Episode 56: Bomb Modification Class and a Small Thank You

In this episode, the bomb modification class is introduced, and a small thank you is given.

“So, what do we do now? If we continue like this, it seems like this country will be in big trouble…”

After capturing the demon, Liliera and the others express their anxiety about what to do next.

“Even if we tell them to evacuate now, it seems difficult considering what the demon said earlier…”

“It doesn’t feel right for us to just run away.”

“Should we just destroy it?”

“Idiot! If we do that, who knows what will happen to the magic power that has filled this place!”

Minasan hurriedly stops Gyro-kun, who raised his weapon.

Precise tools, because of their precision, you never know what will happen if you do something wrong.
Furthermore, this one, which has absorbed the magic power of the Megalo Whale, we don’t know what will cause it to explode.

However, we understand the purpose of this one.
And fortunately, based on the scenes I’ve seen so far, I speculated that this magic item is not that complex in structure.

“It’s okay.
The demon gave us a solution.”


Everyone gasps in surprise at my words.

“The demon said that this magic item is a weapon that extracts and activates the magic power of the Megalo Whale.
And if it hasn’t been activated yet, it means that the extraction of magic power is not yet complete.”

“So, we just need to stop the extraction of magic power by operating the magic item, right?”

Norubu-san smiles with relief, thinking that this will save them.

“Ku, kukukuku”

However, as if mocking the atmosphere, the demon bursts into laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“What’s funny? It’s obviously funny.
Your naive ideas!”


“Gyaa! Stop it, don’t eat it!”


“I’m sorry, I’ll explain right away!”

Demon, isn’t it a bit too flattering to Mofumofu?

“You guys thought you could control this magical weapon… Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have such a function.
Once it’s activated, it won’t stop again!”

“Wha…what did you say?!”

Everyone gasps in shock at the demon’s shocking statement.

“Of course, this is a weapon! Hahaha, yes! It’s frustrating! It’s terrifying! But this is the fate of you humans!”

“But if we continue like this, won’t you die too?”

I show the magic item I took from the demon and say.


The demon suddenly falls silent.

“Kukukuku, kuhahaha, yes!”

However, the demon gradually laughs louder and stares at me.

“Human, would you like to make a deal?”

This guy is interesting.

“Well, even if you say a deal, we can’t stop it, right? So there’s no point in making a deal.”

But I kind of want to hear what he’s going to say.

“Well, wait.
If you accept my proposal, I will help you all survive.”

Hmm, does he have a good idea? The teleportation magic item I took should probably be for one person, and even without this demon, it should still work.

“There’s a gate back there.
If you use it, you can teleport everyone here to a safe place.”


Everyone is surprised at the demon’s proposal.

“I’m the only one who knows how to operate the device.
And to activate the device, my magic wavelength is necessary.
You understand what I’m trying to say, right?”

In other words, he’s saying that they should abandon the people of this country and save themselves.

“There’s no other choice, right? If we can’t deactivate the device, there’s no option other than to escape.
Besides, there’s no need to feel guilty about abandoning the people of this country.
The important thing is to survive, even if it’s just us.”


Norubu-san glares at the demon with gritted teeth.
But she doesn’t know what to say in response, and is unable to find the words to express her anger.
The others are in a similar situation, wanting to hurl angry words at the demon but unable to do so.

After all, in this situation, no matter what they do, they can’t save the people of this country.
The only thing they can do is to survive themselves.
Anger, guilt, and remorse have robbed everyone of their words.

“Hahaha, yes! That’s right, that’s good! After all, humans are the most precious! So, if you follow your own desires, that’s fine! Now, release me!”

The demon asks us for an answer with the most delighted expression on his face.

“No, I refuse.”

But I reject him.

“Is that so…? What…!?”

It seems he didn’t expect to be rejected, as the demon’s eyes widen in surprise.
Not just the demon, everyone is shocked.

“Are you an idiot? Are you planning to die? If we continue like this, all of you will die too!”

“It’s not a problem.
I just made a device to release magic power.”


The demon looks at me with a puzzled expression.

“Huh? W-what? Can you really do that!?”

Minasan asks me with an incredulous expression on her face.

“Yes, I can.
After all, no matter how big it is, it’s just a simple mechanism for a magic item.”

Yes, this magic item absorbs the target’s magic power and stores it to the limit, causing a massive explosion.
In other words, it can be said that the only core function of this magic item is to absorb magic power.

“So, if we interfere with the mechanism that absorbs magic power from this magic item, it will no longer be able to absorb any more magic power.”

“Nonsense, there’s no way you can do that! Even our magical engineers struggled to find a way to activate this after excavating it!”

Hmm, these demons didn’t make it themselves, did they? If they excavated it, does that mean they reused something made by humans or demons in the past?

“Well then, let’s start the analysis.
Everyone, please keep an eye on the demon.”

“Y-yes, leave it to me, big brother!”

When I entrust it to him, Gyro-kun energetically responds, and everyone else nods strongly, asking me to leave it to them.

“Now, let’s get started.”

I examine the flow of magic power in the surrounding magic items.
I confirm where the magic power comes from, where it passes through, and where it ultimately flows to.

“It leads here, and it goes through here… It’s going up, just as I thought.”

I had a feeling from the beginning, but the magic power was indeed flowing upwards.
And its destination is probably… I use flight magic to ascend from the center of the spiral staircase, pass through the entrance, and continue to rise.

“This is the core that stores magic power.”

It existed at the ceiling, at the top of the tower.
A large core stone, about the size of a person’s embrace, was embedded in the ceiling.

“A magic power accumulation device that uses a giant core stone.
If we somehow deal with this, the magic item won’t explode.”

Let’s start by eliminating the risk of explosion.
I start working, taking out the necessary materials from my magic bag.

“Using the whiskers of a Megalo Whale’s fry as wiring, and a Kraken’s ink for the spell… ”

While recalling memories from my past life, I assemble a magic power release device to hinder the operation of the magic item.
The surrounding magic power pathways have a very simple structure, so it’s easy to make the device not too complicated.
After about ten minutes, I complete the device.

“Alright, it’s done! Now, let’s attach this here… Okay, it’s good!”

I attach the completed magic power release device to the magic power pathway leading to the core stone.
As a result, the magic power that was supposed to be poured in from the Megalo Whale no longer flows into the core stone, but is released from the attached magic power release device.

“Hmm, it’s working properly! With this, we have successfully prevented the explosion.”

After confirming that the device is functioning properly, I proceed to detach the core stone from the magic power pathway.
Even if I remove the magic power release device, the magic power will no longer be poured into the core stone.

“Just in case, I’ll collect this so that it won’t be misused.”

I collect the core stone that has been filled with the Megalo Whale’s magic power into my magic bag.
But, a core stone filled with so much magic power is too dangerous to be sold.

“Everyone, I’ve successfully prevented the explosion!”

I go back underground and inform everyone that the dismantling is complete.

“As expected of you, big brother!”

“I’m really surprised that you can actually do it.”

“Unbelievable that you can dismantle a demon’s magic item.”

“Rex doesn’t follow common sense.”

“But that’s Rex for you.”

Is that a compliment?

“Wha…what!? There’s no way you can do that! What did you do!?”

The demon distorts his face in disbelief.

“Well, I just made a device to release magic power.”

“A device to release magic power?”

Minasan tilts her head in confusion.

“Normally, a magic item has a function to use the poured-in magic power as much as needed and release excess magic power.
It’s a function to prevent overloading the magic item, and most magic items have it.
But since the purpose of this magic item was to accumulate magic power for an explosion, it naturally doesn’t have such a device.”

“So, by attaching this device, we can prevent the tower from exploding, right?”

“Yes, originally the magic power that was supposed to be poured into the core stone… the magic stone was stopped in front and released in a different direction, so now no magic power will be poured into the magic stone.”

By the way, the core stone has already been collected.

“I-I can’t believe it.
There’s no way a human could create something like that… Who are you?”

The demon looks at me with a dumbfounded expression.
Oh, this is a chance to say that line from Lighard, isn’t it?

“Hmph, just an adventurer.”

“No, that’s a lie!”


Everyone denies it so quickly!?

“Anyway, with this, this tower can no longer fulfill its purpose.
If we destroy this device as well, we won’t be able to absorb the Megalo Whale’s magic power anymore.”

If we leave it like this, the Megalo Whale will continue to have its magic power drained.
Even though it’s a monster, it’s a bit pitiful to be used by someone.

I remove the device that releases the magic power I made earlier and attach it between the magic power path and the device that absorbs magic power from the Megalo Whale.
With this, no magic power will flow into the magic absorption device, so I should dismantle this too while I can.

“You’re dismantling magic items so quickly.
Who are you really?”

Minna-san looks at me with a bewildered expression, but anyone can dismantle things if they have the right tools.

“Even a little kid can dismantle things if you give them tools.”

“No, that analogy is strange.”

Is that so?

I dismantle one device after another and throw them into the magic bag.
Ah, it’s nice to get valuable materials for free.

“There’s a gate in this room.
Oh, I see, this was also powered by the Megalo Whale’s magic power.”

Maybe the demon who summoned the Cursed Viper with the gate before was also using the magic power of a powerful monster.

“Let’s dismantle this gate too.
The materials might be useful for something.”

And after a while, I dismantle all the devices in the tower.
The magic light that was illuminating the inside of the tower has disappeared, and there is no light except for the magic light on everyone’s weapons.

“Now, let’s go outside.
We have to destroy this tower and set the Megalo Whale free.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

We drag the restrained demon and go outside the tower.
And we begin dismantling the now empty tower.

“Mash Knuckle!!”

I surround my hands with rapidly vibrating magic power and dismantle the tower as if sawing it with a saw.
If I use too flashy magic, it might hurt the Megalo Whale’s body.

While cutting the tower into appropriate sizes, I gradually dismantle it until the surface part is completely dismantled.
To avoid damaging the flesh, I don’t completely cut through the parts that have penetrated into the body.
Instead, I cut them to a certain extent and then forcibly peel them off with body strengthening magic.

“Alright, now High Healing!! Transfer Mana!”

After completely removing the tower, I cast healing magic and mana transfer magic on the Megalo Whale to restore its wounds and depleted magic power.

“With a body this large, it won’t fully recover its magic power yet, but it doesn’t have to worry about having its magic power drained anymore, so it should recover slowly.”

The Megalo Whale lets out a loud cry.
Perhaps it realized that the magic items that were endangering its life were gone.

“Oh no!?”

The ground shakes greatly.

“W-What’s happening!? What’s going on!?”

“The Megalo Whale is moving.”

As Meguri-san says, it seems that the Megalo Whale’s body has started moving.

“Hey, isn’t the land getting farther away?”

As Liliera-san says, the real land beyond the Megalo Whale’s massive body is gradually moving away.

“Everyone, fly away immediately! If we don’t, we’ll end up going out to the open sea with the Megalo Whale!”


Everyone hurriedly activates their flight magic and takes off.
Oh, I have to retrieve the demon too.
From the sky, it seems that we have already moved quite far from the land, and the coastline can be seen in the distance.

“Look, the Megalo Whales are going back.”

As everyone looks down at Meguri-san’s words, the Megalo Whales are surrounded by their offspring, swimming around them.
Occasionally, the young ones rub against their bodies, either seeking affection or expressing joy that their parent is safe.

“So, it was because of that magic item that they were brought all the way to the land.”

“Stay safe! Don’t let the demons catch you!”

“Don’t get involved with humans either!”

Gyro and the others call out to the Megalo Whales in a loud voice.
It seems that in their eyes, the Megalo Whales are now seen as victims who have suffered at the hands of dangerous and giant monsters and the demons.

At that moment, the Megalo Whale let out an incredibly loud cry and then spewed out a particularly large spout of water.

“G-Gah!? Why is it attacking us!?”

“We helped you!”

Everyone quickly evacuates to a safe zone where the spout cannot reach.
The spout forcefully rises and pours a large amount of seawater and bone rocks into the surrounding sea area.

“Since we’re quite far out, it’s fortunate that there’s no damage to the land.”

The spouting of the Megalo Whale continues, and the large amount of seawater sparkles and shines.

“It looks beautiful from a distance.”

Liliera-san is gazing at the sparkling spout with a somewhat amazed tone.
Indeed, it looks very beautiful from the safe zone.

“But, it seems unusually long.”

For some reason, it feels like the time the Megalo Whale spouts water is longer.
The spout just now wasn’t this long, and it was the same in my past life memories.

“Something glowed.”


When I look up at Meguri-san’s words, I can indeed see something shining rising through the spout.
And when it reaches the top of the spout…

“It’s coming towards us!?”

Yes, it flew towards us.

“D-Dodge it!”

Everyone panics and follows Gyro’s scream.
As we all literally fly away to escape, it passes by the spot where we were and falls into the sea.
Wrapped in a sparkling light.

“Wasn’t that a bone rock!?”

Curious about what fell, I quickly descend and chase after it.

“Oh, ohhhhh!?”

I can hear the demon’s scream, but let’s ignore that.
And when I catch up to what fell, I see something astonishing.

“This is a giant gemstone!?”

Yes, what flew out of the Megalo Whale’s spout was a gemstone with the transparent color of the sea.
And it’s not just big.
It’s literally gigantic, even larger than my height, and it’s a raw gemstone.

“Could it be a thank you from the Megalo Whale?”

I thought of such a possibility, but maybe I’m just overthinking it?

“Well, thinking of it as a gift is more romantic, I guess.”

I gently store the gigantic gemstone in the magic bag.

“Thank you, Megalo Whale.”

In response to my gratitude, the Megalo Whale, which had become small in the distance beyond the horizon, let out another roar.

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