to their body size and run skillfully, while others move by wriggling their bodies like snakes.
But what they all have in common is that they are fast.
But seeing them actually move is quite informative.

And in an instant, they closed the distance with the leading warriors and close combat began.

“Take this!”

“You bastard!”

Many warriors attacked the chimeras, but their weapons not only failed to break through the scales, but also ended up getting damaged.

“Oh no!? My sword!”

“Damn it! I just bought it!”

Well, tough luck.

“Gunai, cover me!”

Risou asked me for cover.
Well, I can’t blame him for being scared of that kid.

“Can’t be helped.
Area Enchant Arms.”

I bestowed magical power on the weapons of the warriors around me.
As a result, the attacks of the warriors, which had previously failed to even scratch the scales, began to penetrate the chimeras, cutting through their scales.
Ah, what a waste.

“Yes! This is amazing!”

“Yeah, the chimeras are like butter!”

Well, it’s thanks to my magic.

“Give us cover too!”

“Us too!”

“Don’t rush the old folks.”


And some of the warriors were able to defeat the chimeras with their own magic or the magic of their comrades without my support.
Risou and Rodi, the two warriors who fought against the chimeras created by that demon, had the support of their comrades, but they were also able to hold their own against the chimeras.
Well, they’re doing quite well.

“Take this!”

In the midst of it all, one girl fought fiercely.
She strengthened her body with enhancement magic and used ice magic to move quickly, piercing the chimeras with her spear.
The chimeras that were pierced froze and turned into ice statues, which then split in half when pulled out.

Yes, that girl is at least one, no, three levels above the others in terms of skill.

“Mach Slasher!”

And then, an unreasonable kid ran on the surface of the lake and cut through the underwater chimeras with shockwaves from his sword.

“Wait, what is that kid doing!?”

He’s not floating with magic.
He’s using body enhancement magic, but he’s running on the water’s surface! As evidence, the water’s surface after that kid runs is blown away by the impact.
And when that kid cuts through the water’s surface, the lake’s water is clearly split in half, as if the water in the underground lake is escaping from his attacks.
The lake is torn apart so much that it almost seems like the lake’s water is fleeing, and bones from the lake’s bottom burst out and rain down in the underground lake’s sky.

“Hey, Rex-san! Don’t overdo it with the flashy moves!”

“Ah, sorry Liliera-san!”

The kid on the lake apologizes to Foka.
Well, he should say more!

With the efforts of the serious and normal warriors and the actions of a few unreasonable kids, the battle against the chimeras was in a slightly advantageous stalemate.
However, the number of chimeras was still large.
Even if we were in an advantageous position, we would still be overwhelmed by their numbers.

“Oh God, bless the wounded with healing.”

Foka and the other priests move the injured warriors back and perform healing magic.
The injured warriors can return to the front lines thanks to the healing, but the number of injured gradually increases.
Furthermore, due to the loss of blood when injured, the movements of the warriors who have received multiple treatments have become sluggish.

“This is bad.”

At this rate, we’ll be overwhelmed by their numbers.

“If we continue like this, we’ll be overwhelmed! Fall back to the path we came from to reduce the enemy’s attacks!”

Risou gives the order, thinking the same thing.
The passage we came through is not particularly wide.
Although the kid expanded it with magic, it’s much better than being surrounded by the underground lake’s large cavity.

The warriors immediately fall back and return to the path we came from.
The chimeras also pursue us from both the land and water routes, not wanting to let us escape.
Well, being surrounded is troublesome, but being attacked from the water in this narrow passage is also troublesome, isn’t it?

“Clay Craft!”

The mages immediately use earth magic to fill the surrounding water routes.
It won’t last long due to the force of the underground water vein flowing from upstream, but it creates a temporary foothold that makes it easier for the warriors to fight.
These mages are quite skilled.

“By the way, is Rex-san okay fighting on the lake!?”

When Foka’s words catch my attention and I look at the underground lake, the kid is still fighting on the surface of the lake.
Perhaps there were too many chimeras and they couldn’t join us.

“Don’t worry about Rex-san! He’s much stronger on his own!”

The warrior girl says something unreasonable, but I feel like she’s right, so I keep quiet.
It seems that Risou and the others also wanted to say something, but they swallowed their words, perhaps thinking the same thing.
It’s hard to say whether they’re heartless or if they trust him.

“In any case, we can’t go to his aid.
Let’s focus on the enemies in front of us!”


Risou’s practical statement boosts the morale of the warriors, who respond energetically.
We were initially overwhelmed by the chimeras that were lurking in the underground lake, but now that the battle has started, they have regained their composure, and their coordinated fighting is quite impressive.


A warrior attacks a chimera, and another warrior with a shield protects him from the chimera’s counterattack.

“Sorry, I owe you one!”

“Yeah, be grateful!”

And a mage attacks the distracted chimeras from behind while the warrior acts as a decoy, drawing their attention.

“Over here, chimeras!”

“Rock Bite!”

With the battlefield becoming narrower, those who can’t move forward wait in the rear to catch their breath and recover their strength.
When the mages run out of magic power, they take turns with those who were waiting and drink mana potions to ensure that the support from magic doesn’t stop.
With everyone unable to fight, there is now room for rest and recovery.
I’m not a warrior fighting on the front lines, but the skillful coordination is quite impressive.

The number of chimeras is still large, but if we continue like this, we should be able to hold out, right?

“Aqua Burn!”

The kid fighting over there is reducing the number of chimeras in a sort of pincer attack, and well, it seems like we can manage somehow.

“However, the problem is what comes next…”

At that moment, as if to confirm my worries, a large water column rises in the center of the underground lake.
And the elevated water column reaches near the ceiling of the underground lake.

“W-What is that!?”

Not only us, but the chimeras also look towards the direction of the underground lake, and the battle momentarily comes to a halt.,”So, you’re still alive.”

I speak to the one that appeared from the elevated water pillar.

“W-What is that huge thing…”

The warriors tremble in surprise.
“The parent of the chimeras?”


I affirm the warrior’s words.

In response to my voice, the one that appeared from the throne called the underground lake turns its gaze towards me.
It seems to recognize me, its creator and parent.

Nevertheless, it has grown quite large.
Its appearance is truly befitting of a king.

“That is my greatest masterpiece, created by incorporating the fragment of White Calamity and the best materials, knowledge, and experience.”

“And its name is…”


It is split in half.

“At least let me call out its nameeeeee!!”

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