Episode 80: The Revived Dead and the Angry Demon

“Oh no, I messed up.”

The undead, who thought they had been killed by the demon, were actually alive.
Why did they go through the trouble of pretending to be dead for so long?


The undead, who had stood up, knelt down on the floor and then lay down again, pretending to be dead once more.


Wait, wait a minute.

“Why are you pretending to be dead again!? It’s too late now.”


The undead who was pointed out clicked their tongue and stood up.
No, you…

“Wait, weren’t you supposed to be dead?”

“Y-yes! You were supposed to have killed me from behind!”

In response to Rodi’s question, the demon shouted as if coming back to his senses.

Do you think there would be undead who would die so easily when their research results are right in front of them?”

Well, I can understand the undead’s point of view.
Undead are beings that cling to the present world due to attachments and grudges.
If he was an undead staff member who was researching in this ruins, it’s natural that he couldn’t die when there was a great regret right in front of him.

“But then why pretend to be dead? Isn’t it unforgivable to let the demon take away your research?”

“Exactly! Why didn’t you run away and just lay here pretending to be dead?”

Or rather, it’s a strange sight to see the demon agreeing with our words as enemies.

“Well, it was quite difficult to stay still.”

“No, that’s not what I meant…”

“But in fact, I changed my pose every day.
I gradually moved my body little by little so that no one would notice, and now my pose is completely different from when you first killed me! How about that, did you not notice?”


Well, I think that’s completely irrelevant.

“Hey, that doesn’t matter!”

Ah, he’s back to his senses.

“So why did you pretend to be killed by me? What are you planning?”

Yeah, I’m curious about that too.
Why did he do such a thing and let the demon take away his important research?

“Alright, I’ll tell you.”

The undead’s voice lowered, and tension filled the room.


“This research facility is studying the Chimera, and the white calamity that once threatened this world.
You already know that, right?”

The undead raised his hand and pointed to the Chimeras around him.

“And we have obtained fragments of the white calamity at the cost of many sacrifices.
We were ecstatic.
With this, the research on the white calamity would make a huge leap.
But the research was not easy.
Many of our comrades lost their lives due to rampaging Chimeras.
There are limits to extending life through magic.
Some of us continued the research even after becoming undead like me, but gradually lost their regrets and in the end, I was the only one left.”

The undead bowed his head as if reminiscing about the past.

“But at the end of those hardships, I finally completed the research to subdue the Chimera created using the fragments of the white calamity! And at that time, I was about to actually create the Chimera.”

The undead’s movement stopped.
And he trembled slightly.

“I… couldn’t conduct the experiment.”

“Why not?”

“That’s… because…”

The undead looked up as if looking into the distance.


“…It was a waste!”


Um, what does that mean?

“Every experiment with the Chimera using the fragments of the white calamity has failed without exception.
And each time, the fragments were lost.
And the remaining fragments became enough for only one experiment… It’s such a waste to use them!”


What is that!? He didn’t want to experiment because it was a waste!? That’s completely backwards!

“I understand.”

Huh? Ramise, do you understand?

“Rare items make you want to collect them without using them.
I understand very well.”

“Oh, you understand, young one! It’s natural not to want to use them!”

For some reason, Ramise and the undead seem to be getting along.

“However, my regret is to complete our research using these fragments.
I was troubled about how to make up my mind.
And that’s when he appeared…”

Saying that, the undead turned his face towards the demon.


The demon seemed surprised, like, me?

“I thought it was a divine revelation.
To make this demon use the fragments of the white calamity.
If I couldn’t use them myself, I thought I could make someone else use them to make up my mind! That’s why I generously taught him my research results and manipulated him to use the fragments of the white calamity himself!”

So, does that mean this undead was the cause of everything?

“However, it’s still a waste.
Honestly, how many times did I think about attacking him from behind to stop him…”

Oh… this demon was just about to experience the same thing that he did to the undead.
It’s a kind of retribution.

“Are you saying that you made me take away your research for such a trivial reason!?”

“Because it was a waste!”

“That’s not the point…”

Rodi sighed in exasperation.

“Well, anyway, it was good to let him try, but honestly, the work was so sloppy.
I couldn’t stand watching it, so I adjusted it while you were sleeping.”


“Oh, it was really dangerous, you know? I almost wasted all the precious materials.”


Wow, he’s saying whatever he wants.
I wonder if that demon’s pride is getting beaten up right now.

The atmosphere between the undead and us became tense.

“Enough of this! You humans and undead ignoring me is unacceptable!”

“Chimeras! Kill them all!”

Following the demon’s hysterical command, dozens of Chimeras that had been sleeping in the crystals opened their eyes and burst out of the crystals.

The Chimeras, with a fierce gleam in their eyes, pounced on us.
Well, even though Big Game Eater(Oomono Kurai) had defeated the giant Chimeras, it seems like the pinch is still continuing.

“We’ll intercept them!”

“Understood, Master of the Twin Fangs!”

We each swung our weapons and began to intercept the Chimeras.



I managed to block the claws of the Chimeras that jumped at me with my White Fang, but their strength far exceeded my expectations and pushed me back.

“Chimeras! Kill them all!”

In response to the demon’s hysterical command, the Chimeras that had been sleeping in the crystals broke free and attacked us.

The Chimeras, with a fierce gleam in their eyes, pounced on us.
Well, even though Big Game Eater(Oomono Kurai) had defeated the giant Chimeras, it seems like the pinch is still continuing.

“We’ll intercept them!”

“Understood, Master of the Twin Fangs!”

We each swung our weapons and began to intercept the Chimeras.



I managed to block the claws of the Chimeras that jumped at me with my White Fang, but their strength far exceeded my expectations and pushed me back.


I judged that I wouldn’t be able to withstand a direct hit, so I twisted my body halfway to deflect the claws.
Damn it, if only I could use the power of the White Fang.
But unfortunately, I had used up the power of the White Fang as a magic item during the battle with the Chimera in the courtyard.
It would take a few days for the power to be restored.

“Hehehe, these Chimeras are high-level Chimeras created as companions to the Chimeras made using the fragments of the white calamity! They’re different from the failures in the courtyard!”


The image of that eerie Chimera from the courtyard came to mind.
These Chimeras that appeared from the crystals were all around 2 meters tall.
Does that mean they have even more power than that giant Chimera!?

How far can I fight without being able to use the power of the White Fang and the Black Fang? Not only that, even if we defeat the Chimeras, the demon is still there behind them.
The demon, an enemy of humanity only spoken of in legends.
To fight such a legendary monster, we are woefully unprepared.
But we have no choice.
We can complain later!

“Saintess, Heavenly Demon Magic, please provide support with magic! Me, Haruran, and the undead will take care of the Chimeras.”

I immediately gave instructions while looking at Big Game Eater(Oomono Kurai).
The key is him!

“Big Game Eater(Oomono Kurai), I’m counting on you to deal with the demon!”

“Huh? Me?”

Big Game Eater(Oomono Kurai) exclaimed in surprise at being chosen.
He seems to be wondering if it’s okay for a newcomer like him to face the most formidable boss.

“Among us, you are the strongest! We will fully support you!”

Yeah, it’s annoying to admit it, but this guy is strong.
He defeated a giant chimera that almost took me down with one swing of his arm.
Not to mention, he has been impressive throughout our journey so far.

There’s no doubt that this guy is strong.
There have been many formidable opponents in the wild.
Among them, this guy is in a league of his own.
If there were such a thing as a hero, it would be someone like him.
With him, we should be able to defeat even the demon!

“…Understood, Risou-san! Leave it to me!”

Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai) made up his mind and rushed towards the demon.
The chimeras tried to stop him, but Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai) easily dodged their attacks and continued towards the demon.

Alright, now we can see a glimmer of hope for victory.
If we defeat the demon who commands the chimeras, the chimeras’ coordination will be disrupted, giving us an opportunity.
We just have to survive against the chimeras until then…

“By the way, am I joining the fight too?”

The undead casually asked me.

“Either way, we are considered enemies by the demon.
So why not lend a hand?”


The undead put a hand on his chin and showed a slight gesture of contemplation.

“The enemy of my enemy is my ally, huh? Well, fine then.
I don’t like how those chimeras are showing off their incompetence, so I’ll join you.”

“Shut up, undead! Get devoured by my chimeras and die for good this time! Chimeras, crush that undead over there!”

This is convenient.
The chimeras have focused their attention on the undead.
They have been belittling me all this time, so it’s only natural to take them down first.

“Well, I’m not good at fighting.
I’ll leave the barbaric stuff to you guys.
High Area Enchant Boost, High Area Protection, High Area Mana Boost.”

The undead consecutively cast spells, and our bodies were enveloped in a strong light three times.


Just then, a chimera jumped in without any delay.


I intercepted the chimera’s attack with my Black Fang.
And at that moment…


Instead of just blocking the chimera’s claws, its arm was completely severed along my Black Fang.

“Whoa, what is this!?”

Looking closely, Haruran also cut the chimera’s leg in half with his sword.
I turned to the undead, wondering what happened.
If there’s something, it must be the magic light that enveloped us earlier.

“Hohoho, I cast support magic on you guys.
With this, you can handle any chimera.”

“This is support magic!?”

Did such powerful magic exist in ancient times!?


Another chimera attacked, but I effortlessly cut it down.
Just as the undead said, my attacks severed the chimeras’ bodies like butter.

“I see, with this, I might have a chance.”

“Air Lancer!”

The Heavenly Demon Magic created a hole in the chimera’s torso.

“So this is a support magic that enhances spells!? Did such magic exist in ancient times!?”

“Hohoho, well, it’s nothing special.”

I’m not sure what Heavenly Demon Magic is surprised about, but in any case, their reinforcements are much appreciated.
However, I’m worried about what will happen after Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai) defeats the demon.
I hope we can negotiate peacefully.

Anyway, for now, I need to focus on the enemies in front of me.
I’m counting on you, Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai).

I defeated the chimeras and watched as Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai) ran towards the demon.


I dodged the chimeras blocking my path and cut them down, heading towards the demon.

I wonder why Risou-san told me to defeat the main culprit, the demon.
But why? If that demon is the root of all evil, shouldn’t we all work together to fight it? Honestly, the chimeras that are getting in the way are not much of a threat.
The real threat is the demon.

…Could it be that this is also a test to see if I am worthy of being an S-rank adventurer? Before coming to this cave, when we were attacked by monsters during our journey from the capital, Risou-san and the others told me to show them what it means to be an S-rank adventurer.
So maybe this battle, no, this request was prepared as a test to see if I am worthy of being an S-rank adventurer…

“Hm? Does that mean the struggle we had against the chimeras in the courtyard was also just an act?”

I see, so that’s what it was! Now that I think about it, it’s impossible for the strongest adventurers like the S-ranks to struggle against those chimeras.
They must have intentionally held back their strength during that battle.
This request itself was probably designed as a test to see if I, as a newly promoted S-rank, can handle important roles.

If being an S-rank means being the strongest adventurer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be recognized as worthy just because I got promoted to S-rank.
Being an S-rank adventurer comes with a lot of responsibility!

“I understand now! So, Risou-san and the others are telling me to defeat the demon on my own!”

As I step forward, the demon steps back, and the chimeras stand in my way like a wall.
But these chimeras are not my enemies.
I cut down the chimeras that come at me.


As I defeat the horde of chimeras, another chimera jumps out from the shadows, trying to take advantage of my opening.


However, Mofumofu jumps out from behind me and intercepts the chimera.


The pitiful chimera is slammed into the ground and becomes Mofumofu’s meal.

“Kuh, these chimeras are useless as obstacles! Who the hell are you? And what’s that white thing?”

“Just an ordinary adventurer! And this is my pet, Mofumofu!”

I leave the chimeras coming towards me to Mofumofu and charge at the demon.
But at this moment, the demon smirks.

“Chimeras, become my armor!”

The chimeras leap onto the retreating demon and merge with its body, transforming into a suit of armor.
I remember this…

“What… is that!?”

“Oh, that’s an Armored Chimera.”

Rodi-san explains while Ramise-san is surprised.

“Hey, undead! What is an Armored Chimera? I’ve never heard of such a chimera!”

Rodi-san interrogates the undead with curiosity.

“An Armored Chimera is a living weapon that enhances its master’s abilities by becoming their armor.
It has its problems, but the overwhelming enhancement provided by the Armored Chimera compensates for them.
You guys who struggled against these chimeras won’t stand a chance against a demon wearing an Armored Chimera… Should we run?”

“So such a chimera exists!? But why is there no record of it in modern times?”

Ramise-san, even in the midst of battle, is still calm.

“Well, that’s a problem.
That brat might have shown some decent skills by defeating a chimera infused with the White Calamity Fragment, but that was before the Armored Chimera came into play… It might be better to run, huh?”

“Is the situation that bad!? Damn it, Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai)! Fall back for now!”

I receive instructions from Risou-san to retreat, but regular chimeras block my path.

“Hah, even if you defeated a chimera infused with the White Calamity Fragment, you won’t stand a chance against me, who is fully clad in an Armored Chimera! Curse my recklessness for venturing too far without the support of my comrades!”

It seems the demon stepped back to lure me out.
But I’m surprised that the demon is using an Armored Chimera.

“Die, brat!”

The demon thrusts out its right arm, and from the mouth of the Armored Chimera fused with its arm, a barrage of magical projectiles is unleashed.

“Magical attacks using the Armored Chimera are like dragon breaths.
They don’t require incantations, it’s a type of non-incantation magic.”

“Oh! Non-incantation magic!”

“Are you guys really talking about that now?”

While ignoring Ramise-san and the others’ banter in the background, I dodge the barrage of magical projectiles.

“It’s futile! Dodging this barrage of magical projectiles is impossible!”

As the demon said, the density of the magical projectiles increases, leaving no gaps to dodge.

“No choice, Mana Protection Boost!”

I enhance my body with magic to strengthen my magical defense and dive into the barrage of magical projectiles.

“Hufufufu, finally giving up…”

“Ah, that’s not good, we should run…”


In the midst of the barrage of magical projectiles, I run through without even trying to protect myself, leaving the demon and the undead astonished.

“A-are you a monster!?”

“Is that kid a monster!?”

“Excuse me.
I’m just an ordinary adventurer.”

“What do you mean ‘ordinary’!?”

“Yeah, I get it.”

I felt like I heard a voice of agreement from behind… oh well.

“Hmph! But can you keep up with my speed?”

The demon tried to disrupt the wide facility by leaping off the walls with the enhanced leg strength provided by the Armored Chimera fused to its legs.

“W-What speed and jumping power is that!?”

“Is this the power of the Armored Chimera!?”

At that moment, the facility was enveloped in darkness.

“They turned off the lights.
This won’t work either.”

In the darkness, the voice of the demon echoed.

“Dieeee! You brat!!”

I avoided the blade of the Armored Chimera extending from the demon’s right arm with the minimum range, took half a step forward, and thrust my sword out.
I felt a dull resistance on my arm.


In the darkness, I could hear the voice of the demon.

“Light, light up.”

As the undead voiced their command, the facility was once again illuminated.
And in front of me was the figure of the demon with my sword deeply pierced into it.

“You… you fool… How could you avoid my attack in the darkness…? And not only that… you counterattacked and pierced through the armor of my Armored Chimera to strike my body!?”

The demon stared at me with an unbelieving look.

“The answer is detection magic.”

“Detection… magic!?”

“That’s right.
When the facility was enveloped in darkness, I activated detection magic and sensed the direction you were coming from, as well as the moment you grew a blade from the Armored Chimera on your arm.
After that, I just avoided your reaction.”

The demon opened its eyes wide in astonishment.

“Impossible… In that split second, you immediately switched to detection magic and even sensed the change in the shape of the Armored Chimera!?”

“Furthermore, the Armored Chimera devours the user’s magic power like crazy.
So when using it, you have to supply it with a large amount of core stones… no, magic stones, to absorb magic power from the outside.
Otherwise, the wearer will quickly run out of magic power.
You were unknowingly using up your magic power and slowing down.”

Yes, that’s why the Armored Chimera didn’t become a mainstream weapon.
And because it’s a living creature, maintenance is difficult, so it was costly in that sense as well.
In that case, magic items that are easier to maintain would be more in demand.

No matter how much magic power the demon had, wearing the Armored Chimera all over its body would result in an enormous consumption of magic power.
If this demon had seriously studied the Chimera research it stole from the undead.
If it had at least read the documents, it would have noticed that and taken proper countermeasures.

“And then, I just took advantage of the opening when you were confident of victory and countered.”

Yes, it was just a simple counterattack.

“Heh… You say it as if it were easy… Guh…”

The demon spat out blood from its mouth and collapsed.

“Wow, what a kid.
So you really are a monster.
You defeated a demon wearing the Armored Chimera with your bare body.”

“Hey hey, coming from someone who used nonsensical support magic.”

“I’m telling you.
It’s impossible for an ordinary human.
How much combat experience do you have to instantly switch to detection magic and confidently counterattack in the darkness? If it were me, I would have died as soon as it got dark.”

“Even though you’re undead…”

They’re saying whatever they want behind me.

“Anyway, it’s over now.
Riso-san, the subjugation of the demon, the cause of the mass appearance of monsters, is complete.
Please confirm.”

“Y-Yes… You did well.”

When I turned around, it seemed that Riso-san and the others had also finished subduing the Chimera safely.
They had hardly any injuries, and it seems that the incident with the Chimera in the courtyard was just a performance to gauge my abilities.
They’re truly senior adventurers of S-rank, I didn’t notice at all.

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