Episode 51: Estuary Investigation and Unsinkable Ship

A battleship sails along the sea route of the Great Inner Sea.

“Yes, yes, yes, as expected, the state-of-the-art battleship is fast! Don’t you think so too, Rex?”

“…Yes, I suppose so.”

I manage to reply to the enthusiastic Burn-san who is coming on strong.

“This magnificent sight! Our beloved ship, the Good Luther, can truly be called the ruler of the sea!”

The state-of-the-art battleship with a very ominous name was steadily advancing on the sea route, giving off a slightly damp feeling overall.

“This ship is amazing! It’s insanely fast! It’s nothing compared to the fishing boats of the old fishermen in the neighborhood!”

Gyro-kun is excited about the speed of the ship cutting through the wind.

“Haha, that’s right, young man! You see, our ship not only catches the wind, but the wind mage and water mage take turns accelerating the ship! Its normal cruising speed is 1.5 times faster than a regular battleship!”

“Captain, please don’t casually talk about military secrets.”

Vice Captain-san expresses his dissatisfaction with a furrowed brow.
Indeed, 1.5 times faster is quite impressive.
And if that’s the cruising speed, the combat speed must be even faster.

However, a ship that is too fast puts a heavy burden on the hull due to water resistance and strong winds.
The fact that this ship was able to achieve such overwhelming speed is probably because it is made mostly of Ancient Plant materials.

“Lightweight, sturdy, and flexible, this ship made of Ancient Plant is truly worthy of being called an unsinkable battleship!”

Um, didn’t it capsize recently?

“But it’s really fast, isn’t it?”

“Or rather, is it really a good thing that we’re on this state-of-the-art ship?”

“We are Rex’s disciples, so we’re practically part of Rex’s party.”

Minna-san is also excited about the speed of the ship without thinking too much about the details.

Why did this happen? Why are Gyro-kun and the others here? It all goes back a few days ago.


“A survey of the river mouth?”

We were called by Ronzen-san, the guild master, and came to the adventurer’s guild.
And Ronzen-san requested us to investigate the river mouth, which is the exit of the Great Inner Sea.

“Ah, the recent Kraken incident that has been troubling the Great Inner Sea, and the recent invasion of the Megalo Whale’s offspring.
It seems that something is happening in the open sea.”

Ronzen-san spreads out a map on the table and begins to explain.

“The Great Inner Sea is an inland sea formed by a large crater and the huge cracks that extend from it to the sea.
In that sense, it is similar to an artificial lake.”

Pointing to the Great Inner Sea, he traces the thin lines that extend from it to the mouth of the continent, drawing a circle with his finger.

“So compared to normal straits, the river width is narrow considering the depth of the water.
It can be said to be an excellent terrain to prevent invasion from other countries.”

It’s difficult to attack, huh?

“However, as it turned out, it’s helpless when attacked by large, S-rank monsters like this time.”

The latest battleships were overturned twice, after all.

“If it were enemies on land, there would still be a way to deal with them, but if they escape into the water, it’s a lost cause.”

We couldn’t defeat the Kraken for the same reason back then.

“If the Kraken has settled near the river mouth and the Megalo Whale came chasing after it, we need to deal with it urgently.
If we don’t, there’s a possibility that the offspring of the Kraken and the Megalo Whale will settle in the Great Inner Sea in a while.”

Indeed, if we want to solve the problem, we need to eliminate the cause.


Here, Ronzen-san puts his finger on his forehead.

“Is something wrong?”

“The sea near the river mouth is the territory of another country.
So if we’re going to investigate, it’s necessary for our country’s envoy to accompany us.”

“An envoy from another country?”

“Yes, in that case, someone involved in the Great Inner Sea’s affairs is needed to smoothly explain the situation.”

Huh? I have a bad feeling about this…?

“In other words, someone who is involved in the Great Inner Sea’s affairs in our country…”

When Ronzen-san’s words trailed off, the door opened with a bang, and someone walked in.

“That would be me!”

With a bang, the door opens and someone walks in.

“My name is Burn Dobaggu! I am the captain of the state-of-the-art battleship Good Luther and the leader of the Tion Kingdom’s Great Inner Sea Knights!”

“The state-of-the-art battleship… wasn’t that the ship that was thrown by the Kraken and overturned by the Megalo Whale’s offspring?”

“That’s right! It’s a miraculous ship made from the materials of the legendary S-rank monster, Ancient Plant, to strengthen our navy!”

Well, I think it’s an amazing ship that hasn’t sunk yet.

“In this request, I will be working together with Lord Dobaggu.”

“Oh, you can just call me Burn! Since we’re going to be comrades on the same ship!”

“Wow, what is this person…?”

He’s not a bad person, but… I don’t know, there’s something about him that reminds me of S-rank adventurer Rodi-san.
He might be a type I’m not good with.

“I’ve heard about you guys.
I heard that you’re experts in maritime rescue who saved me and my subordinates when we were thrown into the sea! I’m grateful for saving everyone’s lives!”


What do you mean? I turn to Ronzen-san.

“Well, you probably don’t want to get too involved, right?”

Ah, I see.
Since I said I didn’t want to stand out at the Squid Festival, he took that into consideration.
As expected of someone who holds the position of guild master, he’s good at understanding those things.

“I wanted to thank the adventurer who defeated that huge monster, but the guild master said he didn’t know much about that person.
They must be a very reserved individual.”

Ah, Ronzen-san averted his gaze behind me.
Is it about how you phrase things?

“That’s why, even though the adventurer didn’t work out, I think he can be helpful in the investigation.”

“Yes, since we were actually saved by him, I have no objections to him joining the investigation team!”

“Um, I haven’t actually accepted the request yet…”

Please don’t make assumptions and proceed on your own.
Ronzen-san speaks to us seriously.

“To be honest, the Kraken and Megalo Whale incidents are not just a problem for this country.
The battleships that were deployed with great fanfare were in that state as well.”

“Ah, that’s because we weren’t used to our state-of-the-art ship yet! Once my subordinates get used to handling the ship, we won’t fear the Kraken anymore! But I think it’s unfair that it attacks with so many tentacles!”

That’s the Kraken’s basic attack method, you know.

“That’s why, at least in this situation, I want some means to protect the crew.
I’m not asking you to go out and fight, but could you cooperate with the investigation?”

Well, in other words, Ronzen-san doesn’t need to take the risk of fighting and revealing his identity.
He just wants us to protect the crew, at least.

That’s true, if that’s the case, there’s less worry about standing out and being discovered by the knights.

If it’s for maritime rescue, I’ll lend my strength.”

“Thank you, big brother!”

“Oh, I appreciate it, young man!”

Burn-san grabs my shoulder tightly.

“Um, I’m Rex.”

“I’m Liliera.
Well, if Rex-san is accepting, I have no objections.”

“Yes! I’m counting on both of you!”

And so, we set off for the river mouth survey in cooperation with the knights… but the story didn’t end there.

“I found you, big bro!”

As we come out of the negotiation room, a familiar voice echoes in our ears.

“Huh? Gyro-kun?”

That’s right, the one who called me was Gyro-kun and the others.

“We hurriedly chased after you when we found out you weren’t there and there was a note!”

“Thanks to that, we had to rush all the way to this town without even a break.”

“Wait, can we… take a break…?”

“I want to eat.”

Not only Gyro-kun, but also Minna-san, Norbu-san, and Meguri-san were there.

“Did everyone come chasing after us?”

I left a note just in case, but I didn’t expect them to catch up so quickly.

“Of course! I’m big bro’s little brother after all!”

“We can’t just leave this idiot alone, can we?”

I see, Gyro-kun started running, and everyone hurriedly followed him.

“Hmm, are these young ones your companions?”

Burn-san looks at Gyro-kun and the others, assessing them.

“Yeah! We’re big bro’s little brothers and disciples!”

“No, we’re not little brothers.”

“Hmm, so you guys are apprentices in maritime rescue, huh!”

“I don’t really understand, but yeah!”

“Don’t answer if you don’t understand!”

Wow, it’s becoming chaotic… But as soon as everyone arrived, it suddenly became lively.

“By the way, who is this guy, big bro?”

“This is Burn Dobaggu-san, our client.”

“With that surname, are you a noble!?”


Mina-san straightens her posture while saying “It’s dangerous.”

“Don’t worry about it.
Just call me Barn-san casually.”


She’s quite frank, huh?

“But I see.
A young disciple, huh.

Barn-san puts his hand on his chin as if pondering something.
And then, as if he made a decision, he claps his hands.

“Very well! I shall allow you all to join the investigation team as the young disciple!”

“Huh!? What are you talking about!?”

“Haha, you may not understand, but you’re someone who understands my words! That’s right, I am Rex’s eldest disciple! I’ll be useful!”

“Hahaha, yes, a spirited young man!”

It seems like the two of them are getting along well.

“Um, Rex-san… Can you explain a little?”

Norbu-san, who was out of breath until just now, seems to have recovered and is asking me for details.

“Um, we received a request from the adventurer’s guild.
And now, it has been decided that everyone will participate together.”

“Huh? Why us?”

“I have high expectations, especially for you, Gyro-kun!”

“O-oh!? My brother expects something from me!? Seriously! Have I finally become a master too!?”

Gyro-kun’s voice trembles with excitement at my words.
Yeah, I have high expectations.
As Barn-san’s partner!

That’s how it happened, and we received a new request and decided to join Gyro-kun and the others.


“Hey, Rex-san.
I have a favor to ask.”

While I was looking at the surroundings from the edge of the Good Luther, Liliera-san approaches me and speaks.

“What’s the matter, Liliera-san?”

She seems strangely anxious.
I wonder if something is troubling her?

“Actually, there’s a magic spell I want you to teach me.”

“A magic spell you want me to teach you?”

Why would she come all the way to ask me? I wonder what she wants to learn?

“Yes, the magic spell I want you to teach me is…”


“Flight magic!”

What Liliera-san asked me to teach her was the flight magic that I often use to carry her and Mofumofu.

“I don’t mind, but why now?”

She could have asked after we returned to the capital.
Is she using this time during the journey to train?

“Well, this ship almost sank twice, you know.
So, I’m scared that if something happens, I won’t have a means to escape!”


I completely understand.
Yeah, I can understand that feeling very well.
Honestly, I was also secretly worried that the ship might sink again.

“Well, if that’s the case, I guess there’s no choice.”

“Yes, I’m serious! Teach me before the ship sinks again!”


It’s rude to think that sinking is a certainty, isn’t it?


“Hey, you.”

While I was talking to Liliera-san about our future training, the crew members of the Good Luther approached me.

“Yes, what is it?”

“I heard from the captain that you saved us when we were thrown into the sea by the Megalowhale.
Is that true?”

“Huh? Oh, yes, technically speaking.”

“Ah, I didn’t do anything.
Only this person saved us.”

“I see, so that’s how it was.”

The crew member nods, and for some reason, the other crew members gather around me.
Oh, Liliera-san, don’t leave without saying anything! And Mofumofu too!

“Thanks to you, we were saved! We want to express our gratitude!”

“Thank you so much!!”

The crew members bow their heads in unison and thank me.

“Oh no, please don’t worry about it.
If someone is in trouble, it’s only natural to help them, right?”

But the crew members shake their heads.

“No, accidents at sea are always a matter of life and death.
No matter how quickly we act, there are many times when we can’t be saved.
And if it’s an attack by a storm or monsters, it’s even more dangerous.
We were saved because you were there.
We can never thank you enough for being able to live now!”

It’s troublesome, I didn’t do anything to deserve such gratitude.

“And you’re the one who caught the ship that was thrown during the launching ceremony, right?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

I don’t want to be thanked so excessively.
Let’s just keep quiet about that.

“…If you say so, then let’s go with that.
But we are grateful for being saved twice.
So, we promise that if anything happens, we will definitely help you! We swear on the honor of sailors!”

After saying that, the crew members return to their posts as if nothing had happened.

“…Phew, that’s why sailors are so loyal to their obligations.”

Suddenly, I remember the sailors I saved in my previous life.
At that time, I fought as a hero, so I don’t remember who I saved, but I still remember the time I saved the sailors.
Honestly, at that time, I thought they were a bunch of hot-headed guys, but now that I think about it, their spirit hasn’t changed even after so many years.
It’s a bit embarrassing to think about it.

“What’s wrong, Rex-san? You seem happy about something?”

Liliera-san suddenly stares at my face while saying that.

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing.”

Well, never mind.
You had a face that seemed unusual or nostalgic for some reason.”

Wow, she’s surprisingly perceptive.

“By the way, you guys really left us behind earlier.”

Yeah, I haven’t forgotten about that.

“Well, let’s get back to the training talk!”

Yeah, let’s think of a challenging training content!


“Captain! Something is coming from the front! It’s not a ship!”

We were having a smooth voyage, but it seems like trouble has finally arrived.

“Everyone, be on high alert!”

Following Barn-san’s instructions, the crew members move to various parts of the ship with bows and long spears.

“I see the target! It’s a swarm of monsters! …Wait, there are so many!?”

The lookout crew member raises a surprised voice.

“Too many to count! How many are there!?”

“I don’t know! There are too many to tell!”

The crew member’s confusion is met with Barn-san’s reprimand.

“Captain, it’s coming into view!”

Upon hearing the voice of the crew member stationed at the bow, everyone’s gaze focuses ahead.
There, a swarm of aquatic monsters fills the entire width of the river.

“……So many!”

“More importantly, we’re going to collide with them! There’s no room to evade!”

“The monsters don’t seem to be trying to avoid us either!”

The monsters are rushing towards us as if being chased by something, with incredible speed.

“This is bad, we won’t be able to handle the counterattack at this rate!”

Barn-san’s voice is filled with urgency.

“Do you need help?”

“No, your job is to assist in the investigation and emergency rescue… but I can’t say that now.
I’m sorry, please help me.”


“Brother, we’ll help too!”

“I can use simple attack magic now, so I’ll provide support.”

Gyro-kun and Liliera-san seem eager to fight as well.

“Alright, then I’ll use magic to disrupt the enemy’s front line, so everyone else can focus on attacking.”

“Got it.”

“Leave it to us.”

“If anyone gets injured, I’ll provide healing!”

“Kyuu! Jururi”

Everyone seems motivated.

“Everyone! We’ll also provide support with magic! I’ll create a big distraction right in front of the enemy, so please attack them when they’re off guard!”


“Count on us!”

The crew members respond by making fists.

“Alright, I’ll start! Blazing Geyser!!”

I activate the magic, and a water pillar rises from directly below the approaching monsters.
Blazing Geyser is a water magic that generates a large number of geysers to blow away the enemy.
But well, it can only defeat weak enemies, and against strong enemies, it can only disrupt their posture or catch them off guard.
But in this situation, it can distract the enemy by attacking them suddenly from below.

“Now, everyone! Go for it!”

I give the signal to attack to everyone.


Note: The text ends abruptly at line 214.


However, for some reason, no one is attacking the monsters.

“Hey, what’s everyone doing?”

When I turn around, everyone is pointing up.


I look and see many black dots floating in the sky.
And everyone is pointing forward with their fingers.


When I look ahead, there are no monsters at all.


There are many black dots above, and the monsters that were right in front of me are gone.

“Which means…”

” ” ” “There’s no one left to attack because they’ve all been blown away” ” ” ”

Yes, as everyone has said.

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