Episode 81: A New White Calamity and the Light of Salvation

“What is this? To think that he defeated the demon enhanced by the Armed Chimera…”

I, who have lived for hundreds of years as an undead, have never seen someone with such powerful abilities… even though I’m already dead.
Although I haven’t been outside since becoming undead.

The Armed Chimera is a very powerful chimera that significantly enhances its host.
Although it consumed a large amount of magical power, resulting in a battle that was almost self-destruction for the demon, at the beginning of the fight, the demon had plenty of magical power and should have fully demonstrated the power of the Armed Chimera.

And yet, that brat effortlessly killed the demon with overwhelming power.
His appearance was reminiscent of the legendary “hero” who was said to have existed in the past.
According to legend, he crushed mountains of monsters, pierced through hidden sea creatures deep in the ocean, and shot down monsters that fled to the sky with a single arrow.

If he still exists, he must have been an absurd existence like this brat… No, it’s unlikely that such an absurd existence would just appear one after another.

But I have something I must do… Yes, I must retrieve the fragments of the White Calamity from the chimera created by the demon and escape from this place, an important task.

That brat easily discarded the chimera with the fragments of the White Calamity.
From the fact that he came to investigate the mass appearance of monsters, the possibility of him approving my research is low.
But this research is an important research that I, that we, have dedicated our lives to.
It must not be disturbed.

Fortunately, that brat is focused on the defeated demon.
Now is the time to retrieve the fragments of the White Calamity! I quietly headed towards the chimera.

And then, I saw it.
The sight of a fluffy white creature devouring the chimera…

“What the hell are you doing?!”

You! What are you eating without permission?! And you even chose to eat the core, the heart, first.
Are you trying to say that you ate the delicious part after it was cut in half?! I always save my favorite part for last!

“Um, is something wrong?”

Damn it! The brat noticed me! In that case, I must quickly retrieve the fragments of the White Calamity… That’s when the fluffy white creature in front of me suddenly let out a creepy groan.


“W-what is this!?”

The body of the fluffy creature in front of me rapidly swelled up and transformed into the form of a giant monster.


I was surprised.
Not because it became bigger.
It was because I recognized that hideous form, that detestable form.

“Th-this form is…!?”

There’s no mistake, this form is undoubtedly the white…


The monster roared and pounced on the brat.

“N-no! Run, brat!”

I instinctively called out to the brat, but the monster was already right in front of the brat.
The brat, who had defeated the demon and let his guard down, couldn’t possibly avoid that attack.


A horrendous sound echoed.
What is this? The brat, who had been fighting the demon on equal footing, was defeated so easily… No, that’s to be expected.
The opponent is that white…

“Surprised, aren’t you?”

Surprised…? Huh? I feel like I heard a voice that shouldn’t be audible right now.

“You’re the fluffy one, right? You’ve grown, huh? In your growth phase?”

What nonsense! I almost blurted out a retort, but managed to swallow it.
But what is going on!? Why can I hear the brat’s voice?! Could it be the brat’s ghost?! No, I’m the one who’s supposed to be the ghost.


And for some reason, when the body of the monster started trembling, in the next moment, its gigantic form flipped over with tremendous force.
What… what is happening!?

“Gyuuun Gyuuun!!”

And unbelievably, the monster exposed its belly like a frightened animal, and even wagged its tail.
Upon closer inspection, the monster’s face was beautifully dented as if it had collided with something.

And beyond the monster, the brat was looking down at it with his fist extended.
Could it be that this monster was flipped over by just the brat’s fist!?

Unbelievable! Who on earth is this brat!? And why did this monster come with the brat!? Even now, the monster is wagging its tail and approaching the brat, as if trying to please him.
Even with its immense size and power, is it saying that it can’t defeat that brat!? You, descendant of the White Calamity!

“Could it be… is that it?”

At that moment, I came to a certain conclusion.
The relationship between this brat and this monster.
Could it be the realization of the dream we pursued? In other words, the ability to control the White Calamity with human hands.

“What is this? While I was lurking underground for hundreds of years, have the people on the surface already succeeded in controlling the White Calamity…”

How foolish of me.
I continued my research without even knowing that our long-cherished desire had already been fulfilled.

“That brat has mastered the art of controlling the same White Calamity as me.”

Hahaha… that terrifying monster is being petted by a human brat.
I see, if he can make a monster obedient to that extent, then my research results are nothing more than child’s play.

While I was thinking about that, the body of the monster quickly returned to its original size.
It was probably because the power of the White Calamity fragment that the monster had absorbed was lost.
Oh, I made a mess.
Who do they think will clean the floor!

But, I can’t help but feel jealous when I see it being so obediently controlled.


Suddenly, I noticed that my body’s senses were becoming dull.
At the same time, I realized that the attachment I had desperately clung to until now had become surprisingly insignificant.
Ah, that’s right, there is the ideal that we aimed for right in front of me.
Then, there is no longer a reason to cling to life, to research.
We, humans, can now live without fear of the White Calamity…

“You finally decided to come over here.”


At that moment, a voice that should not have been audible to my released spirit reached my ears.

“Geez, the director keeps working forever if left alone.”

It’s not a mistake, I can definitely hear it.
That familiar voice.

“You’re the fluffy one, right? You’ve grown, huh? In your growth phase?”

It wasn’t just one voice.

“…Did you all wait for me to return?”

“After this is over, we’ll have a drink together, right, Director?”

“Yes, that’s right…”

I can see the light.
And behind that light, familiar faces were waiting.

“It’s been a while, let’s make some noise.”

“Yes, that’s good.
She’s also waiting.”


Among the familiar faces that appeared from the depths, there was someone important to me whom I couldn’t save.

“Welcome back.
Now, let’s go back together, everyone.”

“Yes, yes… You really made me wait.”

Yes, even you… were waiting for me.

Ah, now all my regrets have finally disappeared.
Thank you, brat.
Thanks to you, I have been freed from all attachments.


The brat noticed my presence, who was about to ascend.
And with a surprised expression, he ran towards me.

“Sorry for the trouble, brat.
But you don’t have to worry anymore.
My attachments to this world…”

“Wait a minute!”

At that moment, the brat grabbed my spirit’s head, which was about to be released from my body, and forcefully pushed it back into my body.

“Eeeehhhhh!? Wait, I was about to ascend! Couldn’t you have just let me go in peace? Wait, how did you even interfere!?”

“Just explain the details properly to the person in charge before ascending, okay?”

“What is that! You interfered with my ascension for that!?!”

“You can ascend if you want, but please explain the details of this incident to the person in charge first.”

“What the hell is that!? Did you just interfere with my peace of mind!?”

“Just make sure to explain the details of this incident before ascending!”

“Oh dear, I got involved with an unbelievable brat…”

And so, not only was I prevented from having the opportunity to ascend, but I was also dragged away by the brat to somewhere unknown.
You guys, wait for me a little longer.

Kuhahaha! Wonderful! Tremendous power is overflowing!

When my master defeated the distorted monster that appeared before me, I was strongly drawn to something dormant inside it.
And as soon as I devoured something that was sleeping within the beast, an immense power began to circulate within me!

This power, it surpasses the feathers lying there by far! And since I absorbed this power, my body is rapidly growing!

Wonderful! This body contains dozens of times the power I had before! No, that’s not it, this is my true power! The flesh of this beast shall become my strength!

Fuhahaha! Yes! With this, my master, no, even a human brat is no longer worth fearing! Let my flesh become your strength!,”※※※!?”



A tremendous counterattack struck my forehead.
It hurts a lot! Very painful! It really hurts!


Oh no, my master is angry.
I understand, extremely angry.
H-Hey, show my belly! Show my belly! Look, my master, I have no rebellious intentions.
I am extremely obedient.

Splash, splash.

Hmph, ah, right there! It feels so good! Kyufu, kyufun…

I managed to calm my master’s anger by appealing with an endless cuteness.
And then, at that moment.


Ah, ah, my strength is fading… What a thing to happen, I have returned to my original form, the after-before.
Ugh, it was a fleeting dream…

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