Episode 72: The Eggshell and Another Product

In this episode, we explore the story behind an eggshell and another product.

Hmm, it’s good that medicinal herbs can be sold, but I’m worried if that’s all.

If there’s only one thing to sell, it’ll be troublesome if we can’t rely on it anymore due to some unforeseen circumstances.
In past lives, there were major problems caused by famine and over-harvesting, so I’m a bit concerned.

It would be nice if there was another specialty product that could become unique to Sky Island.
So, let’s go to Forest Island again.

“As I thought, it’s not here.”

The value of promising items has been confirmed by the crew members of Good Luther MK.1, so there’s nothing that would make me want to trade for it.

“Hmm, what should I do?”

As I was wandering through the forest, I suddenly arrived at a place that looked familiar.

“Is this the ruins where the Demon Gate was?”

Although it’s called ruins, it doesn’t feel particularly rare to me, as someone who knows about the era of the Sky Continent’s residences.

“The gate has been completely crushed.”

Yeah, with Bahamut’s weight on it, this gate is no longer usable.
Well, if the demons can’t easily come to Forest Island anymore, maybe that’s for the best.

“Hey, Rex-san.
What’s that?”

At that moment, Liliera pointed to something black and asked.

“That’s the shell of a Bahamut egg…”

Yeah, it’s the shell of an egg.
The chick has already hatched.

“The shell of a Bahamut egg!?”

For some reason, Liliera widened her eyes in surprise.

“Is there something wrong with that!?”

“But Bahamut is said to be a monster of the highest rank among the S-rank monsters, right!? So, wouldn’t the shell of its egg also have great value!?”

That’s ridiculous.
I was about to say that the shell of an egg wouldn’t have such value, but when I think about it, even the Green Dragon’s materials fetched a considerable amount of money, so there might be unexpected demand for Bahamut’s eggshell as well.
For example, as an ingredient for a medicine I don’t know about.

“Hey, let’s collect it! It might fetch a good amount of money!”


“Huh? What?”

I was sincerely impressed by Liliera’s idea.

“Indeed, if Bahamut is an S-rank monster, it’s not surprising that the shell of its egg would have value.
Yes, let’s collect it!”

Hmm, in that case, there might be other Bahamut-derived materials that could be valuable as well.
Thinking that, we collected the shell of Bahamut’s egg and looked around to see if there was anything else.

“Is that a scale that fell off Bahamut?”

“Could this be a fragment of its horn?”

When we searched, we surprisingly found various things.
We gathered those items and returned to Sky Island to have the crew of Good Luther MK.1 appraise them.

“Oh, we should also collect the older eggshells.”

“Hehe, who would have thought we could obtain materials from Bahamut.
If we use them to upgrade our equipment, it will be amazing!”

On the way back, Liliera was in a good mood the whole time.

“T-This is the shell of a Bahamut egg…”

“And this is a Bahamut scale.”

“Is this a fragment of a Bahamut horn!?”

We showed the collected Bahamut materials to Burn and the others, but everyone’s behavior was strange.
They were all so excited that they seemed suspicious.
Well, Bahamut is indeed a good material, so it’s understandable to be surprised if it can be obtained easily, but it seems a bit too much.

“A-Are there many things like this on Sky Island?”

“Well, there aren’t many, but if you search, you might find more.”

The crew members of Good Luther MK.1 became restless with a clattering sound.
This seems like it could be profitable.

“What do you think? Can the Bahamut materials be valuable?”

“Yes, well, I’m not an appraiser, so I can’t say for sure, but this eggshell, for example, is hard and light.
Even if you try to cut it with a knife, it won’t leave a scratch, but instead, the knife’s blade will chip.
With that in mind, it would have sufficient value not only as a weapon but also as material for armor.”

That’s good.
It seems like it could be a good profit.

“To think that materials from that dreaded monster could be valuable…”

The Sky people, like Calm, seem to have mixed feelings of joy.
Well, they’ve been troubled by Bahamut for a long time, so I understand.

“But if that’s the case, it’s unfortunate that Bahamut is no longer here.
We won’t be able to obtain new materials from it anymore.”

“You fool!”

One of the knights said that, and Calm dropped his fist with angry words.


“Thanks to Rex-sama, our food shortage will be resolved! Don’t even joke about such things!”


Calm’s punch must have hurt a lot, as the knight had tears in his eyes.

But that’s right.
If we can continue to collect Bahamut’s materials, that would be ideal.
Hmm, in that case, it might be a good idea to find out where Bahamut is.

“That might be a good idea.”


If Bahamut is raising its young not too far away, we might be able to regularly collect materials from its nest in the long run.

“Alright, let’s search for Bahamut’s nest!”


“Let’s try investigating this place next.”

I decided to search for Bahamut’s nest and was exploring the surrounding Sky Islands.
Whenever I found a new Sky Island, I used detection magic to search for the presence of strong monsters.
After repeating this a few times, I finally caught a strong reaction.

“There it is, Bahamut.”

Alright, let’s go there right away.


As I was about to head towards Bahamut’s nest, I heard a hesitant voice from behind.

“What is it, Calm-san?”

The ones who called out to me were the knights from Sky Island who had come with me.

“Um, are you really going to invade Bahamut’s nest?”

“Oh no, I won’t do such a thing.”

“Then, why are you going to Bahamut’s nest? Especially when Bahamut is still there.”

“Well, I thought maybe I could train Bahamut and regularly collect materials from its nest.”


Calm-san and the others looked at me with disbelief, but in my past life, it was common to train monsters and only collect materials from them.

“It’s like raising livestock.”

“The scale is completely different!”

Well, animals generally submit to beings stronger than themselves.
Since monsters are also animals, if I persuade Bahamut a little, it will listen to me.

“But that’s… assuming you can defeat Bahamut, right?”

“Yes, of course!”

It’s quite difficult to obtain materials while keeping a stronger opponent alive.
It requires specialized knowledge and experience as an expert.
But if it’s Bahamut, well, with a little effort, I should be able to make it listen by beating it up.

In my past life, I often beat up monsters with the help of acquaintances to show them the difference in strength.
The stronger the monster, the more intelligent they are in understanding the difference in power.
Well, there are some exceptions where their intelligence is low and they can’t understand it.

“Are you really planning to go? The opponent is Bahamut, you know? We might die…”

“With the magic items that defeated Bahamut also broken…”

“No, the opponent is Rex-sama, right? I don’t think he would recklessly challenge without a plan.”

“Indeed, if he has such strength and deep knowledge of magic items, it wouldn’t be strange if he has some knowledge to control Bahamut!”

Well, it’s just brute force.

“Then let’s go.”


I led the knights who were convinced and headed towards Bahamut’s nest.

“By the way, why do we need to accompany you? Isn’t it Rex-sama who will control Bahamut?”

Oh, you noticed something good.

“Well, you see, from now on, it will be your job to collect materials from Bahamut’s nest.
After all, I will eventually leave Sky Island.”

“Ah, I see.
That makes sense… Wait, whaaat!?”

Calm-san and the others shouted in surprise.

“W-Why would you do something so reckless? It’s impossible for us to control Bahamut!”

“No, it will be fine.
I’ll give it a good punch in the beginning, and it will listen to me.”

“You’ll make it listen by giving it a punch…”


At that moment, Mofumofu, who was sitting on my head, made a sound.
I brought Mofumofu along because it’s also a monster, so maybe it could be useful in persuading Bahamut.
Well, Mofumofu is still a young and inexperienced child, so I don’t know how much it will actually help in persuading Bahamut.

“See, Mofumofu says it’s okay.”


I responded to Calm-san and the others, who were still in disbelief.

While we were talking, we arrived near Bahamut’s dwelling.
In front of us stood a nest made entirely of trees, just like the one on Forest Island.


I could hear Bahamut’s growl.
It seemed like a warning and vigilance.

But I confidently entered Bahamut’s nest.
Since I was going to face a wild beast, I couldn’t show any signs of weakness.

“Everyone, stand tall and confident.
Beasts can sense fear in their opponents.”

“Th-this is reckless…”

At that moment, as if sensing Calm and the others’ fear, a black shadow rose up and spread its black wings, covering the sky in an instant.



Bahamut stood up, causing the knights to become flustered.
Well, they were former refugees and had a long history with Bahamut, so it couldn’t be helped.

“Bahamut, there’s something I want to ask you!”

I raised my voice and spoke to Bahamut.

“We want you to give us the scales and horn fragments that have fallen off in your nest! In return, we will provide you with the meat of the monsters we hunt!”

If we were going to make a deal, there had to be compensation.
Even with livestock, you had to feed them and clean their sleeping areas.
And since monster hunting was the knights’ job, providing Bahamut with the meat of the monsters they defeated would be efficient.


Oh? Bahamut seems to be deep in thought.
Come to think of it, when we defeated the demon, Bahamut also backed off.
This Bahamut might be quite intelligent.


Huh? Bahamut’s behavior seems strange… Or rather, did Bahamut always make that kind of intonation when growling?

Hmm, Bahamut’s behavior is clearly off.
Could this be a breakdown in negotiations?

And then, at that moment.


Mofumofu, who was on top of my head, let out a loud cry and landed in front of Bahamut.
Then it began to speak to Bahamut in a high-pitched voice.

“Kyuu! Kyukyuu! Kyukyukyuu!”


In response to Mofumofu’s words, Bahamut also raised its voice.

“Are they having a conversation…?”

Calm muttered with that impression of Mofumofu and the others.

Maybe Mofumofu is persuading Bahamut.”

I never expected that Mofumofu could communicate with other species.
And after the discussion was over, Mofumofu turned towards me.


And with a loud cry, it jumped into my chest.


Oops, I hastily caught it and ended up grabbing its face.

Pitter patter…

Oh no, it seems like I startled it by grabbing its face.
Mofumofu had another accident.
I’m really sorry, sorry.

“Kyukyukyuu! Kyuuu!”

Then suddenly, Mofumofu in my hands started to cry out as if screaming.


I thought it was protesting against me, but for some reason, Bahamut responded to Mofumofu’s cries.
Was that cry just now a call to Bahamut?

And then, after talking with Mofumofu for a while, Bahamut gathered the scattered scales and horn fragments in its nest and presented them to me.


Then it lay down on the ground and rolled over, showing its belly.
Was this a sign of submission?

“B-Bahamut is showing its belly and wagging its tail!?”

“I-Is Bahamut showing its submission to Lord Rex!?”

Anyway, considering that Bahamut gave us materials from its nest, it seems that the negotiation was successful.
This is also thanks to Liliera suggesting that we could turn Bahamut’s materials into money!

“Thank you, Mofumofu.”

I petted Mofumofu, who made the negotiation successful.

“Kyuuun! Kyuuun!”

Haha, yes, you’re really friendly, wagging your tail like that.


Gyaahhh! Humans have come again!

I was peacefully raising my children after moving the nest, but for some reason, for some reason! Humans have come again.
I haven’t done anything wrong!

“Well, don’t be so scared, sky creature.”

As I was trembling, the white creature that was on the human’s head spoke to me.

“I am the king of all creatures, your savior.”

Savior…? What does that mean? Are you saying that you can defeat that human? You seem to have quite a bit of power, but I don’t think you can beat the human in front of us.

“Hmph, indeed, I cannot defeat that human with my current power.
I admit that.”

However, the white creature smiled confidently and said this.

“But that is only if I were to fight alone.
If you and I join forces, it’s a different story!”


“What do you think? Shall we defeat that human together? Even if it’s that human, they won’t stand a chance against us if we work together.”

Ugh… What should I do? It’s true that this creature exudes a power that cannot be underestimated.
But behind me, I have my beloved children.
Is it worth taking such a dangerous gamble…

“Do you have the luxury to hesitate? You don’t want to die either, right? Including your children.”

Ugh, this creature is right.
No matter how much I hesitate, our fate is in the hands of this human.
Then, perhaps, I should let go of my pride to protect my children.
Let’s confirm one last time, if we offer tribute, will we truly be saved?

“Yes, my master is merciful.”

I resigned myself and showed complete submission by offering the scattered scales and horn fragments around and then lying down, exposing my belly.
Perhaps it was a sign of submission? I didn’t consider the negative influence it might have on my children.
I was just focused on surviving.
In fact, I thought it could teach them how to deal with overwhelming opponents when they encounter them.


Ah, my face was grabbed.

Pitter patter…

And I couldn’t hold it in.

“If you value your life… offer a part of your body to my master!”

You’re so cruel! Seriously, you’re really cruel! And why do I have to offer a part of my body!?

“Hahaha, does my master think the same? By offering the scattered parts of our bodies that are lying around, we can be spared even if we defy my master! I believe my master is merciful enough to spare our lives as long as we offer tribute, even if we were to rebel!”

No, you’re the only one rebelling.

“Hahaha, yes! Are you sure my master thinks that way? The moment you hesitated, you and I became one! We are in this together!”

Ugh, this creature is so cruel! Really! But in a way, maybe this is for the best.
The fact that this creature was captured so easily is proof that even with two of us, we couldn’t defeat this human.

So I will abandon my pride without hesitation to protect my children.
Let me confirm one last time, if I offer tribute, will we truly be saved?

“Yes, my master is merciful.”

I see, that’s why you’re still alive.

I resigned myself and offered the scattered scales and horn fragments around, and then I lay down and exposed my belly, showing complete submission.
I didn’t consider the negative influence it might have on my children.
I was just focused on surviving.
In fact, I thought it could teach them how to deal with overwhelming opponents when they encounter them.


And then, the human seemed satisfied and left quietly, taking a part of my body with them.


Today, humans have come again.
I have become accustomed to humans entering my nest.

My children even eat the meat of the monsters brought by humans with great relish.
Honestly, it makes it hard for me to focus on hunting practice.

But well, they clean up my nest on their own, so it’s quite convenient.
I can focus on raising my children, which is a blessing.

But my children, don’t become like that creature.

And so, with the successful negotiation with Bahamut, the Sky Island became a nation that could regularly export not only medicinal herbs but also Bahamut’s materials, the only ones in the world.
Dealing with the countries on the ground would be challenging, but according to the vice captain, if we were confident and assertive in our business, we could establish an equal relationship with each country.
Well, that’s up to the important people to handle.

As for the newly made airship, I decided to sell it in exchange for Bahamut’s materials, some medicinal herbs, and unnecessary magic items from the Sky Castle.

I thought it would be troublesome to use the airship I personally made for national trade, with all the procedures and rights involved, so I thought it would be easier to just sell it.

I gave them maintenance notes in case it broke down, so they should be able to repair it on their own.
And if it really doesn’t work, I told them to go to the Adventurer’s Guild and request me by name.

With all the problems on the Sky Island finally resolved, I can leave the island with peace of mind.

“Wait! My problem has not been resolved yet!”

Well then, I guess I’ll go home.

“I said wait!”

“What is it, Your Majesty the Sky King?”

Yeah, the one who has been talking to me since earlier is the Sky King.

“I thought I could finally secure the safety of the people and retire from the throne, so why is my work increasing?”

“Well, even if you say that, the final decision-making power regarding trade lies with Your Majesty the Sky King.”

Yeah, trade is a business conducted between countries.
It’s only natural for the nobles, including the Sky King, to work hard.
And it’s not easy for those in power to give up their power so easily.
Unfortunately, the Sky King’s excessive seriousness also caused trouble.

“Well then, please do your best with the last major task during your reign, Your Majesty!”

“W-Wait, you!”

We left the Sky Island behind, shaking off the Sky King who was chasing us from behind.

“Is it okay to just leave him?”

Liliera-san asks while holding Mofumofu.

“We have done everything we can.
It’s up to the Sky King himself to clean up in order to retire from the throne.”

“A bird should leave no trace.”

“So, shall we go back to our nostalgic home?”

“It hasn’t been that long since we left, though.”

Gyro and the others should be coming back soon, so it might be fun to go out together next time.

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