Chapter 15: Forest Path and Wolf Conquest

 “Ugh, what a hassle.” Along the way, I followed Ivan-san's advice and continued while ignoring monsters, and I regularly left the forest, but it became troublesome starting from the middle. Trap plants and killer plants are certainly troublesome, but I think it's too inefficient to get out of the forest. After all, Milsha-san also said, “Consult what you can do for your convenience.” And what can I do! “It will be easier if all the dangerous monsters come out and attack me.” I have confirmed that there are no humans around with exploration magic, but just in case I make a sound to evacuate the surrounding area. “Now I will burn the trees around here! Please evacuate for those who are nearby!” Yosh, I gave the warning and let's burn it! “Flame Inferno!!” I cast fire prison magic into the forest ahead. Then, in an instant, trap plants and killer plants catch fire without making a scream. And before my eyes, I made a big road 7m wide and 100m long. Yes, something like this.
If it's too long, you will burn the people who come within reach after using indiscriminate exploration magic. “If you continue this way, there won't be any danger of being attacked by monsters around you!” Besides, it's inconvenient because people who pass here after this don't have to think about being attacked by monsters! “Alright, let's forget that and look for the Forest Wolf!” ◆ “There it is.” As I moved forward while setting fire to the forest, I heard that the cry of a wolf echoed in the distance. “From where, I wonder?” I ascend with flying magic and look around the forest 360 degrees.

 “Ah, there is a village in that place…” I confirm that there is a village in the northwest position of Hexy City across the forest. And make sure there are small dots from the village leading to the forest. In addition, a dot larger than the small dot follows behind it. “The smaller one is Forest Wolf and the bigger one is the adventurer who escorts the villagers?” When I found Forest Wolf, I flew in the sky and landed between Forest Wolf and the forest. The Forest Wolf mob suddenly slowed down to see my sudden appearance, but when the leader barked, they sped up again. “That's the herd boss, huh?” I decided to aim for the boss first. If you defeat the boss first, the rest is the horde. I pulled the sword at my waist and slashed towards the Forest Wolf. The Forest Wolf boss jumped here to bite me, but it was too late for me to strengthen my body with physical strengthening magic. “Ha!” While screaming, I cut the Forrest Wolf boss's neck. The quest is B-Rank, but it's not very strong because Forest Wolf itself is a C-Rank monster. It was only annoying because they entered the forest. “Woon!?” *wolf sound* Another Forest Wolf was upset because their boss was killed. Some of them tried to escape from the gang. “I won't let it run away!” I gathered and attacked the Forest Wolf who tried to escape with magic. “Spark Mist!!” (RAW:スパークミスト) 

“Gyan!?” The magic emitted a spark of fog that emitted various weak lightning, and paralyzed the Forest Wolf's body. “All that's left is to finish it off.” Because this is a conquest quest, I have to confirm the remaining form. I will not make mistakes like the Majin case before. “O~i!” And, when I stopped to incapacitate the Forest Wolf, people who seemed like adventurers came from afar. Maybe they were chasing after Forest Wolf a while ago. “D-Did you beat them?” They must be desperately running and chasing them. All the adventurers seemed to be out of breath. Well, the opponent is a wolf. There are limits to catching up with lots of complete equipment. “Yes, I just headed here, so I managed to attack them with magic.” “Y-You're great, you can kill so many Forest Wolfs.” “No no, that's no big deal.” “Being around the forest means, could you be a B-Rank adventurer?” “Yes, even though I'm still in B-Rank though.” “No, even so it's great! Much younger than we saw!” It's so embarrassing to be praised like that “Ah, but did I somehow get in the way of your work?” These people are chasing after Forest Wolf. 

Then maybe these people were asked to conquer the Forest Wolf from the village. “Aah, you don't need to worry about that.
The quest we received was to keep the Forest Wolf from approaching the farm.
Our clients know that we cannot catch up with the Forest Wolf that escaped into the forest.” “Oh, I see.” Thankfully, it looks like I managed to complete it without taking over the quest “In that case, we will report to the client that the Forest Wolf has been killed.
The people in the village will feel calm.
Aah, I'm not trying to steal your achievements, so calm down.” Saying that, the adventurers returned towards the village. And also I'm glad the people are friendly. “Then I will go home too.” ◆ “W-What's this!!” My name is Milsha I'm an guild master’s assistant in Hexy City. We feel disturbed by the presence of Majuu Forest which continues to grow every day. The dangerous places explored by adventurers were like rice seeds, but previously there were problems such as the spread of dangerous areas like rice seeds. In fact, a few hundred years ago there was a city where the townspeople had to escape from this forest. A turning point came to us. An B-Rank adventurer, Rex-san's who just came to this city. He burns part of the forest easily by high level fire magic. It is the same work as us employing dozens of adventurers and spending days. Of course, we immediately contacted him and asked to stop the expansion of the forest. Fortunately, he seems to have a good character and the second he received a quest from us. Then, when I had a report on forest fires from him at this time, my subordinate went to see him, but they returned in confusion and wanted me to come and see it. But I'm too busy.

 And when my work was taken by my people, I saw something that was hard to believe. “Is there a path in the forest?” Yes, way.
It is impossible to have a wide road so that the carriage can pass it. If it's a small carriage, the road is wide enough for two lines to enter!? “Who does something like this…!” No need to think about it anymore. Only he can do such a thing. “May I have a minute, Rex-san!” After rushing back to town, we meet Rex-san and ask him. Asking if he made the road in the forest. “Yes, that way adventurers who enter the forest can safely go into the depths of the forest.” It has been confirmed in an awkward way. Maybe it's better if I'm angry. I'm worried about the future of this child. But at the same time as worrying about his life, a plan in my brain emerged. This is a level plan to consult with the superior and his origin’s country. However, despite this I was the woman who rose as the fastest guild master's assistant. There is no choice to waste time on this opportunity. It is necessary to avoid the choice for him to go somewhere while having a useless meeting with parents. “Rex-san, I'm asking you to burn the edge of the forest, maybe a little late but I have a job that I want to ask for help.
Etto, maps around here and here…
Ah, of course, I will give the prize separately…” It was a time when a major trade route, known as “Rex Road” was born that could cross the Forest of Majuu and cross into neighboring villages and neighboring countries in the shortest possible distance. Yeay, it's easier to return home!

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