Episode 71: The Lost Medicinal Herb and Great Loss

When we returned, Calm and the others had already gathered herbs and had them examined by the ship’s doctor, Good Luther MK.1.
Along the way, people from a seaside country asked if we could sell them an airship as a trade item, but we politely declined because it wasn’t technology from Sky Island.

“Hmm, these herbs are decent enough to sell, but they’re a bit weak to be the main attraction.”

“Oh, I see…”

In the end, none of the herbs we brought were a game-changer, and Calm and the others looked disappointed.
If it wasn’t something that satisfied the higher-ups in the country, the trade itself might be canceled.

“This is frustrating…”

“Hmm, trading with airships is tempting, but…”

Because there was nothing they wanted, the atmosphere for negotiation became heavy.
Hmm, the herbs I collected are just the same as Calm’s herbs…

Oh, but there was one herb that we haven’t had examined yet.
But, it’s not really a rare herb.
Well, I’ll ask just in case.

And then, it happened.

“Captain Calm!”

Several knights descended from the sky in a hurry.

“What’s going on!?”

Calm scolded the subordinate who interrupted an important negotiation.

“I-I’m sorry! B-But the subordinate…”

“Calm down! What happened to the subordinate?”

Calm shouted at the panicking knight and made him explain what happened.

“Y-Yes! While exploring Forest Island, the subordinate was attacked by a monster and had his arm torn off!”


Everyone present was shocked by the sudden and shocking report.
One of the knights, accompanied by his comrades, was kneeling and groaning in pain.

“Show me the wound.”

The ship’s doctor immediately examined the knight’s arm.

“The monster that tore off his arm escaped, and we didn’t have any good medicine, so we could only bandage the wound and stop the bleeding…”

“This is bad.
If we don’t treat it quickly, he’ll die from excessive bleeding.”

“C-Can his arm be fixed?”

The knight, worried about his comrade, asked the ship’s doctor, who shook his head.

“It’s impossible.
To grow back an arm, you’d need a legendary elixir or something.
Even if we could restore his arm, we don’t have any good potions here…”


“At least let’s disinfect the wound and stop the bleeding with healing magic.
That way, we can save his life.”

“Damn it, please.”

Calm reluctantly pleaded with the ship’s doctor.

“Alright, let’s do what we can…”


Um, instead of using healing magic to restore the missing body part, I think it would be easier to use healing magic to regenerate it.
I felt sorry for interrupting in such a serious atmosphere, but I called out to the ship’s doctor.

“What is it? We’re in a critical situation right now!”

“I’m sorry, but instead of the missing body part… Actually, how about using this herb?”

At that moment, an idea flashed in my mind.
Instead of using healing magic to fix the injury, why not use a potion made from this herb to completely heal it? It could become a great selling point for trade.

I took out the herb that hadn’t been examined yet from my magic bag and showed it to the ship’s doctor.

“Hmm? What is this? I’ve never seen this plant before, but is it also a herb?”

Huh? The ship’s doctor doesn’t know?

“This is the Tekan herb, which is commonly used to make high potions.”

“…T-Tekan herb!? Is it the herb that was lost in the Great Herb Loss?”

Huh? The Tekan herb was lost? Wait, what is the Great Herb Loss?

“Um, what is the Great Herb Loss?”

“You don’t know about the Great Herb Loss!?”

No, I don’t know.

“The Great Herb Loss refers to an incident that occurred hundreds of years ago, where a sudden epidemic caused many plants to wither.
Among the withered plants were rare herbs, and that’s why it was called the Great Herb Loss.”

Oh, there was such an incident.

“As a result, many medicines became impossible to concoct, and it is said that many lives and recipes were lost.”

W-Well, it was quite a serious incident.

“Did Liliera know about it?”

“Yes, I knew.
When I was an adventurer in the town of Hekiji, a senior specializing in herbs told me about it.
They said that herbs that became scarce due to the Great Herb Loss could be sold at high prices, so if you find them, be sure to bring them back.”

Oh, I see.
So it’s something that happened hundreds of years ago, and Liliera didn’t know about it at first either.
I wonder if it’s just a famous story among researchers?

“But there were plenty of them in Forest Island.”


The ship’s doctor widened his eyes in surprise.

“I see.
Forest Island is high up in the sky, so it didn’t suffer from the epidemic of the Great Herb Loss!”

I see, now that you mention it, that makes sense.
There were Ball Rabbits in Sky Island that you wouldn’t see on the ground, and it wouldn’t be strange for plants that had survived in Forest Island.


“Yes!? Oh, right, right.”

The ship’s doctor, who was excited, snapped back to reality when Calm called out to him.

“Ah, well, yes.
Anyway, you mentioned making a high potion, but can you really make a high potion with Tekan herb? It’s true that it would be perfect for treatment because it can restore both stamina and lost blood, but high potions have a high difficulty in concoction and take time to make, you know?”

Huh? In my previous life, the recipe for high potions was quite common, but do you really not know about it? And high potions have a high difficulty in concoction? That’s strange.
I think even an apprentice of a slightly advanced pharmacist would be able to make them quickly.

…Oh, I see.
Many recipes were lost along with the herbs in the Great Herb Loss.
So it wouldn’t be strange if the recipe using Tekan herb was also lost.

Hmm, there were also events like the Beast Forest, the Great Inner Sea, the disappearance of the Sky Continent, and the Great Magic Loss and Artifacts.
A lot of events happened while I was dead.

But I’m curious about the cases where demons were involved in those events.

Anyway, I should explain how to make the high potion now.

“Um, to make a high potion, you steam the Tekan herb and the Aa herb and mix the extracted liquid.”

“That’s all it takes to make it!? The ingredients needed to make a high potion are supposed to be Meeg herb, Ahad herb, and Bagya herb, right? And isn’t the Aa herb just a cheap herb that you can easily get?”

“Yes, you can make it with that recipe, but the recipe using Tekan herb and Aa herb is cheaper and faster.”

Oh, right now it’s considered a lost herb, so maybe it’s not cheaper.
And we don’t have much time, so it would be better to actually make it and see.

“Then I’ll show you by actually making it.
Can I have a bunch of Aa herb over there, Calm?”

I pointed to the Aa herb that I brought as a potential trade item.

“Uh, sure, go ahead.”

After receiving the Aa herb from Calm, I took out a preparation table and two containers for mixing the extracted liquid from my magic bag.
Then I put the Tekan herb and the Aa herb into each container.

“Normally, you would steam them and then mix the ingredients, but since we’re short on time, I’ll use magic to make it quickly.”


I activated the magic for extracting the medicinal properties by placing my hands over the herbs in the extraction container.

“Component Separate!”

The herbs quickly withered, and the liquid seeped out from the cut ends where they were harvested, filling the containers.

“W-What kind of magic is this!?”

Although it’s just a simple magic for extracting medicinal properties, the ship’s doctor seemed surprised for some reason.

“It’s just a magic for extracting medicinal properties.”

“A magic for extracting medicinal properties!? I’ve never seen such magic before!”

Huh? That shouldn’t be the case.
I think it’s a magic that any decent pharmacist would know, as it’s essential for medical professionals.

“This magic was developed to extract the medicinal properties of delicate herbs without destroying them.
I think any competent pharmacist would know this magic.”

“I-Is that so…? B-But where did you learn such magic…?”

Hmm, maybe the ship’s doctor didn’t learn the magic for extracting medicinal properties from his master? But is that even possible? I think the magic for extracting medicinal properties is something that any medical professional would know.

Me? I learned it from my master in my previous life.
They told me that if I wanted to become a sage, I should be able to make the highest-grade potions, so they taught me.

“Now that the extraction is done, let’s proceed with the concoction.”

Well, for a high potion, it’s just a matter of adjusting the amount and mixing, right?

I poured the liquid into a measuring cup and gently mixed it with a stirring rod.
The two liquids gradually blended together and turned into a beautiful green color.

“The high potion is complete.”

I show everyone the finished Hi-Potion.

“H-Hi-Potion was made so easily…”

The ship’s doctor mutters in astonishment, mouth agape.

Why is he so surprised? I wonder what kind of complicated method the ship’s doctor was using.
Ah, I see.
Maybe it’s because he makes medicine on a rocking ship, so it must be difficult.
Being on a ship far from land, and considering the long journey, he probably needs to make it using only herbs that can be preserved, so it must be more challenging.
That’s why the ship’s doctor specializes in concoction techniques, but maybe he’s not familiar with the usual way of making medicine? Hmm, it’s quite educational.

“Now, please give it to the knight to drink.”

“Ah, yes.”

Calm, who received the Hi-Potion from me, gives the medicine to the knight who lost his arm.

“Ugh, ugh…”

The knight who drank the medicine starts groaning in pain.

“H-Hey!? Are you okay!?”

The surrounding knights come up to me, questioning if it was really a good idea to give it to him.

“He’s fine.
Look closely at your comrade.”

“Wha… What!? Huh!?”

Not only the knights, but even Calm and Burn are wide-eyed in surprise.

“H-He’s growing back the arm he lost…?”

Good, the concoction was a success.

“W-What is this…?”

The ship’s doctor trembles and asks me.

“It’s a Hi-Potion.”

“H-Hi-Potion!? S-So, this, a potion that can grow back an arm!?”

Huh? I don’t think it’s that strange.

“Well, you know, even with a normal wound, the injured part swells up and heals, right? A high-quality Hi-Potion strongly stimulates that natural healing power and regenerates the missing parts.
Well, it’s like how nails and hair grow, it’s just growing an arm.”

“T-The scale of comparison is completely different!”

Huh? Why is everyone so surprised?

“C-Could it be that there are ingredients for a potion that can regenerate lost flesh…”

“R-Right! It’s not just because it’s a Hi-Potion, it’s because it’s a Hi-Potion made from Tekan Grass! That’s why it has such a powerful effect!”


“This… This is an amazing Hi-Potion! It’s different from the Hi-Potions currently on the market! This medicine that can heal physical injuries is not an exaggeration to say that it has surpassed the Hi-Potion and become a new potion!”

No, no, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it?

“Then, what about this herb…?”

“Yes, in this trade, it can be said that this herb is the highlight!”


Almost everyone present exclaims in admiration.

“Great, now we have a product for trade…”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thanks to you, our comrade’s arm was saved!”

“I am deeply grateful as well!”

Calm and the others express their gratitude to me for both the completion of the trade product and the complete healing of their comrade’s wounds.

“By the way…”

While everyone is rejoicing that they found a product that will be the highlight of the trade, only the ship’s doctor approaches me with a serious expression.

“What is it?”

“Well, this is a very important request…”

What could he possibly want? Is there still some problem?

“Can you teach me that extraction magic from earlier?”

Huh!? Magic instead of herbs!?

“That magic is amazing! With that magic, we can extract more herbs in a short time! With that, we can extract without wasting any herbs and make more medicine! Please! I want you to teach me that magic!”

Hmm, he doesn’t seem to be joking, and he seems serious.
Besides, it’s a magic for extracting medicinal effects, so it can’t be used for evil purposes, right? I guess it’s okay.

“Alright, I will teach you.”

“Oh, thank you, Master!”

“Why Master!?”

Didn’t we have a similar situation before!?

“Thanks to the Master, a revolution will happen in the potion industry!”

There’s an industry for potions!? In the end, I become the ship’s doctor’s master without even realizing it, and until the Good Luther MK.1 sets sail, I will teach him the magic of extracting medicinal effects.

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