Episode 73: Emergency Assembly and S-Rank Party

In this episode, there is an urgent call for a meeting and the formation of an S-Rank party.

“I’m home!”

“Welcome back, bro!”

When I returned to the mansion in the capital after a long time, Gyro and the others welcomed me.

“Welcome back!”

“Welcome home!”

“Welcome back”

Everyone seems to be doing well.

“Listen, bro! We became C-rank!”

“Really!? That’s amazing, Gyro!”

“Well, bro became B-rank in no time…”

Well, I have past lives, so…

“But Liliera said it takes quite a while to become C-rank.
So it’s still amazing, right?”

“Hehe, maybe”

Gyro happily laughs and scratches his cheek.

“But more importantly, there’s something to tell Rex.”

“Oh, right”

Minna points it out, and Gyro becomes flustered.

“What is it?”

“Well, bro! Yesterday, as soon as you came back from the adventurer’s guild, they asked me to tell you to come right away.”

From the adventurer’s guild? I wonder what it’s about.
I hope it’s not related to the Sky Island.
Oh, but if it is, it should be fine since Barn and the others haven’t returned yet.

“Got it.
I’ll go to the guild for a bit then.
Thanks for letting me know.”

“Don’t worry about it.
We live in the same house, so it’s only natural.”

“You’re acting like it’s only natural for us to live together.
It’s just until I save enough money to stay at an inn in the capital.
It’s a hassle.”

Huh? They were thinking about that.
They don’t need to worry about it.

“Anyway, let us come along on the next adventure too!”

“Got it.
Let’s go on the next adventure together.”

We made a promise, but at that time, I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to take Gyro and the others on the next adventure.

“A new ruin?”

When I arrived at the adventurer’s guild, I was taken to the reception room in the back.
And there, the guild master told me about a new ruin exploration request.

“Yes, recently a ruin was discovered in a dangerous area.
I want you to help with the exploration of that ruin.”

“But why me? I think there are many skilled adventurers in the capital’s guild.”

Unlike me, who is a first-year adventurer, there are professionals in ruin exploration.

“The reason is that it’s a dangerous area.”

A dangerous area is a dangerous land that can only be entered by adventurers of a certain rank or higher.

“Carbang Mine was a famous mine known for its rubies, but at some point, it seems that the mine shaft and a natural cave connected.
That would have been fine, but A and B-rank monsters started appearing in the cave.
The mine was quickly occupied by monsters.”

“Couldn’t they have sealed the hole that connected to the cave?”

“Well, the monsters that came out from there were a new species that had never been discovered before.”

Oh, a new species of monsters that came out of the cave.
That’s a bit interesting.

“And the materials that can be obtained from these monsters are more valuable than the gems that will eventually run out.
It was judged that it would be more profitable to have an unlimited supply of valuable materials from the monsters, so the mine and the cave became A-rank dangerous areas, and the connecting hole remained as it was.”

So they got greedy.

“Now, going back to the beginning, the interior of the cave in the ruin is quite dangerous.
The adventurer party that discovered the ruin went for a second exploration and never returned.
And several A-rank parties that entered afterwards also didn’t come back.”

That sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?

“Taking the situation seriously, the country and the guild have designated this unexplored ruin that even A-rank parties couldn’t return from as an S-rank dangerous area.
The exploration of the mine has been temporarily prohibited.”

Wow, it’s becoming a big deal.

“So, the reason I called you is…”

“Ah, yes, we want you to investigate this ruin together with the S-rank adventurers we have gathered.”

“S-rank adventurers ‘too’!?”

Are there other S-rank adventurers participating besides me!?

“Yes, that’s right.
It’s an unexplored dangerous area that even A-rank adventurers couldn’t survive.
We have determined that it is worth exploring with the combined efforts of the guild.”

The investigation of the ruins in the S-rank dangerous area where S-rank adventurers gather.
It’s amazing, it’s making me excited.
It reminds me of one of the most popular episodes in the story of Ligerd, the encounter of heroes, where multiple countries join forces to fight against a terrifying great monster that cannot be defeated even with their combined strength, and S-rank adventurers like Ligerd defeat it in a thrilling battle.

“Of course, it’s not just S-rank adventurers.
We are also recruiting capable A-rank adventurers to serve as scouts and to guard the camp base.
If you want, you can also have your party members join.”

I see, in that case, Liliera can also participate.
But it seems unlikely that Gyro and the others, who are C-rank, can join.

“Will you do it?”

Well, I’m interested, but I need to confirm with Liliera first.

“Can we discuss it with our comrades first?”

We also need to make arrangements, so it would be helpful if we could get an answer within three days.”


“So, I was requested to participate in a joint request to explore the S-rank dangerous area.”

When I returned home, I explained the situation to Liliera and Gyro and the others.

“How dangerous is this S-rank dangerous area?”

“The B-rank Monster Forest is a forest where the trees themselves are monsters, and all the trees attack.”


Even Gyro, who is always confident, reacts like that.
Liliera must have been a pretty brave B-rank adventurer.
Well, she has been promoted to A-rank now.

“So, what will Liliera do?”


Liliera thinks for a moment.

“There’s no need to hesitate, right? Rex’s bro is going, so the request is as good as completed, right?”

Gyro says that, but Minna stops him.

“Idiot, A-rank adventurers are going to guard the camp.
They won’t be with Rex.
If something happens, they won’t be able to help.”

When she says that, I also start to worry.

“I’ve made up my mind.”

Liliera, who has made a decision whether to accept the request, looks at me.

“I’ll accept it.
I can’t participate in the S-rank party, but I will protect the place where you all will return with my responsibility.”

Oh, that’s a reliable statement.

“Thank you, Liliera.”


“Damn it! If only we had become A-rank sooner, we could have gone on an adventure with bro!”

“Be patient.
We’re still inexperienced to accompany S-rank and A-rank adventures.”

And so, I and Liliera decided to participate in the designated request in the S-rank dangerous area.

One week later, we were outside the capital.
The meeting place for the request from the guild was outside the capital.

I can already see the adventurers at the meeting place.
There aren’t many of them, but they all have a vigilant look.
These must be the A-rank adventurers gathered from the neighboring areas.

“Everyone, thank you for gathering.”

At that moment, a voice that resounded through the meeting place stood out.

“I am Wanda, the auditor dispatched by the guild.
I will be in charge from now on.”

Wanda, the guild staff member who introduced herself, starts explaining about the request.

“First of all, I want to thank all of you for your courage in gathering for this extremely dangerous request.”

They’re thanking us even though the investigation hasn’t started yet.

“As you all may know, this time we are exploring a land that has become the third S-rank dangerous area in history.”

The third? That means there are two more S-rank dangerous areas.

“Although no one who entered has returned from this unexplored dangerous area, the task we are asking you to do is to explore the A-rank dangerous area, so rest assured… but if you let your guard down, you’ll die.”

They casually said something scary.

“You will be guarding the camp in front of the mine and the second camp that will be set up inside the cave.”

I see.
They’re planning to have two operating bases.

“The first camp has already been set up in an open area in the mine.
First, prepare there, and then the next morning, head to the mine to set up the second camp.”

They’re expanding the activity range with safety in mind.

“And now, the problem of the S-rank dangerous area.
It is a place that has never been explored by humans, and only the bravest can overcome its dangers!”

Wanda raises her right hand to the sky.

“That’s right, S-rank adventurers! Rodi of the Clear Sky, Foka the Saint, MagicRamise the Heavenly Demon, Riso the Twin Fangs, and the promising newcomer, Rex the Big Game Eater!”


The gathered adventurers cheer.
Wait, I feel like there was some weird nickname before my name…

“Amazing! It’s unheard of to have five S-rank adventurers participating!”

“And one of them just recently became an S-rank, I heard.”

“A new S-rank, huh? I’m excited to see how strong they are.”

The adventurers were having an excited conversation about the participation of S-rank adventurers.
However, I became an S-rank by chance, so please don’t expect too much from me.


When Wanda raised her voice, the voices of the adventurers quieted down.
The speed at which they switched was truly befitting of A-rank adventurers.

“We have three objectives.
First, to set up a second camp inside the natural cave in the mine.
Second, to check the safety of the A-rank adventurer party in the ruins inside the cave.
And third, to explore the ruins.”

Wanda paused here.

“We will provide detailed explanations after we arrive at the camp in front of the mine and join the members who went ahead.
Now, please board the carriage we have prepared.”

As Wanda gave her instructions, the door of the carriage opened.

“Well then, shall we go?”


“Wait a moment.”

I tried to get on the carriage with Liliera, but Wanda stopped us.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m sorry, but could you ride in a different carriage?”

Me? What does that mean?

“Yes, I want you to ride in the carriage for S-rank adventurers.”

Hmm, this feels like trouble.

Because it was a direct request from the guild, I had to part ways with Liliera and ride in the carriage prepared for S-rank adventurers.

The carriage that only carried S-rank adventurers looked luxurious, giving the impression of being treated specially, but it seemed different somehow.

“You will form a temporary party.
However, even if you are S-rank, it is difficult to coordinate with others who you have just met.
So, I want you to deepen your friendship with the other S-rank adventurers during the short time it takes to reach our destination.”

That’s what they said.
But can you really deepen friendships in such a short time until we reach our destination?

“Hey, Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai).”

Just as I was worrying about that, Riso-san, the user of Twin Fangs, approached and spoke to me.

“Um, are you talking about me?”

“Yes, you’re Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai), right? The one who defeated multiple S-rank monsters in a row and became the youngest S-rank.”

Ah, so that’s why I’m called Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai).
It’s kind of an embarrassing nickname.
…I think I understand why Gyro-kun was embarrassed to call himself Dragon Slayers.

“Oh my, that’s amazing.”

Next, Saint Foka joined the conversation.
She looked to be in her mid-20s, but she exuded a strong motherly aura, especially in her chest.

“I heard that you were manipulating magic that I’ve never seen before.
Could it be Lost Magic?”

And now, Heavenly Demon Magic Ramise also joined the conversation.
This person looked like a typical scholar-like magician.
It would be understandable if they were said to be a researcher studying at a magic academy.

“Haha, yes.
I heard you defeated a Kraken and a Megalowhale this time? How about a rematch when we reach the ruins?”

And Rodi from Team Cyclone is as competitive as ever.

I thought that all S-rank adventurers would be scary people, but it seems that they are unexpectedly friendly.
They all approach me cheerfully.
Are they concerned about me being younger? Riso-san and the others were curious about the monsters I fought and how I managed to overcome them.

Maybe they are interested in monsters that they haven’t fought before.

“Oh, that’s an interesting way to fight.”

“Body enhancement magic, huh? Convenient magic exists these days.”

No, it’s just ordinary magic.
Foka-san seemed very interested even in ordinary magic that she didn’t have many opportunities to encounter.

That’s when it happened.
The carriage suddenly stopped, and the S-rank seniors who were surrounding me, or rather, crowding around me, collapsed towards me.


“W-Watch out.”

Riso-san and Rodi-san, being warriors, quickly regained their balance and braced themselves.
But Foka-san and Ramise-san couldn’t stop in time and ended up falling on top of me.

“Ah, I’m sorry!”

Foka-san’s chest covered my face, and then Ramise-san bumped into me from behind, burying my face even deeper into Foka-san’s chest.
Wait, this is getting really hard to breathe!

“Haha, yes! Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai), you’ve already devoured Foka’s chest!”

“I think it’s more like being devoured in the opposite sense.”

Hey, you two, stop laughing and help me!


“But more importantly, what’s going on?”

Riso-san, puzzled by the sudden stop, opened the small window at the front of the carriage and called out to the coachman.

“Ah, Riso-san! It’s urgent! A horde of monsters is approaching from the front!”

“A horde of monsters!?”

Upon hearing that, Rodi-san immediately opened the carriage door and went outside.

“Hmm, how big of a prey are we dealing with?”

Then, Riso-san also went out, and I followed suit.
And when I looked ahead, I could see the approaching monsters from the other side of the highway.

“Those are High Trolls.
They are A-rank monsters, but their intelligence is low, so they are considered lower-ranked among A-rank monsters.
However, due to their high regeneration ability, even an A-rank party is at risk of being wiped out if they are attacked in large numbers.”

Ramise-san, who came from behind, explained the monsters.

“Hmm, dealing with monsters encountered on the highway is the job of A-rank adventurers, but it might be a bit tough with that many, right?”

According to this request, the S-rank adventurers are supposed to focus on exploring the ruins and leave the battles on the way to the A-rank adventurers.
Well, after all, the opponents are just High Trolls.
With so many A-rank adventurers gathered, there’s no need to worry.

“Alright, let’s intercept them!”

The A-rank adventurers quickly got off the carriage and prepared to intercept the High Trolls.
Their response was swift, as expected.

“Wait, everyone!”

It was Wanda, a guild staff member, who said that.
The A-rank adventurers looked at him, wondering what was going on.

“Normally, it would be the job of you A-rank adventurers to fight the monsters encountered on the highway.
However, this time, I want a certain S-rank adventurer to fight them.”

S-rank? Why?

“Rex, can you fight for us?”


I was unexpectedly singled out!

“Is that kid Rex, the Big Game Eater (Oomono Kurai)? Isn’t he still a child?”

“Well, he’s a member of the guild, so he must be an adult.”

“But he’s so young.
Is he really an S-rank!?”

Upon learning that I am Rex, an S-rank adventurer, the adventurers expressed doubts about my youth.
I myself sometimes wonder if becoming an S-rank was some kind of mistake.

“Your youth raises doubts among your comrades who fight alongside you.
That’s why I want you to demonstrate your abilities to everyone by fighting alone.”

Especially to your S-rank comrades, Wanda added.
I see, she wants to show that I have the necessary abilities to be an S-rank and gain the trust of the other S-rank adventurers.

I will handle it.”

“Isn’t it difficult to face them alone?”

Foka-san expressed her concern and dissatisfaction to Wanda.

“No, no, it’s just High Trolls.
As an S-rank, you won’t have any trouble.”

“I would burn them from this distance.”

Riso-san and Ramise-san seemed to have an atmosphere of “defeating them is a matter of course.”

“Yes, yes, yes! It’s fine.
This boy’s abilities are more than enough to handle High Trolls.
Shall we compete to see who can hunt more?”

Rodi-san either wants to reassure me or compete with me.
Maybe both.

Well, never mind.
The horde of High Trolls is getting closer, so I have to intercept them.
I step forward and draw my sword.

“Fighting with a sword?”

“But with that thin sword, aren’t you worried about fighting High Trolls?”

“Ordinary-sized swords are disadvantageous against High Trolls with their high regeneration ability.”

The A-rank adventurers seem very interested in how I will fight.
But I’m sorry, it’s going to be a rather plain battle.
After all, the opponents are High Trolls, who only have their regeneration ability as their selling point.

I bring the horde of High Trolls closer to a sufficient distance, infuse magic into my sword, and swing it horizontally while releasing magic.

“Melting Wave!!”

Blue flames appear on the surface of the sword, and ripples of flames spread out in a fan shape, following the trajectory of the swung sword.
If you were to look at it from above, it would probably look like ripples spreading from something dropped on the water’s surface.

The ripples pass through the horde of High Trolls and disappear about 50 meters behind.
And after the magic dissipates, only the lower halves of the High Trolls, with their upper bodies severed, continue running towards us.
However, after running for a while, even the lower halves seem to realize that their upper bodies are missing and collapse to the ground.

The high trolls showed no signs of regeneration, and although they continued to move vigorously with their natural vitality for a while, their movements gradually became smaller until they finally stopped moving.

Having witnessed that, I informed Wanda-san.

“It’s over.”


Wanda-san and the others looked at me with puzzled expressions.

“So, the extermination of the high troll group is complete.”

“…It’s finished? The group of A-rank monsters? Already?”

Yeah, the high trolls have been dead for a while now.



For some reason, everyone around me fell silent.
Huh? Did I mess up something?

“A-amazing!! What the hell is this!?”

“Defeating that high troll in one strike!? And with a sword!?”

“No, that was magic!”

“But what kind of magic!?”

“Look! Look at the severed part of the defeated high troll! There are burn marks! This sealed their regeneration ability!”

“What!? It’s true! Not a drop of blood spilled.
Did it instantly burn the severed part…”

“It’s an incredible magic.”

The adventurers suddenly exclaimed and gathered around the high troll’s corpse, trying to figure out how I defeated it.

That’s right, Melting Wave is a magic that shoots out flaming slashes to cut through a wide range of enemies.
Moreover, the slashes emit high heat, instantly cauterizing the wounds.
It was developed as a countermeasure against regenerating monsters, so most monsters with high regeneration abilities can be dealt with using this magic.

“Well, well, as expected of the youngest and fastest to reach S-rank.
Impressive, impressive.”

And then, Riso-san and the others arrived.

“Yes, it’s quite something.”

“But more importantly, that magic just now… Could it be, Ro-”

“No way! Your skills are truly something! Have you become even stronger?! Ah, I really wanted to have a match with you after all!”

It seemed like Ramise-san was about to say something, but her words were drowned out by Roddy-san’s.

“What do you think, Wanda-san? Does this prove our abilities?”

Without any flashy performances, I tried to demonstrate our ability to defeat enemies quickly and steadily.
It might have been a bit plain, though.

“…Ah, yes.
It’s enough.
With this, everyone should acknowledge your abilities.”

That’s a relief.
It seems like our future cooperation will be fine.

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