Episode 76: The Guide, The Emerging Entity

“Alright, let’s go!”

After the security of the camp, which had been attacked as soon as we arrived, stabilized, we finally decided to enter the mine.

“As planned, the A-rank adventurer team has already advanced and secured the mine by subjugating the monsters inside.
We will enter the cave connected to the depths of the mine and establish the second camp in a relatively large cavity near the ruins.
The camp installation team should conserve their magical power and stamina without participating in the battle.”

Because it is even more dangerous here than outside, Riso-san has been appointed as the leader by the guild staff.


As we entered the mine, we saw several adventurers at the entrance of a branching path.
Their role is to protect us from any monsters that might escape from being subjugated.
Honestly, being in a protected position is a bit uncomfortable.

“But still, it’s surprisingly bright.”

The walls of the mine are equipped with magical lights and lanterns in some places, so although it’s dim, it’s not inconvenient to move forward.
There are plenty of lights prepared, probably to eliminate places where monsters can hide.

Occasionally, we can hear the sounds of swordplay and magic explosions, which must be the result of the advance party of adventurers fighting the monsters that inhabit the mine.

Thanks to the advance party of adventurers securing the path, we were able to proceed deeper into the mine without encountering any monsters.

And after a while, the appearance of the mine starts to change.
The fact that the path is gradually becoming distorted is probably because the cave and tunnel connecting to the ruins are coming together.

“We’re about to enter the cave.
Inside the cave, there are many branching paths, and the full extent of it is unknown even from past surveys.
Be careful not to get separated.”


After receiving Riso-san’s warning, everyone tightens their focus.
This is where the real deal begins!

As we enter the cave, the lights that the advance party of adventurers had prepared disappear, and we attach light magic to the weapons and shields we have equipped.

We don’t use torches to prevent the air from running out in case of a sudden cave-in, and to prevent our hands from being occupied by torches.
We don’t have the luxury of carrying anything that would hinder combat.

“The air feels quite cold.
There might be a water vein nearby.”

One of the thieves who is leading the way mentions this.

“Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I feel a chill more than inside the mine.
It’s evidence that something emitting cold air is nearby.
I had a similar experience when I explored a large cave before, and I encountered a large water vein.
Be careful not to accidentally fall into an underground water vein.
If you fall into a fast-flowing water vein, you won’t survive due to the cold, darkness, and narrowness.”

As expected of seasoned adventurers, they can tell the temperature inside the cave just like that.
Experience is truly the greatest weapon.

“Alright, increase the number of lights and be cautious of the surroundings.
Pay attention to holes and cliffs.”

“Got it!”

The magic users cast floating light magic, illuminating the surroundings.
And while remaining vigilant, we continue to move forward for a while until a cold wind brushes against our cheeks.

“Look, there’s a cliff here.
The magic lights can’t reach, so it’s deep.
And if you listen carefully, you can hear a rumbling sound.
There’s probably an underground water vein below.”

As the thief mentioned, there really seems to be an underground water vein at the bottom of the cave.

“Don’t get too close, there’s a risk of collapse.”


We narrow our formation a bit and resume our movement.

“By the way, there don’t seem to be any monsters.”

“Yeah, considering the number of monsters that attacked the camp, it’s strangely unnatural that they’re not appearing.”

“Could it be that the monsters that attacked the camp were the majority of the monsters in the cave?”

Other adventurers express optimistic opinions.

“We can’t deny that possibility.
But since there were dangerous monsters like Hell Basilisks in the mine, it’s certain that there are equally dangerous monsters in the depths of the cave.
Don’t let your guard down until the second camp is completed.”


While exchanging light banter, everyone keeps a close eye on their surroundings, and I also use exploration magic to sense the presence of monsters.
I can feel the presence of monsters inside the cave, but fortunately, their reactions are lower than our current position.
Perhaps this cave extends not only horizontally but also downwards.
In that case, it seems unlikely that we will be attacked immediately.

And as the cave gradually expands, we eventually reach an open space.

“This is the place mentioned in the documents.
Alright, let’s set up the camp around here.”

Upon Riso-san’s command, the magic users start erecting walls using magic.

“Prioritize strength over habitability! Make the walls as thick as possible!”


The construction of walls to protect the camp begins, and the surroundings are gradually covered with walls one after another.

“At least once the walls are completed, we can relax a bit.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The sight of the walls being completed in an instant causes the senior adventurers to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hey, hey, it’s not completed yet, so don’t let your guard down! This is the most dangerous time.”

Rodi-san, an S-rank senior adventurer, tightens the relaxed atmosphere with his words.


His words carry weight as expected of an S-rank adventurer, and the senior adventurers quickly straighten up.
And just as if to prove that Rodi-san’s warning was correct, my exploration magic informs us of the presence of monsters.

“There’s a reaction from the monsters! They’re coming from underground in the direction we came from!”

“From underground!?”

“They probably climbed up the cliff we encountered earlier! And there are quite a lot of them!”

Damn it, I heard it was a request that an S-rank would handle, so I thought we could handle dangerous opponents, but suddenly our lives are in danger!

“Everyone, prepare for battle! The construction team should prioritize setting up the walls! Everyone, be careful not to let the monsters slip through any gaps in the walls!”


Upon receiving instructions, the adventurers form a formation.
Although they are not as skilled as the knight order that underwent rigorous training, they have received instruction on formations and tactics in advance, so everyone quickly completes their battle preparations.

“Hey kid, how about a competition to see who can defeat more monsters?”

Rodi-san, who came next to me, suggests such a thing.


This person is unwavering.

“Since we’re going to fight anyway, it’s better to enjoy it, right? And hey, let’s invite the other teams too! Hey, you guys! How about a competition to see who can defeat the most monsters? Participation can be as a team or as individuals.
How about 10 gold coins as the entry fee?”

That’s quite a generous bet.

“If it’s as a team, it’s advantageous in terms of the number of subjugations, but the reward will be divided.
On the other hand, if it’s as individuals, it will be tough, but the reward will be all yours.”

“Sounds good, I’ll participate as an individual.”

“We’ll participate as a team.”

I thought it might be considered inappropriate, but surprisingly, there were many participants.
Maybe this confidence is what makes them all A-rank adventurers.

“So, what will you do, kid?”

Hmm, what should I do?

“Rex-san, let’s participate as a team too!”

Liliera-san is full of enthusiasm.
Yeah, anyway, the monsters are going to attack us, so we have to defeat them no matter what.
In that case, there’s no reason not to participate.
If we win, we’ll make a fortune.

Let’s participate.”

“Alright, the bet is on!”


The adventurers let out a high-spirited cheer.
Surprisingly, Rodi-san’s bet seems to have boosted everyone’s morale.

“You’re such an incorrigible guy.”

That’s what Riso-san mutters.

“Hey, Shoran! Don’t get too carried away!”

“I know.
It’s just to liven things up before the real deal!”

As Riso-san sighs, the sound of the monsters approaching can be heard from the darkness.

“They’re coming!”

Rodi-san and Riso-san immediately switch their focus and prepare their weapons.
And from the darkness, the monsters appear.

“What is this!?”

It was a swarm of white monsters that filled the floor of the cave.

“Wow, there are so many.”

The monsters are lizard-like creatures that walk on two legs and are about 30 cm tall.
However, just by looking at this tremendous number, one can instinctively sense the danger.

“Be careful! They’re Antraptors! As the name suggests, they attack in large swarms like ants!”

The thief from earlier warns everyone about the name of the monsters.
So this is an Antraptor.
It’s my first time seeing the real thing.

“Damn it, I heard it was a request that an S-rank would handle, so I thought we could handle dangerous opponents, but suddenly our lives are in danger!”

“We specialize in exploration, so we’re not really good at combat… Should we have declined this request?”

“It’s too late for that now!”

The nearby adventurers grumble.
It seems that in this exploration request, they were recruited not only for combat but also for their specialized skills.
Just like Foka-san, who is called a saint and specializes in healing magic, those people are specialized in exploration.

“Here they come!”

When everyone snapped back to their senses at Risou’s voice, a monster called Antraptor came rushing towards us like an avalanche.


“Wind Cutter!”

“Freeze Ball!”

Immediately, the wizards began to counterattack with area-of-effect magic.
There were so many Antraptors that even if they didn’t aim, they would hit one of them.
However, Antraptor’s reinforcements kept appearing one after another from the darkness, increasing in number instead of decreasing.

“You lizard bastard!”

Everyone raised their weapons and attacked the approaching Antraptors.

People who were confident in their speed or had weapons that were easy to handle, like daggers, were able to maneuver well.
But those who used large swords or axes couldn’t land a finishing blow due to the small size and agility of the Antraptors.
And before they could defeat the injured ones, new ones would attack and swarm them.


“Damn it, get off!”

“Ow! Don’t bite me!”

I can’t let this continue without support! I quickly cut through the swarming Antraptors and rescue the people who were being attacked.


“I’ll heal you, Heal!”

Fortunately, thanks to my small stature, the damage was minimal, and the healing was quickly done.

But this is bad.
I want to deal with this number all at once, but if it turns into a melee like this, any area-of-effect magic would end up hurting our allies.
Maybe I should use a sleep magic to put everyone, enemies and allies alike, to sleep?

That’s what I was thinking.

“Rock Thorn!!”

Stone thorns emerged from the ground, piercing the feet of the Antraptors that were running around.
The Antraptors screamed in pain and fell to the ground.
The stone thorns continued to grow from the ground, injuring the feet of the running Antraptors.

“Be careful not to step on the stone thorns!”

It was the magic of Chain-san, the wizard of Team Cyclone led by Rodii-san.

“Everyone, calm down!”

While the Antraptors were slowed down by the stone thorns, Rodii-san raised his voice.

“Antraptors are not opponents to be feared one-on-one! Wizards should use magic that hinders the enemy’s movements rather than offensive magic! If you do that!”

Saying that, Rodii-san cut down the Antraptors that were injured by the stone thorns.

“By doing this, it becomes easier to deliver the finishing blow, and if the ones in front can’t move, the ones behind can’t come forward because they’re obstructed by their allies! The front line should prioritize attacking the enemies who have been slowed down by their feet being sealed!”

“U-Understood! Earth Bind!”

“Then how about this, Plant Lock!”

“Don’t charge forward! Fight while protecting each other’s backs!”

The adventurers, realizing that fighting individually would lead to a stalemate, quickly changed their way of fighting under Rodii-san’s command.
Thanks to that, although slowly, the number of enemies was steadily decreasing.

“Amazing, Rodii-san!”

It was a smooth way of commanding as if he had been leading this group for a long time.
In my past life, I was more used to acting alone, so I’m not very good at fighting with a large group of companions.
I end up involving others with my clumsy attacks.

“As expected of Rodii-san, the Gale Storm.
Don’t you think he’s used to leading people?”

Risou-san called out to Rodii-san.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

He is still skillfully fighting while giving instructions to everyone.
He really seems to be accustomed to leading people.

“There are rumors that he used to be a knight serving a certain country.
Some even say he was a general.”

“Eh!? Rodii-san was a knight!?”

I never expected Rodii-san to be a knight!

“Hahaha, it’s just a rumor.
But he is surprisingly good at blending into a group of people.
Before you know it, he is liked by everyone and ends up in the center of the group.
And his ability to make judgments in the midst of a melee is particularly high.
He gives appropriate instructions to his allies while fearlessly stepping forward himself.
That’s why even those who are not in a party trust Rodii and follow his instructions.
His appearance is like a storm stirring up the battlefield.”

Indeed, his ability to quickly restore order in a situation that was on the verge of panic makes it seem like those rumors are true.

“I see, so that’s why Rodii-san’s nickname is Gale Storm!”

“Yes, normally he is in the center of the group like the sun, but when it comes to battle, this is how he is.
It’s a flaw that he’s a bit of a show-off.”

Ahaha, is she talking about the bet from earlier?

“Among the tricky S-rank adventurers, he is said to have the power of an A-rank adventurer, but that’s not all of his strength.
His true value lies in fighting with his comrades.”

Even now, Rodii-san is defeating the Antraptors that were trying to attack his allies from blind spots and providing support.
He doesn’t insist on fighting at the front, but skillfully changes his position according to the situation to change the course of the battle.
That’s what Risou-san wants to say.

“Well, it is rumored that he was expelled from the country by jealous colleagues who were envious of his abilities.”

Wow, some things never change, even after hundreds of years.
I’ve seen and heard enough of those stories in my past life.

“Don’t hesitate to use potions! If your magic runs out, use a Mana Potion for immediate recovery! There are a lot of Antraptors!”

While Rodii-san continued to command his allies, they continued to counterattack the horde of Antraptors.

“The wall of the camp is complete! Hurry and get inside!”

We heard a voice from behind, announcing the completion of the wall.
We hurriedly fled into the camp.
We were still being attacked from behind, but no one cared about the minor injuries.

If we get injured, we can just heal later.
Besides, if you’re an A-rank adventurer, you would have bought appropriate armor.
Professionals invest in their equipment so they can survive longer.
We need to prepare better equipment too.

And when the last person escaped and entered, the wizards from the construction team cast a spell to close the remaining gaps in the wall.

Now, all that was left was to eliminate the few remaining Antraptors that managed to enter before the entrance closed, and finally, we could take a breath.

“With this wall, they won’t be able to get in.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief at Rodii-san’s declaration.

As expected of Rodii-san.
The name of an S-rank adventurer is not just for show.
Ramise-san, the master of magic, Foka-san, the healer, and Rodii-san with his leadership skills.
Then, what kind of special skill does Risou-san have?

We were basking in the temporary victory, but the harsh reality would soon remind us that things were not so easy.

“This is… bad.”

After successfully bringing my companions into the safety of the defensive wall, I quickly climbed up to the top of the wall to observe the situation outside.
Fortunately, we had made the second camp’s wall considerably thicker, taking into account the fact that the wall of the first camp in front of the mine had been destroyed.
Thanks to that, there was enough space on top of the second camp’s wall to serve as a simple castle wall or observation deck.
However, now that convenience was turning against me, showing me a desperate sight.

With the completion of the defensive wall, we had temporarily escaped danger.
And all that was left was for the Antraptors to give up or continue their attacks on the wall from outside, which would eventually lead to our victory.
That’s what I thought, but…

“I never expected them to try to get in like this…”

The Antraptors realized that no matter how much they jumped, they couldn’t cross the wall, so they started using their comrades as stepping stones to approach the wall.

“This is bad, it’s like we willingly walked into a cage.”

What should I say to them? They must have thought they were saved, but how can I explain the situation? One-on-one, our skills are superior.
We can easily defeat them in a fair fight.

But this number is impossible.
This is no longer a problem that can be solved with tactics or encouragement.
It’s like watching a swarm of insects, as the name suggests.
Although, these ants are on a completely different level in terms of size and danger.

The number of Antraptors is still increasing, and they are climbing up the wall.
At this rate, they will break through the defensive wall in a few minutes.
It’s fortunate that we raised the height of the second camp’s wall in addition to its thickness, considering the destruction of the first camp’s wall.

“Rodi, how does it look outside?”

Chain, the wizard, asked while drinking a Mana Potion with a disgusted expression.
Marcha, the swordsman, seemed to be receiving healing from Almo, the priest.

“Ah, it’s not looking good.”

Even if I lied to Chain, who is a close companion, he would immediately see through it.
In fact, he is surprisingly perceptive when it comes to such nuances.
Well, he doesn’t often verbalize his observations.

“…I see.”

Chain must have sensed that the situation was not good from my tone.
His expression became stern.

“Risou and Ramise, Foka, and… call the boy.
I need them to hurry.”


Chain quickly, but discreetly, went to call Risou and the others.
And soon, Risou and the others arrived.
But Foka was not with them.

“Where’s Foka?”

“He’s treating the injured.
That’s his main job, after all.”

Saying that, Risou climbed up the wall.

“I see, this is the worst.”

Risou must have expected it since he was called by the chain, but his reaction was surprisingly calm.

“Indeed, even my magic would have a hard time with this many.
Well, if it comes to it, I can escape with flight magic.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at Ramise, who boldly declared that she would escape alone.
It seems that even this audacious man is feeling a sense of crisis.
…I hope he doesn’t actually run away.

“Wow, there are so many.”

The boy still doesn’t seem to understand the situation and is simply amazed by the number of monsters.
Well, there’s no need to specifically teach him about the despairing reality.

“Now, is there any good way to turn this situation around, everyone?”

“Yeah, how about asking a magician to seal off this wall?”

It’s a simple opinion that may actually work.

“No, if we do that, we’ll suffocate.
Besides, it’s impossible to create a ceiling that can cover this size.
Maybe if we use magic to create a stone wall and then cut it off, it might work, but the strength and time are not enough.”

I thought it was a surprisingly good idea, but Ramise immediately pointed out the technical problem.

“…Do you have any good ideas, boy?”

The boy has already defeated dangerous S-rank monsters before.
Maybe he’ll come up with a good idea.
However, even the boy wouldn’t be able to handle a crushing attack from such overwhelming numbers.

“Well, since they’re reptiles, how about putting them into hibernation with ice magic?”

“Hibernation? Specifically?”

I asked for more details about this unexpected countermeasure.

“Yes, reptiles hibernate in winter.
And except for some, reptilian monsters also hibernate in the same way.
So if magicians who can use ice magic simultaneously cast magic from the top of the wall, the temperature will drop rapidly and I think the Antraptors will also go into hibernation.
Fortunately, we and the Antraptors are separated by the wall, so there’s no need to worry about our allies being damaged by the cold.”

I see, if it works well, we can render the enemies unable to move without defeating them.
If there’s no other way, let’s bet on that.

“Alright, let’s give it a try.
Everyone, listen!”

Time is running out, so I immediately called out to my comrades inside the wall.

“Whoa!? What is this!?”

“How many are there!?”

“Don’t lean out too much! We won’t be able to save you if you fall!”

When Rodi explained the situation, everyone who had escaped into the wall screamed.
And there were voices criticizing Rodi for instructing them to escape into the wall, but everyone quickly shut their mouths when they saw this scene.
They understood that they were still alive because they had escaped into the wall, and that Rodi’s judgment was correct.

“Listen, cool down the Antraptors with all your might! If we succeed in putting them into hibernation, it will be our victory without fighting!”

“We have no choice but to do it…”

“There’s no escape route anyway.”

Upon Rodi’s words, the magicians also made up their minds.
Even those who couldn’t use magic were preparing their weapons, ready for when the time came.

“Listen, don’t think about what comes after! Just focus on lowering the temperature with all your might!”


Since there’s no other choice, everyone is full of determination.

“Alright! Let’s do it!”

At Rodi’s command, everyone unleashed their most powerful ice magic.

“Frost Storm!”

“Blizzard Wall!”

Among them, Chain and Ramise’s magic stood out from the others.
Both of them were using blizzard-type magic to rapidly cool the surroundings, but they were careful to center the camp in the middle of the storm to avoid harming their allies.
Due to the influence of their magic, the temperature dropped rapidly, causing the adventurers protected by the wall to shiver from the cold and flock to the bonfire prepared in the center.

“Hey, make the fire magic stronger!”

“N-No, we can only use the minimum amount of fire to put the Antraptors into hibernation!”

“Then try harder! There are enemies even in the dark where the light doesn’t reach! Just keep cooling them down!”

People waiting inside screamed in response to Rodi’s instructions.

Alright, I have to do my best too! In this situation where our allies are protected by the wall, I can fight to my heart’s content!

“Prison Cocytus!”

“Whoa, it’s cold!”

As I activated my magic, the temperature around me dropped even further, causing the magicians to shrink.

“M-My magic is colder than this!? Is it… Lost Magic!?”

Ramise said something, but for now, lowering the temperature is the priority.

A freezing mist known as the ice of the underworld began to form around the camp, chilling the Antraptors regardless of their position.
The Antraptors, hindered by their large numbers, became trapped in cages made of their own frozen comrades, immobilizing themselves one after another.

Alright, at this rate, I can lower the temperature enough to put all the hidden Antraptors into hibernation!

“Th-That’s enough, right?”

Suddenly, Rodi stopped me as I was getting fired up.

“Huh? But if we don’t cool them down more, we won’t be able to put all the Antraptors into hibernation.”

“I-It’s already enough!”

Saying that, Rodi trembled and pointed outside.


When I looked, all the Antraptors outside were completely frozen, with ice filling every gap, creating a scene reminiscent of an ice glacier.
And the glacier extended into the depths of the cave, out of sight.

“Huh? Did they freeze already? They were unexpectedly weak to the cold.”

“That’s not the issue! You cooled them down too much! Even Salamanders would freeze like this!”

Liliera, who had protected herself with body enhancement magic, shrank and shouted.

“Huh? But I heard from my master that reptiles usually stop moving when they get cold, so I didn’t think about attributes or anything.”

“That’s definitely not hibernation, they just froze to death! Besides, how can you freeze a Frost Dragon to death!”

For some reason, everyone started to criticize me.
It’s strange, my master said that reptiles usually stop moving when they get cold, so I didn’t think about attributes or anything.

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