The Sea and the New Battleship

“What should we do today?”

I look at the request board while stroking Mofumofu who I’m holding.

“Well, there haven’t been any significant requests so far, so I think it’s okay to take it easy until a high-ranking request comes in.”

After the large-scale extermination was over, the high-ranking requests disappeared from the adventurer’s guild in the capital city.
Until recently, there were various ranks of monsters near the capital city, so there were high-ranking escort and extermination requests.
But now, there are only weak monsters that have escaped extermination in the vicinity of the capital city, so there is no work left.

“However, Gyro and his friends take on jobs regardless of that.”

Yes, Gyro and his friends decided to stay in the capital city and took on various jobs indiscriminately in order to increase their rank.
They demonstrated their abilities in large-scale battles and are now famous in the capital city as an E-rank party that is known by everyone.

Huh? They’re F-rank, you say? Actually, Gyro and the others were promoted to E-rank for their achievements in a large-scale extermination.
By the way, Liliera has also been promoted to A-rank for the same reason.

That’s great and all, but because Liliera-san’s adventurer rank has increased, it has become difficult for us to receive jobs.

The thing is, the requests posted in the guild in the capital city right now are all E and D rank, and even the highest paying ones are only C rank.
So, we were told by the guild staff that if we, who are S and A rank, take on too low-level requests, it would confuse the clients.
They also told us that if we take on low-rank requests, we would be taking away jobs from adventurers who are actually suited for those ranks.

That’s why we were having trouble getting jobs.
In fact, even Rodi-san and others who are in the same S-rank as us, went back to their home countries for the same reason.

But our home is in this country, you know.

“I still have money, so I won’t have any trouble with my daily life, but it’s also worth considering not just lazing around without working forever.”

So, today as well, I checked the request board from the morning and was looking for high-ranked requests, but as expected, there still weren’t any high-level requests posted.

“How about going to the Great Inner Sea?”


When I turned around after being suddenly spoken to, there stood an astonishing figure of a person.

“Guild leader!?”

Yes, that person is Mr.
Urus, the guild master of this adventurer guild’s royal capital branch.

“What is the Great Inner Sea?”

I will ask the guild leader about the town of Great Inner Sea that he mentioned.
Honestly, I have never heard of that word before.

“What, you don’t know about the Great Inner Sea? Great Inner Sea is a term for a large landform that was created during a great war with ancient demons long ago.”

Saying that, the guild leader begins to explain.

“It seems that originally it was a flat land, but during the war, a ridiculously deep and long canyon-like terrain called a crater was formed.
And because that canyon was so long that it connected to the sea, seawater flowed inland through the canyon and accumulated in the crater, creating a small sea.”

“Oh, I see, I didn’t know there was such a place.”

Since I have never heard of it in my past lives or even in my previous previous lives, could it be what happens after I die?

“So, our country also has a part of the Great Inner Sea facing its territory, which is a rare case of an inland country having a sea.”

Wow, that sounds exciting!

“So, why are you recommending that we go to the Great Inner Sea?”

Liliera asks a probing question to find out the guild leader’s true intentions.

“Oh, there’s a guild in a town along the Great Inner Sea that’s recruiting adventurers, so I thought it might be a good idea for you guys to go check it out if you’re free.”

“They’re recruiting adventurers?”

“I had an idea.
I’m sure you guys have never done any work by the water, right? There won’t be any suitable jobs for you in the capital for a while anyway.
So why not go and try it out as a sightseeing experience?”

“How did you know that we have never done any work by the water?”

“Well, you know, I don’t think someone like you, who is an adventurer in this country and doesn’t know about the Great Inner Sea, would have any experience with water-related tasks.”

It seems like the Great Inner Sea is famous among adventurers.

“Did you know about the Great Inner Sea?”

“Well, I’ve heard a thing or two from adventurers and merchants who have come from other towns.”

Hmm, I see.
But working at sea, huh? Although I have fought battles on the sea in my past life, I have never seen the Great Inner Sea before.
It sounds interesting to go there once and see what it’s like.

“Well… in that case, since we’re already here, let’s go to the Great Inner Sea.”

“I will always follow you as usual.”


Not only Liliera-san, but also Mofumofu replies.

“Thanks to being connected to the sea, the Great Inner Sea is abundant in seafood.
You can enjoy plenty of fresh seafood!”

Oh, that sounds exciting!


Oh, look at Mofumofu all excited about seafood.

“Shall we go when Gyro and the others come back?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary.
The work they received will take a few days, so leaving a note at home should be sufficient.”

Huh? Is it okay?

“First of all, they are a separate team from us, so there’s no need to go out of our way to seek permission or invite them.
If they wanted to come, they can make their own way here, so there’s no need to worry.”

Hmm, well I guess you’re right when you put it that way.
Either way, once we go over there once, we’ll be able to freely come and go through the gate from now on.

“Alright, let’s go as soon as we’re ready!”

“Oh, yes!”


“Oh, I can see it now!”

As we left the capital and headed towards the Great Inner Sea, we discovered a very large river stretching beyond the land.
That must be the valley of the Great Inner Sea.
Since we are flying in the sky, the opposite bank appears to be close, but I imagine it would look quite far from the ground.

“That’s fine, but I wonder when I can get off?”


Liliera-san and Mofumofu, who were being carried by me and flying in the sky, asked me with a groaning voice.

“If we fly a little further, there is a town, so please be patient for a little longer.”

“I understand… I’ll try to be patient.”


It seems that Liliera and Mofumofu are still not comfortable with flying in the sky.
Since there was quite a distance from the capital to the town in the Great Inner Sea, I decided to travel by flying.
As usual, Liliera and the others were reluctant to fly.
I think it would be different if they could fly on their own, but it still seems impossible for them for now.

“Yes, we have arrived.”

Strictly speaking, we haven’t arrived in the town yet, but there would be a commotion if we got off near the town.
So we landed a little before the town.

“Ugh, it’s the ground.”


Liliera, who slumps to the ground, and Mofumofu, who rolls around and fully enjoys the sensation of the ground.

“Shall we enter the town then?”

“Hmm, I see.
If we’re going to take a break anyway, I’d prefer to rest at an inn.”

When Liliera finally mustered up the courage, I also embraced Mofumofu.
And then we set foot into the town of Great Inner Sea.

“Welcome to the town of Fizio.”

The gatekeeper greets me with welcoming words.

“Right now, there may not be many good things available, but if you wait a few more days, you’ll be able to eat something delicious, so please be patient.”

“What does that mean?”

I ask why and for what reason the words of the gatekeeper stuck with me.

“Oh, so you guys came without knowing, huh? Actually, right now, the Great Inner Sea is being occupied by troublesome monsters, and because of that, we can’t send a ship out to the open sea.”

Oh, I see.
So that’s what happened.
Ah, could it be that’s the reason the guild master was talking about gathering adventurers?

“So right now, the only way to catch fish is by fishing for small prey along the coast.”

Speaking of seafood, it’s usually about going out to sea for fishing.
But if it’s been taken over by monsters, that’s a different story.

“What do you mean by ‘a few more days’? Have you come up with any countermeasures?”

Liliera, who has recovered from the fatigue of the journey through the sky, also joins the conversation.

“Oh, actually, it turns out that the government has assigned the newly built battleship to exterminate monsters.
So, if it can defeat the monsters, the fishermen will be able to go fishing offshore.”

“That is reassuring.”


A new battleship created by the country, huh? It must be really powerful and big.

“The ship will depart tomorrow.
If you want to see it, you should go to the port.”

“I understand! Thank you very much!”

After hearing the circumstances from the gatekeeper, we entered the town in search of lodging.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the new ship.”

“Oh really? I don’t really care either way.”

However, it seemed that Liliera-san had no interest in the new battleship.
Ah, come to think of it, maybe girls aren’t interested in this kind of thing.
When we showcased new tools in the village, it was only the boys who showed interest.
And maybe the village’s older men too.

“By the way, this town has a really strange smell, doesn’t it?”

Liliera, who is not accustomed to the smell of the tide, covers her nose with her hand in discomfort.
Well, it might be tough for someone who is not used to it.

“I think it would be a little better inside the inn.”

“Well, let’s quickly decide on accommodations.
Being in the air for so long is tiring after all… *yawn*”

And Liliera yawns sleepily.
It’s true that there was quite a distance from the capital, so she might be tired.

“Then, shall we go there?”

We randomly choose an inn and enter it.

“The name of the store is… Deep Sea Invitational Inn.
It’s an unusual name, isn’t it?”


Despite the seemingly dark name of the store, I was greeted by relatively ordinary staff.

“We have three types of rooms, each priced at 8 copper coins, 3 silver coins, and 1 gold coin per night.
Of course, the price is directly related to the quality of the room and services.”

What a clear and straightforward explanation.

“Then, two rooms with one gold coin each.
Can Mofumofu stay with me as well?”

“If you have trained it in things like potty training, there should be no problem.”

“That’s okay.
You’re quite smart, so it’s fine.”

Saying that, I hand over two gold coins.

“Yes, thank you for always coming! Oh, and I’m sorry, but currently we can only serve regular dishes in the cafeteria.”

And the shop assistant apologizes with a look of regret.

“Is it because of those monsters?”

“Yes, as you can tell from the name of our inn, our specialty is seafood dishes.
However, we are unable to go out and catch the fish ourselves, so we can only prepare regular ingredients.”

Honestly, I couldn’t tell that from the name of the store at all.

“Well, that doesn’t matter.”

“Thank you very much.
Here is the key to the room.
Please make sure to leave the key at the reception when you go out.”

“I understand.”

And then, we, who received the key, headed to the room to drop off our luggage.

“Well then, shall we go out for a meal… Liliera-san?”

I was trying to invite Liliera-san to dinner, but when I noticed, she was already fast asleep, leaning against the bed.

“Speaking of which, it’s such a waste that we booked two rooms, huh?”

Oh well, I guess I’ll sleep in the other room then.

“It’s not good to wake them up, so shall we go eat dinner just the two of us?”


We gently left the room without making any noise, after laying Liliera-san on the bed.

The next morning, we woke up and went to the harbor to see the rumored battleship.

“Wow, it’s so crowded with people.”

It seems that everyone had the same idea, as the harbor was crowded with sightseers.

“Isn’t that area good?”

And what Liliera-san was pointing at was the roof of a brick building that seemed a bit difficult to climb.
Yeah, I wonder if it’ll be okay as long as we don’t get caught?

“Shall I come in for just a little while?”

We gently landed on the roof of the building after enhancing our bodies with physical strengthening magic.

“Oh, this place feels good, doesn’t it?”

And as we secure our seats, a grand fanfare resounds.
Then, the doors of the large building facing the sea open, and a ship emerges from there.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I sincerely appreciate your presence at today’s launching ceremony of our country’s pride, the state-of-the-art battleship!”

At the bow of the ship stood a knight dressed in luxurious attire, using magic to amplify his voice as he spoke to everyone who had come to the harbor.

“As everyone knows, the Great Inner Sea is currently being dominated by extremely powerful and dangerous monsters.
As a result, many fishing boats and merchant ships are unable to set sail and are facing difficulties!”

“That’s right, that’s right,” voices leak out from the people at the port.

“Many battleships have kneeled before monsters until now.
With their long and detestable tentacles, they have broken masts and capsized ships, taking many lives.”

The knight clenches his fist in frustration.
Hmm, he’s quite the actor.

“But rest assured! This ship is different from any other ship before! Because, on this ship, the legendary! S-rank monster, the Ancient Plant (TL: idk if this name was used in the prev chapters), is used as material!”


“Eh, Ancient Plant!?”

Huh!? Wait a minute, does that mean…!?

“Could it be that it’s the thing that Rex-san defeated before?”

Yeah, that’s right.

“Furthermore, the Elder Plant, which is also an A-rank monster, is also used as material for the ship! Have any of you ever seen a ship made only from S-rank and A-rank monster materials? No, I’m sure you haven’t! Even I am seeing this for the first time! However, the country has recognized the significance of the recent incident that has shaken the open sea and has spared no expense in constructing this ship to protect your lives!”


“Oh, the important people in the country are quite capable, huh?”

“I thought you didn’t care at all about our lives.”

Well, I’m sorry for being moved, but it’s not that big of a deal, you know? But, I guess I can’t say that when everyone else is happy…

“Now, bear witness to the moment when our ship crushes the demons of the Great Inner Sea! Set sail!!”

“Good luck!”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

The townspeople cheer on the departing ship.
“Wow, I wonder if they’ll be okay.
I’m worried.”

While all this was happening, the ship continued to sail further out to sea.
And just a little while after reaching the open water, something unexpected happened.
The ship, which had been sailing smoothly, suddenly jolted and came to a sudden stop.

“What, what’s wrong!? What’s happening!?”

I could still hear the conversation, because the magical amplification effect is still ongoing.

“Uh, uh-oh”

And in the next moment, the boat that was floating on the water was lifted into the air.
No, that’s not right, it wasn’t floating in the air, it was being lifted up.

Several long, white tentacles extending from under the ship are lifting it up.

“Oh, ohhh, it’s a counterattack! Counterattack!”

Following the knight’s instructions, attacks are launched towards the sea.
However, the attacks do not reach the monster directly below and instead veer off to completely miss the target.

And as the tentacle traced an arc, the ship also followed an arc.
In the next moment, the tentacle holding the ship was swiftly swung towards the harbor side.

“No, that’s not it!”

Yes, I was wrong.
The movement of the tentacles wasn’t a swing, it was a throw.
The tentacle forcefully threw the newly built battleship it was holding onto towards the port town.


Loud screams can be heard from both the ship and the port.

“Hey, run away!?”

Liliera, who was in a panic, lifts herself up to try to escape.

“Mofumofu come here!”

When I entrusted Liliera with the task of caring for Mofumofu, she activated her flying magic and flew into the sky.

“Physical boost!”

And it comes to a stop right in front of the newly constructed battleship flying towards the port town.

“Oh, hey you, run away!”

A nearby resident warns me to run away, but it’s already too late.
The ship is right in front of me.

And I caught the ship that was thrown with such incredible force.



The accelerated hull is pressing down on my body, as if trying to crush me.
But with my attribute enhancement, I have further improved my physical abilities and can endure it.

Although my body was pushed back slightly, I managed to successfully catch the ship and walked a few steps forward, returning the ship to the sea.


I finish my work and take a deep breath.
I tried to handle it as gently as possible, so I don’t think the crew members on the ship are seriously injured.

“Are you okay?”

As I got off the boat, the people in the town started calling out to me.

“Yes, thanks to the ship being lighter than expected, I managed to avoid getting injured!”

Yeah, if this was made of pure mithril or orichalcum, even I would have had a hard time, I think.

“Why did the ship get thrown at me?!?!?!”

Huh? Did I say something strange?

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