Chapter 14: Conquest of the Forest and Cut It Down

 “Then, for the appearance of great Rookie! Cheers!” “””””Cheers!””””” After that, we set fire to one corner of the Majuu Forest, and for some reason they started a banquet at the bar in the adventurer guild.I mean, Ivan-san started it without permission. “Well, I'm surprised! A rookie can use magic like that!” Ivan-san hit my shoulder with a smiling face. “I see you! You're amazing! Even though we fought fiercely with the axes against a trap plant, that great magic immediately killed them!” The adventurers who seemed to have fought with monsters approached just a moment ago. “No, I didn't do great things.
It's because cutting magic is common in my hometown.” “”””What kind of hometown is that!?”””” The adventurers shouted in surprise. I was told the same thing a while ago. “Well, everything's fine! If there is a Rookie, no, it's no longer Rookie, huh.
Can you tell me your name again?” “Rex.” “Rex, if there is Rex, then there is no need to worry anymore about the Majuu Forest attack!” “No need to do a lot of work!” The adventurers shouted with delight. “Is it really troublesome?” “Yes, because the plant is hard and has strong vitality.
You know? There is humidity in the wood, so it is very difficult to burn.” Yes I know it.
Tree branches will also be used as firewood, so I have to find a dry branch or dry it once to evaporate the water in it. “Furthermore, because there is a lot of saturated material, there is no purchase price, because there are only a few people who accept the quest.
That's why there are so few people who accept the quest, and there is a problem that the forest is growing more and more.” There are various reasons for Majuu Forest to develop, huh. “Then, you appear there! If it's your prison magic, both trees and monsters will burn in an instant like sprouts! I have expectations on you!” “We have expectations on you too!” Saying that, everyone beats my back again. “Ouch, it all hurts, you know~” “”””Gahahaha.”””” But it was really good to be received with a good welcome. And so. The guild door opened and an adventurer entered. I wonder who they are, I glance, and I see the figure of someone I know. “Ririera-san!”

 Yes, it was a girl who suddenly got angry saying that I was fake. She came to the guild with a big bag. If I think about it, maybe she came to ask the guild to buy material after her adventure. “Ririera-sa~n!” I talked to Ririera-san to resolve the previous misunderstanding. “…… Hmph.” But when Ririera-san confirmed my appearance, she turned and headed to the reception desk. It seems she is still in a bad mood. “I have to resolve my misunderstanding somehow.” “What, don't worry! If you get the monster material that you actually killed in Majuu Forest, that Ojou-chan will also understand that your abilities are real!” I see, as expected of Ivan-san! Adult adventurers are always calm huh. “That's right, yes! Yes, I will fight!” “Ou! Fight hard! That's why it's a celebration for all of you!” “Geh, actually you just want to make a fuss right!” Retracting what I said before, I knew it might be a bad adult. ◆ “All right, I will be adventuring in Majuu Forest starting today!” I looked at the quest board excitedly. “Sorry, are you Rex-san?” I heard a voice calling me from behind, and when I looked back, there was a beautiful woman with long black hair. “Etto, that's right, who are you?” “Sorry, my name is Milsha, I'm an adventurer guild master's assistant in Hexy City.” Uwaah, this is an adventurer guild important person! “N-Nice to meet you, I'm Rex.
Etto, do you have business with me?” “Yes, I have a quest that you want to ask for help.
Can you hear that story once?” “Quest, huh?” “Yes.” This is a direct request from the guild master's assistant. Whether I accept it or not, what's important is let's just listen first. “I understand.
I cannot judge whether I will accept it or not until I hear the story.” “Yes, that doesn't matter.
If you decide to accept the quest after adjusting to your skills or circumstances, the guild won't force you.”

 ◆ Asked by Milsha-san, we sat on chairs and faced each other. I can understand that the surrounding adventurers glanced here and there. “So what's the quest?” “Then get on with it.
The quest I asked Rex-san to stop is expanding the forest.” “Stopping forest expansion?” Yesterday I also heard the same thing. “I heard it from the adventurers.
Whoever you are, you are an amazing user of fire magic.
That magic seems to burn down a corner of the forest in an instant.” “No, that's not great magic.” “The guild staffs confirm that there are reports that the corner of the forest has disappeared.
And again it opens up to reach unbelievable reach.” Isn't that exaggerated? “I think you already know the situation of Majuu Forest because you think you have received baptism.” “Etto, are you saying that the forest is expanding?” “Yes, we are working with other countries to prevent the expansion of forests, but for some time the other side is a herd of monsters.
There is not enough labor, and the forests are gradually expanding.” Milsha-san looks really upset. “To be honest, if it continues like this I'm ready to sink the Hexy City into the forest, but you have appeared here.
We are all very happy with this blessing.” What does it mean? “The story is simple.
I want you to burn the forest boundary with your magic.
The prize is paid in the burned forest area.
As an amount of money, one silver coin is paid for every 1×1 m².
You will receive at least double the prize because the prize defeated the trap plant is 5 copper coins.” “Is it okay to pay double!?” “It doesn't matter, even because the effort and time is very short, doubling it feels less.
Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount of compensation paid from the state, so I will adjust the Rank's rank accordingly in that area.” That means the rank of adventurer becomes easy to go up and not a reduction in rewards. It's true that that possibility also exists. “Are there conditions when burning down the forest?” “Yes, I want you to burn it along the edge of the forest if possible.
Don't let the shape of the forest be distorted to the extreme, for example, in the shape of a crescent moon.
Then, this is ignored because large material cannot be expected at the edges, then the monsters in that part.
sowing new seeds and the forest grows long and thin.” Milsha-san reaches out to show the trees in the elongated forest by drawing a bow. “In the worst case, there is a danger that this city will be surrounded by monsters that are bred thin and spread.
So I want you to burn it in a way that makes the forest a little smaller.” So that's it, if it comes to a distorted form, the adventurers will lose the fun huh. “I will bring carriages from the guild to a place far from the city.
I will also negotiate at least half of them to bring carriage costs to the country if requested from a neighboring country.” Well, the prize is good and I have no reason to refuse to remember it better. But if you lose your freedom, then it will fall at the end of today… “Etto, can I not accept another quest when I accept that quest?” 

“No, you can burn the forest regularly and get another quest.” “What if you want to move to another city?” “Of course it's also freedom for Rex-san.
But if possible, it will be helpful if you burn the forest before you leave.” Want me to burn the forest until the end of the adventure huh. If my freedom is not threatened, what if I try to take it for a while. “I understand.
I will accept the quest.” “Thank you! Then please report to the staff at the reception desk if you have burned the forest! Because we will confirm it soon!” Milsha-san heaved a sigh of relief. She really wants me to accept it. ◆ “And so, what kind of quest will I accept?” After finishing talking with Milsha-san, I checked the quest received in Majuu Forest. “Ou, did you immediately accept the quest?” And Ivan-san is the one to talk.
Looks like his face is pale. “Ivan-san, you look pale but what happened?” “…
Well, I drank a little too much.” Ah, yesterday everyone drank until late at night. “If you get a quest, I'll give you one suggestion.” “Suggestion?” “Yes.
The key to working in Majuu Forest is to ignore plant type monsters.” “Ignore it!?” Huh? But, even though everything in Majuu Forest are all monsters? If you ignore it, you won't be able to defeat it. “Listen, you basically can walk around plant type monsters.
Some of them walk, but because it's not so fast, you can run away if you run.
It's better to reduce the number of battles, because all the environment is enemies.
If you fight, then fight with animal-type monsters.
And the place to fight is an open place with a few trees.
” So that's how it makes sense.It was a natural choice to fight in an open area with a few plant type monsters. “And this is the most important thing.
If you think it's dangerous, get out of the forest immediately.
Those who can't do it will die soon.
So at first you have to go in and out and set a trap.” Uwaah, that's cool. It feels like a veteran adventurer tactic. This may be a lesson that has been taught to this city long ago. “I understand! Thank you for telling me so many things, Ivan-san!” “Ou, be careful!” When I heard Ivan-san's advice, I decided to accept the quest for conquering beast type monsters, Forest Wolf. It seems that this monster will come out of the forest and attack cattle in a nearby village, but after the villagers and when the adventurer appears, they will run to the forest.

 The forest was so dangerous that it couldn't be entered by C-Rank adventurers or lower, so it seemed to be in trouble. “I have conquered evil creatures in the village, let's do this quest.” ◆ I got the quest and I immediately came to the forest. “For now, I think I will fulfill the quest from Milsha-san, Flame Inferno!!” I easily set fire to the surrounding forest with the Flame Inferno. “Then, let's go.” Trap plants immediately attacked me who entered the forest.
Without panicking, I cut branches from the trap plant with Broadsword and threw them away. “Oops, oh yeah I shouldn't be a proper opponent for them.” I remembered Ivan-san's advice and I proceeded to cut only the branches that attacked without stopping the trap plants. “It's true this is very easy.
Because they don't follow, so I only need to attack their attack part.” As expected from the advice of a skilled adventurer! ◆ “What is this!?” My name is Ivan. An adventurer based in Hexy City. Rookie welcomed me who was drunk, but somehow I woke up and came to Majuu Forest to work. Well, that's a pretty good time, even though I can't go too far. When we tried to enter the forest, we found a strange sight. “Has the traps cut off?” I don't know why, but the branches of the trap plant monsters that make up the Majuu Forest are beautifully cut.In addition, trap plants in such conditions continue to the depths of the forest. Trap plants are monsters that use their branches as weapons, so if there are no branches then there is no attack. I really appreciate that, but … “Who is doing such a troublesome thing!?” Rookie's face suddenly appeared in the minds of my friends, but he was a witch. “If that's him, the trap plants around here will burn down.” Normally in this Majuu Forest, you don't fight against plant type monsters, and it's normal to return while avoiding attacks. A stranger who bothered to cut branches, what kind of person he was. “Well, thank you very much.
I will use this road to get to the destination!” Thanks to that we were able to enter the depths of the forest quickly. Then the figure of the trap plant with its branches along the road, I felt something glazed.

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