Episode 46: The Return of Peaceful Days

“The monster that Gyro-san defeated consisted of 5 A-rank, 12 B-rank, 8 C-rank, and 13 D-rank creatures.”


“Are you serious!? What the hell is that kid!?”

Other adventurers who were participating in the subjugation were amazed at the number of monsters that Gyro defeated.

After the declaration of the end of the large-scale extermination, we were evaluating the defeated monsters at the mobile counter of the adventurer guild set up in the wilderness.
Especially Liliera-san and Gyro-kun were competing in the extermination battle, so the results would be of great interest.

“Next is me.”

Liliera takes out the corpses of the monsters she defeated from the magic bag and lines them up.
Oh, by the way, I gave Liliera and Gyro the magic bags I made.
After all, this time it was a large-scale extermination, so it would have been troublesome to transport them to the counter one by one.

“Um… The monsters that Liliera-san defeated were 8 A-rank, 15 B-rank, and 15 C-rank.”


“That girl is not just an ordinary person!”

“What on earth are they?”

So, that means it’s a tie with 38 to 38.

“Darn it! It’s a tie!”

When Gyro-kun hears “tie,” he groans in dissatisfaction.

“No, it’s Gyro’s loss.”

However, Mina-san declared Gyro-kun’s defeat.

“What? Why am I the one losing when it’s a tie?”

Mina-san’s face becomes one that shows she doesn’t understand Gyro-kun’s words.

“The answer lies in quality.”


We see the monsters that the two of us hunted, as Minako said.

“Ah, I see.
It’s the rank of the defeated monster, right?”

And Norbu-san understands Mina-san’s true intentions.

“Hey, what’s going on Norbu?”

Gyro-kun, who still doesn’t understand, demands an explanation from Norbu-san.

In other words, although the numbers are the same, it means that Liliera-san has hunted more high-ranking monsters.

“That’s not all.
Gyro had a fighting style of just defeating the enemy, so the condition of the materials is not good.
The purchase price will probably decrease quite a bit.
But Liliera-san takes care to minimize damage when subduing monsters.”

“Are you serious…”

Gyro-kun realizes the fact for the first time when it is pointed out to him.
Well, I guess it’s just a difference in experience around here.
Liliera-san, who has more experience as an adventurer than Gyro-kun, was able to do that unconsciously.

“In that case, this match is a win for Liliera-san.”

“Darn it! I lostttt!”

Gyro-kun stomps his feet in frustration.

“Well, even though the numbers are the same, I can’t really say anything arrogant either.”

And when Liliera humbles herself, Gyro stops stomping his feet and looks at Liliera.

“No, a loss is a loss! I’ll admit my defeat this time.
Right now, you’re still better than me! But I won’t lose next time!”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Saying that, the two of them shake hands.
Yeah, yeah, it looks like the match between the two of them ended nicely.

“It’s Rex’s turn next.”

And Liliera-san and Gyro-kun are looking at me.

“I haven’t really caught any significant prey, though.”

I leave the defeated monsters on the ground.

“Oh, hey, isn’t that prey unusually big? Where did you drag it from!?”

“That guy is something else.
He’s a rookie who defeated an S-rank opponent in a match.”

“You’re the one who fought and defeated Cyclone Rodi (TL: Rode? Lode? Rody? Rudy? idk), right?!”

Wait, why am I being portrayed as directly fighting Rodi!? All I did was participate in a monster extermination competition.

“And finally, the Green Dragon.”

And after lining up all the monsters, I take out the Green Dragon last and ask the receptionist to appraise it.

“Wha-Wha-What?! A, a dragon?!”

Although the people around me are expressing their surprise, I don’t think Green Dragon is such a rare creature.
After all, I defeated it just the other day.

“Um, please wait a moment.”

When the receptionist called over other staff members who were nearby, several of them divided the work and started the assessment.

And with everyone watching, all the appraisals were finished.

“Well, Rex’s appraisal results are as follows.
One dragon and nine S-rank creatures…”

“S-rank for nine people?!”

“How on earth did you defeat it!?”

The surrounding adventurers once again raise their voices in astonishment.

“You’re amazing, big brother.”

“Well, this was expected, right?”

On the contrary, Gyro and the others don’t seem particularly surprised.
Well, it’s because Green Dragon is an S-rank and the weaker one, after all.

“And there are 25 A-rank, 34 B-rank, and 57 C-rank.”

“Too much!”

Huh? I don’t think there were that many.
I just happened to take care of all the monsters heading towards the capital.

“I knew it, but when the result is put into words, our competition seems like a petty clash of egos, doesn’t it?”

“I thought I could win if it was just a matter of numbers since my older brother is aiming for S ranks this time.
I never expected it to be in the triple digits though…”

“Oh, so that’s why you were indiscriminately knocking down everything.”

Minako-san nods in agreement with Gyro-kun’s tweet.

“Well, you know, I participated in the subjugation with my older brother.
So, of course, I wanted to compete.
But, well, I ended up losing easily in terms of numbers.”

And so, the large-scale monster extermination ended in a peaceful manner.
However, little did we know at that time that a major incident had occurred behind the scenes.

…By the way, does it seem like you forgot something?


A few days later, after completing a large-scale extermination, we were relaxing at the guild.
Other adventurers, perhaps because they had some spare time after the large-scale extermination, were all taking it easy.
However, for some reason, the atmosphere in the guild today felt strange.
Not only the adventurers, but even the staff seemed to be restless.


“Hey, how’s the economy doing? I heard you guys defeated a dragon over there, is that true?”

And, to our surprise, the S-rank adventurers, Rodi-san and his companions, came to us.


Oh, that’s right.
I just realized I forgot about Mr.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.
By the way, how did the large-scale extermination go for you, Rodi-san and the others? Did you manage to hunt down a lot of S-rank monsters after all?”

Rodi and his team are S-rank adventurers.
They must have defeated many S-rank monsters for sure.

“No, we didn’t defeat one single S-rank monster this time.”


That’s surprising.
I thought you were slaying a lot of S-rank monsters.

“We were asked by the guild to take the initiative and defeat any S-rank monsters that were present.
So we were going around the designated area searching for S-rank monsters.
However, for some reason, we couldn’t find a single one.
In the end, we ended up encountering and fighting other monsters while searching.”

Oh, come to think of it, I defeated an S-rank monster too, but it was outside of the designated area.

But, I wonder if there is anyone on Rodi’s team who can use detection magic? With that, they should be able to locate the whereabouts of the monsters within a few kilometers of the area.

“However, in any case, if we were to face a dragon, our defeat would be certain.”

Haha, yes,” Rodi-san chuckles dryly.
But we only defeated a Green Dragon, so I can’t really boast about slaying a dragon with great pride.”

“Well, that’s a story that’s already over.
But have you heard? There’s a certain noble who was planning a coup, but for some reason, they decided not to go through with it and turned themselves in instead.”

“Coup d’état!?”

Another dangerous word came up, huh?

“It seems that the noble family who was acting together with that person has also been captured in a domino effect due to their surrender.”

“Oh… huh? But how can you turn yourself in without actually doing it?”

“It seems that the reason is that most of the monsters that were being prepared as forces for a coup d’etat were hunted down in the recent large-scale extermination.”

“What do you mean by ‘coup forces’? Weren’t we fighting against monsters?”

Mina-san has doubts about Rodi-san’s words.

“That’s right, it seems that the perpetrator of the coup d’état has devised a way to manipulate monsters using ancient secret techniques.”

“Control monsters!?”

Huh? Everyone seems surprised, but the study of controlling monsters has been around for quite some time, and there have been some successful cases.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can control any kind of monster.

“Moreover, it is surprising that the ones who turned themselves in was the knights order.”

“Knights staging a coup!?”

As a result of unintentionally raising my voice, the people around us turned their attention towards us.

“Oh, it seems like the information-savvy folks have already gotten hold of this information and are moving around doing various things.”

I see, so that’s why adventurers and staff members were unusually excited this morning.

“The knight order responsible for protecting the country caused a scandal, and to make matters worse, they even turned themselves in.
The higher-ups are in a panic.
And because of that, there’s a possibility that the repercussions might affect adventurers as well, so everyone is on edge.”

Indeed, the job of the knight order is to protect the country, but it is also their responsibility to subdue thieves’ guilds and large hordes of monsters.
If the knight order becomes unable to fulfill these tasks, it’s possible that the adventurer’s guild will receive large-scale requests.
It’s definitely a profitable opportunity, but the level of danger would also increase significantly.

“But why did they turn themselves in? If they hadn’t carried out the coup yet, they should have just stayed quiet.”

“Ah, not only did they fail to control the dragon they had prepared as their trump card, but it seems their spirit was broken after the dragon was easily defeated.”

Wow, so they had a dragon prepared for the coup d’état.
It must have been a powerful dragon, like a Gold Dragon maybe? Or perhaps an Ancient Dragon?

“Wow, there was an incredible adventurer who was able to defeat a dragon.”

“It’s about you!!”

Huh!? Why is everyone in the guild jumping in on this!? It’s impossible for a weak green dragon to be used for coups right!?

“Seriously, despite saving the country, he has absolutely no awareness.”

“I totally agree.
Well, that’s more like my older brother though.”

And, for some reason, everyone ended up being disgusted with me.

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