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Episode 42: Large-scale Annihilation and a Duel Between Two People
“Shall we go to the adventurer’s guild in the capital city then?”

Today, at the request of Gyro and his friends, we decided to go to the adventurer’s guild in the capital city.
They have been training and haven’t been able to work as adventurers, so they expressed their desire to resume their work soon.

“All right! Finally, my adventurer legend begins!”

Gyro-kun is extremely excited about the adventure in the capital city since morning.

“Don’t shout ‘Dragon Slayers’ again, okay?”

“…uh huh”

Alright I’ve calmed down.

“Alright, let’s go right away, bro!”

“Yes, yes.”

And it was when we were about to leave the house.


A fluffy creature jumped out from between the garden plants and landed right on Gyro’s face.

“Oh wow!? What’s going on, what’s going on!?”

Gyro-kun, whose vision suddenly went completely dark, panics.

“Hey, Mofumofu, you shouldn’t be mischievous, you know?”

I peel off the fluff from Gyro-kun’s panicked face.


“Whoa! I was surprised! Who are you? Are you trying to start something, huh!?”

Gyro-kun takes a fighting pose while making remarks that make him seem like a delinquent, and faces off against Mofumofu.


In contrast, Mofumofu remains calm and composed.

“What’s that? Is it Rex’s pet?”

Everyone is wide-eyed at the sudden appearance of the fluffy creature.

“Oh, I found it in the Forest of Demons.”

“When you say ‘Forest of Demons,’ it means a forest that only has demons, right!? So, if you found something there, does that mean the creature is also a demon?”

Norubu-san looked slightly hesitant as he gazed at the fluffy fur.


Mofumofu growls at Norubu-san, who stares at me without reservation, with a fluffy expression.

“Hey, hey, these people are not enemies.”

I embrace the fluffy creature that is trying to jump out and give it a gentle stroke.

“Gyuuun… Kyu, Kyuu!”

There, there, you’re in a better mood now.

“I don’t really understand either, but I think it should be okay since it’s not a very dangerous creature.”

“…Isn’t it dangerous according to Rex’s standards?”

When Mina tweets, for some reason Meguri-san and Norbu-san have difficult expressions on their faces.

“Don’t worry, I put a collar on just to be safe.”

This collar not only serves as a key for the entrance and exit of the fluffy one, but also has a safety device to prevent them from biting unfamiliar people.
You see, if something were to happen when the owner is not around, there is a risk of being euthanized.

“Well, for now, since that creature has never attacked anyone, it should be safe under Rex-san’s supervision.”

And Liliera-san followed me.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, as wild animals, we never go against the will of the absolute strongest in front of us.
At least, not in places where there is an owner.”

“I see, it’s a wild instinct.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Liliera-san and Mina-san nod in agreement with each other.

“So, what is the name of that creature?”


“No, name.”

Name, name…

“Come to think of it, I haven’t decided on a name yet.”

“Isn’t it too late now!?”

“Now that you mention it, that’s right.
There were too many surprising things, and I also forgot about it.”

“Is it really okay for even you to be like that!?”

Well, I haven’t had any problems so far, you know.

“I used to call it ‘mofumofu’ until now.”

“I don’t think that’s a name.”

“Well, I think it’s better to give your pet a proper name if you’re going to have one.
It can be quite troublesome if they get lost and don’t have a name.”

Ah, that’s true.
The fluffy collar does have a mechanism to track its current location, but there’s still a possibility that it might stop working due to some unforeseen circumstances.

“Name, hmm…”

What kind of name would be good? It’s fluffy, so maybe Cloud… No, that’s a bit too cool.
It’s white, so maybe White or Weiss… Still too cool, huh? When it comes to something fluffy associated with the color white, how about Snow?

“How about Neve?”

“Neve” is an old word from a now extinct country, and it means “snow.” However, very few people would understand that nowadays.


Oh, do you like it?

“Isn’t it a little too cool?”

Huh? It’s unpopular with everyone?

“So, how about something simple like Mofu or Morph?”

“I wonder if it’s good?”

“I think it’s cute.”

It seems that everyone prefers cute names.

“Kyuu Kyuu!”

Oh, this time Mofumofu is vigorously shaking its head and resisting.

Hmm, naming is difficult, isn’t it?

“Hey, who cares about names for now, right? Let’s hurry up and go to the guild!”

And Gyro, who has no interest in naming things, hurried us along.
Indeed, naming can wait until later.

“Yeah, then let’s go to the guild.”


Come on, let’s go, Mofu Mofu.

“Oh! So this is the guild of the capital city!”

“It’s really spacious, the guild in the town of Toga is likely to have a lot of members.”

“Indeed, it’s quite big, isn’t it?”

“And the number of people is also incredible, isn’t it?”

Gyro and his friends are very excited about the adventurer’s guild in the royal capital that they entered for the first time.

“Hehehe, surprised, aren’t you?”

For some reason, Liliera seems proud.

“Alright! Let’s take on the request then!”

Just as Gyro was about to head towards the request board…


The receptionist from the guild is coming towards me while calling my name.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, you see, there’s a request that I really want Rex and the others to take on.”

“To us?”

Does “I want you to judge right or wrong” mean a request for nomination?

“Oh, impressive, big brother! Is it a request for a specific person?”

“No, it’s not a request for a specific person.
This is a request that all adventurers can participate in.”

Huh? It’s not a request for an appointment?

“What does it mean?”

When I ask a question, the person at the counter takes out a piece of paper.

“Is this… a request form?”

Yes, it was a request sheet posted on the guild’s request board.
And the contents written on that paper were…

“Large-scale monster extermination?”

“Yes, I’m sure you’re aware that monsters have been increasing abnormally near the capital recently, right, Mr.

Come to think of it, I heard a story like that.

“And finally, a few days ago, the upper echelons of the country began to view this situation as a problem and decided to join forces with the knights to carry out a large-scale monster extermination.”

Wow, a joint operation with the knight order? That’s quite a large scale.

“This time, it’s not just specific dangerous monsters that have appeared, but various monsters have been confirmed, so we have also called for low-ranking adventurers.
And we want to entrust the battle against high-ranking monsters to Lex-san and the others.”

I see, so weaker monsters are left to lower-ranked adventurers, and higher-ranked adventurers focus on dangerous monsters, is that right?

“Oh, that’s interesting.
We’ll join in too, bro!”

And entering the conversation is Gyro-kun.

“If we defeat strong monsters here, it’ll be a shortcut to leveling up! It’s way more profitable than taking on small, trivial quests! Hey, bro, let’s do it too!”

Gyro-kun is motivated, but I wonder about Mina-san and the others?

“Isn’t it good? This way, it’s easier for us to demonstrate the results of our training.”

“If it’s a large-scale battle, it’s better to have as many healers as possible.”

“Yeah, let’s make money with this opportunity!”

It seems like everyone else is motivated as well.

So, as for us…

“What will you do, Liliera-san?”

First, you need to hear your teammates’ opinions.

“I am with Rex-san in order to repay a favor, so I think it’s best to let Rex-san do as he pleases.”

So, it’s up to me, huh? I mean, I could take it, but if the knights are on a business trip, I think it might be better to avoid standing out too much.

After all, many members of the knight order have a lot of pride.
If you try to imitate them by taking away their prey, they will notice you.
If you’re going to do it, you need to secure a place where the knight order is not present.

“And also, for this request, the S-rank adventurer team, Cyclone, including Mr.
Rody, will also be participating.”

“Even Rodi-san!?”

So, the fact that Rody-san, who is S-rank, is also joining the battle means that they are really serious about this extermination.

“Yes, that’s right!”

And suddenly, someone behind me voices their agreement.
Surprised, I turn around and there stood Rodi-san and the others who had just been the topic of conversation.

“Long time no see.”

Rody greets us with a smile.

“Long time no see.
So, Rody-san is also joining the subjugation?”

“Oh, I see.”

And a smirk appears on their face.

“I will compete with you again!”


Shall we compete?

“In the previous battle, I unfortunately lost, but this time, I will make sure to win in the raid.
Of course, you will be participating too, right? As fellow S-rank adventurers.”


What should I do? Maybe it’s better if I don’t participate if this person is going to be there.
I mean, it’s a hassle to be challenged with such high energy.
I end up standing out in a bad way.

“You’re amazing, big brother! Not only do you know someone who is S-rank, but you also won the match!”

Stop it, Gyro-kun.
Don’t praise me at this timing.

“Oh, are S-rank Rody and that newcomer going to fight again?”

“Who do you think will win this time?”

“That’s definitely the newcomer.
After all, they won once.”

“No, no, this large-scale extermination is different in numbers.
Rodi, who is experienced, will definitely win.”

“I am the newcomer.”

“I am Rody.”

Wait, wait, people behind.
Are you betting on our match?

“How about it? Shall we compete to see who can hunt down more S-rank monsters?”

“S-rank… monster!?”

Wait, what do you mean by “fighting against an S-rank monster”?!

“The truth is, the reason we asked Lex-san to join us is because of that.”

The person at the counter starts explaining the situation with a serious face.

“At first, this request was planned to be carried out by adventurers only.
However, upon investigation, it was unexpectedly found that there are a large number of A and B rank monsters, and furthermore, several S rank monsters have been confirmed.”

“That’s right, it means that there are still plenty of S-rank monsters other than the Kaiser Hawk that have been kidnapped by you in the vicinity of the capital.
In the first place, it’s not normal for multiple S-rank monsters that usually don’t show up in human settlements to be confirmed around the capital at the same time.
It’s definitely not normal, no matter how you think about it.”

And Rody-san also agrees.

“As Rodi-san said, we believe that there is some underlying cause behind the abnormal occurrence of monsters this time, and we are considering conducting a large-scale extermination as part of our investigation.
Of course, the primary goal is to ensure the safety of the capital city.”

“First of all, S-rank monsters are at a level where the military is mobilized.
So, when the nobles who had been skimping on monster subjugation heard the report, they turned pale and hastily decided to mobilize the military.”

I see, if there were indeed several S-rank monsters near the capital, the nobles would surely be uneasy.
That aspect hasn’t changed from my previous life to this one.
By the way, Rodi-san is quite well-informed.
It’s impressive that he knows even about the nobles’ circumstances.

“That’s why, in order to protect the people of the capital, could you please participate in the subjugation?”


Hmm, yeah.
Honestly, I really want to avoid catching the attention of the nobles or the knight order.
I really, really want to avoid it.
I want to avoid a repeat of my past life.

…But at the same time, I can’t just abandon the people in the troubled capital either.
Even though I’ve only been in the capital for a short time, it still feels wrong to abandon those who can’t fight.

That great swordsman, Ligerd, even said, “I have no reason not to help, even if they’re complete strangers!” when he arrived in a town that was being attacked by a horde of monsters.
Yeah, that’s right.
I am an adventurer.
It’s the way of life for adventurers to help those in need and protect those who seek salvation!

“…I understand.
I will accept that request!”

“Oh, thank you very much!”

“You’re amazing, big brother! That’s how it should be!”

“Hmph, this is what they call a boost in motivation for me as well.”

I turn towards Liriera.

“In that case, I have decided to participate.”

When I said that, Lirella nodded with a faint smile on her face.

“I knew it would turn out like this because it’s you.”

It seems like you saw through it.

“Alright everyone, I will now begin explaining the details of the large-scale extermination.”

On the day of the large-scale extermination, we arrived at the wilderness, which was designated as the meeting place by the guild.
I remember we defeated the Kaiser Hawk around here before.

And as expected, with abnormal monster outbreaks, we can already see several monster figures from here.
They are gathering in groups and glancing at us, showing signs of caution.

“This area is where the most dangerous monsters frequently appear.
If you lack confidence, it is perfectly fine to head to a lower-ranked area for hunting from now on.”

It seems that this large-scale extermination was divided into seven areas based on the number of confirmed high-ranking monsters.
The areas with a high number of high-ranking monsters are labeled as “S,” while the areas with a low number are labeled as “F.”

“Our guild has set up a temporary branch office, so we will handle the purchase of the defeated monsters from this expedition!”

Upon closer inspection, there seems to be something like a makeshift dismantling facility set up in the wilderness.
It’s probably because it’s a large-scale extermination, and relying solely on the dismantling facility within the guild in the capital city would cause it to become overwhelmed.

The guild staff is continuing with a detailed explanation, but we’ve already heard this information from the receptionist.
It’s because Rodi-san and I are S-rank, so we received various explanations in advance.

So I can look around with peace of mind.
When I look around, I can see the figures of adventurers other than us.

As expected, coming to the most dangerous area, everyone here seems to be prepared and strong, and their equipment seems different from other adventurers.

I can see some clearly low-ranked individuals, but maybe they are targeting weak monsters that higher-ranked adventurers don’t go after? In other areas, it would turn into a competition for prey, so maybe this is also a clever strategy of adventurers.

And in a place far away from us, we could see a group that clearly wasn’t adventurers.
They were wearing silver plate armor and riding warhorses… in other words, a knight order.

We must make sure not to get close to them.

“Hey, let’s have a match too, sis!”

And then, I heard Gyro-kun’s voice from the side.

“Huh? Me?”

Gyro-kun spoke to Liriera-san.

“Why do I have to compete with you?”

“Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s because you’re teamed up with your older brother.”


There is a tense atmosphere between Gyro-kun and Liliela-san.

“You seem to be B-rank, but I want to know if you’re really worthy of fighting alongside my big brother.”

No, no, Gyro-kun, Lilliera-san is an excellent B-rank!

“We also trained and became stronger in our brother’s hometown.
That’s why we’re even more curious about your strength.”

I wonder what this is about.
I don’t want allies to fight with each other.

“Hmm” or “Oh, I see”

And then, Lilliera smiled slyly as she looked at Gyro.

“So, you’re upset because Lex was taken away from you, right?”


Gyro-kun’s voice gets choked up and he panics.

“Is that so? You’re jealous because someone you admire, Rex, was taken away, right?”

“No, that’s wrong! It’s not like that!”

“It’s so obvious, right?”

“It’s so obvious, isn’t it?”


“You guys!”

It seems like everyone could see through Gyro’s true feelings.
I wonder if this is that thing where when you’re playing with the little kids in the village, and then suddenly the older kids get angry.
If that’s the case, maybe it would be better to spend more time with Gyro?

“That’s fine, I’ll keep you company.”


Gyro was taken aback by Liriera’s quick acceptance of the challenge.

“You said that you trained in Lex’s hometown, right? Well, I also wanted to receive training from Lex and see his power for myself.”

“Oh, really?”

Gyro-kun smirked at Lilliera’s words.

“So, you’re saying that you feel the same way as us?”

“Yes, I want someone to test how far I can go with my current abilities.”

I wonder if it’s not normal to fight against monsters? Oh, wait, is it okay because we’re competing against monsters?

“Alright! Let’s have a rematch, sis!”

“Yes, I will accept it!”

Well, I guess it’s fine since it’s not a competition that requires a tense atmosphere.

“That’s why I’ll take care of the subjugation alone, is that okay with you, Rex-san? Even if I were to be with you, I would only be a hindrance, so I’ll fight at my own pace.”

That’s not true, but well, I also think it’s right to fight at your own pace.
Besides, if it comes to it, we have the key to hand over to everyone.

“Yes, that’s fine.
But please don’t push yourself too hard.
Everyone’s life is important!”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Oh, I got it, bro!”

“When the time comes, leave it to us to support Gyro.”

“Yes, treating injured people is my job, after all.”

“Leave it to me” or “I’ll take care of it”

If Minasan and the others are going to support Gyro-kun, then I feel relieved.


And the fluffy creature that was on top of my head jumps down and goes over to Liliera-san’s side.

“Oh, so Mofumofu will support Liliera-san?”


And, it seems like the explanation has come to an end while talking with everyone.

“Oh, that’s right.”

Since it was decided that everyone would act individually, I hurriedly moved to a different location.

“Well then, from here on out, we will commence a large-scale extermination…”

I slip through the crowd and make my way to the far right of the adventurer group, which is the opposite side of the knight order.
And then…

“We will hold it!”


Just before the adventurers and knights set off with a battle cry, I cast a spell.

“Cyclone Tower!!”

Suddenly, a massive tornado appeared in front of the group of adventurers, blowing away the horde of monsters that were in front of them.

“What, what is thisssss!?”

Alright, with this, adventurers can act as a distraction and deceive the knights.
We won’t stand out! Now, let the large-scale extermination begin!

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